Doubleview Mens Masters Fours now open! Only 10 more teams needed
I'm sure some clubs have started or finished their club singles. Let me know who the winners are for your club, male and female and we can see who our champion of champion combatants will be.


21st February 19

Premier League
One White
One Blue North
One Blue South

RESULTS - Doubleview Masters Pairs

18th Feb 19 - The quarter finals are done, what an interesting set of teams. John Slavich with Justin Opie have been doing it fairly easy by the looks of it today winning 20-12 and 27-14, Opie on both occasions defeating his South Perth teammates. They play Alek Gryta and John Morgan after they giant slayed Bill Brandsma/Chris Lander 23-17 and then McIlroy/Thorn 16-15. Not a bad effort especially Morgan who doesn't play pennants anywhere.

The other semi finalists come from the power combination known for winning State Pairs although not with each other, Blake Nairn and Rob Lawrence firstly winning 22-5 and then 22-11 so they look like they have paired together nicely and destroying their opponents. Again they take on an unlikely opposition, Joe Rollnik and Karl Vandersluys firstly this morning defeating Alan Pryce and Blake Butler 19-13 and then AJ Heal and Peter Ker 17-13.

The first round of the knockouts is in, click here for scores

17th Feb 19 - Day 1a of the Doubleview Masters Pairs and we have our 16 pairs left now progress to the knockout stage of the events. The google docs sheet below not updated at time of posting but you can click this link here for results

11th Feb 19 - Doubleview Masters Pairs 1st round has been completed and a few upsets were the order of the day. The very strong pairig of Knott and Packer drew their first and a narrow loss meant they didn't need to play their last game. The group of death Section 4 saw Marsland, Kemp, Ball, Novak, Loftus and Barron all bite the dust to Alan Pryce and Blake Butler. Ryan Moyle and Gav Faulkner gorn, John Trewhella getting through that section. But still some good teams left, Brandsma and Lander winning my section, Tom Mitchell and Rhett Butler also playing next Monday.

Full results can be found here


17th Feb 19 - A Summary of the 1st division results can be found below:

Premier League - with review
One White - with review
One Blue North - with review
One Blue South - with review


16th Feb 19 - While watching the recent State Singles final I posed the question if someone had tried playing blockers against Daniel Trewhella inan effort to take away his strength, and was told the blocker is the hardest shot to play. Is it? If we take away pressure situations such as drawing shot to win a state title or external factors such as heat, wind, rain etc, what do you think is the hardest shot to play in bowls?


16th Feb 19 - A letter was sent to me yesterday about what he perceives to be an unfair home ground advantage at one of our Metropolitan venues

CLUB NEWS - Singles winners

16th Feb 19 - I have been sent the winner of the Thornlie club singles and Melville.

RESULTS - Over 60's Singles

16th Feb 19 - Lee Poletti takes out the Womens over 60's Singles event. Congratulations are also in order! The link below will give you the full results for both the men and the women

14th Feb 19 - Congratulations to Gordon King on winning this years over 60's singles defeating Gary Keep the defending champion 21-15. Full results can be found here


15th Feb 19 - The Bowls Show is on the air on 91.3 SportFM, 7am Saturday mornings with your hosts Gavin Faulkner, David Rankin, Lee Such and Steve West. This week, their phone guests are:

Gordon King, Osborne Park and Over 60's Singles - 7.20am
Scott Walker, South Perth and Reigning Doubleview Masters winner - 7.40am

They will also review last rounds pennant games (Mens and Womens) and preview the upcoming round and 2nd round Doubleview Masters Pairs

You can listen on the radio or through your computer at the link here.


14th February 19

Premier League - with preview
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview

DRAWS - Womens 100up Singles

14th Feb 19 - The draw has been released to be played next Wednesday the 20th Feb.


13th Feb 19 - For the small percentage of ladies that check the site, Kardinya are running their gala day again, this time on the 26th March


12th Feb 19 - Just a reminder that this event is closing soon, and with only a few teams needed to max it out at 36, get your favourite female bowler or your wife and head along for a fun day on the green

24th Jan 19 - The annual Quick and the Dead at Victoria Park Carlisle is on again in Feb.


11th Feb 19 - York have invited all bowlers to it's venue on the 6th and 7th April. That is the finals weekend for Metro Perth but if you arent playing finals and want to still play bowls, or conversely if you are a country bowler with a free weekend, why not travel to York for a game.


8th Feb 19 - Just saw Joyce Caffells post on Facebook about the passing of their son Denis. Very sad news for the Caffels, our thoughts are with them at this sad time.


8th Feb 19 - Last Saturday at Manning I did see an ex-player watching and cheering. Who might have returned to the fold?


