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Again if you belong to a club and would like to provide information such as team selections by Thursday and game reviews by Monday, please email to me or use the contact form, found in the Contact tab.

126th October 2019South Perth v Bassendean
Mosman Park v Kardinya
North Beach v Warnbro
Manning v Doubleview
Osborne Park v Cambridge
22nd November 2019Cambridge v Mosman Park
Bassendean v North Beach
Doubleview v Osborne Park
Warnbro v Manning
Kardinya v South Perth
39th November 2019Manning v Bassendean
South Perth v North Beach
Osborne Park v Warnbro
Mosman Park v Doubleview
Kardinya v Cambridge
416th November 2019Warnbro v Mosman Park
Doubleview v Kardinya
Bassendean v Osborne Park
North Beach v Manning
South Perth v Cambridge
523rd November 2019Mosman Park v Bassendean
Osborne Park v North Beach
Kardinya v Warnbro
Cambridge v Doubleview
Manning v South Perth
630th November 2019North Beach v Mosman Park
Bassendean v Kardinya
Manning v Osborne Park
South Perth v Doubleview
Warnbro v Cambridge
77th December 2019Cambridge v Bassendean
Kardinya v North Beach
Doubleview v Warnbro
Mosman Park v Manning
Osborne Park v South Perth
814th December 2019Osborne Park v Mosman Park
Manning v Kardinya
South Perth v Warnbro
Bassendean v Doubleview
North Beach v Cambridge
911th January 2020Warnbro v Bassendean
Doubleview v North Beach
Kardinya v Osborne Park
Cambridge v Manning
Mosman Park v South Perth
1018th January 2020Bassendean v South Perth
Kardinya v Mosman Park
Warnbro v North Beach
Doubleview v Manning
Cambridge v Osborne Park
111st February 2020Mosman Park v Cambridge
North Beach v Bassendean
Osborne Park v Doubleview
Manning v Warnbro
South Perth v Kardinya
128th February 2020Bassendean v Manning
North Beach v South Perth
Warnbro v Osborne Park
Doubleview v Mosman Park
Cambridge v Kardinya
1315th February 2020Mosman Park v Warnbro
Kardinya v Doubleview
Osborne Park v Bassendean
Manning v North Beach
Cambridge v South Perth
1422nd February 2020Bassendean v Mosman Park
North Beach v Osborne Park
Warnbro v Kardinya
Doubleview v Cambridge
South Perth v Manning
157th March 2020Mosman Park v North Beach
Kardinya v Bassendean
Osborne Park v Manning
Doubleview v South Perth
Cambridge v Warnbro
1614th March 2020Bassendean v Cambridge
North Beach v Kardinya
Warnbro v Doubleview
Manning v Mosman Park
South Perth v Osborne Park
1721st March 2020Mosman Park v Osborne Park
Kardinya v Manning
Warnbro v South Perth
Doubleview v Bassendean
Cambridge v North Beach
1828th March 2020Bassendean v Warnbro
North Beach v Doubleview
Osborne Park v Kardinya
Manning v Cambridge
South Perth v Mosman Park
Finals4th & 5th April 2020

