24 Paul Walker, Dave snelgar
23 - Tristan Massang, david killisch von horn, Debra Whitely, Lloyd McKay, Steve Mulhall, Paul Gerdtz, Chris Hickman, Stewart Gosstray
22 - Joe Krstic, Kristian Carr, Norm Fathers, Matthew Mitchell, Greg Carter, Stephen Harris, Shane Loftus, Scott Jaggs, Dave Rankin, Michael Rickard, Glenn Lynch, Barry Crawford, Warwick Neville, neil minchin, Graeme Alp
21 - Gary Ashworth, Ronald Ross, Steven Novak, Shane Anning, Callum Alberti, Ross Bolton, Brad Ball, Cam Harris, Sally Wilke, Gavin Faulkner, Keith Scott, Travis Leahy, Phil Hutchinson, Marc Abonnel, Allan Jones, Mark Holt, SAFFRONNE ALDEN, Merv Hughes, Kim Trotter, Elliott Brannen, Stephen West, Travis Ingram, Arthur Bartlett, Brett Tie, Geoff Cox, Jeff Eaton
20 - Terry Cranswick, Peter Wachmer, Tarquin McElvenny, Leigh ALDEN, mike bessant, Shane Smith, Louie Beurteaux, Bob Allan, Paul Hunter, John Terrell, Mark Douthie, Clive Busch, Otto Dawson, Jim Newton, Anth Einfeld, Andrew Foster, Murray Hulbert, Jim Stewart, Peter Flack
19 - John Hannah, Grant Nicol, Steve Kelly, Wayne Molloy, Wayne skuza, Kellie Nairn, Greg Reagan, Blake Nairn, Brad Peace, Jim Buchanan, John Carter, Trev Southern, Jamie Coghlan, Roland Hardie, David Stanik
18 - Ken Monkhouse, Brian Davis, Gareth Hill, Pat Daley, Nev Stevens, Peter Coffey, Peter Coffey, David Malkin, Dale Marsland, Steve Diable, Debbie Saunders, Matt Sharrett
17 - Hutchy , Bruce Fullagar, Bill Fraser, Jeremy Thomas, max carmichael, Robert Lipple, Kylie Elliott, Mark Wunnenberg, Paul Sinden, Addy Wetzler, Rhett Butler
16 - Dean Calvo, John Ingram, Deb Watson, Ray Povey, Rob Lawrence
15 - Scott Edmonds, Nick Reagan, Wayne Neilson
14 - Segan Pasalich, Scott Walker
13 - Scott Aungier
12 - Michael Brooks
11 - Dave Wood, unknown , Alan Southern
No surprises who our mens favourite will be this weekend, with 40 tips and 3/1 favourite is the team headed by Blake Nairn. Hot on his heels is Cody Packer at 5/1, and they are drawn at opposite ends so they can't meet until the finals potentially. The remaining teams really drop away, our tipsters think it is a race in 2.
The value selection appears to be Daniel Trewhella at 25/1 or Justin Opie at 16/1.
Name22nd Oct
Well if the men have a runaway favourite, the womens is a lay down misere. Kristina Krstic and her team looking for their threepeat are heavy favourites to take the title, a whopping 81 tipsters think they will win. Will we see an upset? On the synthetic at Rossmoyne anything is possible. 2nd favourites are Lisa Featherby and like the men, it appears to be a race in 2. Unlike the men they are due to meet in the semi finals, so a team outside of the top 2 will play in the final. Who will it be?
Hard to go past Krstic but some value out of the first 4 sections, be nice to see Sian Smitrh make the final at 125/1 but Therese Hastings at 40/1 looks good each way value.
Name22nd Oct
State Fours 2021/22

Total Tipsters - 117

Section 1

John Carter Wally Harvey Peter Chappell Peter Lees
Mark Masel Anthony Einfeld Paul Sinden Adam Graham
Gary Gregson Terry Jones Steve Richards Brent Palfrey
Paul Knight Ross Cunningham Warren Elliot Brian Kiely
Our defending champs get Section 1, should this be the case for all our defending champs? I like it. And looks to be a winnable section for them, John Carter has a good side from Rossmoyne and Paul knight also some solid bowlers, but the Mounters from Mt Lawley should be too strong.
My Selection - Mark Masel
JoCarter 5.13%, MaMasel 88.89%, GaGregson 0%, PaKnight 2.56%

