Cameron Harris has created a quiz for all you die hard WA bowlers, he has tested your knowledge of the Rosenthal Medal and Connie Hicks Brooch winners since they began. How did you fare?

Rosenthal Medal
Connie Hicks Brooch

Hello again!

It's answers time, the picture on the left is what I posted for you to guess, the answer sits in the middle and the right picture is what it is today, well the latest images anyway courtesy of Landgate. It seemed to stump a few people, I had a great phone call from Ian White who was the president of Perth & Tatts for a while and he told me how Perth Bowling club moved to it's present location. Thanks Ian, it was a good chat and I love history like that. All these bowling clubs that now no longer exist, we should document their history somewhere so they are never forgotten, if you have a story to tell about these or any other bowling club, I can start a History page and add information to it for all to read.

So who got 9? Brett Tie did, Rob Lawrence agonosingly close with 8, Steve Srhoy got all 9 but then again he would have played at every club in Perth probably. Ken Pride got 9, reassuring that our main man knows his history as well.

I have a few more photos both of clubs no longer existing and also existing clubs that have changed significantly over the years. Keep your eyes open for that one.

Picture Quiz

Picture 1 Venue: Belmont (Parry Fields)
Picture 2 Venue (2011): Cannington
Picture 3 Venue (2008): Carlisle/Lathlain
Picture 4 Venue (1985): Kitchener Park
Picture 5 Venue (2003): Floreat Park
Picture 6 Venue (1948): Perth
Picture 7 Venue (1995): Midland
Picture 8 Venue (1995): City Beach
Picture 9 Venue (1981): Cottesloe

First submission counts, so make sure you have them right before you submit!