126th October 2019Morley v Warwick
Bassendean v Rossmoyne
Kardinya v Osborne Park
Wanneroo v Sorrento
Cockburn v South Perth
22nd November 2019South Perth v Bassendean
Warwick v Kardinya
Sorrento v Cockburn
Osborne Park v Wanneroo
Rossmoyne v Morley
39th November 2019Wanneroo v Warwick
Morley v Kardinya
Cockburn v Osborne Park
Bassendean v Sorrento
Rossmoyne v South Perth
416th November 2019Osborne Park v Bassendean
Sorrento v Rossmoyne
Warwick v Cockburn
Kardinya v Wanneroo
Morley v South Perth
523rd November 2019Bassendean v Warwick
Cockburn v Kardinya
Rossmoyne v Osborne Park
South Perth v Sorrento
Wanneroo v Morley
630th November 2019Kardinya v Bassendean
Warwick v Rossmoyne
Wanneroo v Cockburn
Morley v Sorrento
Osborne Park v South Perth
77th December 2019South Perth v Warwick
Rossmoyne v Kardinya
Sorrento v Osborne Park
Bassendean v Wanneroo
Cockburn v Morley
814th December 2019Cockburn v Bassendean
Wanneroo v Rossmoyne
Morley v Osborne Park
Warwick v Sorrento
Kardinya v South Perth
911th January 2020Osborne Park v Warwick
Sorrento v Kardinya
Rossmoyne v Cockburn
South Perth v Wanneroo
Bassendean v Morley
1018th January 2020Warwick v Morley
Rossmoyne v Bassendean
Osborne Park v Kardinya
Sorrento v Wanneroo
South Perth v Cockburn
111st February 2020Bassendean v South Perth
Kardinya v Warwick
Cockburn v Sorrento
Wanneroo v Osborne Park
Morley v Rossmoyne
128th February 2020Warwick v Wanneroo
Kardinya v Morley
Osborne Park v Cockburn
Sorrento v Bassendean
South Perth v Rossmoyne
1315th February 2020Bassendean v Osborne Park
Rossmoyne v Sorrento
Cockburn v Warwick
Wanneroo v Kardinya
South Perth v Morley
1422nd February 2020Warwick v Bassendean
Kardinya v Cockburn
Osborne Park v Rossmoyne
Sorrento v South Perth
Morley v Wanneroo
157th March 2020Bassendean v Kardinya
Rossmoyne v Warwick
Cockburn v Wanneroo
Sorrento v Morley
South Perth v Osborne Park
1614th March 2020Warwick v South Perth
Kardinya v Rossmoyne
Osborne Park v Sorrento
Wanneroo v Bassendean
Morley v Cockburn
1721st March 2020Bassendean v Cockburn
Rossmoyne v Wanneroo
Osborne Park v Morley
Sorrento v Warwick
South Perth v Kardinya
1828th March 2020Warwick v Osborne Park
Kardinya v Sorrento
Cockburn v Rossmoyne
Wanneroo v South Perth
Morley v Bassendean
Finals4th & 5th April 2020

Predictions -
1. Quinns Rock
2. Doubleview
3. North Beach
4. Yokine
5. Swan
6. Mt Lawley
7. Mundaring
8. Wanneroo
9. Stirling
10. Kalamunda

And don't worry guys I am a lousy tipster and I do wish every side success in the year ahead.

126th October 2019Stirling v Swan
Mt Lawley v North Beach
Quinns Rocks v Yokine
Doubleview v Wanneroo
Mundaring v Kalamunda
22nd November 2019Kalamunda v Mt Lawley
Swan v Quinns Rocks
Wanneroo v Mundaring
Yokine v Doubleview
North Beach v Stirling
39th November 2019Doubleview v Swan
Stirling v Quinns Rocks
Mundaring v Yokine
Mt Lawley v Wanneroo
North Beach v Kalamunda
416th November 2019Yokine v Mt Lawley
Wanneroo v North Beach
Swan v Mundaring
Quinns Rocks v Doubleview
Stirling v Kalamunda
523rd November 2019Mt Lawley v Swan
Mundaring v Quinns Rocks
North Beach v Yokine
Kalamunda v Wanneroo
Doubleview v Stirling
630th November 2019Quinns Rocks v Mt Lawley
Swan v North Beach
Doubleview v Mundaring
Stirling v Wanneroo
Yokine v Kalamunda
77th December 2019Kalamunda v Swan
North Beach v Quinns Rocks
Wanneroo v Yokine
Mt Lawley v Doubleview
Mundaring v Stirling
814th December 2019Mundaring v Mt Lawley
Doubleview v North Beach
Stirling v Yokine
Swan v Wanneroo
Quinns Rocks v Kalamunda
911th January 2020Yokine v Swan
Wanneroo v Quinns Rocks
North Beach v Mundaring
Kalamunda v Doubleview
Mt Lawley v Stirling
1018th January 2020Swan v Stirling
North Beach v Mt Lawley
Yokine v Quinns Rocks
Wanneroo v Doubleview
Kalamunda v Mundaring
111st February 2020Mt Lawley v Kalamunda
Quinns Rocks v Swan
Mundaring v Wanneroo
Doubleview v Yokine
Stirling v North Beach
128th February 2020Swan v Doubleview
Quinns Rocks v Stirling
Yokine v Mundaring
Wanneroo v Mt Lawley
Kalamunda v North Beach
1315th February 2020Mt Lawley v Yokine
North Beach v Wanneroo
Mundaring v Swan
Doubleview v Quinns Rocks
Kalamunda v Stirling
1422nd February 2020Swan v Mt Lawley
Quinns Rocks v Mundaring
Yokine v North Beach
Wanneroo v Kalamunda
Stirling v Doubleview
157th March 2020Mt Lawley v Quinns Rocks
North Beach v Swan
Mundaring v Doubleview
Wanneroo v Stirling
Kalamunda v Yokine
1614th March 2020Swan v Kalamunda
Quinns Rocks v North Beach
Yokine v Wanneroo
Doubleview v Mt Lawley
Stirling v Mundaring
1721st March 2020Mt Lawley v Mundaring
North Beach v Doubleview
Yokine v Stirling
Wanneroo v Swan
Kalamunda v Quinns Rocks
1828th March 2020Swan v Yokine
Quinns Rocks v Wanneroo
Mundaring v North Beach
Doubleview v Kalamunda
Stirling v Mt Lawley
Finals4th & 5th April 2020

