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Australian Open 2022

I've created a google docs with all the WA people, I'll be updating during the day in most cases but Click Here to view
The Australian Open is just around the corner, I will try and post results daily, check them out at my Australian Open page, and also see the last couple of years history as well.
Australian Open 2021

25th June - And thats it for another Australian Open. Ouyr final player today was Kristina Krstic in the Pairs but sadly went down. Still, 2 Silver medals for Kristina is a very good achievement and a quarter final in the singles, she has had an extremely good tournament. Overall the WA players had a great carnival, many players winning their sections and playing knockout games in some format. If anyone has not been to an Aussie Open they should really plan for it now and attend next year, it is a great 2 weeks and the comraderie amongst the WA players whilst over there is second to none.
24th June - It's gold, gold to Western Australia, gold!! Congratulations to Cody Packer and his partner Matt Johnstone in winning the Australian Open Mens Pairs. Awesome achievement, I can't remember the last male gold medal we've had in the event, so it's a huge achievement, well done Cody. I'm sure everyone here in WA are very proud of you.
Sadly Kristina Krstic has taken silver in the Ladies Fours which is worthy of our applause as well but she has an opportunity at 9.30am in the morning to win the Ladies Pairs, it should be a humdinger of a contest against Lynsey Clarke and Kelsey Cottrell. Tune in to Foxtel or Ch 72 to watch that game. Good lucky Krissy.
23rd June - And then there were 2. Arguably our 2 best players at the moment in WA are still fighting for a title. Cody Packer won his semi final today 19-14 and will play in the final at 9.30am tomorrow, I'm pretty sure it will be live on Foxtel and 72. The Mens Fours won their quarter final game with a honker by Glenn Pauling to tie it up and they won the extra end. Sadly they lost the semi final but that is the best a WA team has done in recent Australian Opens in the Mens Fours. The Mens over 60s Pairs bowed out today in the quarter finals 13-20. Over to the women and today saw Kristina Krstic continue on her merry winning ways, firstly the Pairs they progressed to the semi final with a 20-16 win in the quarters and even better her Fours combination won the semi final 17-13 which sees her fight for an Australian Open title. The time is 6am and I'm thinking people will be able to view that on Facebook with Rinkside C, sorry Live, but not sure. Finally the Over 60s Pairs for the Women and we had 2 teams, Lee Leach and Coral Smith got the quarters but they lost.
22nd June - Where to start today, and tomorrow thereis even more action! Sectional play in the Womens Over 60s started today and we had 2 qualifying teams, Colette Smith with Maggie Newton and Coral Smith with Lee Leach. Womens Pairs continued today with 2 games and Kristina Krstic with her good friend Ellen Ryan won both games, a nail biter in the last. Mens Pairs and Cody Packer with his partner Matt Johnstone also won both of their games today, the first was his nail biter, Cody drawing shot with the last to grab the 2 needed to win the game. Finally the Mens Over 60s Pairs started their knockout today and we still have a live pairs, Sam Perica and Mane Marovic venturing over only for this event I think and they won all 3 of their games today.
Tomorrow is a big day for WA bowlers and so many left, they are listed below -

Mens Pairs Semi final 12.30pm - Cody Packer
Mens Fours Quarter final 7am - Scott Walker, Jack East, Beau Manton, Glenn Pauling
Mens Over 60s Pairs 9.45am - Sam Perica, Mick Marovic
Womens Pairs quarter finals 7am - Kristina Krstic
Womens Fours Semi finals 12.30pm - Kristina Krstic
Womens Over 60s Pairs 7am - Colette Smith, Maggie Newton, Coral Smith, Lee Leach

