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I'm making some slight changes to my rumours page, coloured red will mean they are rumours only yet to be confirmed, coloured green will be fact and the transfers have been confirmed.

5th October - The big news for today is the recruitment of Andrew Jones to the MT LAWLEY club. Jones transfers from Bedford and felt a change was needed to re-kindle the spark in bowls. He will be a huge acquisition to the club.
Andrew Jones:
State Games: 22 (2007, 2008)
State titles:
PL Skipper: 137 games - 69 wins, 61 losses, 7 draws, +189 shots
4th October - Initially Kevin McKay had left Kardinya and joined Armadale, but the whispers are he will not be playing for Armadale but for HILTON PARK in their Blue South team. It is actually a duo as Hugh McKay Will be joining his son at Hilton. Good pick up for them if true.
Kevin McKay:
State Games: 9 (debut 2019)
State Events:Triples (2013), Fours (2018)
PL Skipper: 53 games - 25 wins, 27 losses, 1 draw, -35 shots
24th September - Another singing at MOUNT LAWLEY as Corey Bessant leaves Doubleview and joins his brother Jeff who signed there earlier in the month. Corey is a State Fours winner in 2015/16 and I think the Consistency winner at about the same time, has played 17 games for the state before the birth of his child made him resign from the squad. Mount Lawley would be stoked to have someone of the calibre of Corey play there, you would think he will skipper straight away as the Mounties look for promotion this season.
19th September - Huge news surfaced during the week as we heard that Sam Perica has left Cambridge and joined the KARDINYA Kats. Wow haven't Kardinya got a new look team this season. Perica is an accomplished skipper playing 78 games as skipper in the PL for a 27-47-4 record. Who knows who is playing for Kardinya this season but Perica can play in any position and will be a good pick up for the team.
7th September - This one has been bubbling away for a while but can now report that Jeff Bessant has joined MOUNT LAWLEY for the season ahead. After his resignation as club manager a few months ago him changing clubs was likely but we were unsure where. He signed the membership forms this week and joins his Inglewood buddy Guy Herriot who joined Mt Lawley earlier. They are putting together a strong 1 Blue side, maybe 1 White if they can win the challenge game in 2 weeks.
3rd September - The other rumour is bad news for Kardinya and great news for FREMANTLE. Firstly the returning Tony Krajancic from injury is moving with his ex-Stirling buddy Dinko Golem to the Fremantle team. Massive news, lots of rumours circulating around the Kats and none of which has been confirmed, a bit of a revolving door there as a few come in and a few go out. Fremantle would be stoked to have 2 players of that calibre going to them.
Tony Krajancic - PL Skipper 91 games for 48 wins (post 2001), state games 26, 2 x Rosenthal medals, 1992 State Fours
Dinko Golem - PL skipper 116 games for 53 wins (post 2001), Premier League winning player for Cockburn, 2001 State Pairs
3rd September - We'll start with confirming the news that everyone in bowls had a hunch was happening. Bill Brandsma has returned home to KALAMUNDA citing work and travel as his main reasons. He said to me that he loved his time at Doubleview and leaving behind some great mates, but work committments have taken priority in these uncertain times and the club closest to home will be his home club this season
Bill Brandsma - PL skipper 20 games for 9 wins, 2015 State Fours, 26 games for WA
3rd September - North Beach might be losing a bowls legend as Ron Kuziela I'm hearing has moved south to Mandurah and will be bowling down there in his bowls retirement. Not sure what club yet but will be a handy pickup and a big loss for The Beach as they try to cling to the Premier League next season
31st August - Did see an interesting photo of the winners of the BPL qualifying played at South Perth this weekend. 2 Cambridge sides won the 2 sections, but one player looks like he has moved from Osborne Park to CAMBRIDGE. The one and only Phil Potts will be renewing acquaintances with Clive Adams from their halcyon Wanneroo days. Back then Potts was one of the best leads in the comp so if he finds that form again it helps Cambridge alot.
31st August - Victoria Park-Carlisle have lost an important player as the Ladies earned promotion into the Tuesday PL for next season. Jane Lewis who led the White Competition skippers table at Round 14 last year will be lining up for MT LAWLEY this year. It's a massive boost for Mt Lawley as their top side in Green was demoted to 2nd Division, so they will be looking to bounce straight back up.
18th August - ARMADALE have been in my bowls whispers for months now so I will list some news I have.
FACT - Kevin McKay is currently working as a FIFO and has chosen Armadale to be the club to play at when he is in town. Have heard the FIFO travel will end some time in Nov or Dec so they might have a full time McKay after then
RUMOUR - Daniel Brown has been swirling around the rumour mill since February. Post season I asked Browny what was going on and he denied a change of clubs but the noise still continues. My hunch is that he will move but that is unconfirmed
RUMOUR - Rob Foy is the other Kardinya player whispered to go back to Armadale. Am hearing he is either travelling, or playing bowls at Armadale or Kardy. I suspect Kardy is done so it's probably joining Armadale and seeing what transpires in the coming months
Am also hearing 1 or 2 other really faint murmurings, it will make the Storm an extremely strong club in 2nd Division and they should gain promotion straight away and be playing 1st division again.
10th August - BASSENDEAN is fast becoming a club that ladies want to be a part of, and this week they saw Shirley Johnson from Melville and Caroline Soro from Scarborough join them. Both are Premier League experienced bowlers but will be playing 3rd division Tuesdays but more importantly 1st division Saturdays (as I firmly believe Saturdays are the future for ladies bowls)
10th August - WARNBRO have bee able to offset the loss of Connor Biddle with the signing of Sean Mawdsley. He is a very good player, skippered at Osborne Park PL team for a 11 win 11 loss record and you would think will skipper straight away as they push for a return to the Premier League
10th August - did anyone guess the National Singles winner moving to Albany and lining up for EMU POINT? None other than David Downey, a junior national winner has relocated through his partners work and will be playing in the country this season. With jon Sharp and Matt Mitchell among others at Emu Point, it's becoming a very strong club down those parts
31st July - I thought this move might happen, Connor Biddle has departed Warnbro and will be playing for OSBORNE PARK in the season ahead. Biddle has some promise and wouldn't surprise to see him play as a 3rd to someone like Gary Caffell and learn from the master
27th July - Did you think it was a male? Massive news as we are hearing Helen Morss is departing the Eagles and taking up residence at SOUTH PERTH. A change in work has meant she is unable to play Tuesday pennants and so has joined a new look ladies team at the Millers. I feel this will become a common trend. We want to encourage younger female bowlers to carry the game into the next 50 years but they all work Monday to Friday and only available on Saturdays. The time has come for clubs and especially lady bowlers to embrace change and let the Saturday Ladies pennants become the premier competition for them, replicating the times and rules of Tuesday, ie 9.30am start, and getting more of our top lady bowlers getting a career and also playing bowls on the weekend in the same manner that our male bowlers currently enjoy
27th July - The big news of the day comes from newly promoted SORRENTO who have convinced Kyle McIlroy that his future lies with them. McIlroy lives close to the club and looking forward to the challenge of new surrounds. With John Goddard playing full time this year, they will be very handy in the Premier League next year

27th July - Lots of news floating around KARDINYA at the moment, some we can confirm is the return of Geoff White and also a big signing in Russell Bates. Bates is a good get, a very solid player and provides good team energy. Stll unsure of the future of a few other players, more to come on that front

27th July - ROSSMOYNE looks like getting a few more players, Graeme Maesepp is returning from Cockburn, Tony Churcher looks like joining from Thornlie and the Edson brothers Craig and Nigel are returning from Mosman Park

25th July - Am hearing a leader of men might be joining ROSSMOYNE for the season ahead. Have heard this a couple of times now and I'm thinking it might be Rooster himself making a re-appearance in bowls. No-one has told me names yet or confirmed the move, last I heard he was quite enjoying fishing on a Saturday afternoon

25th July - Mosman Park have lost 1 of their skippers from last year in Pat Daley as he settles on a club closer to home, that of JOONDALUP. It is a big pickup for the side up North, with a young squad and all as keen as beans, Daley is a useful back end player for them

17th July - The big Nick himself, Nick Reagan has departed South Perth and crossed to their north of the river cousins NORTH PERTH for the season ahead, joining his sister there. It is a big move for Reagan after many years at South Perth, he said to me this will be the first time in 30 years his home club is a grass based club. Wow. Reagan has skippered for 149 games in the PL at the rate of 62 wins, 81 losses and 6 draws. He will be a huge asset to North Perth as they look to climb from 2nd Div to 1st Blue.

17th July - Some country transfers now, both of these players joining Dudley Park, John Trewhella (I didn't hear if Matt was also involved in the transfer) from Halls Head and Will Hyatt also crossing from Mandurah. The Dudley Park top side is resembling a very strong metro White side and would even press some Premier League clubs.