126th October 2019Victoria Park Carlisle v Gosnells
Safety Bay v Fremantle
Spearwood v Thornlie
Hilton Park v Manning
Armadale v Leeming
22nd November 2019Leeming v Safety Bay
Gosnells v Spearwood
Manning v Armadale
Thornlie v Hilton Park
Fremantle v Victoria Park Carlisle
39th November 2019Hilton Park v Gosnells
Victoria Park Carlisle v Spearwood
Armadale v Thornlie
Safety Bay v Manning
Fremantle v Leeming
416th November 2019Thornlie v Safety Bay
Manning v Fremantle
Gosnells v Armadale
Spearwood v Hilton Park
Victoria Park Carlisle v Leeming
523rd November 2019Safety Bay v Gosnells
Armadale v Spearwood
Fremantle v Thornlie
Leeming v Manning
Hilton Park v Victoria Park Carlisle
630th November 2019Spearwood v Safety Bay
Gosnells v Fremantle
Hilton Park v Armadale
Victoria Park Carlisle v Manning
Thornlie v Leeming
77th December 2019Leeming v Gosnells
Fremantle v Spearwood
Manning v Thornlie
Safety Bay v Hilton Park
Armadale v Victoria Park Carlisle
814th December 2019Armadale v Safety Bay
Hilton Park v Fremantle
Victoria Park Carlisle v Thornlie
Gosnells v Manning
Spearwood v Leeming
911th January 2020Thornlie v Gosnells
Manning v Spearwood
Fremantle v Armadale
Leeming v Hilton Park
Safety Bay v Victoria Park Carlisle
1018th January 2020Gosnells v Victoria Park Carlisle
Fremantle v Safety Bay
Thornlie v Spearwood
Manning v Hilton Park
Leeming v Armadale
111st February 2020Safety Bay v Leeming
Spearwood v Gosnells
Armadale v Manning
Hilton Park v Thornlie
Victoria Park Carlisle v Fremantle
128th February 2020Gosnells v Hilton Park
Spearwood v Victoria Park Carlisle
Thornlie v Armadale
Manning v Safety Bay
Leeming v Fremantle
1315th February 2020Safety Bay v Thornlie
Fremantle v Manning
Armadale v Gosnells
Hilton Park v Spearwood
Leeming v Victoria Park Carlisle
1422nd February 2020Gosnells v Safety Bay
Spearwood v Armadale
Thornlie v Fremantle
Manning v Leeming
Victoria Park Carlisle v Hilton Park
157th March 2020Safety Bay v Spearwood
Fremantle v Gosnells
Armadale v Hilton Park
Manning v Victoria Park Carlisle
Leeming v Thornlie
1614th March 2020Gosnells v Leeming
Spearwood v Fremantle
Thornlie v Manning
Hilton Park v Safety Bay
Victoria Park Carlisle v Armadale
1721st March 2020Safety Bay v Armadale
Fremantle v Hilton Park
Thornlie v Victoria Park Carlisle
Manning v Gosnells
Leeming v Spearwood
1828th March 2020Gosnells v Thornlie
Spearwood v Manning
Armadale v Fremantle
Hilton Park v Leeming
Victoria Park Carlisle v Safety Bay
Finals4th & 5th April 2020

