Doubleview Masters Pairs 2019

Section 1

Chris Margin L McKay Bassendean
Rob Foy Steve WestKardinya
Mark Douthie Geoff Devenish North Beach
Chris McKenna Bob Leed Doubleview
A have seen a bit more of Chris Margin and know that he is in stellar form, Andy Elmer will be a good back up for him. Rob Foy is all quality and if Mark Douthie gets on a roll he can be a very dangerous player. Add in the home town boys, a tough first section to start the proceedings.
My Selection - Margin/Elmer
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Section 2

James Buchanan M Korycin Joondalup
Murray Hulbert Peter MorganSorrento
Joe Rollnik Karl Van Der Sluys Composite
Shane Knott Cody Packer Composite
My old mate Sludgey Van Der Sluys teams up with his Police bowling Club buddy Joe Rollnik who I found out today was a runner up here a few years ago. Karl very capable but they hit the tournament favs in Shane Knott and Cody Packer, they should win this section
My Selection - Knott/Packer
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Section 3

Greg Taylor Ross Cunningham Sorrento
R Hutchinson Ross DempseyNorth Beach
David Park Phil Park Swan
B Fraser D Hayes Quairading
The local team of Scott Edmonds and Ross Dempsey favourites to win this section, Dempsey playing for many years at Doubleview so will know every blade of grass. Their dangers will come from the Sorrento team, but also don't discount the Park brothers from Swan who know how to get them close. David particularly having a good year as skipper in the Blue North competition this year
My Selection - Edmonds/Dempsey
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Section 4

Dale Marsland Miles Kemp Manning
Brad Ball Steve NovakComposite
Shane Loftus Allan Barron Sorrento
Alan Pryce Neville Stevens Composite
Our first really difficult section, all four pairs lay claim to equal chances of winning. I would be surprised the team progressing wins all 4 games here. Dale Marsland our number 1 skipper in the Premier League teams with a dynamite leader, Brad Ball so tough to beat when there are this many bowls on the field and he is teaming with another top 10 PL skippers, Shane Loftus also skippering well with Sorrento buddy Allan Barron and don't discount the pairing of Allan Pryce and Neville Stevens, Pryce almost grabbing this years Masters Singles. A tough section but I will go with the form of Dale Marsland, but anyoines section
My Selection - Marsland/Kemp
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Section 5

B Parker G Parker
Ryan Moyle Gavin FaulknerDoubleview
B Walter P Nicolay Sorrento
John Trewhella John Rochford Composite
The local team look to have the edge here and Darryl Radford playing with a heavy heart after the loss of his good friend this week. John Trewhella not teaming with son Matthew a surprise but John Rochford a good partner tp habe. AlsoMal burton and Mike Browne know how to draw, but do they know the up shots required in pairs matches? The Doubleview boys should be too good here
My Selection - Moyle/Faulkner
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Section 6

G Nelson L Barry Doubleview
J Cole Brad ColeWarnbro
Linton Pike Beau Manton Composite
Brad Gillingham Mark McConnell North Beach
Could be a battle of the Basso boys here as Drew Daley and Lloyd McKay take on Linton Pike and Beau Manton. But Brad Cole skippering so very well and made a big impression this year so far teaming with a Jo cole, obviously relative and not Dad Peter, maybe a brother? But the other smoky is Brad Gillingham who is excelling in singles events this year winning Mt Lawley and a deep run in the State Singles. Really tough section of even players, i think Beau Manton has got a really well rounded game now and with Pike drawing ability will go with them
My Selection - Pike/Manton
%, %, %, %

Section 7

D Woods J Smith Kardinya
Gary Keep Rob BowronComposite
Steve Rushforth Andrew Foster Cambridge
Tom Mitchell Rhett Butler Composite
I'm hearing conflicting stories of Tom Mitchell surprising non selection in the state 16, but he is a quality player and teaming with old mate Rhett Butler that is a strong combination that will go deep in this event. His main rivals will look to be the country pairing of Gary Keep and Rob Bowron, two names we should all be familiar with now. The Cambridge pair will be gallant as will the Kardy pair but the old vic Park team will be too good
My Selection - Mitchell/Butler
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Section 8

D Hagen S Kelly Composite
Simon Alden Steve WattleworthComposite
Richard Aitken Lou Mola North Beach
Bill Brandsma Chris Lander Composite
My section and my old Innaloo teammate are trying again this year, and not an easy section at all. Chris Lander and Bill Brandsma are high end bowlers and I really rate the ability of Andrew Ness to get them close with his ex-Cambridge teammate Tony Walsh also a good bowler. I also rate the ability of Richard Aitken and Lou Mola but havent seen much of them playing back end, Aitken now skippering in the North Beach seconds so it will be good to see his progression.
My Selection - Alden/Wattleworth
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