8th Feb 19 - The Morley Millions is on again this year in March


1st February 19 - Sorry for the late teams, it's been a busy week!

Premier League - with preview
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview


6th Feb 19 - Neville Friedman is taking a posse of bowlers to Kalbarri in May, trialling some new formats for competitions. If you want to be a part of the capers, click here for more detail

TIPPING - Doubleview Masters

7th Feb 19 - Some late changes at Doubleview, my thoughts have been thrown to the wind, but the list is current to this stage

6th Feb 19 - Yes yes I know I haven't quite had the time to collate the over 100 entries for the over 100 sections for the State Singles tipping, I will get there, but in the meantime I have penned some thoughts about the first 8 sections at Doubleview commencing on Sunday. No tipping on this comp

COUNTRY - All stars team

6th Feb 19 - Thanks again to Dave Appleton who has sent a summary of the recent IZRR carnival at Emu Point. Thanks Apples!

3rd Feb 19 - I haven't as yet got all the results from the IZRR played this weekend in Emu Point but I do know that the South Western zone have won the day. I have also been privy to the All Stars team to take on the city zone on Thursday night the 28th February. You'll find the team in the country link above.


6th Feb 19 - The St Ives is back, bigger and better in their 20th year. This year they will also have a megabowl as part of the entry fee. With super hospitality, I'm sure the spots will fill up fast so ring Neil Bolton now!


5th Feb 19 - The Mens State squad of 16 and the Womens State side has been announced.


5th Feb 19 - The annual Fremantle Split Fours is on again this year, maybe that jumbo sized crayfish can be yours this year!


3rd Feb 19 - Next Sunday is a Mixed Fours in Brunswick if you have nothing to do and feel like a drive, I'm sure they would love to hear from you.


3rd Feb 19 - Sad news after the game yesterday when we heard of the passing of Chris Jones from the Kardinya Bowling Club on Friday night.


1st Feb 19 - The Doubleview Masters have released the draw for the upcoming Masters Pairs, so very good combinations there


31st Jan 19 - Got some tournaments from Yarloop, Kondinin and Mundaring

CLUB NEWS - Mt Lawley

30th Jan 19 - It's been a big month for milestones at Mt Lawley, first we saw an article appear on Bowls WA about David Croft who has played 1000 games for his club the link is here and then Helen Hamilton winning the mixed pairs with Mark Masel for the second year in a row. Everyone who has bowled at the Consistency Singles both male or female would know Helen. She has fought back from some serious health issues and a real pleasure to see her continue to rack up club events wins.

RESULTS - State Singles

28th Jan 19 - Just finished watching the live stream and do yourself a favour, if you are able to view that replay, do so. What a game of bowls, pressure drawing, power drives, a great display of skill by both Blake Butler and Daniel Trewhella, and some very good commentary by Cameron Harris and Lee Such. And over 300 people at the end watching the game from all over Australia and parts of the world. Bowls WA should be very proud of the product they produced today, well done to all involved.

But there can be only 1 winner, that is Blake Butler of Manning, congratulations! Trewhella looked shattered at the end , he threw everything at Butler, including 10 dead ends and I think won more ends than Butler but the score is the deciding factor and a long day of bowls in at times oppressive conditions and the tight scoreline of 25-23 showed how tough it was.

Blakes run to the end included the following opponents -

Alan Andersson 21-3
Drew Daley 21-7
Travis Ingram 21-15
Matt Ayres 21-15
Chris Carruthers 21-15
Glenn Martin 21-17
Daniel Brown 25-21
Daniel Trewhella 25-23

The ladies had some time off again today due to the heat, so they are down to the semi finals, they are being played at Yokine on February 9th. The games will be -

Lisa Featherby v Noelene Abe
Kristina Krstic v Laura Merz

28th Jan 19 - Day 2 of the singles for the men and day 1 for the ladies and today we'll see a champion for the men and the 2 finalists for the women with a date yet to be decided to play the game.

For the men the 8 left are -

Blake Butler vs Glenn Martin - Martin is a name we should all be wary of in singles and Blake Butler recently promoted to the Manning PL side is obviously in some good form. Will be a tight game
Tom Mitchell v Daniel Brown - this will be the game the crowd will congregate to for the quarters, I'll make a prediction and say the winner of this game will win the crown
Ryan Moyle v Justin Opie - another cracking game potentially, a previous winner in Opie looking good playing a Mt Lawley winner in Moyle. This will be high quality
Daniel Trewhella v Brad Gillingham - my fellow left handed Hawks supporter will have it tough against Trewhella, a noted singles player but I'm sure Gillingham will take it right up to Trewhella and show his Mt Lawley win of this season was no fluke

In the ladies we are down to the Round of 16 and with 3 games to play today we get to the finalist. The games today are -

Lisa Featherby v Therese Hastings
Donita Davids v Pam Chalmers
Jennie Bruce v Lee Bunney
Julie Savill v Noelene Abe
Liz Ritchie v Nie Archer
Kristina Krstic v Sharon Lyster
Helen Morss v Rhonda Prosser
Robyn O'Brien v Laura Merz

I'm not full bottle on ladies which is why Hattie helps me out, but the bottom half of the draw is the stacked half, with Morss, Krstic and Merz all sitting in it. From who I know Lisa Featherby appears the standout to make it through the top half but she has a tough assignment against legend Therese Hastings.