Section 2

Gary Ashworth Phil Jones Eric Pennington Chris Archer
Ben Leggett Will Hyatt Mitchell Walker Cameron Green
Ken Wolfenden Ian Hill Phil Becker Wayne Butler
John Slavich Stewart Gosstray Bradley Pearce Gavin Faulkner
Another clear selection here with John Slavich teaming with some Doubleview teammates. The deciding game will come from Ben Leggett and what looks like a State Academy team, lots of promise in that squad and a real unknown quantity but you'd think the quality from Slavich will be enough
My Selection - John Slavich
GaAshworth 0.85%, BeLeggett 18.8%, KeWolfenden 0%, JoSlavich 80.34%

Section 3

Brett Marron Raymond Povey John Fielding Denham Delmore
Ian Barrie Chris Booth Garry Knight Michael Monteiro
John Ingram Tom Studds Wayne Clegg Gareth Hughes
Jovan Krstic Travis Lynch Grant Stokes Matt Watson
One of the leading White skippers from last year Joe Krstic again clear favourites early in the tipping but it looks a fairly even section. Whoever finds their form at Rossmoyne for the day holds the key to winning this section
My Selection - Joe Krstic
BrMarron 0.85%, IaBarrie 9.4%, JoIngram 3.42%, JoKrstic 86.32%

Section 4

Kyle McIlroy Ryan Moyle Steve Cerff Corey Bessant
Steve O'Neal Connor Biddle Kevin Pickering Ian Lilburne
Shane Rixom Ian Linford Greg Taylor Frank Tyson
Tyrone Alberti Paul Davies Callum Alberti Otto Dawson
Our first real tough section. Kyle McIlroy the standout rink but the other 3 rinks are no mugs. Steve O'Neal a previous winner, Shane Rixom comes with high honours from NSW and the Albertis from South Perth, Callum vying to be the youngest ever winner of the State Fours. I'm going for McIlroy but an upset won't surprise either
My Selection - Kyle McIlroy
KyMcIlroy 76.07%, StO'Neal 13.68%, ShRixom 4.27%, TyAlberti 5.98%

Section 5

William Tan Tristan Mussang Andy Mercader Mario Van Bemmel
Grant Taylor Zac Boddy Graeme Hodges Jim Hanafee
Mark Douthie Gavin Crosthwaite Jeff Post Leo Mola
Alan Southern Russel Ellis Lloyd McKay Trevor Southern
The North Beach team headed by Mark Douthie will be my selection here, Douthie a very capable bowler. Safety Bay, the new boys in the Premier League will be looking to use the State Fours as a jump start to what looks to be a tough year for them, coming also are the Mosman Park boys in both Willy Tan and Alan Southern. Southern joined by Bassendean pair and all 4 are ex-Swan bowlers. A tough section
My Selection - Mark Douthie
WiTan 5.98%, GrTaylor 1.71%, MaDouthie 65.81%, AlSouthern 26.5%

Section 6

Michael Sweeney Paul Walker Geoff Devenish Marcus Sear
Jim Gimbel Stephen Bartlett David Chandler Stephen Wilton
Greg Reagan Dwayne Hayden Clint Dyer Matt McEwen
Greg Barry Dave Webber Doug Peck Harry Teeuwissen
"The Moose" Michael Sweeney will be looking to impress his fellow North Beach teammates here with a win, it looks like they should do it comfortably. Greg Reagan will provide stout resistance but the North Beach team look too good
My Selection - Michael Sweeney
MiSweeney 91.45%, JiGimbel 1.71%, GrReagan 5.98%, GrBarry 0.85%