25th June - Confirmed, Travis Leahy has joined Kardinya from Melville, joining him is Brin Regan, Peter Larard and possibly Scott Maule. I'm not sure of those guys but increasing your numbers only improves the depth of the club.
22nd June - We are hearing of some departures from Melville, including Travis Leahy, most well known for his semi final in the Champion of Champion singles in 2019. Rumour has it he will be joining KARDINYA, a very handy pick up for them

Keith Manton has bought a property in Albany and so won't be lining up for Fremantle next season. It looks a wonderful place to retire to as well. I've heard DENMARK might be the club he joins but we'll wait and see

17th June - WILLETTON will be the new home for Cameron Girvan for the upcoming season. This statement from the club -
"Cameron is a well-credentialled bowler, having played 1 Red pennants for Melville some years back. While there he won two State Fours championships, going on to be runner-up in the Australian champion of champions event in one of those years.
Most recently he played One White at Mt Pleasant before taking a break for a few years.
Willetton played in the Second Division Challenge Playoffs two years ago, and were well placed prior to the disruption to this year's pennants. They will likely be competitive again this year with the addition of Cameron to their ranks."

17th June - Jeff Post has parted ways with Warwick, but where will he end up? North Beach or Sorrento seem the front runners at the moment.

5th June - Harley Goddard, a player with Gosnells has picked up stumps and joined BASSENDEAN for the upcoming season. A young player with keen ambitions just wanting to expand his game.

28th May - MOSMAN PARK have announced their new greenkeeper, this statement from President Michael Grace -
Mosman Park Bowling Club is pleased to announce the appointment of former State Skipper, Scott Edmonds as Head Greenkeeper commencing on the 15th June 2020.
Not only is Scott a highly regarded greenkeeper but he will also be a welcome & valuable addition to our Premier League or 1 White sides on Saturdays & Thursdays.
With promotion/demotion remaining unclear until late September we are confident of being more than competitive no matter what Division we end up in.

27th April - MOUNT LAWLEY have advised that Guy Herriott has joined them for hte season upcoming. Herriott from Doubleview and prior to that Inglewood comes with some good crednetials, another youngish guy to fit in to that club as they try get promotion to One White for the first time ever.

20th April - Marc Abonnel has accepted a position as the new bar manager at the COCKBURN Bowling Club, will this see a move from Kardinya for the season ahead? Time will tell.

2020/21 season player movements above

18th December - MT LAWLEY will be the new home for Del Evans, someone who transferred to Cambridge in the off season but has moved to the Mounters to help in their quest to remain in the 1st division and build in the future up the 1st division ranks.

17th December - Hearing that John Carlson has left Bedford and will now play for NORTH BEACH. Carlson is avery steady bowler who may break in to their Premier League but is more likely to start in their White side, if the rumour is true.

13th December - This has been sent to me overnight - Tony Krajancic has signed as a playing member of the KARDINYA Bowling Club and is likely to suit up for the Kats for the first time in mid January. Tony, who is best known for his soft touch as a draw bowler and booming drive as a skipper, has been away from the bowls scene for about three years after incurring a work-related injury. Tony has an outstanding record in WA bowls; he has won multiple Premier Division pennants with Cockburn; he is a dual Rosenthal Medallist, a State singles and pairs champion, plus a State over 60s singles champion.

10th December - WANNEROO has seen another player leave their ranks, this time it's Neville Costello who has stopped bowling for the time being and taken up extreme ironing. This can be a vicious past-time for a non-bowling male, but we wish him all the best.
**UPDATE**Neville has joined the North Beach Bowling club and will be a welcome addition to their stocks for the remainder of the season

10th December - FREMANTLE have gained Keith Manton as he crosses from Mosman Park to his local club Fremantle who sit just a 5 stumble home. Keith loved his time at mosman Park but the attraction of a club close to home was too appealing and he has left, starting at Frementle this week if selected. I'm sure he will be a handy acquisition to the club as they look to hold Blue South

18th November - Warnbro have lost Willie Tan as he crosses mid season and will now line up for MOSMAN PARK for the rest of the season. Not sure if he will jump straight back in to the side that beat his former team on Saturday, but you'd think he will get a chance at some stage this year.

18th November - OSBORNE PARK will unveil it's new recruit Toni Madigan tomorrow in their game against Melville. I haven't seen the teams but I have heard she will start as a third and will give that team plenty of depth and strength for the season ahead.

28th October - Just goes to show it's never too late to transfer clubs. The Pasalich rink from last year at Stirling including Segan, Mark and Andrew have all transferred to OSBORNE PARK. So another junior hitting the Saints with Segan showing a lot of promise and a big future.

25th October - FREMANTLE has seen a late transfer of Colin Moore, leaving Kardinya to join his friends there as they start to build a very competitive side in Blue South and their desire to keep moving up the table and play White next year.

24th October - Could be the last change before the season commences Saturday, but Mark Krajancic jnr has crossed from Cockburn and will be joining the SPEARWOOD Bowling Club for the season ahead. Haven't seen much of the son of a gun bowl but he has the bloodlines so be interesting to see him progress.

19th October - MORLEY are trying their hardest to alleviate their slide down the ladder with some bowlers who have crossed from Stirling to join them this year. Allan Erceg, John Ursich and Mike Radalj are now Mavericks and their presence will put some halt to their expected slide down to Blue next season. All 3 have played Premier League in a good Stirling side so they will bolster the playing stocks immeasurably for the season ahead.

13th October - Gun junior Patrick Quinlan is back playing bowls again and re-joined OSBORNE PARK. With 2 promising young bowlers to the club, I suspect but don't know that they will be exposed early on in a back end position I would think. We know that Jack East is likely playing 3rd to Cody Packer, where Quinlan slots in will be interesting. The Saints building for the future and it looks good.

13th October - Sometimes living close to a club is all that is required to move, and here we see Grahame Maesepp switch clubs from Rossmoyne to join COCKBURN for the season ahead.

10th October - That player is Michael Yates the greenkeeper at Perth & Tatts and also his club for last year but he has transferred to play at KARDINYA for the season ahead. At his best he will slot into the Kardy team, be interesting to take note of his selection for round 1. Kardinya of course have a 1 White team and you would think he will play there if unable to play PL

Big news was the signing of Stewart Gosstray to DOUBLEVIEW. Since returning from retirement he has spent 5 years at Kalamunda and a being previous state squad player, the yearn for a higher level competition (I suspect) has seen this move from a club I know he loves but moving to Doubleview will see him ply his trade at the highest level again. With Scott Edmonds unavailable early due to injury, Gosstray will provide some much needed backend support to the team.

Ian Cornthwaite looks like he is returning to his former club in SWAN for the season ahead. He has played the last couple of years at Kalamunda and will likely return to Swan with skippering duties after the departure of Shane Anning to Darwin.

YOKINE is the club that sees Shane Shaw make his return to bowls. Shaw is a player that I know the name of and he was quite an accomplished bowler back in the day, so he looks a good pick up for the Doggies in the season ahead.

QUINNS ROCKS looking to consolidate this years side with some new players and a big in with a past player coming back We would like to welcome Steve Myers from Wanneroo Chris Bartel former Innaloo Premier league player who had a few games for North Beach last Year and the Big Man himself Brian (Axy) Axford returning to his old stomping ground. Along with Michael Ong and Kris Birch looking forward to a big season ahead. (Thanks to Shane Smith for that report)

MOSMAN PARK will be the new home for 2 new players, Otto Dawson and Geoff White after crossing from Kardinya and Melville respectively, they will be useful pickups after the departures of Rooster Wishart and Paul Walker, but they have offset these losses with some good ins with Dale Marsland and Drew Daley. with such a different team to last year if they can gel early it will go a long way to retaining the Premier League

WARWICK have convinced Bernie McNamara to return to Warwick and play there this season. He had 6 years at Doubleview, and he has stated "A huge thanks to The View with the wonderful opportunities they gave me and some fantastic times on and off the green. No ill feelings towards the Club whatsoever,just time to return to Warwick which is just down the road and let's see what happens."

Richard D'Souza is the latest signing for BASSENDEAN as he crosses from South Perth. D'Souza has a habit of showing up in state events and could become a useful signing for the Lions

What SOUTH PERTH loses they gain with Derek Angell moving to their club from Vic Park. Angell already settled in by featuring in the South Perth team trying to qualify for the BPL this weekend. Good luck to them!

This from Ross Bolton - Blake Nairn has joined the Cambridge Knights for the coming season. Blake will provide Cambridge with another class player at the back end and with the loss of David Opie will have a major roll to play in Cambridge's bid for a flag. Blake is looking forward to a fresh start at Cambridge and is more than comfortable playing on the Club's synthetic greens, having played many times in the Thursday winter pairs competition over the last couple of years.

