coronavirus - Should we cancel the rest of the season?
Yes - the health of our participants is far more important
Postpone - Let's postpone by a month or 2 and finish the season early May
Sort of - Let's play finals this weekend based upon current ladder positions and then it's all over
No - Let's just play it out and take the necessary health precautions
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Which do you think is the hardest shot in bowls?
Draw to the kitty
Draw to the ditch
Draw after a drive
Swinging 3-4 metre weighted shot
1 metre over draw
The blocker
Off centre draw to the kitty
Sitting a shot and resting
Pushing a bowl into the head
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Why is the entries for state events going down?
Time of the year no good
Play too many bowls, need a rest
Not going to win anyway, so why bother
Entry fee too high
Prizemoney not good enough
I play anyway, no matter the conditions
Can't find anyone to play with
New bowler, didn't think I could enter
Forgot it was on
Scheduled at same time as country event
Too far to travel
Please Specify:
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Should we abolish the 1.5 hour moratorium before pennants and use that time for roll ups and at 1.45pm we start the game with no 2 end roll up?
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Is lawn bowls the only sport know that we do not have a decent warm up time? We are now in the year 2018 let our sport move forward. Make it optional

Why not it would be the same for everyone

the vast majority have said yes but I think the 1.5 hr no playing is positive as it allows a visiting side the same opportunity to the green as the home side. We all know how much a green can change in 1.5 hrs especially in summer making it fairer. In 2018 NO sports warm up on the exact same pitch 5- 15- 30 minutes prior to the game starting. Yes clubs warm up on the ground how long before? they then go back into the club rooms continue warming up well before bounce down. The 2 end roll up is the same as any other sport with a brief warm up before the game actually starts. true warm up is done prior.
You have the ability if you want to go down earlier than 1.5 hrs on that green or even 20 mins prior on another green! Is that not enough warm up for you all? When do you ever see a tennis player 2 hrs prior warming up on the exact court in a grand slam apart from the allocated time prior or a golfer tee off and practicing on the first hole 20/30 minutes to the allocated tee off time. Never!! If you are all keen to warm up why don't you suggest a 4 end roll up to both teams. and start 30 mins prior not 15 mins not just giving the home team an even bigger home ground advantage and making it an even bigger advantage.
I appreciate the fact that bowls is trying to make it fair to both teams.

Would you like to see Saturday Pennants for Ladies start at 9.30am?
I'm female and yes
I'm female and no
I'm male and yes
I'm male and no
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I think a 9.30am start could also have a favourable impact on the heat rule For example the 18 end game would probably finish by 12.30pm by which time the heat rule may not have come into play, as on most occasions the maximum heat is not usually achieved until mid afternoon.
Therefore the decision to cancel the game would have to pass to the umpires Saturday instead of Bowls WA making it at 5pm Friday.
We must not forget we only play 14 games in Summer and the weather is getting hotter.

Val Minchin