Section 7

Lance Farrow Allan Covell John Ferguson Thomas Dennett
Sam Perica Mick Marovic R Jones M Holt
Samuel Scott Lindsay Thorn Richard Barrow Antonino Gullotti
Andrew Jones Richard D'Souza Mick Palumbo Christopher McKenna
Sam Scott was super impressive during the recent PBA event in Mandurah, can he carry that form into the State Fours? Sam Perica won't be easy, neither will Andrew Jones and I don't know of Lance Farrow and his team from Joondalup. I think the Andrew Jones rink looks a little bit stronger, but it's a toughy to pick with any great certainty
My Selection - Andrew Jones
LaFarrow 0.85%, SaPerica 50.43%, SaScott 10.26%, AnJones 38.46%

Section 8

Blake Nairn Clive Adams Dale Marsland David Rankin
Brad White Tom Whitfield Ben Willesee Addy Wetzler
Sean Mawdsley Neil Bolton Cliff Wooldridge Andrew Garlic
Cameron Hoffman Mitch Cranswick Terry Cranswick Mark Robbertson
Holy smoke what a rink - Nairn, Adams, Marsland, Rankin. Straight out of the state side rink, I think they are dinkum about winning a state event. And so they should, state titles don't grow on trees so why not put a strong side together. The side boasts 2 former state fours winning skippers, so can they gel and win? Not a pushover section for them either, the other 3 rinks look tidy enough and will give the tournament faves a run for their money all day.
My Selection - Blake Nairn
BlNairn 92.31%, BrWhite 0.85%, SeMawdsley 3.42%, CaHoffman 3.42%

Section 9

Tony Krajancic Geoffrey White Eddie Gollan David Wood
Michael McRae John Wardrop Farley Anderson John Percival
Steve Novak Nathan Jones Matthew Ayres Miles Kemp
Christopher Owen Raymond Kennedy Stephen Mulhall Scott Gallon
Another Safety Bay rink, has the club made the State Fours a preparation for the season ahead by entering the pennant rinks into the State fours? I remember Mundaring doing something similar a few years ago. It's a good idea and one I think more clubs should embrace. It would appear to be Safety Bays best chance of winning a section as well, although this is another even looking section.Steve Novak looks the rink to beat though, welcome back Nathan Jones from his recent Olympic holiday
My Selection - Steve Novak
ToKrajancic 23.08%, MiMcRae 1.71%, StNovak 72.65%, ChOwen 2.56%

Section 10

Brian Davis Blair Griffiths Eddie Holt Dean Black
Shane Knott Anthony Williams Steve Patterson Scott O'Brien
Peter Feszczak Donald Haddow Brian Cranswick Peter Voon
Jim Newton Geoff Burgess Alan Andersson Paul Hickey
Shane Knott and his team is the standout rink in this section, not taking anything away from the remaining 3 teams which look decent enough on paper but Knott does look far too strong
My Selection - Shane Knott
BrDavis 0.85%, ShKnott 98.29%, PeFeszczak 0%, JiNewton 0.85%

Section 11

Travis Simpson Daniel Newton David Newton Rob Fortini
Peter Wachmer Mark Gill Keith Bowden Matthew Ngui
Gavin Dodge Trevor Thompson Greg McMahon Justin Wright
Daniel Brown Bradley Henley Travis Leahy Stephen West
Another section which looks on paper to be dominated by 1 rink, that of Daniel Brown. He boasts an impressive state event record and he has put together a good rink here to challenge for the title.
My Selection - Daniel Brown
TrSimpson 1.71%, PeWachmer 10.26%, GaDodge 0.85%, DaBrown 85.47%

Section 12

Wayne Neilson Wesley Neilson Trevor Velios Tom Vlahos
Segan Pasalich Lionel Bell Mark Pasalich Andrew Pasalich
Dave Triffitt Les Bryson Brian McMurdo Harold Whitman
Eric Johannes Steven Rushforth Ross Bolton Andrew Foster
How will the new recruit to Metro bowls go here, Eric Johannes boasts an impressive record including bronze at the Melbourne commonwealth games but the wind and green conditions are fairly unique here in WA. I think he has slipped under the guard of some with the tipsters, he will be my choice but again we see another competitive section. Johannes won't get it all his own way but should win.
My Selection - Eric Johannes
WaNeilson 19.66%, SePasalich 16.24%, DaTriffitt 2.56%, ErJohannes 61.54%