This from Ross Bolton - David Opie from CAMBRIDGEhas decided to take a break from Pennants this year. His work commitments, along with a young family have made it difficult for David to put the time in to commit to a full season. He will remain a member at Cambridge and will play in a few events from time to time. David has been a very loyal Member of Cambridge for many years now and the Club wish him all the best and look forward to him returning to bowls when he is ready.

Great news for OSBORNE PARK as they will be see young star Jack East cross over from Rossmoyne and join the Premier League competition. It will be interesting where they play Jack, someone whom I rate very highly as a draw bowler and someone I am predicting will win the State Singles within 5 years. This will certainly raise the spirits of the Saints who have had some departures lately but also Rossmoyne to be congratulated for developing Jack and his bowls.

SOUTH PERTH sees the return of Tyrone Alberti after a couple of years at Leeming and will be hoping to press his claims in the top side. We know Mitch Cranswick has moved to NSW and I did hear that David Downey might be playing cricket this Summer so there are vacancies for Alberti to fill

Another transfer I have known for a while and forgot to post is that Wayne Heldt has crossed to FREMANTLE to be with friends and tap in to the vibe that is surrounding that club at the moment. With new facilities and playing in One Blue it's going to be an exciting time for that club this year

Bassendean are reeling with the departure of Drew Daley as he rejoins MOSMAN PARK. It's closer to home and the opportunities for him appear greater at the Mossies than at the Lions. It's a big loss for the front end of Bassendean as they have been recruiting some good back end players to the club but superb news for Mosman Park who have got an out and out lead bowler in to their midst

Rumour only this time but from a reliable source as Steve Novak might have flown the coop and joined KARDINYA for the season ahead. Great news for Kardy as Novak is a hard man to outdraw on his day and won't find the synthetic foreign to him. Bad news for Warnbro as they have lost a few good players tis year and it looks like a monumental task to remain in the PL but they have a great home ground advantage a club with lots of fighhters there still

**CONFIRMED** Steve has contacted me to confirm he is moving to Kardinya, he has recently bought a house in Coogee and Kardy is a bit closer to home but loved his time at Warnbro and still has many good friends bowling there

GOSNELLS have got a great off field signing with Tony Hockey joining them to take on some coaching at the club. The club has also attracted some up and coming bowlers from Roleystone, when I know their names will post that news as well.

WARWICK are trying to build their club and strong rumours are they have recruited some Premier League players both male and female, no names no pack drills just yet but it is very intriguing who they might have snaffled. Wanneroo the obvious target as they aren't far away and people seem to be leaving that club in droves.
**BREAKING NEWS - did hear that one of the players may be Peter Marinovich from Stirling, a player with Premier League experience and can play all positions

SWAN is losing Shane Anning for a while as moves to NT with work and a bit of a sea change for him and his family. At this stage Darwin Social Bowling Club is the closest to where he will be living so may be the club he joins. Shane will be running the Paravista Motel located in Parap and hopes to see many WA bowlers visiting and staying for next years Carnival.

SPEARWOOD sees former player Terry Rusden return from Kwinana and the club continues to bolster their playing group and remain in 1st Blue and try to get that promotion to 1st White for the future.

I suspect when Kyle McIlroy and Dave Rankin were playing pairs in the PBA last year, they got chatting to young Canadian star Eric Galipeau and they have conviced him that DOUBLEVIEW would be a good club to grow his game for a season. Being only 18 years of age, he is already a World Champion U25 Mixed Triples player, U/18 National Champion and of course qualifying for the PBA Pairs in January this year. Good luck to Eric!

Shane Rixom has re-joined SORRENTO after returning to NSW last season. He was sorely missed as he was an integral part of the 2017 team that earned promotion as skipper, so his return will be welcomed as they look the early favourites to jump straight back into the top flight. Also some news is that John Goddard has returned to the Metro area and will join Sorrento as a non-playing coach. He is an excellent coach and administrator and his presence is an absolute bonus for the club.

Also joining BASSENDEAN - is Sian and Emma Smith from York. They will be continuing to play Midweek at home and then travel to Metro to play on Saturdays. Bassendean haven't had a ladies side on Saturday for a few years, and with the Smiths joining as well as Linda Kenny from Scarborough and a few home grown novices, it will be a strong side initially. We can also say that this will be the last Smith to join Bassendean. This season.

OSBORNE PARK - will be where Travis Ingram will play his bowls next season after departing Morley. He was one of a few competitive bowlers last season and will likely get a game in the top side at the Saints

BASSENDEAN - has seen Stein Davies join them after a year off from bowls has found that spark and looking forward to the season ahead. The Lions are putting together a good squad of bowlers as they look to play finals again for the first time in 3 years

BASSENDEAN - sees young Matt Whitely join them from Bindoon. Whitely is a current Development Squad member and played in the recent Country v City All Stars game. An up and comer with plenty to offer the front end at Bassendean.

MANNING - Huge news for Manning as Hailey Packer crosses from Osborne Park to join her friends at the Eagles. Massive loss for Osborne Park as they appear to be hemorrhaging across the club at the moment, but let's focus on Hailey, she will benefit from the experience of the ladies at Manning at the moment and I would be guessing will get a skippers gig there.

OSBORNE PARK - 's loss is Gosnells gain. Grant Nicol has decided that travel has become too great and he will be playing closer to home at Gosnells now. The General has been a rock at leading at the Saints and his departure will be a huge loss. Perhaps this is an opportunity that see Nicol play in a higher position at his new club and with him there we might see Gosnells in the Premier League soon.

QUINNS ROCKS - looks to be the new home for Kris Birch as he moves closer to home and transfers from Maylands. Quinns are building nicely, Birch a handy player and will add depth to the club

MOSMAN PARK - will be the new home for Dale Marsland in a big move and a massive loss for Manning, but the Mossies delighted with him joining. Of course Marsland has played at Mosman Park before when they were last in the Premier League so it's a return home of sorts. He will head up the PL team, responsible for its selection, recruitment, team program and culture. It will certainly make them a competitive outfit

OSBORNE PARK - is where Cody Packer is staying. Rumours have been flying around since the Australian Open about his future club, that being Manning or Mosmna Park mainly but he is staying at Osborne Park, he enjoys the club and wants to repay them the faith they showed in him when he crossed from Bedford a couple of years ago. Good news for Osborne Park!

JOONDALUP - is where young Wes Neilsen will end up as another leaves Wanneroo. Joondalup a club on the rise with young ben Leggett there and rumours surrounding Dave Stanik might also end up there as they want to rise up the ladder towards PL. Wes will be good for the club

BASSENDEAN - Will be the new home for Wayne Neilsen as he appears to have shaken off some injuries and looks to put a full season ahead for the Lions. His inclusion on the back of Fewster and Manton in recent weeks adds plenty of depth to the club who also have a White side. There might be more to come for Basso as well.

QUINNS ROCKS - welcome Michael Ong from Wanneroo to their club for the season ahead, as sent to me he will play a pivotal role as Quinns aim to remain in Blue and push for promotion this year. Ong is a solid player and very likeable and should fit in nicely

BASSENDEAN - sees Stephen Fewster cross from Wanneroo to join them in the season ahead. A very handy player who can play in any position, he will leave a hole at Wanneroo as they see some personnel leaving them. But it's great news for Bassendean as they look to climb the ladder and push for finals again.

BASSENDEAN - will see Beau Manton return to them this season after a year at South Perth, a place he loved bowling at but the pull of his first club was too strong and he will be returning home. A newish bowler on the rise he will likely be playing a back end role and will fill out that position nicely.

SORRENTO - Earlier we reported that Shane Loftus had made the move to Kardinya but changes in his work situation has meant that is now not possible so he will remain at Sorrento and play the season there. Sorretno will be extremely happy with that news as they push to return to the PL.

MOSMAN PARK looks like it has lost the services of Rooster Wishart for the season ahead. While he has had a great 4 years at the club and helped to lift them from 1st Blue to the Premier League, he feels it is time to step away from the club and let them attack the season ahead as they try to stay in the top flight. Wishart will remain a social member of the club and still has loads of friends there and wishes them all the best in the season ahead. He remains unsure of where he will play bowls next year.

NORTH BEACH have lost Terry Jones and Jenni McLaughlin as they move to Sydney. At this stage the move is temporary but at least for a few years. Their departure is bad luck for North Beach as the men are back in the Premier League for the first time in about 10 years and of course McLaughlin a fixture in the Ladies PL side for a while. Good luck in their adventures and the next phase of their lives!