I think we can split this season into 3 sections, the certainties (Kardinya, Doubleview, Cambridge), those fighting for 4th spot (Bassendean, Manning, South Perth, Osborne Park) and those avoiding relegation (North Beach, Mosman Park, Warnbro)
1st – Kardinya
The Kats just fell away towards the end of the season and if they had been able to hold top spot and host the first day of finals they would have made it to the big dance. Their achilles heel is grass, and the finals will always be played on grass. I liken them to the West Coast Eagles who if they are to win the Grand Final then they must learn to win on the MCG, and Kardinya the same with grass surfaces. They crack that nut and they can certainly win the flag. They will have 5 chances on grass this year including their first 3 away games, so we will know by round 6 how they are tracking on that front. Their distinct home ground advantage and class bowlers means it is hard to discount them from a top 3 position
2nd – Doubleview
Going for the three-peat and they have lost their skipper for those 2 GF wins in Scott Edmonds, more than adequately replaced with Kyle McIlroy in the skippers position, and the team has an abundance of quality bowlers through all the lines. It will be interesting how the young Canadian Eric Galipeau will do, we can’t expect him to hit the ground running with our conditions here in Perth as they will be completely different to what he is used to Canada, but come finals time he might be the one to give them that X-factor. The Round 4 game against Kardinya will be interesting, if they win that I expect Doubleview to have 4 wins on the board and top of the ladder at this time.
3rd – Cambridge
The last of my 3 clubs that look to be certainties for finals and the common thread is the abundance of good bowlers on all the lines. The loss of David Opie hurts but the acquisition of Blake Nairn offsets that. Pieter Harris committing to the full season is a bonus and this team should easily make finals. They could easily make 1st position after the home and away. Not an easy first 5 weeks for the Knights, South Perth and Kardinya away and then Doubleview at home, they could be 3-2 after 5 rounds but with the tough section out of the way then they will be looking good for the finals for their run home. Another club with a good home ground advantage but the sand filled at Cambridge is lovely to play on with no vagaries and good teams can still go there and play well, it’s more the quality of the Cambridge team you have to beat there.
4th – Bassendean
And really any of these 4 sides could finish in the top 4, I’m a bit biased to my club admittedly but we could easily finish 7th as well, that’s how tight I see these 4 clubs. Bassendean have recruited well and players in positions they were a bit short last year, Stein Davies, Stephen Fewster and Wayne Neilson all can play back end and with Beau Manton returning, he will take a rink, I feel the club should be stronger than last year. Bassendean won 7 of 9 at home but their problem is away wins, only 1 last year and that against Morley and it’s hopeful the recruits can strengthen the team as away wins are the critical wins if you want to play finals. I think we can, but it will mean a concerted effort away from home to do it.
5th – Manning
Manning are always there-abouts, the loss of Dale Marsland their leading skipper from last year hurts, his spot taken by Lee Such is more than capable. Manning where a bit the opposite to Bassendean, away wins aren’t a problem but they struggled at home, and easy fix so if they can address that then they can easily finish in the four. With quality like Tom Mitchell and Shane Knott still at the club, they can never be taken lightly. They have a pretty good first 5 games, Doubleview first game but then 2 games against the relegations and 2 against fellow finals teams means they will probably be in the 4 after 5 games, but they have a horrible run home in Rounds 17 and 18, if they are needing wins to play finals they have games against Cambridge and Kardinya to finish and this might test them.
6th – South Perth
It does seem silly to put South Perth in 6th spot after making the GF last year and with virtually the same side there is no reason to think they can’t finish top spot like last season and do it again. Well they could, but someone has to finish 6th. Another with a lovely sand filled surface to play on and they play it so well. Will they have some night games this year? I love how South Perth have been at the fore front to Friday night Premier League and I hope it continues. South Perth are the real enigma to me and the side might make me look silly with my prediction
7th – Osborne Park
Its tough to know how Osborne Park will go this season. A team that contains Cody Packer and Gary Caffell can win games for them but they have lost so many good personnel in the off season. Grant Nicol, Blake Nairn, Lewis Grigg have departed, offset by the ins of Patrick Quinlan and Jack East, but that’s a lot of experience that went out the door. How will they all gel? Cambridge Round 1 at home will tell us I think how their season pans out. They are right in the balance for me, have a good year and they can play finals, have a bad year and they may find themselves fighting for survival.
8th – North Beach
The first of our promotees and generally new teams into the league find the going a bit tough. Like last year with Morley, and this year Warnbro who seem the ones to be demoted, North Beach seem the most likely to hold their spot. Off season recruit in Paul Walker is a prize recruit but it is a youngish side with plenty of upside. It’s hard to predict who their starting skippers might be, McGinley, Douthie, Kuziela, Walker, Devenish, Gillingham all in the mix. They have a cruisy start to the year in Warnbro at home, but then travel to Bassendean round 2 and there I think we will know how competitive North Beach can be. I think they’ll make it, and be even better next year with a season under their belt.
9th – Mosman Park
When Mosman Park where promoted I genuinely thought they would be instantly competitive but with 3 of last years 4 skippers now gone, in Wishart, McKenna and Walker, it is a huge gap to overcome. Coupled with a horror start to the year, first 3 games playing who I consider to be the certainties they might easily find themselves 0-3 ands bottom of the ladder, and mentally that become a hard hurdle to overcome. Even to finish the year with an away game to South Perth is tough if they need to win that to avoid relegation. I know they have got Dale Marsland, Geoff White, but as much as I love playing at Mosman Park, I think they may struggle.
10th - Warnbro
I think it’s going to be a long year for Warnbro. Some big outs and no ins mean they will finish 10th. They will win games, they have a great home ground advantage but the really good sides will get their rhythm in the first 8-10 ends of a match and then once they have their range will pull away and win. They won twice away from home last year, and both of those sides are not here this year. The facilities at Warnbro are fantastic and it is still a solid side, but in Premier League this year I think they will struggle. They will win games for sure, I’m thinking about 4 but they will finish bottom and be demoted.