Section 13

Peter Augustson Richard Hunter Rick Hutchinson Matthew Buttel
Joel Leeson Jon Trotter Kimberley Trotter Shane Giudice-Nairn
Cameron Harris Lance Strahan Nick Lewis Phillip Potts
Chris Schell Kristian Carr Douglas Kelly Darrel Hudson
Some real up and coming bowlers in this section from the names I recognise, Cameron Harris of course with his selection in the state team albeit as a leader, Joel Leeson is a name not many will know but he is one to watch out for and Kristian Carr who I bowled against in the Bowls Blitz and was really impressive. Amd you have the experience of the North Beach guys. Tough section and i'm going against the grain, joel Leeson for my selection
My Selection - Joel Leeson
PeAugustson 1.71%, JoLeeson 10.26%, CaHarris 81.2%, ChSchell 5.98%

Section 14

Michael Vitale Anthony Regan Beau McGrechen Julian Kaplan
Brad Ball Chris Lander Russell Bates Ben Garrett
Neville Costello Derek Griffin Brad Nelson Brian Bucowski
Mitchell Biglin Neale Griffin Peter Holmes Derek Angell
The sections don't get any easier do they. Haven't seen Mitch Biglin skippering in ages and he has a good rinkt o back him up, Brad Ball is a very good bowler, can be unpredictable but achieves results and does have some good bowlers with him
My Selection - Brad Ball
MiVitale 0.85%, BrBall 85.47%, NeCostello 0.85%, MiBiglin 12.82%

Section 15

Joe Rollnik David Hammon Mark Boyd Boyd Eynon
Warren Holt Matthew Mitchell Blake Butler David Downey
Jimmy Buchanan Mike Korocyn Sean Niven Martin Cheeseman
William Tepania Paul Brotherston Eade Graeme Ricci Jim
Lots of really good sections and teams this year, but it's funny how there always seems to be 1 standout rink amongst 4 very good rinks. This section no exception, hard to go past the Warren Holt rink but the other 3 would have felt all right with their team make up.
My Selection - Warren Holt
JoRollnik 2.56%, WaHolt 90.6%, JiBuchanan 5.13%, WiTepania 1.71%

Section 16

Barry Kalinowsky Wayne Langborne Marcus Weston Stuart Sweetman-Wright
Ray Howard Brett Rickwood Mark Game Les Onley
Daniel Trewhella Thomas Mitchell Peter Ker Mark Simpson
Matt Sharrett Barney Fleiser Jan Konig Jj Landsman
2nd favourites for the tournament and the ones to beat in the bottom half of the draw, Daniel Trewhella will win this section with shots to spare and go very deep in the event
My Selection - Daniel Trewhella
BaKalinowsky 0%, RaHoward 0%, DaTrewhella 98.29%, MaSharrett 0.85%

Section 17

Allan Petchell Rawley Lang Wally Harvey Tony Churcher
Shane Shaw Martin Sharp Fred Faigenbaum Phillip McGuiness
Bill Brandsma Dwayne Wooltorton Mark Potente Mark Thomas
Brian Ledingham Geoffrey Hinge Ray Loran Dean Herbert
The Kalamunda look the selection here with star skipper Bill Brandsma the standout. Outside of him the section looks quite close but I thinkt he quality of Brandsma will get his team through
My Selection - Bill Brandsma
AlPetchell 20.51%, ShShaw 0.85%, BiBrandsma 76.92%, BrLedingham 1.71%

Section 18

Daniel Wood Paul Kelly Paul Natalotto Tony Natalotto
John Goddard Gary Caffell Gordon King Grant Nicol
Allan Taylor Ross Dolton Craig Stevens Mat Hoskin
Patrick Daley Chris Leggett Paul Kain Tom Dangerfield
The old Ossy Park firm are back together again, wonder how many state fours these guys have entered over the years., Hard to past them but look for Pat Daley to make an impression. The Swan boys also capable of making a dent in the old boys aspirations but we'll go for them
My Selection - John Goddard
DaWood 3.42%, JoGoddard 93.16%, AlTaylor 0%, PaDaley 3.42%