SORRENTO looks like it will be the new home of Peter Flack, crossing from Wanneroo. He has had a stellar 12 months with some good performances in State Events, Pennants and now the Australian Open. He will slot in nicely in their White side as they to get back in to the Premier League

SPEARWOOD will be the new home of Michael Radalj as he transfers across from Stirling. Radalj is a useful bowler and he will make a difference to the Spearwood side who are building nicely for the season ahead.

MANNING have strengthened their stocks in the season ahead as they welcome Lewis Grigg into the fold. Grigg has been a state player now for 3 or 4 years including the player of the series in his first year and tasted some skippering duties last year at Osborne Park but must feel that his future now lays with Manning. The Eagles stacking their side for a full on tilt at the flag next year.

SPEARWOOD welcome back to their nest Bill Stolk from Kwinana as they look to strengthen the player group as they look to hold Blue for the season ahead.

MANDURAH have a wealth of talent joining them next season and it seems Warnbro are the big losers. John and Matt Trewhella return, as does Alan Cowie. Dean Tinley leaves Mosman Park, Martin Bigg from Manning and also James Jaworski will be playing pennants again. That's a good 6 bowlers playing for that club next year.

MANNING will see the return of Steve Withers to their fold next season as he can't decide whether he wants to be a city bowler or a country bowler, and he is bringing with hin Scott O'Brien. O'Brien made the state squad this year after a very successful Everest last year and someone with some ability. Manning have lost Stumpy Collins though who returns to NSW but likely will retain Lee Such as he stays in WA another year.

???? will the return of Shenayde Heldt to the state see her return to bowls? If so will she go back to Manning or perhaps try a new club? Not sure of when the return will be but it's good to see her back in the state

KARDINYA will see the return to bowls of Ryan Hawke. Hawks played in the Mosman Park Premier League team some 8 years ago but hasn't really played much bowls since. He is returning to bowls and will join Kardy for the season ahead. Another handy recruit and good back up if required.

KARDINYA may have got another very handy player in Geoff White returning to them. White played at Melville last season but was at Kardinya a couple of seasons ago. He is a very experienced player and if he doesn't make the top side will be a more than adequate skipper in One White. Kardinya are building very nicely for the 2019/20 season.

KARDINYA have convinced Shane Loftus to move from Sorrento to the Kats where he will join his fellow State winning friends Kevin McKay and Daniel Brown. Loftus will be a handy player to the Kats as they look to go one step further next year and make the finals.

NORTH BEACH will welcome Paul Walker into their fold for the upcoming season. Walker has taken on the role as bar manager and leaves Mosman Park with nothing but good things to say about the club and bowlers, but being 5 minutes from home the decision was an easy one to make. He will bolster the playing ranks at The Beach as they aim to remain in the PL for the season.

MELVILLE Ladies may have won promotion to the Premier League but it would appear the whole 16 might be moving to Fremantle at the first opportunity. That won't mean Fremantle will move from 3rd division to PL in one season, so the Melville ladies will have to do it all again and work there way to the top. 'Tis only a rumour but will be explosive if it all comes about. Of course they might all be moving anyway if the club is forced to close by the council in the off season.

2019/20 season player movements above

MANNING has seen Murray Piggott after his stint travelling with his employer, the Navy, and it looks like he has signed again to the club for the remainder of the year. Whilst his chances of playing in the top side may look grim at the moment, he will certainly bolster the 2nds and push for selection down the track.

PERTHS AND TATTERSALLS greenkeeper Michael Yates has the greens running super slick and has crossed from Claremont to join them for the remainder of the season. Yates brings a wealth of experience and will greatly assist the club as it looks to build player depth and climb the pennant ladder

OSBORNE PARK sees the return of Ryan Brown after 6 games at Cambridge. Not sure why really as it appears he was skippering at Cambridge and will return to skipper at Ossy Park, but he is a good player and will add some depth to the club for sure.

MANDURAH will see the transfer of Mark Simpson from Dudley Park. It would probably be akin to a Collingwood player transferring to Carlton or East Fremantle to South Fremantle

OSBORNE PARK have been able to convince Blake Nairn that his new home will be as a Saint. Blake has left Bassendean and sought greener pastures. He is a player of immense ability, Basso's loss is Osborne Parks gain

SPEARWOOD has seen Bob Bavcevich and John Smith transfer to them from Melville. More departures and one must be concerned about the future of that club, but Spearwood happy to welcome a couple of useful pick ups

CAMBRIDGE will be the new home for Ryan Brown who has transferred right at the start of the season from Osborne Park. Not sure of the reason but we did notice him not in the PL team but skippering in the 2nds for this game, something has happened late to make this departure so close to the start of pennants.

MOSMAN PARK at the late stage of the season Dean Tinley has decided to switch from Mandurah to Mosman Park via Warnbro and will make an appearance in Mosmans top side this weekend. It's a blow for Warnbro as they aim to retain Premier League and this switch will make their going that little bit harder.

MOSMAN PARK have signed on Cameron Hoffman, brother Ben and father Jim, Terry Cranswick and Pat Daley. Daley, Cranswick and Cam Hoffman likely to start in the top side likly and Ben looks a handy prospect going forward as well. It really pushes Mosman Park into finals calculations and maybe even that coveted top spot with automatic promotion attached to that position.

EMU POINT will be the new country home for Matthew Mitchell and Jon Sharp, both moving down that way in the off season and playing country bowls this year. Certainl gives that club some back end strength!

DOUBLEVIEW have picked up the very decent acquisition in Daniel Trewhella for the season ahead. It may only be a handful of games but if they are winning and he enjoys it then it may be longer. They have lost Dave Rankin but gained John Slavich and DT, makes them very strong to go back to back for this season.

KARDINYA looks like they have an ex player returning to their midst, Dinko Golem back after spending some time at Stirling in what is probably a much stronger Kats team than when he left. A handy pick up on the brink odf the season for sure.

WARNBRO have been able to land Alan Cowie from Dudley Park to play for them this year, it'sd starting to make the Premier League very interesting this year, no real stand out selection to win and the demotion spots could spting a surprise now that Warnbro keep getting stronger as well.

OSBORNE PARK will be where Erron Martin plays his bowls next season after transferring during the week. He is a very good pick up to offset the loss of Sean Mawdsley who has moved to China for work reasons. Martin a bit of a swingman can play in all positions and will be starting in their PL side at the start of the year

BASSENDEAN looks to have gained another Vic Park player in Ruari Kenyon after he signed at the club on Friday. Another very useful player on their books pushing for Premier League selection

SORRENTO will be where Rhett Butler will don the jersey this season, he will be a more than adequate cover for Shane Rixom who has moved back home over East. A couple of the Morley players from last year are now calling Sorrento home for the season ahead

BASSENDEAN premiership players David Rhodes and Andy Elmer have returned to the Lions to further bolster there squad for the year ahead. Rhodes moving back after spending a year at Como and Elmer leaving Morley to return. Both will be handy acquisitions, especially Rhodes who looks a certainty to fill the spot vacated by Justin Opie

In no particular order, SOUTH PERTH looks like another father son combination reunited as Keith Manton makes the move from Mosman Park. KARDINYA also sees another move out of Mosman Park, this time John Rochford moves back to the club where he spent a few years, a few years ago. Dean Tinley is moving from Comet Bay back into the big smoke where he will don a WARNBRO shirt for this season.

Not restricted to mens, some state squad ladies are on the move as well, Jill Adam trying her hand in the city from Geraldton to OSBORNE PARK and not been a happy day at Mosman Park as Joanne Lancaster goes back to BEACON, I think winners of last years Country Small Club of the Year.

Who else? Oh yeah, been hearing for a while that DOUBLEVIEW will see the return of Jim Barry from Cambridge, that is still a rumour at this stage but it appears it could be the worst kept secret at the moment. Finally, BASSENDEAN getting more of a Victoria Park flavour as Aiden Cacciopolli joins them for the season ahead.

MANNING might be the new bowling home for Paul Kelly from Stirling, still not 100% this departure but word is pretty strong that Kelly is on the move. A very handy player indeed would only be moving if playing in the top side at Manning.

MANNING has grabbed Lee Such from Soldiers Point Bowling club, Such may be well known to those who have watched some bowls from NSW and the Australian Open as he does some commentary, and is also a very good bowler. Manning have given him a job, not sure what job that is but welcome to Perth Lee!

NOLLAMARA is not a club that appears in these pages often but they have managed to secure the services of Andy Garlick to their club for the season ahead.

SORRENTO will be the new home for Murray Hulbert, a Wanneroo player of many years and is one of many to leave that club in the off season. A good froint end player will be oushing for selection in their PL this season.

GOSNELLS have had 2 very handy players rock up to their club for the season ahead, Frank Carbone and Wayne Heldt. Heldt returning to the club he called home about 20 years ago. They will be very handy recruits as Gosnells look to climb the ladder into White.