All games played today are at Yokine, why not head down and watch some quality singles action, or tune in to Bowls WA Facebook page who will be live streaming the mens semi finals and of course the final. Keep an eye on your notifications for when that will start up.


24th Jan 19 - We hit over 100 tippers, thanks to all who played and nothing but prestige and honour to play for. With the ladies still to play and the withdrawals creating a nightmare for tippers, I will announce the winners next week. I have updated the mens winner table, a few have bitten the dust including tippers favourite Clive Adams, but still lots of big names to play


21st Jan 19 - Thanks to Dudley Park for sending their annual Fours Classic in April, and also to North Perth for their Triples on the long weekend in March


21st Jan 19 - You know who you are, but thanks for the preview of the upcoming Country Zone games at Emu Point.


13th Jan 19 - A Summary of the 1st division results can be found below:

Premier League - with review
One White - with review
One Blue North - with review
One Blue South - with review


17th January 19 - Great news, another person has stepped up and volunteered their time to replace Blues Clues, thanks heaps, I'm sure the Blue North bowlers will welcome your thoughts on the games coming for the season.

Premier League - with preview
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview

TIPPING - Singles

19th Jan 19 - Ok, got them all done, good luck to all bowlers tomorrow

18th Jan 19 - Hatties tips are in for the ladies

17th Jan 19 - Half of my tips are done, will do part 2 later tonight or tomorrow. Still have a PL preview to do!

13th Jan 19 - I haven't done any previews yet but there are some great sections to choose from, 112 sections all up to test your mettle. Good luck all, and if I get some time, I'll look at those people that have submitted tips to all the state events and see if I can arrive at a yearly winner. Heavily favoured to a good singles tipping, but it's all for fun anyway isn't it!

COUNTRY - Zone games

17th Jan 19 - Just got the Northern Zone sides now. Must say across the 4 zones and 80 players named, it is a cracking line up, hard to know who might win the zone really.

16th Jan 19 - I have now also received the Eastern Zone teams.

15th Jan 19 - I think a few zone games have been played over the past couple of weekends and while I haven't been given any results I have been given a few sides that will be zonal representatives. Thanks Matt Mitchell for sending these through to me.

RESULTS - North Beach Ladies Masters Pairs

15th Jan 19 - The Masters Pairs for the ladies was played over the weekend at North Beach, but who won?


14th Jan 19 - A greenkeeper has switched clubs at the halfway mark to the greens that he prepares!


14th Jan 19 - The Perth and Tattersalls club have been running the Australia Day Fours for many many years and so far entrants are a bit low and if more teams don't enter it may have to be canned. It would be a shame as the greens are flying and playing really well, so if want a game of bowls at a good little in the city, why not head to Perth and Tatts.


14th Jan 19 - The dream is over, Dave Rankin and Kyle McIlroy so gallant in defeat and played so very well, but in the end the experience and home knowledge saw Greg Harlow and Nick Brett win 6-5, 9-2. Well done guys, you did us all proud and we'll see you back in the warmth of Perth soon.

13th Jan 19 - Awesome news to wake up to this morning as we see Dave Rankin and Kyle McIlroy play a great game of bowls to beat previous champs Darren Burnett/Stewart Anderson 6-4, 3-7, 2-0. They now play Greg Harlow and Nick Brett in the quarter final. It is being played after the 10pm game so start time unknown but probably about midnight WST. You can watch live on the link below but that link also contains replays and recorded games for about 5 years, so if midnight sounds as daunting to you as it does for me, stick it on when you get up in the morning and watch the guys. Best of luck to them!

Click here for the link

TIPPING - Singles

13th Jan 19 - I haven't done any previews yet but there are some great sections to choose from, 112 sections all up to test your mettle. Good luck all, and if I get some time, I'll look at those people that have submitted tips to all the state events and see if I can arrive at a yearly winner. Heavily favoured to a good singles tipping, but it's all for fun anyway isn't it!


10th Jan 19 - The Belmont Bowling Club is looking for a greenkeeper, more details can be found in the Wanted section if someone is interested.