Section 19

Nick Reagan Ben Horwood Ken Pride Aaron Delaporte
Brandon Heta David Cosgrove Matt Hansen Mike Leed
Brad Gillingham Lee Farrell Aaron Zis Jerome Clayton
Simon Alden Ruairi Kenyon Matt Whitely Dave Snelgar
My section and again a section where the winner could come from any of the four. Good to see Aaron Delaporte back, his first state event in 5 years and now playing at Byford. Any of these rinks can win so we'll see who can find their form the quickest
My Selection - Me of course!
NiReagan 11.97%, BrHeta 0%, BrGillingham 35.9%, SiAlden 52.14%

Section 20

David Stanik Adrian Threlfo Alan Walters Michael Brooks
Craig Edson Mark Barrett Greg Collier Nigel Edson
Justin Opie Glenn Pauling Ross Bresland Scott Walker
Alan Pryce Matthew Allen Mark Ellis Andrew Lill
Again hard to go past the standout rink of Justin Opie and again the other rinks look solid but opies rink is all class from skipper to lead, they will be looking to win this ection and a few knockout games as well
My Selection - Justin Opie
DaStanik 1.71%, CrEdson 0%, JuOpie 98.29%, AlPryce 0%

Section 21

Joe Marevic Mick Simunovic Mick Musulin Marc Abonnel
Luke Piper Ron Hall John Radford Paul Daynes
Linton Pike Gavin Ekholm Darryl Blight Leone Fasolo
Arthur Bartlett Ron Hutchison Robert Farrant Terry Mountford
This appears to be a very closely contested section, Joe Marevic is always hard to beat but so is Arthur Bartlett, but so is Linton pike and we have another of our Safety Bay rinks. Bartlett is a good friend of mine and I will select him over my Bassendean teammates, Bartlett can be a determined character who gives 110% and thatb might be enough here
My Selection - Arthur Bartlett
JoMarevic 75.21%, LuPiper 3.42%, LiPike 15.38%, ArBartlett 5.98%

Section 22

John Trewhella Peter Cole Rod Gumbleton Mathew Trewhella
Matthew France Aaron Smith Andy Elmar Dan Nicholls
Tod Weir John Carter Joe Galipo Lou Morretti
Terry Ball Peter Burgess Tony Ballard Bob Berry
A difficult section again but I will be going the favourites headed by Matty France but the other 3 rinks again look capable of winning. Easily could be a section where 2 wins will be enough to get you through with shots up.
My Selection - Matthew France
JoTrewhella 22.22%, MaFrance 76.07%, ToWeir 1.71%, TeBall 0%

Section 23

Stephen Fewster John Morss Stephen Beckwith Wade Clatworthy
Cody Packer Jack East Shane Loftus Aj Heal
Barry Crawford Shane Smith Roger Thomas Peter Wilson

The home straight now, and it's Cody Packer that stands out here, I think the superlatvies for Packer has been mentioned countless occasions, we know his class and he has a good rink with him.
My Selection - Cody Packer
StFewster 0.85%, CoPacker 97.44%, BaCrawford 1.71%, %

Section 24

Stein Davies David Killisch von Horn Michael Erceg John Carrigan
Chris Carruthers Stephen Hide Gary Ogg Scott Foran
Bruce Eagles Murray Hulbert Peter Flack Peter Morgan

We finish with a tight sectiuon of 3. Bruce Eagles gets the first game bye and so will play the losing rink but it could be anyone really, could we see all 3 teams with 1 win each? I think so. Toss up for me between Eagles and Stein Davies, I'll show my home club bias and go for the Basso rink
My Selection - Stein Davies
StDavies 22.22%, ChCarruthers 11.97%, BrEagles 65.81%, 0%