BASSENDEAN looks like it will be the new home for Henry Lim, not sure about Lorraine yet as the Ladies at Bassendean aren't strong or that many but it looks like Henry will be joining for the season ahead.

MOSMAN PARK have announced that 1991 State Pairs winner Peter Collins has joined from Dalkeith. He is an accredited coach as well and according to president Michael Grace will be a great addition to the club for the season ahead.

BASSENDEAN welcome Joe Krstic from Victoria Park Carlisle and also Mike Bessant from Doubleview to their club for the year ahead. Bessant and Krstic choosing to bowl closer to home and they will be looking to fill the gaps with the departing players

MANNING will see State leader Toni Madigan moving back closer to home and join Mundaring for the season ahead. Mundaring I've been told have been promoted to the top flight and have been a bit of a yo yo in recent years but the arrival of Madigan will surely see them shore up a spot in the PL hopefully for a few years

DUDLEY PARK will field a team this year that would be very competitive in Metro 1st division as their latest addition Brad Ball joins them for the year. Travelling such a long distance in the 2nd half of the season when he switched to Sorrento has seen him join a club closer to home for the season ahead.

MANNING look to be the destination for Stephen Patterson for the season ahead. Patterson hasn't played much bowls in recent years because of his work committments but he is now back full time and looks like moving to a club closer to where he lives. It's a huge loss for Bassendean and a very handy pickup for Manning.

DOUBLEVIEW have been able to offset the departure of Dave Rankin with the return of John Slavich. Everyone knows the class and skill of Chevy and it's good to see him remain in the Premier League for the season ahead.

KARDINYA seems to be a popular destination for the people leaving Melville as Brad Henley has joined them for theit tilt at a flag this year. Henley was the leading skipper in the Melville Blue team last year so he will definitely push for a berth in the top flight

MANNING is where Steve Collins will ply his trade this season. A bowler from Soldiers Point in NSW which play in the Hunter-Newcastle League, he comes with some PL experience over there and will be a welcome addition to their squad.

KARDINYA have been very active in the off season, now we see confirmation that Kevin McKay has re-joined the club, but also Paul Davies is on their books after crossing from Leeming. It promises to be a strong Kats side this year.

KARDINYA have gained the services of John Terrell and Chris Jones. Both have Premier League experience but either way that makes their One White side also very strong. Could we see an all synthetic final in the PL between South Perth and Kardinya?

SOUTH PERTH welcome back Vinnie Santostefano from Claremont where he played for a couple of seasons, again stregnthening the chances of a South Perth finals series and a deep run for the season ahead. Claremont on the other hand losing about 9 players I have heard, bad news for them and it may spell the death knell of that fine club with loads of tradition. Let's hope they can entice some locals to play bowls and keep that club going.

KARDINYA have landed a coup with none other than state player Dave Rankin playing for them next year. The travel was a huge factor in his decision, and leaves on a high after the flag winning year last season. If the rumours surrounding Brown, Trewhella and McKay turn out to be true, with Rankin the Kats look like a top 4 side and maybe even a grand finalist.

OSBORNE PARK these are really only rumours but very strong ones, Lewis Grigg appears to be on the move over the Manning, he will be a great offset to some of the people that have left Manning since last season. Grigg a state player and a handy acquisition. But for Osborne Park it looks like they might be getting John Goddard back into the camp after his one season in the country to play with family. It would be hard to see Goddard come back to skipper after the success of the 4 they had last year but he will fill thirds position vacated by Grigg nicely.

NORTH PERTH may well be the forerunner to similar moves of this nature, where we see Sally Wilke joining the club this year to play competitive bowls. North Perth do not currently have a ladies team and so the current rules of our game mean that Sally be able to play at the highest level that North Perth can offer, which I think this year will be 3rd division.

It is in line with a few letters we have received concerning Ladies Saturday pennants, and Wilke has obviously felt she wasn't getting enough quality game time playing on a Saturday afternoon against the same sex. I am quite a big fan of the Ladies playing a Saturday comp in line with their Tuesday comp at 9.30am, if we see more moves like this that looks like it might be something that has to happen sooner and not later. My recent poll saw 14 women like the proposal and 2 against whilst the men who voted were 36 in favour and 22 against. A change like this has to come from the women, let's hope they see that getting working women under 60 into the sport means they need to be playing out of the heat of the day and not conflicting with the men at 9.30am Saturdays

SOUTH PERTH will be the new home for David Downey and Mitch Cranswick for this season and few more as the Millers are really building a strong bunch of players to press for the flag this year and be a strong side for many to come. Downey and Cranswick both finishing studies this year and will be able to commit to bowls fully and South Perth very lucky to have nabbed these guys.

BASSENDEAN welcome the services of Butch Dinnison from Victora Park for the season ahead. With the departures the club has seen Dinnison will be pushing for a spot in the vacancies created.

WARNBRO have welcomed Dean Tinley from Innaloo and Mosman Park and Steve Unsworth from Pinjarra. Unsworth of course is our Regional Bowls Manager for the Southern area of WA. They will provide some good depth to the club wanting to hold Premier League in their first crack at it.

BASSENDEAN has lured young star Marcus Simpson (and potentially his Mum) as well to it's club from Rockingham. Simpson a state junior wanting more opportunities as he develops his game, will add some front end depth to the club rebuilding after it's departures of recent years. Only 8 players left from the Premier League winning team of only 2 seasons ago.

NORTH BEACH will be where Mark Douthie calls home next year, this had been circulating for a while but came to a certainty Friday night when he joined the club. North Beach close last year in White and guys like Douthie will give them some good punch for the season ahead.

OSBORNE PARK will be the new home for Phil Potts, a long time Wanneroo player but wants to continue his PL career elsewhere. Loads of whispers about another 4 or 5 players moving out of Wanneroo, so it could be a few years before we see them again in the top flight. Potts a notoriously solid leader will help greatly as the Saints look to go that one step further next season

QUINNS ROCKS are a club on the rise with their junior program and getting back to Blue North next season have recruited hard and sees ex player John Berecz rejoin the fold from Morley. We also see Wanneroo stalwart Laurie Johnson move across as well. Berecz an extremely good back end bowler and Johnson very steady up front, they are good signings for the season ahead.

DOUBLEVIEW will be without premiership player Ben Willesee next season as he takes up a job in England for a while. A steady player, with other potentials I'm hearing abou the View he will be a big loss. We wish Ben all the best in England

SOUTH PERTH have lured Beau Manton away from Bassendean to join his good friend Justin Opie at the Millers this season. It is a handy list South Perth are putting together, look for them to be playing finals at year end.

MELVILLE is losing another few bowlers, the name I have been given is Brad Henley, and a couple of his mates at Melville have all left as well, not sure of their destination as yet but from all accounts are very good bowlers and I'm sure any club in their vicinity will welcome them with open arms

SPEARWOOD will be the new home for Ken Gavranich, this note from Ivan Unkovich
Spearwood are pleased to announce that Ken Gavranich, an up and coming young bowler, will be joining them next season as they move to Div 1 White for the first time.
We have room for two more quality players under our ‘salary cap’ so don't leave it to the last minute if you want the opportunity to play in one white next season.

MANNING while they might be getting some people from Melville, as well as Frank Carbone leaving, also hearing that Matty Ayres with a new baby due soonish as well Rob Tiller may be taking a year off bowls for family reasons. With Matt Mitchell also leaving, they also appear weaker than last year at this stage if these rumours turn out to be true

CAMBRIDGE appear to be losing a few names for next season. Pieter Harris assessing his future and may take a year off to the recharge the batteries, Jon Sharp moving down south may be joining Albany next year. some huge names leaving the Knights if they come about.

MELVILLE - the exodus appears to have begun with the recent meetings held there and a committments from the club to stay has seen some names decide to seek other clubs. Decisions not made yet as to where they might end up, but the names I am hearing are: Matt Allen, Shane Adams, Brett Adams, Merv Hughes, Jim Stewart. Manning appear to be the recipient to most of these names

KARDINYA seem to be at the forefront of some recruits, hearing that State Fours members Daniel Trewhella and Kevin McKay joining Kardinya with Daniel Brown prepared to commit for the whole season. Haven't been able to confirm that one yet but if it comes off will make them a very strong side in Premier League next year.

GOSNELLS will see the return of former player Frank Carbone from Manning to join them in the season ahead. Frank has mentioned to me that he wants to be close to home, he has achieved what he can from bowls and looks forward to the plans that Gosnells offers going forward. I think you have plenty of good bowls in you Frank and we'll see your name again in lights

SOUTH PERTH will be the new home for Justin Opie after his stellar career at Bassendean. He is a great pick up for South Perth both on and off the green, his signing alone puts them in with a finals chance next year.