Welcome back to all bowlers to 1 White. We hope this year will be very enjoyable for you all and we'll try our best to provide some entertainment and commentary along the way to add to the fun.
Let's look back to see if it helps us look forward. From last years 10 teams in 1 White only 4 survive, namely Kardinya, Osborne Pk, Wanneroo & Warwick, therefore it will always be inherently difficult to work through predictions and expectations when 6 new teams come through. We have Morley & Sorrento dropping down and Basso, Cockburn, Rossmoyne & South Perth coming up. Overall it looks like a very balanced spread across the 10 teams which should keep things very competitive throughout the season.
Below is a table of the best performing players from 1 White last year, number of wins after the club name & before percentage:

1 Buttel, Matthew North Beach 2 16.0 89%
2 Barrett, Mark Mosman Park 14.5 85%
3 McGinlay, Joe (skip) North Beach 1 15.0 83%
4 Gillingham, Brad North Beach 1 15.0 83%
5 Walker, Paul (skip) Mosman Park 14.0 82%
6 Beurteaux, Louie Mosman Park 9.0 82%
7 Fair, Paul Mosman Park 11.0 79%
8 Palmer, Neville Wanneroo 14.0 78%
9 Edson, Craig Mosman Park 13.0 76%
10 Wishart, Graeme (skip) Mosman Park 13.5 75%
11 Robertson, Mark Mosman Park 13.5 75%
Gryta, Alek Mosman Park 13.5 75%