Section 1

Marie Hagen Cathie Smith Nancy Teague Catherine Chapelle
Margaret Anderson Brooke Chaney Sue Kondratjuk Debra Whitely
Barbara Lorencs Pauline Marsden Charmain Harris Elizabeth Marshall
Therese Hastings Jessica Moyle Ruby Leggett Lisa Smith
Interesting section first up. Our State Coach looks like she has a mix of State Academy and State Squad members in her team, testing them out for the big show? (whenever that might be….). And a new look Bassendean side with Margaret and Sue newly minted this year, adding in Debra Whitely from Bindoon. I think they might be the ones to beat here, Therese and Lisa are super bowlers but the untested middle of the team may not be able to do enough against the experienced Basso/composite team
Hatties Selection - Margaret Anderson
MaHagen 0.85%, MaAnderson 5.98%, BaLorencs 3.42%, ThHastings 87.18%

Section 2

Kathleen Gobbart Noeleen Keeffe Dorothy Glass Julie Savell
Kerrie Hudson Kerry Godden Mariane Coghill Kaye Hughes
Noelene Abe Shelley Radcliff Beverley Davidson Irenne Leahy
Patricia Boardman Liz Ritchie Karen Weir Diana O'mara
State Mixed Pairs winner leading for Kathy Gobbart, so there are runs on the board to start with there. Having Noelene in your section is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most people and she has a solid team to back her up. I think it will be tough going between those two teams and Kathy just might come out on top.
Hatties Selection - Kathy Gobbart
KaGobbart 16.24%, KeHudson 0.85%, NoAbe 79.49%, PaBoardman 0.85%

Section 3

Shari Solly Shaan Saunders Amanda Masters Jennie Bruce
Carole Roe Wendy Robertson Pauline McGougan Maree Lumsden
Sharyn Mercer Leanne Bolton Eleanor Engelen Samantha Edwards
Robyn Marland Felicity Lane Paye Hoad Lena Evans
The newly departed Shari teaming up with her former team mates in Shaan and Amanda makes for a very strong team. I think they should be able to get through their section.
Hatties Selection - Shari Solly
ShSolly 96.58%, CaRoe 0.85%, ShMercer 0.85%, RoMarland 0%

Section 4

Patricia Huckson Kerry West Linda Young Jeanette Hislop
Sandra Young Dale Maxwell Shelley Worth Debbie Maxwell
Barbara Lord Cathy Little Kiri Powell Christine Lane
Sian Smith Robyn Jolly Jill Adam Jenny Parker
I love the fact that there are more teams entered in this years Fours, for men and women, but what that ultimately means is that there are a few more names who I don't really know. The Sian Smith led team is obvioulsy a very strong one with a mix of State team members and State Squad members in there. They will be my pick.
Hatties Selection - Sian Smith
PaHuckson 0.85%, SaYoung 1.71%, BaLord 0%, SiSmith 95.73%

Section 5

Lisa Featherby Laura Merz Denise Kelly Linda Warburton
Cholnan (nie) Archer Gail Ecclestone Helen Wallace Kerry Ward
Linda Davis Colette Smith Sue Watkins Jan Gleeson
Helen Stevens Pam Chalmers Cheryl Tyrrell Kaitlin Tyrrell
Alright, now we get to another section where two teams are a bit of a stand out. The Lisa Featherby team were the bridesmaids last year, playing an excellent game in the final so no change from that team understandably. But there to upset their applecart is the Osborne Park team, led by Helen and super strong in all positions. Will playing at Warnbro be the difference? Who knows. I will go with Lisa on this one. They will certainly be looking to go that one step further this year.
Hatties Selection - Lisa Featherby
LiFeatherby 94.87%, ChArcher 0%, LiDavis 0%, HeStevens 3.42%

Section 6

Jane Lewis Deborah Povey Judy Etheridge Janice Miles
Julie Davison Kelly Bezant Michelle Armstrong Donita Davids
Lee Poletti Vicki Spragg Jenni Rogalski Kerry Andersen
Maureen Cooney Coral Thorn Renate Coote Jacinta Zadow
Maureen Cooney is always a name to look out for when it comes to winning sections and she has snuck in Renate Coote into her side as a sneaky second. However, I'm afraid I can't go past Lee Poletti's stellar team with this section. Lee herself a champion bowler and she has packed her team with some other champion bowlers. What else can I say?
Hatties Selection - Lee Poletti
JaLewis 3.42%, JuDavison 0%, LePoletti 94.02%, MaCooney 0.85%