SORRENTO in the news again with Mal Burton, Bryce Gunson and Mike Browne joining them for the season ahead. All having PL experience from this year will help the club with depth this season - they are putting a fair squad together and won't be automatic demotion material.

MANNING look to have gained the services of Steve Hughes for the next season, well, he is about 98% sure. He may struggle to get in to the Premier League team but he will be a handy addition to the 2nds as they try and win promotion back from 2nd division

SORRENTO contacted me today to confirm Leith Oldham won't be going to Quinns but will in fact pull on the blue and white of Sorrento next season. Joining him is Allan Barron. I don't know much of Leith but Allan is certainly well credentialled and will fit in well.

SOUTH PERTH have raided enticed some Vic Park players by tempting the very loud but very good player Tom Reid and up and coming bowler Patrick Keeffe into their fold. They are good recruits and should complement the club very well for next season

QUINNS ROCKS are building and have heard whispers again and know that John Berecz might be heading back there after a few years away. He would be a handy asset for a club wanting to push for White next year. Any rumours surrounding Brian Axford are untrue, he will be staying at Yanchep although Leith Oldham may be on the move to Quinns.

BASSENDEAN are losing a player synonymous with that club, Justin Opie has decided he needs to move on, destination unknown at this stage but I have heard it might be Fremantle or South Perth, or maybe somewhere completely different!. Not even Opie knows at this stage, but a huge loss for Bassendean who finished the year in 5th spot in the PL

ALBANY would be well pleased to see the Mitchell name back in the area. Matt is going home to the family farm, unsure yet which club in the area he will join, but he is a massive loss to Manning and to the Metro area. He stills harbors state ambitions and moving to the country should not hinder that at all.

2018/19 season player movements above

WARNBRO have welcomed back Ryan Philpott to their fold for the 2nd half of the year. He will play a couple of games in the 2nds before returning to the top side. He of course played with Manning in the flag of a couple of years ago and Manning I'm sure would have loved to have him back, but he is returning home

SORRENTO have got another Ball on to their books, Terry Ball making the move as well from Warnbro. I'm not sure he has played this year but he will certainly be pushing for selection at Sorrento who are building a nice squad of bowlers looking to play Premier League next year

OSBORNE PARK it appears as if Lee Farrell has made the move over to Osborne Park, i think partially due to his wife getting more opportunities but he is a handy back up for the PL team if they need someone, and more than handy for the White team who are struggling at the moment

SOUTH PERTH have gained the services of Dean Calvo late in the piece, he will come straight into the top side I think and will be a welcome addition. I've spoken with Dean and he loved his time at Gosnells but wanted to try his hand in the PL and South Perth seemed the perfect fit for him.

MOSMAN PARK have enticed Andrew Garlick to transfer from Doubleview to them for the remainder of the year.

OSBORNE PARK have gained the services of Innaloo bowlers Frank Langley and Alan Taylor. The numbers departing Innaloo keep rising, it's gotta stop on December 31st I suppose!

INGLEWOOD have gained the playing services of Graeme Carey, the Bassendean greenkeeper for the remainder of this season. Carey won the best player at the club for their Blue side last year, playing third to Aaron Staples will make that rink very formidable going forward and his ability will propel the club to a big chance for promotion

MELVILLE has gained another departing Mt Pleasant player, this time it is Greg Quann, who i don't think has played a game this year but the dramas at Mt Pleasant has claimed another victim.

MT PLEASANT have lost another 2 players. Have heard Chris Jones and John Wray moving to Melville, and now today Merv Hughes and Wayne Heldt leaving the club. I think both also moving to Melville. It is interesting to see these people move and there must be something more at play now.

BASSENDEAN have transferred across from Mosman Park Drew Daley, an ex-New South Welshmen moved here through work and with his house movement to Belmont has chosen a club closer to home to play for and plonked for Bassendean.

MORLEY have welcomed former player Bruce Urquhart, or Buffy back on to their playing roster for the remainder of the season. I don't really know when he last played pennants and the even longer for a full season but he is a quality player and for the team currently sitting 3rd to welcome a player of his calibre in to line up improves their chances of finals action no end. Likely to be a middle player with some options to skipper if things go astray I would think.

MT PLEASANT have lost a further 2 players, Chris Jones and John Wray have departed, not sure where to at this stage. When a couple of players leave a club it's seen as normal, but I think there have been quite a few now that have left in the past 2 seasons, is everyone leaving because of the upcoming closure of the club or something more sinister? We'll probably never know

MELVILLE are the receipients of a couple of bowlers who have left Mt Pleasant, Jim Stewart the gentleman of bowls and John Smith have made the move mid-season. Next season if the venue is ready these 2 clubs are likely to merge anyway.

STIRLING has gained the services of Mike Vitale, who leaves South Perth after his stellar 5 game career at that club. Vitale was at Stirling last year. He may appear in their side for this week but will be there for there next weeks game.

KARDINYA sent me their teams today and I noticed the name of Paul Brotherston appear, of course played the early games at Cockburn but has made the move and now finds himself at Kardinya. Not sure when this actually happened, but it will be his first game in PL side of Kardinya this week.

SORRENTO were the first port of call when Brad Ball decided to leave Warnbro after 4 games and it's a case of Warnbro's loss is Sorrento's gain. Ball did not play on Sunday against Sorrento as his old club went to town on his new club. Still it's only 5 games in and Sorrento looks like skippering straight away this week with Ball

SOUTH PERTH have enticed Richard D'Souza to play with them this year. D'Souza of course played at Mt Lawley last year after starting at Wanneroo so has PL experience and South Perth have picked him for the PL side for the weekend.

NOLLAMARA have gained the services of Peter Vellios from Stirling and Rob Amos from Morley for this round onwards.

OSBORNE PARKWe have most Premier League teams now, and the Osborne Park is missing a few people from last season. Daniel Trewhella can't commit to a full season, Neil Payne with some injuries and Patrick Quinlan playing cricket this season. With no ins of note I think they have gone from certs to play finals to now sit with a number of teams in the mix.

MORLEY have selected Stu Bainbridge in their side for the opening of pennants this Saturday, it was a rumour we had heard about a month or so ago but denied and he was selected in the initial Doubleview team, but for some reason has since changed clubs and is now lining up for Morley. When I got the sides I saw the name of Mike Browne in their list as well, he has also switched clubs. Makes the Morley team look good on paper, now to deliver on the green.

SWAN have been the receipient of the departing Toodyay player, none other than the big fish himself, Keith Straughan, who is now playing in the big smoke again. swan happy to welcome him into their fold and he will be a good pick up for them as they try and hold Blue North

Players committed to Innaloo this season but now departing, have ended up at the following clubs that I know of so far (and doesn't include the ladies that have departed either, most have ended up aty either North Beach or Scarborough) -
NORTH BEACH - J Clayton, R Aitken, C Bartle, R Munday
STIRLING - C Hoffman, J Hoffman, T Cranswick
NOLLAMARA - M Lane, R Amos
CLAREMONT - M Cranswick
OSBORNE PARK - B Wood, B Poggi, G Matthews, F Langley, A Taylor
BASSENDEAN - T Alden, R Revell, P Harber
WARWICK - R Hill, J McNamara, G Smith

CLAREMONT have recruited ex-Doubleview and bypassing Innaloo to join Claremont is Mitch Cranswick to their side and as Mens Captain Martin Downey has emailed

Claremont Bowling Club’s theme of ‘come and be a part of something special’ has enticed young Mitch Cranswick, formerly of Doubleview, to join young David Downey as another new skip for the coming season in 2nd Division.

Anyone interested in joining the party is urged to contact Men’s Captain Martin Downey, Selector Michael Yates or Club President Ian White’.

It looks like Claremont are building towards something special this year

WANNEROO no sooner have we announced the arrival of Ashley Grundy, but Tod Weir has also crossed to the Roos from Osborne Park seeking opportunities in the Premier League I am sure. I don't know much about Tod but skipper last year in the White side and is a young player which is always good for the game

WANNEROO have been chatting to Toodyay's Ashley Grundy and this week he signed on to play for the Roos this year. Grundy has had some country week success and is always there-a-bouts in state events sectional play so he will be a handy addition and may take a rink for the start of the season

MORLEY have been able to convince John Berecz that this season at least he is better served staying at Morley and playing with them. He will be handy for Morley to retain their position in the PL this year and a bit of a blow to the Yanchep club for not only on field but also off field

YANCHEP are building a few handy player additions this year, first Brian Axford and now it seems John Berecz has also made the move there. Berecz lives close by and seems like travel was probably the main reason he has chosen to stay and play close to home. There are some handy 2nd division sides this season in Blue divisions, might be an interesting comp to keep an eye on this year

KARDINYA have lost a couple of players leading in to this season, and very handy players they are too. Whilst Daniel Brown hasn't 100% made up his mind, at this stage he and good mate Daniel Trewhella will spend the Summer fishing and making sporadic appearances in State Events and maybe some pennant games. Both players are huge losses for their respective clubs.