DRAWS - State Singles

10th Jan 19 - The State Singles draw also got released yesterday, 86 sections for the Men up from 76 last year, and the Ladies have 26 sections, the same as last year. Wow I didn't realise the increase, that's a good trend for the men and hopefully it can continue next year as well. I'll be doing the tipping, will try and get that up tomorrow but more likely to be Sunday when I have a bit more time to code it up, and my thoughts and maye Hattie will also be published next week.

DRAWS - North Beach Masters Pairs

10th Jan 19 - Thanks to Jenni McLaughlin for sending these through, the Ladies Masters Pairs commences Friday at North Beach and concludes Sunday. The final will be broadcast live on the Bowls WA Facebook page Sunday afternoon. It's a cracking field, tough to get the winner and good luck to all competitors!


5th Jan 19 - I haven't been sent too many of these this year but Warnbro have sent details of their gala day in March

TIPPING - Mens State Pairs

5th Jan 19 - I've finally got the time to collate the pairs tipping, seemed to be a tough comp to select the winner, we had 37 sections and of the 99 tippers we had only 3 that got over 50%! Amazing really but that's bowls. Well done to Laurie Johnson and Wayne Butler for getting 20 correct tips, and special mention to Terri Tenardi the other person to achieve 50%. Full list is below

20 - l johnson W Butler
19 - T Tenardi
18 - B Fraser R Povey J Coghlan W Neville C Bessant M Rickard
17 - m bessant D Marsland A Sharp k smith B Gillingham S Wilke R Monger d Von Horn w neilson T ALDEN w Olive G Alp J Krstic sean c M Masel A Einfeld
16 - S Anning G Ashworth k mcilroy K Nairn S Alden L Beurteaux A Southern D Evans T McElvenny p park G Faulkner
15 - d stanik A Foster B Tie M Abonnel W Molloy R Amos S Claus E Hammond S Novak
14 - N Stevens k hough L Bolton M Wunnenberg j sgarlata N Minchin G Nicol T Alberti D Newton P Sinden r watterson N Stevens M Carmichael S Aungier G Reagan D Daley T Murrayy D Snelgar S Walker Anon S Alden S Diable T Cranswick S Walker p gerdtz K Birch A Bartlett D Malkin S Kerr
13 - P Flack Anon G Faulkner N Reagan S Edmonds B Cotte S Unsworth A Cousins H Evans j eaton
12 - S Smith C Harris Jibba TBone W Harvey
11 - K Pride P Hutchinson V Santostefano L Salter L Farrell B Ball G Knight D Calvo
10 - J Thomas
9 - S Vassallo


2nd Jan 19 - Doubleview for a couple of years now have conducted an event on Australia Day and they have asked for expressions of interest in running it again this year. $10 per head and clothing will be an Aussie themed day. BBQ lunch will be offered, format will be a rotational triples.


2nd Jan 19 - Some more events received in the New Year, at Halls Head, Dowerin and Thornlie.
Thornlie have sent the following message concerning their tournament -

The Thornlie Bowling Club has recently replaced B & C greens with a new & improved Needle Punch which is playing heaps better than the previous surfaces.
The club has also engaged the services of Jeff Hall to look after the two grass greens. He has worked tirelessly on these greens to bring them to a standard equal to some of the best greens in the metro area.

RESULTS - State Pairs

29th Dec 18 - A gripping final day of the State Pairs, a day filled with nail biters, thrashings, favourites toppled and a slice of history as well

Unusual to see so many thrashings on the day. Mitchell and Packer towelled up Such and Collins to the extent it was called off after only 10 ends. Their eventual opponents Fewster/Flack were locked in a tight battle but they looked like they were always in control of, and if we add in the lunch break it made for about a 2 hour break for Mitchell before their game. Whether it had an effect we don't know but Fewster came out flying I think the scoreline was about 23-1 before a fightback of sorts but it was too late, Fewster eventually getting to the final by winning 28-12

In the other half of the draw, Smith/Jones were trading shots with Slavich/Bessant and it was about 9 all with not many to go before Smith pulled away to win 17-10. Brown/Trewhella in what I thought would be the match of the morning against Nairn/Potts was anything but with Brown winning 22-4 and then an eerily similar situation to the other half found themselves behind early, came back to draw level but Smith/Jones too good at the end to win by 8

And so the final, the game being played on Facebook which peaked at 270 viewers at the end and with an estimated 50-100 people there to watch the final, it would be a good crowd for bowls. It was another windy day but the green looked great. Smith jumped away before Fewster picked up a handy 4 to bridge the gap to 7-6 to Smith. Again Smith pulled away and again Fewster picked up a 4 to draw level at 11 all. A shot each made it 12 all after 12 and it was going to be a bobbing head finish. Smith pulled away, Fewster pegged it back, Smith pulled away and led by 3 with 2 to go. A single on the 2nd last end meant Fewster needed to win the end to draw or win. After 12 bowls played Smith held shot but Fewster was able to draw a shot with his last bowl. With 1 bowl to play, all the pressure of a state title on him, coolly drew shot cold to win the end and the State title.