Obviously there's a clear dominance of Mossie Park & North Beach but the stand out is definitely the transition of Matthew Buttel. He started off in the 2nd team for the 1st half and got elevated on absolute merit to Joe McGinlay's side. There is also merit in believing that McGinlay going unbeaten since Buttel joined is a solid argument to why McGinlay finished top of the skippers ladder. Eitherway, any player winning 16 of 18 games highlight what clear value there can be with an excellent front end player, providing options all day.
This again was proven through N.Palmer for Wanneroo who we chat move about in the R1 preview.
Who to look out for?? We can see similar from 1 Blue North where the promoted teams featured heavily in the top 10:
1 Roelofs, Bill (skip) South Perth 15.5 86%
2 Munnelly, Enda South Perth 14.5 85%
3 Negus, Richard South Perth 13.5 79%
4 Coumbe, Robert Mundaring 13 72%
5 Owen, William South Perth 12.5 69%
6 Bills, John Yokine 12 75%
6 Alden, Leigh Bassendean 12 75%
8 Dinnison, Alfred Bassendean 12 71%
8 O'Sullivan, Eugene (skip) Bassendean 12 71%
10 Revell, Rodney (skip) Bassendean 11.5 64%
Others worth a mention:
Petrich, Max South Perth 11 85%
Davidson, Wayne Bassendean 11 85%
Madigan, Peter Bassendean 11.5 68%

Roelofs is an obvious top lister to keep an eye on coming up and the Basso names speak for themselves. However, what I would like to highlight is 7 of the top 10 are NOT skippers. We do chat about teams performance in the context of skippers 'names' but what we really mean is the whole team of all 4 individuals and last years list for both 1 White & 1 Blue North show the depth in the front end in consistently delivering game after game to ensure their skippers get every chance in winning. Yes there will always be the debate about the value of front v back ends but without digging into the statistics more (yet) some of those front end players have played with 3-4 different skippers throughout the year which indicate they win wherever they go. I will look to keep an eye on a few dark horses throughout the year to see if we can undercover who outside of the skippers is delivering week after week. Overall there is some really good stories within both those top 10 tables so massive congrats to all.
The stand outs remaining in 1 Blue are Coumbe & Bills who played brilliantly across a number of rinks and would be tipped to play very well again this year.