STIRLING look to have gained the servies of Dinko Golem, who advised Kardinya during the week that he will cross and go back to his former club for this season. Golem was one of the leading skippers at the club and Stirling will welcome him back as they build a decent squad for the season.

CORRIGIN The final person to depart Kardinya this season will be Louie Beaurteaux, who has decided to stay home this year and play in the country. I think it was Corrigin but it could be another club near his home, but he completes the trifecta of players departing Kardinya. Being so close to finals last year, these 3 leaving will put pressure on the remaining players to take that extra step, it might be they are under pressure to remain in Premier League.

INNALOO have lost a few people leading in to this season pennant, I will list them all the closer we get to the start of competition, but club president Terry Cranswick has convinced his son to cross from Doubleview and skipper a rink in their top side this year. Mitch Cranswick is a young player so will only get better with the exposure he gets this year in One White at the pointy end of the rink.

WARNBRO have sent to me a summary of their changes for the year, all incoming players which auger well for their season ahead in Blue South as they try and get promotion to White

John and Matt Trewhella have joined the club again after a couple of seasons in the Mandurah League at the club of Halls Head. Matt one of the better leaders going around and John a condifence player a more than useful back end player
Willy Tan crosses from Cockburn and I think it might be his second stint at Warnbro
Terry Ball joins Brad as another Ball at the club (there are so many Balls around i know they are all related somehow...) and he will find a spot in the top side immediately
Dennis Nagle also returns from the Mandurah League and the Mandurah Bowling Club
Luke Piper is available until Xmas and Brad Cole will make himself available for the top side this year after playing in the lower divisions last year

AUNGIERS have left Osborne Park, Scott has found a new home at Manning and joins up with former Vic Park players Mitchell, Knott, Bowler amongst others. He will push for a spot in the top side but may start in the 2nds. Peter has re-joined his former home at Morley and unsure where he might slot back in, could be handy middle player but may just go back and skipper in their 2nds.

HOPETOUN are welcoming John Goddard into their ranks for the next season, I think family reasons are behind the move back to the country for Goddard and his leadership and ability will be sorely missed by Osborne Park. Can they cover his departure this season? I think they prepared for it with blooding Cody Packer last season as skipper and he did exceptionally well, and with their 2nds side always strong in White, they should be able to cover his playing ability, but he will be missed at the club he has called home for many seasons.

MORLEY have gained the services of Andy elmer from Bassendean. Elmer won last years singles final and is the current Bassendean champion and so his services would be heartily welcomed at his old club, but his time may be occasional depending on family committments. Hopefully we see more than the sporadic appeearance at his old club

NORTH BEACH also sees a more than handy ex-junior state representative in Steven Wattleworth transferring from Midland-Morrison. Wattleworth living in the area and wants to commit to bowls again full time, North Beach doing well to gain his services as they look to offset the departing players from last year with back end player

FORRESTFIELD look to be the main recipient of the Cannington/Mills Park closure as a handful of players make the move. From what little I know of Forrestfield they look to be gaining a few young players from Corporate bowling competitions and look to people from that club making their name known in a couple of years

MANNING The rumours page is not only about the men bowlers as we hear Rhonda Creyk has made the move from Thornlie to Manning for this season. It seems a tough top side to crack in to but vacancies have been made in the alternate Premier League team with the departure of a couple of players, including last years Mt Lawley consistency wonner Shaan Saunders, so we'll see ir Creyk makes the grade there

NORTH BEACH is where Ross Dempsey has called home again for this season, he had been toying with the idea of moving, Doubleview was the strong candidate but for this season he is staying put. North Beach trying to gain promotion and Dempsey will be a key part of that

BASSENDEAN has signed a handy player in Peter Madigan from Mundaring. Madigan skippered in their top side last year with some success and he will give some good depth to the Lions and may even break in to their Premier League team at some stage this year

MANNING looks like where Frank Carbone will be heading back to next year from his couple of years at Stirling. He is a very solid front end player and will be eyeing of a 2nds position in the top side but I'm sure being the team player he is will be happy with wherever he is placed for this year

VIC PARK Fact or fiction? Pictures tell a thousand words

I don't think Jim Barry is on the move but he took the opportunity to be a Red for a day

CLAREMONT this sent to me from the Claremont Club -

Further news since I spoke with you last is that the Claremont Bowling Club, after just missing out on promotion to 2nd division for the past 2 years, have accepted an opportunity of promotion offered to them by Bowls WA when another club pulled out.

As a result Claremont have been on the hunt for suitable players to bolster their player stocks to ensure they will be competitive in this division. The good news is that in addition to signing young David Downey they have also recruited Bill Owen from Doubleview. Their slogan at the club is ‘come and be a part of something special at this old, prestigious club’.

Anyone interested in being a part of this is urged to contact Bowls Captain Martin Downey, Selector Michael Yates or Club President Ian White.

Bill Owen is a handy recruit and will assist the club nicely as they contest 2nd division this year. The club that departed was Mt Pleasant but it sounds like Claremont will be a handy replacement as they have knocked on the door for the past couple of seasons.

QUINNS ROCKS have sent me this note about their players this season -

Brian Axford (Axy)
Axy former State Singles champ has left Quinn’s and is going to play for Yanchep this year. He has moved into the area and will be close to the Yanchep Club.
We would like to thank him for his past time with Quinn’s and wish him well at Yanchep.(Hope the fridges are well stocked)
Peter Allan We would like to welcome Peter to Quinn’s who has come to us from Osborne Park Peter has skipped down at Ossie Park and also plays as a lead.
Peter has moved to the area and sites the Travel distance as a bonus and is looking forward to the season ahead. He also leaves Ossie Park with no regrets and wishes them well for the coming season
Barry Crawford Barry is another that has moved to the area and is looking forward to the season with the mighty Quinn’s.
Barry’s Experience will be a great value to Quinn’s. Barry Leaves the Valley with regret but has had a great time there and wishes them well for the upcoming season. It will be great having Barry along with the support of his wife from the grandstand.
Adrian Allen Adrian has come to us from Yanchep we are looking forward to Adrian’s input and putting pressure on the top side players to keep them honest. Adrian has been playing in some of our winter comps and has been playing exceptionally well so watch out top side he will be looking to get up there sooner than later.
Along with Rob Pritchard. Ian Queen and Peter Karhu that have come up from social bowls have come on board for the pennants season these will be welcome additions to our current crop and will certainly trying very hard to keep all bowlers in all divisions honest.
We welcome all new bowlers to our club.

WANNEROO have been informed that Ron Bates won't be joining the club this year after finding work in Sydney and making the move over there, that has happened immediately and he is already over there in his new digs. His wife will be joining him in a couple of months after also finding work there. We all wish Ron the best in his new surrounds and look forward to seeing his name in a few results going forward.

On a side note Jarrad O'Donohoe moved to Melbourne a month or so ago and looks like he has joined Mentone for their upcoming season.

SPEARWOOD is happy to welcome Boris Yakas into their fold for the upcoming season from the Kardinya bowling club. I have a feeling Yakas also played PL at Cockburn some years ago, his playing ability will be welcomed at Spearwood, a welcome addition to the club.

DOUBLEVIEW looks like it has won the battle to gain the services of Addy Wetzler. Who??? Well he hails from Victoria, playing Premier League there for many years at Clayton and recently Mentone. He is early 30's, newly engaged to a Perth girl and moved here with her. At a child care centre he got talking with both Matt Mitchell and Corey Bessant about life and enquired how they knew each other and when lawn bowls was mentioned he said he was a keen bowler as well. The race was on, but it looks like Doubleview will be the preferred home. Welcome to WA Addy!

MELVILLE gains what Mt Pleasant has lost, Steve Hughes moving to a club that both clubs combining to form one club next season. Maybe it was to update his Melville shirt before that clubs shirts disappear as Hughes was a Melville player many years ago.

CAMBRIDGE it appears has gained the services of Sam Perica for the season, he leaves Cockburn looking to continue his PL career. A few have departed Cockburn now, might last season be the last time we see this great club in the top flight of bowls?

SWAN have been able to convince Phil Park that his future is best served staying with them and he has agreed, signing his membership papers and paying the fees to stay where he started.