Another win to York, last year his sons won and in a slice of history where we see the father of the previous years winners butters up and wins. Well done to the Smith family but don't forget Phil Jones who played awesome throughout the whole tournament.

Catch the scores on the Bowls WA document here.


29th Dec 18 - A couple of events in the new year, one from Eaton and the other from Merriwa, also the Masters Fours has made a return, now at Doubleview!


29th Dec 18 - One of my regular contributors has created an email address, so if you have any information, news, thoughts mainly for womens bowls, I have created a spot to contact Hattie directly in the contact page


29th Dec 18 - A reader to the site has sent a summary to Xmas for all the divisions 2nd division and under. Thanks heaps, I'm sure quite a few of our readers will enjoy the summary

TIPPING - State Triples

26th Dec 18 - The results are thru, the winner is Kris Birch of the Kingsway Bowling Club with 18 correct out of 24 sections, good going Kris! Second on 17 was the brother sister combination of Sally Wilke and Nick Reagan. We had 92 tippers for the triples, the best so far, so thanks to everyone who tipped and good luck to everyone in the Pairs tomorrow if you are playing.

18 - K Birch
17 - S Wilke, N Reagan
16 - K Strahan, A Bartlett, G Nicol, G Pauling, S Walker, S Smith, P Caffell
15 - D Snelgar B Gillingham P Flack G Faulkner D Daley S Diable M Wunnenberg N Minchin A Sharp j eaton B Fullagar B Fullagar
14 - A Durrant m bessant B Ball J Krstic A Einfeld C Harris G Reagan S loftus S Alden (me)
13 - B Cotte A Booth M Abonnel L Mckay Sean C P Hutchinson A Southern J Coghlan G Faulkner k hough P GERDTZ d stanik P Vuckovic B TIE p park B Garrett P Wachmer S Alden (my sister) A Southern
12 - D Brown R Monger N Stevens D Calvo J Sharp R Amos D Marsland M Douthie S Anning C Bessant T Murray T Smallacombe R Moyle W Neville S Kerr
11 - A Foster R Povey B Fraser G Ashworth R Wheeldon L Salter
10 - M Carmichael K Nairn B Manton G Alp M Masel Anon W Molloy T Cranswick
9 - J Opie d von horn
8 - D Evans s aungier L Bolton
7 - M Hulbert C Leggett Anon
6 - N Griffin R Bolton
5 - S Saunders j sgarlata

17th Dec 18 - This weekend sees the State Triples being played for Men and Women. Who do you think will win each section? Again here is your chance to test your tipping skills. Hattie and me will be posting our thoughts later in the week

RESULTS - State Triples

26th Dec 18 - Just got back from Melbourne and I didn't see much of the final on Facebook, but Well done to Daniel Brown, Daniel Trewhella and Shane Loftus have combined again to win another State title, and Lisa Featherby, Shari Solly and Linda Warburton as well combining to win more titles. Brown and Trewhella especially seem in rare form, how deep will they go in the Pairs, and really good friends Featherby and Warburton have won lots together.

23rd Dec 18 - Sounds like it was a fairly hot day for bowlers yesterday, a balmy 18 degrees here in Melbourne, nothing like the 41 degrees I did hear about in parts of Perth. But it looks like the game eventually were completed, the Ladies I think played their first game before a delay waiting for the weather to cool down but they got their knockout games done. Some teams I notice did withdraw probably because of the expected temperatures. For all the up to date scores, you can find them here

Finals day today, all being played at Bassendean and I think Bowls WA will be live streaming the finals as well, but why not just go and see it live!


20th Dec 18 - I'm on my way to Melbourne for Christmas with family and won't be updating the site much until I return for the State Pairs. Wishing all my viewers the best of the festive season to you, thanks for reading the site and see you all on the green!

Merry Christmas 2018


19th Dec 18 - Saw this study posted on Facebook and thoughts the boffins amongst us might find it interesting. The things of interest to me where that they found bowlers tended to be more accurate at a standard length rather than a short length, and more consistent using backhand over forehand. What I also noticed from the graphs was that the forehand almost always left of the kitty, where the backhand was a bit more evenly spread. Perhaps it will help you target some coaching, or perhaps try these changes if you are losing a game, perhaps stick to backhand or go short?

The full report can be found here

TIPPING - State Pairs

19th Dec 18 - The mens state pairs also kicks off in a weeks time, so if you want to try your hand at tipping the pairs as well, click the link above and see how you go!