Let’s get right into this random game of predicting the unpredictable. Ranked in order of potential finishing position after 18 we go!!
1. Sorrento
Whether by luck or lack of execution in critical games Sorrento are back to 1 White but maintain the guts of that PL team from last year which is very encouraging. Yes if that last game of the season went different v South Perth or losing -1 at home to Cambidge or -3 against Millers or -1 to Kardy it would of been a completely different season. The reality is they didn't and that was hard to accept in April but I'm sure they are chomping at the bit to get stuck into this season to get back up and I can't see them not going very close.
They won 5 away from home against Cambridge, The View, Morley, Ossie & Warnbro which shows they can not only travel but complete at a high level. If they can tidy up a loose 4th rink they will do very well this year & have added some names to the listing which will help. Top pick and expect to see some big home wins as 1 White teams probably will not handle Sorrento surface as well as PL teams.
2. Wanneroo
The Roo's finished the season well last year & made the Finals with a 1st round elimination to Kardinya, who in turn lost out to Mossies. One would expect another strong season by a well balanced Wanneroo side that provided some consistent play over last season.
They scored well with Costello & Fewster winning the majority & running about 60% win rate. Turra chipped in late on with an impressive 4 from 5 and they'll look to build on that form again this year. Their home form is very good & they only lost 2 games and knocked together 5 from 9 away which helped keep them near the top end of the table for most of the season.
The Roo's have held together a solid 16 to go again this year and will certainly be eyeing up a PL spot early on. Can't see them outside the Top 3 for most of the season & competitive throughout.
3. Kardinya
Some peoples favourites to top the division and I wouldn't be surprised if they got there in the end, especially with some new recruits. They missed out on a trip to the big PL dance by losing to Mossies in the Finals but that was a better Mossies team than will start R1 this year so no disgrace in that. They probably lack that knockout skipper although Fewings did excellent when he came in running 9 from 11 and some strong games in Finals. Knap also had a solid season. However they need more support especially away from home. Yes they won 8 from 9 at home last year (nearly expected now with such strong home ground advantage) but the 4 they dropped away hurt. Still finishing with 92pts and close to winning Finals will give them a lot of confidence coming into R1. There's nothing in it between them & Wanneroo only Roo's shave it due to less blowouts against the better sides.
4. Bassendean
There is some temptation to bring this Basso side into the top 3 given the dominance and confidence they are playing with, especially at home but this is a far tougher setting than 1 Blue where they enjoyed some big wins throughout the season.
The bulk of the team remains & it actually might be 1 or 2 players better than last year which would make them very competitive. As the table above shows they have some big skippers and quality across the rinks showing why they only lost 3 games last year & put 107pts on the final ladder.
The surface will probably play less of a factor this year given the green comparison of the other teams so I expect scoring won't be as plentiful as last year. Overall very solid 16, good balance and playing on the confidence that they thoroughly deserve to be here after beaten Cockburn well in the Finals. Here to stay with potential upside.
5. Warwick
Warwick were quite close to Finals but just missed out late on. No doubt they'll have regrouped and will be making a proper push again this year. They were close to unbeatable at Home last year & I would expect that trend to continue this year as they play the home track very well. The Away form didn't help with the abandoned came v Ossie Pk but even without that they only collected 3 wins on the road so that will need improvement for them to climb the table this year. Some of those loses were reasonably heavy so that's why I feel some improvement is required, along with higher scoring. They finished the season on exactly the same For v Against scores or 100%, which normally might not have you sitting 5th and close to Finals in some years.
Hinge had a superb season and took some big scalps, winning 65% of games. Ledingham & Borkowski weren't far behind and there is no major changes expected, so we would expect another solid season from Warwick and will be a danger for any side, especially at Home.
6. Osborne Park
Osborne Park are currently looking like same-same as last year but I have slight concerns that they could finish lower than mid table given the pressures form the top side and a real clear lack of top few skippers to drive them over in the tight games.
For various reasons, last year they barely had a skipper within the top 30 at the end of the year, so they really need some to impose themselves more on the quality of the back end. This was also evident in their 'For' scoring of only 1191 which was roughly 180 shots less than the average. They do ok on the defence so high scoring isn't so critical when you are not leaking big scores either but it does highlight the need for them to push for more scoring opportunities within their games.
7. South Perth
They hard a tough first 5 games, so hard to call how the Millers will go this season but probably confident enough is saying not top 4 but open to correction. They played excellently away from home last year and barely lost a game by more than a few last ends bowls so a lot to like about their fighting spirit. If you beat them on the day you well deserve the hard fought win, especially if it's at Mends St.
They don't mind scoring and broke the 1500+ shots last year in 1 Blue N, better than any other team in that Division & defend well so they should keep themselves in the game for long periods.
If they can tighten up the back end a little they can go very well but with the top team losing a few players this year they'll pull a little on this side. Big season for Roelofs as he looks to build on skipper of the year and consistently polling high every year by only losing a handful of games for over 3 years now.
They have a few established options on the back end so they'll work through that but I think the real value for them this year will be the well balanced front end that won't give a lot away.
8. Cockburn
First game out of the blocks is v South Perth so pretty keen to see how that works out. They won 1 Blue South in an absolute canter last year & fully deserve their spot here. Home record is eye watering good with huge average 'for' scoring of nearly 100 shots per game. They only lost 3 games all season & they were away from home so I'm slightly unsure why I have them 8th when Basso are 4th but there's just something about the teams balance with a significant reliance on Marevich but yet he keeps winning so probably no concerns there really.
With the tougher matchups this year it's hard to see Joe helping the Agg as much as last year & that puts more emphasis on Musulin and TePania. Overall Cockburn score for fun, have a significant home advantage & that just cannot be ruled out & is probably up there with the Kardinya home advantage so any team getting a win down in the new shed will be pretty happy.
9. Rossmoyne
Rossmoyne came through on the 2nd chance saloon through Finals, taking Leeming first up and then sending Stirling packing in another very close game. A few changes this year and J.East is a bigger one than most. Overall a solid team but with East missing and a significant over reliance on Gollan (winning 13.5 of 18), but it's slightly difficult to see Rossmoyne pushing for anything past bottom half, happy if I'm wrong. They beat & pipped Safety Bay on the last round to get to Finals & did well to get here so they deserve their spot.
If they can fill a few key positions with new talent or maybe some of the guys that showed late promise from their 1 Blue North side (like R.Vind) they can certainly compete to stay up, as that Home form will count for a few wins this year. If Lang & Petchell can get good support to Gollan they have a quality outfit that could take most teams.
10. Morley
Morley went through the pain last year & now present as a stronger club side with some good experience invested into the next phase of top side players. I’m still unconvinced how such weekly whipping last year will ‘benefit’ them now in an equally competitive division & they have changed some of those selections around again. Hopefully they can strip out the negatives & build on those positives but they’ll need a solid 5-6 games at the start to establish that confidence again so we’ll reassess by early December.