CLAREMONT Mens Captain has sent this to me about a player joining their club this season - Word out of Claremont is that they have lured former Under 18 WA and Australian Singles Champion, David Downey, back to bowls from club cricket. David, who is about to turn 21 years, last played pennants in Premier Division for Manning four years ago. He gave pennants away when he started at University. David’s father, Martin, is the new Men’s Captain at Claremont and is trying to recruit some players to the 3rd division club. One can only wonder if there’s any truth in the rumour that the pressure to sign was in the form of any possible future inheritance

RIVERTON-ROSSMOYNE are the River Rats and looks like they have enticed John Carter and Chadd Hunt to their club for this season. Carter is a decent bowler who looks to be accumulating shirts quicker than a Trump rollback of an Obama policy, but Hunt I know nothing about. Carter certainly will add some depth to Rossmoyne looking to climb the pennant ladder.
6th Sept 17 More information has been sent to me, Chadd Hunt skippered last season for a solid record so will certainly hold his own at Rossmoyne. John Carter also letting me know he loved his time at Armadale and wishes them all the best but wanted to play somewhere closer to home. We all crave that club that is close to home and a good level of bowls, we wish them both a good year.

MORLEY looks like the home for next season of Phil Park, who is trying his hand in the big league. Park has only been bowling for a handful of years but shows some promise as a front end player, we'll see how he goes this year.

DOUBLEVIEW have gained the services of 2 very handy players for the season ahead, Stephen Cerff has transferred from Cockburn and Andy Garlick makes the move from Mosman Park. Doubleview have had a few changes in this off season both gains and losses, the final side still looks strong enough to be competitive in Premier League

KALAMUNDA have got back Milan Jokic after his 1 season playing with mates at the Manning Club. Milan lives not far from Kalamunda and his return was always on the cards. He looks likely to grab 1 of the skippers spots as Kalamunda look to remain in White this year.

BUSSELTONhave gained the services of a very handy player in Tony Walsh who leaves Cambridge and retiring in the country. I'm sure we will still see his name pop up in tournaments over the years.

MORLEY player Wayne Neilson has been linked to a change of clubs to Claremont but Wayne has categorically denied moving from Morley, saying this to me yesterday - "I have never spoken to anyone at Claremont and 100 percent if I play bowls this year it will be at Morley". So that rumour has been quashed, thanks Wayne for informing this site.

MANNING have been able to recruit Dale Marsland from Mosman Park, joining his mates at the Eagles, strengthening an already abundantly talented team. You would think he will be an immediate inclusion into the PL team. Marsland I think is currently dating Monica Huynh also from Mosman Park, will we see her changing clubs as well? Not at the moment but the season is still a few months away.

KALAMUNDA manager and part time player for them Howard Best and decided to leave the state of WA and go back to Queensland. During his time he has played top flight bowls at Innaloo, Kalamunda and Wanneroo but he has found work in Queensland and has resigned from his post at Kalamunda to move. Kalamunda have listed the position on Seek for a Club Manager, and we wish Yogi the best in his travels and future in bowls.

SOUTH PERTH have gained the services of swingman Mike Vitale for the season ahead from Cockburn. Vitale can play in all positions but will he get a spot in the strong South Perth team for this season. Time will tell.

CAMBRIDGE will be the venue that Lance Strahan is making his return to bowls at for the season ahead. His great mate is Clive Adams so it was always going to be the club he came back and played at. In his prime he was one of the top 10 bowlers in this state and while he may take a couple of games to get going, his back end game will be welcomed at the club looking to win another flag this year.

WANNEROO is the club that Ron Bates has joined for the upcoming season but work committments may curtail his bowling, we will know more on that front in the coming months. Bates arriving will be nice to offset the departures of Erron Martin to Bassendean and Jarrod O'Donahue whose partner has accepted a job in Melbourne and he will be moving to ply his trade over there. Both O'Donahue and Martin skippering at various stages during the last pennant year so their loss will be felt.

It seems the future of Stuart Bainbridge remains unclear, with MORLEY saying at this stage they are unaware of Bainbridge joining their club. So where will Bainbridge end up? Either club will benefit from his services, any more news about Stuart and he might need his own rumour page!

Rumour confirmed, one of the first rumours for the season was Stuart Bainbridge heading to MORLEY and that became fact over the weekend. Morley are putting together a very handy squad as they will be more than competitive in Premier League this season.

SWAN will be welcoming back Shane Anning from Bassendean to the club for the upcoming season. Shane wanted to try his hand but couldn't quite crack the strong Premier League team so he has moved back to Swan where he has family ties and a place he loves bowling at

LEEMING have opened their arms to Tyrone Alberti who has left South Perth. Not sure of the reasons for it but Leeming are a club looking to move up the 1st division ladder and Tyrone is a more than handy player and will complement the club in the coming season.

MANNING it seems will be without the services of Helen Morss for the Tuesday Pennants next year, as she focuses on work and studies, thus making Tuesday unable to bowl for her. She will be lining up for the Saturday Pennant though. With the age of our bowlers decreasing one will think this is already occurring for many other lady bowlers under the age of 55, we saw a few years ago Shenayde Heldt also not playing on a Tuesday due to work commitments.

I can foresee in the future the bowls in our state being Tuesday Ladies, Thursday Mens and Saturday Open Gender competition.

MANNING has informed Bowls360 that the original bowler, Chris Bowler has come out of the wilderness and committed to playing at Manning this season. He recently competed in the PBA qualifying in Mandurah and claimed some scalps so he looks ready to press for a spot in the top side. With Chris may come Scott Aungier but that has yet to be confirmed.

Those astute bowlers that have seen the announcement from WARNBRO about the Manning 5-a-side competition will have noticed the names Trewhella, both Matthew and John named in the side, confirming their move from Halls Head back to the Perth competition at Warnbro.

NORTH BEACH might be gaining a few players from Innaloo, but 2 key personnel from their playing stocks from last year are on the move. Ron Bates has informed the club that he will not be bowling there next year, citing the travel as the key component for his departure. We are unsure at this stage where he will be bowling. I also believe Bates brother Russell may also not be bowling at the club, his club next year also unknown but we know he lives down south and may play again in the Mandurah area next season.

The other key player is Ross Dempsey, who appears to also have returned 'home' to Doubleview, a club where he has played many Premier League games in the 00's before leaving to the country for work purposes. Dempsey will be a loss to North Beach and a gain for Doubleview, I think it was the year before last season when he skippered a side in the State Fours to the Semi or the Final, showing his form has returned.

A little whisper that SORRENTO have landed the leader from last years State Triples final Shane Loftus. There was talk he would be heading back to Wanneroo but it seems Sorrento have pounced early. A handy recruit as they push for Premier League this year.

CAMBRIDGE have signed on to their books for the upcoming season reigning Countryweek Singles winner Kaleb Walding, and also Noosa player Shaun Norris. Says Ross Bolton from the Knights -

The Cambridge Knights are very pleased to announce that outstanding young country bowler, Kaleb Walding, will be playing for the Knights this season. Kaleb will be a great inclusion for the Knights and is looking forward to playing bowls in Perth.

The Knights have also signed another very good player in Shaun Norris who hails from Noosa and he will also add to the depth of the Knights for the coming season.

BASSENDEAN have attracted another player to the club, Mike Bessant living locally and is thinking of joining the club for the upcoming season. Was spied having a meal there recently, he will also be a handy addition to Bassendean. Also confirmed is Ted Aldens move and Paul Harber to the club. Could be some more news about departures from Innaloo as well because of recent events, North Beach seem the main receipient of these players.

DOUBLEVIEW have signed the prize recruit of Scott Edmonds who left Yokine towards the end of last season. Scott was weighing up his options and had interest from multiple clubs but the pull of his old side and playing Premier League again was enough. It will be good to see Edmonds plying his trade again in the top flight.

MORLEY Rumours starting to trickle in, more info in the coming days or weeks, but one rumour doing the rounds is that Stuart Bainbridge might be heading back to Morley. Rumour only, I can't get it confirmed or denied, but he would certainly be a handy pick up for Morley as the club contests Premier League for the first time in a while, and building a squad that will be very competitive.

GOSNELLS has been talking to a member of the "B" team, Dave Bradbury and convinced him to change clubs, leaving Thornlie and moving to Gosnells. “After nine enjoyable years at Thornlie, I have decided it was time for a change, and look forward the new challenge at Gosnells”.

Gosnells have picked up a handy player for sure.

BASSENDEAN have been busy in the off season with the carnage from Innaloo potentially resulting in the signing of 3 players and maybe more. At this stage, Paul Harber, Ted Alden and Rod Revell are the first to show their intent to moving on unless changes are made at their club at the upcoming AGM at Innaloo. Also making the move is journeyman Erron Martin coming from Wanneroo moving back to his old neighbourhood, and Nathan Smith from York making the move to the big smoke because of work committments and living locally. All 5 players are handy acquisitions to the club

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