18th Dec 18 - Dudley Park have sent through details of their Mens and Ladies Classic events early in the new year


18th Dec 18 - The Avon Valley League have sent in their teams

14th Dec 18 - The Avon Valley League will have their annual hitout against Osborne Park on Sunday and then select their teams, if you want to see some good bowls, head out to Ossy Park for some quality action

13th Dec 18 - Central Wheatbelt have sent in their teams

13th Dec 18 - East Avon have sent their teams in

12th Dec 18 - The country squads starting to come in thick and fast for the upcoming ILRR games in early January. We now have added Batavia Red and White, Murrays and Districts, Great Southern and Lower Great Southern.

10th Dec 18 - The South Eastern Bowling League have sent their teams for the upcoming Region games in January

TIPPING - State Triples

17th Dec 18 - This weekend sees the State Triples being played for Men and Women. Who do you think will win each section? Again here is your chance to test your tipping skills. Hattie and me will be posting our thoughts later in the week


16th Dec 18 - My inner nerd has been collating 1st division skippers stats since 2005, so for Premier League, I have done this excel sheet showing everyone who has ever skippered in the PL and what their win rate is. There are 3 sheets, an alpha sort, a strike rate sort and a total games sort, if anyone is interested, click the link here


15th Dec 18 - Kardinya will be trying to fill the void on Thursday when there is no pennants. If you want a warm up to the Triples, you now have the Cambridge option for north of the river and Kardinya south of the river.

RESULTS - Osborne Park Masters Singles

15th Dec 18 - Thanks to tournament director Pat Caffell who sent this report in from the events activities.

11th Dec 18 - Congratulations to Shane Knott for winning the 2018 Osborne Park Masters Singles

7th Nov 18 - The first round of the Masters Singles happened today, check the link here for full results as they get updated


13th Dec 18 - I've received a letter about the recent poll.


13th Dec 18 - The teams named to date can be found below with previews uploaded during the days ahead

Premier League
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview


12th Dec 18 - With the release of the state triples, a reduction of 2 sections each for the men and the women (48 bowlers), why don't people play in state events any more? So I have created a poll, let me know your thoughts whether it be for yourself or a general thought on why people don't enter. You can choose more than one answer and I encourage comment, it can be anonymous if you wish

RESULTS - Womens State Pairs 2018

12th Dec 18 - See the scores as they get updated here


12th Dec 18 - The draws for the State Triples have been released


12th Dec 18 - South Perth have sent details of their Welcome Fours for country teams only coming to the city for Countryweek in March. It got 38 teams last year and is a popular event, so get your side in early before it fills up.


11th Dec 18 - I completely forgot about the Womens State Pairs which starts tomorrow, thankfully Hattie is on the ball and reminded me this week, here are hwer thoughts, tipping not available though I'm sorry, but will be ready for next weekends Triples for both sexes.


10th Dec 18 - Bowls WA have released details of their 2025 committee, a committe formed to consider the current forms of the game and their ongoing purpose. More details in the news section, but if you have some great ideas for the sport going forward, now is the time to voice them


10th Dec 18 - Eaton have sent through the details of their carnivals in 2019, Ray Mosele has been a great supporter of the site since the beginning, why not head down and play in a carnival.

Also Halls Head carnival is this weekend, if Bassendean is too far away for you why not head down to Halls Head for their one day carnival


10th Dec 18 - Shane Anning has sent through details of a great deal for bowling clubs, he supports the website through his affiliation with WAIFFES who supply little snacks and stuff. Check out his offer on the advertisors page

While we are talking my advertisors, the solar and generator company that Stewart Gosstray and Garry McDonald are involved with will be having their launch party Wednesday, be sure to drop in and say hello. Details can also be found in the advertisors page

RESULTS - Osborne Park Masters Singles

7th Dec 18 - The first round of the Masters Singles happened today, check the link here for full results as they get updated

RESULTS - Australian Championships

7th Dec 18 - Kristina Krstic completes a fairly good week for the WA girls by winning bronze in the Singles, it was a cracking game between her and eventual winner Carla Krizanic in the sectional play.

