I thought April was a bit busier than it was, but we have the results of the Cambridge St Ives, State Triples and Champion of Champion singles to update. A few big movements, Dale Marsland's win in the Triples means he has jumped from 154th to 11th, Tom Mitchell moves up from 15th to 6th with his runner up placing and Glenn Pauling into the top 3 with his win. Scott Walker has grabbed 2nd spot but our leader it still Shane Knott who has had a very consistent year remains on top and with only 1 state event left and maybe a handful of small carnivals (if i get the results for them that is...) it is likely he will remain on top.
This weekLast weekPlayerPoints
11KNOTT Shane101.625
29WALKER Scott93.125
310PAULING Glenn92.875
42HOLT Warren83.75
53LOFTUS Shane60.875
615MITCHELL Thomas58.75
74TREWHELLA Daniel57.5
85BROWN Daniel56.5
96SMITH Aaron55
107SMITH Nathan55
11154MARSLAND Dale53.375
128MCKAY Kevin50
1311BALL Brad47.125
1412EAGLES Bruce44.625
1513LANDER Chris41.5
1617CAFFELL Gary38.75
1728SIMPSON Mark37.5
1816ADAMS Clive35.75
1914WILLIAMS Anthony35.75
2071PACKER Cody34.75
2133BRANDSMA Bill33.375
2218MITCHELL Matthew31.5
2319WACHMER Peter31.25
2420BATES Russell29.625
2541RANKIN David28.75


With the same events as above been played in April, the Ladies leaderboard saw our top 2 ranked ladies both win the State Triples, their partner Robyn O'Brien moved from 9th into 3rd spot with the win, so they are top 3 at the moment. A bit of shuffling with the remaining positions, we do see good friends Linda Warburton and Lisa Featehrby into the Top 10 as well.

This weekLast weekPlayerPoints
11MERZ Laura155.625
22KRSTIC Kristina138.75
39O'BRIEN Robyn100.25
46COOTE Renate81.25
53ABE Noelene80
64HASTINGS Therese69.25
711FEATHERBY Lisa63.375
85BAKER Bev63.125
913WARBURTON Linda55
107MORSS Helen54.25
The full sheet of names and their rank can be found here

Not sure how popular, effective or good this might be, the prize being nothing more than prestige, but I will collate the results over the whole season of 2017/18 and on June 30 arrive at a male player ranked number 1 in the (insert booming voice here) Bowls 360 Rankings points!!

So this is how the points will be judged. There will be 5 types of events -
 Elite (Australian Events)
 Platinum (State Events)
 Gold (Masters, Countryweek, Prestigious events)
 Silver (Carnivals with a prize pool exceeding $5k)
 Bronze (Carnivals between $2k and $5k)
**I will be excluding small events under $2k and weekly club events**

You can earn points in these events by finishing in the money, which in most cases is Top 4, or sometimes Top 6, or with Gold events and upwards by being a sectional winner and better