Section 7

Bev Baker Chris Ace Watson Irene Arndt Pauline Bourne
Helen Morss Kerry Reagan Sandra Hemphill Amanda Ladlow
Kerry White Wendy Dalton Sandy Simpson Chris Polain
Lee-Anne Green Janet Millar Sandra Deves Sharyee Hayes
Helen Morss in this section with a team of her fellow flag winning team mates from South Perth. They will make a very good showing but I think that maybe they will be overrun by Bev Baker and her composite team. Solidarity for South Perth, but Composite for the win
Hatties Selection - Bev Baker
BeBaker 75.21%, HeMorss 22.22%, KeWhite 0.85%, LeGreen 0%

Section 8

Karen Miller Wendy Stower Beryl Cooper Karen Dye
Janet Cocks Rhonda Prosser Deb Rhine Toni Madigan
Liz Matthews Susan Hogg Ann Crabb Toni Gatti
Sally Wilke Maggie Newton Mel Rankin Saffronne Alden
There are some very good names in all the teams here, this should be a pretty interesting section. It will possibly come down to two teams to battle it out, North Beach vs Manning. Playing at Manning will possibly give the Manning team the edge they need so I will go with them.
Hatties Selection - Liz Matthews
KaMiller 1.71%, JaCocks 21.37%, LiMatthews 31.62%, SaWilke 43.59%

Section 9

Leanne Marchi Dawn Hillman Elaine Baughen Marie Goward
Klaire Hughes Michelle Dixon Tracey Clements Geraldine Pensini
Karyn Mears Debbie McCavana Chris Bolt Erica Andersson
Kristina Krstic Hailey Packer Robyn O'Brien Helen Heal
And here we finally see last years winners. Also getting the Manning greens advantage, not that they really need it. I reckon they will get through this section. Will we see a replay of last years final? The draw says that it is possible…
Hatties Selection - Kristina Krstic
LeMarchi 0.85%, KlHughes 0%, KaMears 0%, KrKrstic 97.44%

Section 10

Margie Johnson Robin Higgins Shirley Pascoe Joan Falconer
Jenni McLaughlin Annette Campbell June Barr Carol Booker
Kerry Hutchinson Kelli Wray Pat Moonen Wendy Flack

A very good section here, making it a bit difficult for me to choose a winner. Again, a mulitple of great names hiding away in the teams. I think though that Jenni McLaughlin's North Beach team is probably the strongest all round although really, this section is anybodies. I'll go for Jenni
Hatties Selection - Jenni McLaughlin
MaJohnson 5.98%, JeMcLaughlin 11.11%, KeHutchinson 81.2%, %

Section 11

Nerrida Porteous Valerie Cox Dellys Fuller Jillian Russell
Jessica Enright Jenny Jones Judy Flanagan Susan Collins
Lee Bunney Vicky Ellis Leonie Wilson Jenny Alexander

I suspect the Jess Enright led team are all from the State Academy? As there are no lists published of Academy members, it's hard to say. Another fairly even section here though, why are the last couple of sections always the hardest to pick? I'm going to go with the Lee Bunney led team, if only because they get the sleep in!
Hatties Selection - Lee Bunney
NePorteous 69.23%, JeEnright 6.84%, LeBunney 21.37%, %

Section 12

Kaye Blackwell Isobelle Davies Lea Mias Rinske Butcher
Lily Rughoobur Glenda Cooper Leeanne Steel Corrine McKenzie
Marie Killian Donna Hayes Christine Gimbel Christine Hadlow

Last but not least, Section 12. It seems to me that the Kaye Blackwell led team will be the ones to beat here, without taking anything away from the other teams. But it feels that Kaye has put together good people in good positions and that's enough for me.
Hatties Selection - Kaye Blackwell
KaBlackwell 85.47%, LiRughoobur 9.4%, MaKillian 3.42%, %
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