6th Dec 18 - It's gold, gold to Western Australia! Congratulation to the Manning team of Helen Morss, Therese Hastings, Robyn O'Brien and Laura Merz

3rd Dec 18 - Silver medal to the Ladies Triples team in a heartbreaker

3rd Dec 18 - I have neglected to mention the Australian Championships being played in Merimbula this week. This brings together all the state titles wins of the four disciplines. Our pairs winner for both ladies and men could not make the trip unfortunately. I know the Smiths boys was due to work, not sure of the Ladies reasons. Our representatives are listed below -

Singles - Warren Holt
Triples - Dale Marsland, Glenn Pauling, Scott Walker
FOURS - Daniel Brown, Daniel Trewhella, Shane Loftus, Kevin McKay

Singles - Kristina Krstic
Triples - Robyn O'Brien, Laura Merz, Kristina Krstic
Fours - Laura Merz, Robyn O'Brien, Therese Hastings, Helen Morss


5th Dec 18 - The scheduled game between Manning and Mosman Park yesterday in the Ladies Tuesday Premier League game was postponed because of the Australian Championships being played at the moment to Monday 10th Decebmer commencing at 6pm @ Mosman Park. If you want to see some high quality ladies bowls then get along to Mosman Park where fish and chips will be on sale and I'm sure Paul Walker has some ice cold beers as well.

DRAWS - Womens State Pairs

4th Dec 18 - The Ladies State Pairs draw has been released


4th Dec 18 - Leeming have sent details of their Ladies Split Fours in April 2019


4th Dec 18 - Wanneroo have chosen to remember one of their members who passed away this year, changing the annual President Pairs to the Geoff Gunning Memorial Pairs


4th Dec 18 - The Thursday event at Cambridge has had a change of format, with no pennants scheduled for that day, if you are a midweek bowler who may be able to earn a bit of Xmas spending money, ring Ross Bolton at Cambridge


4th Dec 18 - Another transfer this week as a player goes back to where he started the season


3rd Dec 18 - A transfer has come through, this time a country player


3rd Dec 18 - If you fancy yourself as a fan of our state medallists, head to the quiz page.


30th Nov 18 - thanks to Stewart Gosstray and Garry McDonald from Kalamunda who have jumped on board the site. Deals for bowlers are coming but see attached for the grand opening of the Generac side of the business on the 12th December. Click here for details.


30th Nov 18 - Have been sent details for a half day tourney at Dowerin in December, also a Pairs event at Eaton in January 2019

DRAWS - Osborne Park Masters Singles

29th Nov 18 - The draw has been done for the Masters Singles, play commences next Friday night


29th Nov 18 - Thanks to Matt Mitchell for sending me the side for the Lower Great Southern Bowling League to compete in the ILRR in January. If you are a country bowler feel free to send me the sides and details for the Round Robin games coming up.


28th Nov 18 - Some jokes have been sent in to lighten your day


28th Nov 18 - Huge news on the transfer front this afternoon

VALE - Beryl Brennan

22nd Nov 18 - It's not been a good week or two for some high profile and well known bowls identities


22nd Nov 18 - The Bowls Show is on the air on 91.3 SportFM, 7am Saturday mornings with your hosts Gavin Faulkner, David Rankin and special guest Steve West. This week, their phone guests are:

Simon Alden, Bassendean - 7.20am
Graeme Wishart, Mosman Park - 7.40am

They will also review last weeks pennant games and preview the upcoming round, and the Bassendean Masters Triples.

You can listen on the radio or through your computer at the link here.

UPCOMING - Osborne Park Masters Singles

20th Nov 18 - The entries have been open for a while now but still plenty of spots before it close, the flyer can be found on the upcoming page


20th Nov 18 - Woops, too busy with work, don't you hate when work gets in the way of fun stuff like bowls news. Blue North Review now working properly, click here

VALE - Roger Adams

20th Nov 18 - Terribly sad news yesterday on the passing of a Wanneroo bowler, but more well known as the father of a state champion, and massive supporter of bowls in this state.

UPCOMING - Bassendean Xmas Split Fours

19th Nov 18 - The famous Basso roast is back for Xmas!

DRAWS - State Over 60s Triples

19th Nov 18 - The male and female over 60s triples draw has been announced.


19th Nov 18 - A long time member of the Scarborough bowling club has passed away

RESULTS - Bassendean Masters Triples

18th Nov 18 - The sectional play of the Masters Triples has been completed and what a group of 8 winners we have left. Such quality! More in the results page

NEWS - Halls Head Remembrance Day

17th Nov 18 - Great to see that Halls Head during their club pairs stopped and had a minutes silence. Read about it in the news section.


16th November 18 - Well it's been an amazing BPL08 this year and we are now down to the finalists. Illawarra who were undefeated on Day 1 barely winning a game since have dropped back to bottom spot. Every team except Perth had been in the 4 at some stage during the tournament and Perth with 2 wins today have secured 4th spot to play finals this evening. An amazing performance given they hadn't been in the 4 at all, they will play the Melbourne Roys who they beat when Melbourne were 1st and Perth 8th only a few games ago, so they will be very confident of performing well. Coverage only available on Foxtel but get down to your nearest club or pub that has Foctel, ask them to put the bowls and cheer home the Perth Suns. Our game is on at 3pm WST.