What a fantastic and exciting competition we have coming up for this years pennant season, from the get go there are some great clashes, can’t wait for the games to start.
For me the stand out teams appear to be Leeming, Manning, and Safety Bay, both the Lions and the Green Machine had great years in the season just past, with the newly promoted Eagles chock full of star players.
Difficult to pick the order I believe teams will finish this year, without knowing all the ins and outs, but here goes.

Leeming: 1st
A very experienced outfit, full of competitive players such as Vandersluys, Ford etc.
Unlucky not to get promoted last year, a big home ground advantage on the tricky and windy track that they possess.
Even though they have lost a good skip in Alberti, I think they will finish on top

Safety Bay: 2nd
Seem to have retained the nucleus of the side from last year, very strong back end players such as Hall, Carruthers, Holmes etc.
Also a definite home ground advantage with the strong winds down there.
Their front end bowlers seem to get the job done too.

Manning: 3rd
The newly promoted Eagles will be more than competitive in this division. They will field a sixteen stacked with ex Premier League players.
Price, Piggott, Quann, Rees, Steve & Merv Hughes, Andrews, to name a few.
This Manning outfit will challenge the top two for sure.

Spearwood: 4th
Even though these guys have lost a number of players, they have picked up a couple as well. Very good back end outfit and extremely competitive at home.
Seemed to have selection problems last year with a lot of chopping and changing.

Thornlie: 5th
We haven’t heard much about the Ravens in the off season, so it is hard to judge just where they are at. But these fellas are generally about the middle of the road these days, and that’s where I think they will end up.

Gosnells: 6th
The recruitment of Grant Nicol and Tony Hockey is certainly a big boost for the Kookaburras,
A Very capable side at home, but unpredictable away, to say the least.
Will finish sixth or about, even though Frank Carbone will try and instill a more competitive spirit in them. Heldt will be a significant loss though.

Hilton Park: 7th
Having had the experience of one year in Blue South will help the Hawks, but will it be enough, time will tell. Have some good talented skips, but not sure about the front end.
Not sure what has happened during the break, but I do see they have recruited the Newton father/son duo from Armadale.

Fremantle: 8th
I believe they have attracted a number of new bowlers, but that alone may not help them this year in this highly competitive division. Have good back end bowlers, but that won’t be enough.
Will struggle I reckon.

Victoria Park Carlisle: 9th
The Reds have lost a few players I believe, including Angel, a big loss in itself. But if the likes of Noel Staude and his mates are still their, then they will put up some good fights at home especially especially.
Will they hold on? Time will tell.

Armadale: 10th
Nothing comes out of the Storms clubhouse, so I am not sure of player losses or gains, apart from the Newtons, which makes predictions difficult.
Struggled last year in White, and may do the same this year.
Wooden spooners unfortunately.