14th November 18 - First day down and one win 3 losses, but two of them tiebreakers and certainly the one we saw on the TV if not for the brilliance of Marshall then Perth had that game sown up as well. If you look at percentages, sets won we are certainly right in this and with a couple of wins today it places them back in the hunt for a top 4 spot.

13th November 18 - The BPL Cup was played this morning and not good news for the WA teams. The team led by Lisa Featherby has gone down to Max Kleinig from SA 5-7,1-9 and Sam Pericas team from Cambridge went down Trystan Smallacombe from NT 4-2, 2-5, 0-1. The Perth Suns are playing at the moment.

7th November 18 - The BPL is back and on Foxtel and Facebook again, it commences next Tuesday the 13th Nov and runs to the Friday night. Foxtel will cover the evening sessions and Facebook will show one game per session using Rinkside Clive.

This season the Perth Suns representatives returning will be John Slavich, Kristina Krstic and making his debut will be Shane Knott. It will be managed this year by Pieter Harris. I'm looking forward to again watching our state reps battle it out and hopefully this year they can win those pesky tie breakers and play some finals.

Don't forget, the BPL Cup is also being played, we are being represented by Sam Perica/Nick Lewis/Andrew Foster from Cambridge and also Lisa Featherby/Linda Warburton/Paul Walker/Renata Coote from Mosman Park. Good luck to them and I'll try as best I can to keep everyone up to date with scores during the event.


15th Nov 18 - Around Perth there are not only the regular bowling clubs but also specific clubs like the Police Bowling Club, the Heartthrobs and the Firies, and also the RSL Bowls, aimed at people who are current or ex service personnel. They have a Diggers Day coming up on the 5th December and are putting out the call to anyone who fits that bill. It is being held at the Yokine Bowling Club, cost will be $10 PP but BYO lunch, and it sounds like a great day for bowlers who are ex and current serving personnel to attend and support the club.

If you want more details contact Ian White on 0413 828625


15th Nov 18 - The Doubleview Masters Pairs is now open for entries, see the flyer for more details.

RESULTS - Mens Over 60's Pairs

15th Nov 18 - The Mens over 60's pairs concluded yesterday and it was a popular win to Gary and Pat Caffell from Osborne Park. Pat fighting some health issues at the moment which saw him have to withdraw from the final of the State Fours last month and we all hope he can overcome them in the coming months. They defeated Jim Stewart and Keith Bowden 23/9 in the final.

The women concluded their sectional play as well yesterday and we'll see the winner of their games tomorrow afternoon

13th Nov 18 - Yesterday saw the sectional play of the over 60's pairs for the men. Click here for the scores and also todays see the knockout stage played, use the same link for current scores during the day.

DRAWS - Bassendean Masters Triples

14th Nov 18 - Unfortunately it would appear as if a team has had to withdraw from the event, so there is a last chance for those who might have wanted to enter but found it to be full. If so please let me know by phone on 0414 485521

13th Nov 18 - The draw has been released for the first event in the Masters Series for the men, the triples this Sunday at Bassendean for sectional play and then knockout the following Sunday.

Click here for the draw. There are some great teams that have entered, the winner will have certainly earned their payday.


14th Nov 18 - Have received a letter from a very proud father about his son's non selection in the recent state squad announcement.

RESULTS - Mens Over 60's Pairs

13th Nov 18 - Yesterday saw the sectional play of the over 60's pairs for the men. Click here for the scores and also todays see the knockout stage played, use the same link for current scores during the day.

UPCOMING - Mosman Park Triples

12th Nov 18 - The very popular and well run Mosman Park Triples has only a couple of spots for club based entries only. Get in fast if you want to reserve your spot


12th November 18 - We have seen an update to the mens state squad up to 26 updated on the 2nd which I had missed. I would consider some selections to be a surprise, full list in the news

12th Sept 18 - The mens state squad has been announced, not many shocks I would not have thought, seems a fairly pickable 19 people.

UPCOMING - Ladies Masters Pairs

11th Nov 18 - I've put the details for the next event in the Dyenamic Masters Series now in the upcoming events.

VALE - Alan Evans

9th Nov 18 - In my usual duties of working at the Mt Lawley Bowling Club I was saddened to hear of the passing of Alan Evans. He was a member of the club for 55 years, played mid week and Saturdays and conservatively played about 1800 games for the club. The service is being held today at the Mt Lawley Bowling Club.


6th November 18 - Spearwood has seen a couple of bowlers transfer to them


5th November 18 - The next event in the Masters Series is now open for entries and the ladies have their first, the Pairs event at North Beach


5th November 18 - There are some size 3 bowls and bag for sale if you are looking for a change


5th November 18 - Eaton are running there divorced mixed pairs again this year, thanks again to Ray Mosele for sending the information through