21st June - Big day today, Mens Pairs, Womens Fours and Mens Over 60s Pairs. Firstly the big news is that Kristina Krstic us through to the semi finals of the ;adies fours, that game to be played Wednesday. She is team with some known names in Ellen Ryan, Jamie Lee worsnop and sorry don't know B Smith, had a good quarter final win. The mens Pairs started the dfay with 14 men but we do have 1 still going, Cody Packer teamed with Matt Johnstone from NSW play their next games to get to the semi final tomorrow. Finally the Over 60s pairs men commence their campaign and we have 6 that will be playing knockouts tomorrow. Phew, it's action a plenty tomorrow!
20th June - Unfortunately we are out of the Singles for both Men and Women, Johnathon Davidson and Krstina Krstic both losing their quarter final games but what a great run they both had. In fact I think it was a very successful campaign for the WA bowlers in the Singles, well done to everyone. Calvin Rodgers is also out of the Vision imapired singles, finishing 2nd but with only 2 sections it was the winners only that progressed.
Tomorrow sees the knockout stages for the Mens Pairs and Womens Fours, and also the start of the Mens Over 60 Pairs. Good luck to all involved.
19th June - I would consider this a very successful day for the WA bowlers, we have 4down to the round of 32 in the mens and 2 in the Womens, both being played tomorrow. For the Men we see Warren Holt, Johnathon Davidson playing Dale Marsland and Blake Nairn and for the Women Kristina Krstic and Lisa Featherby both won tyheir only games today. Tomorrow sees the continuation of the Singles and also Calvin Rodgers in the vision impaired Singles. Good luck to everyone.
18th June - A very good day for the WA bowlers today, firstly to the continuation of the Mens Fours knockout stages, we still have a team alive going into the quarter finals on Wednesday, that of Glenn Pauling, Beau Manton, Jack East and Scott Walker. Shane Rixom and his crew also winning a knockout but sadly bowed out after that. We also had the start of the Womens Fours, with 5 WA bowlers still alive, that of Lisa Featherby with Linda Warburton, Kristina Krstic and finally Sharyn Lyster with Anne Crabb. Tomorrow sees the knockout singles for both men and women.
17th June - Mens Fours qualifying is done and we see 15 WA bowlers continuing to have a chance. A few teams finished 2nd but with only 16 lucky losers, I think they will be oucky to advance. Tomorrow is the Mens Fours knockout and we see the Womens Fours commence. Good luck to all!
16th June - Day 5 and we have the Ladies Singles being played today. Of the 14 entrants we only see 2 get automatic quyalifiers, Kristina Krstic and Lisa Featherby. 3 others have qualified 2nd but with only 11 lucky losers I don't think their shots will be enough to see them progress. Tomorrow see the men return playing Fours.
15th June - Day 4 of the Aus Open and it was Mens Pairs day. 3 teams have automatically qualified with a swathe of teams sitting with 2 wins and awaiting the lucky loser announcement. With 53 lucky losers out of the 75 sections, most you would think will qualify. Those automatics are Cody Packer and his partner, Eric Johannes and his partner, Johnathon Davidson and Warren Holt. UPDATE - all our WA qualifiers that finished 2nd have qualified, that makes 14 WA bowlers out of 27 entries.
14th June - the final day of Mens Singles qualifying today and we can show that 19 WA bowlers have qualified, a great achievement from 37 entries. The Ladies Pairs also kicked off today with representatives in 5 sections and if my math is right, 3 of them have qualified for the next stage. It's been a good start to the Australian Open by WA bowlers.
Australian Open 2020 - not played due to COVID

Australian Open 2019

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Ladies Pairs
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Under 18 Boys Singles

14th June 19 - Tis the last day of the Australian Open, the Mens Singles and Womens Pairs will be played today live on SBS, and unfortunately Kristina Krstic won't be featuring after she went down in a nailbiter by 1 shot yesterday. So unfortunately a WA player won't be featuring this year but I think it has been a successful tournament for us, a massive contingent of bowlers from all levels flew over and competed hard and got some massive experience from it to bring back home for the next season.
Thanks for everyone for their kind words about the updates, my tireless wife was extremely helpful in getting the scores on the sheet while I was playing, and sometimes when I wasn't, and a few people have taken the time to send an email to me, so that's very kind of them, it was fun doing it and we will do it all again next year!
Our best performed people in each category were:

Mens Singles - Cody Packer
Womens Singles - Kristina Krstic
Mens Pairs - Ben Garratt, Brad Ball
Womens Pairs - Kristina Krstic
Mens Fours - Blake Nairn
Womens Fours - Kristina Krstic, Therese Hastings
Over 60s Mens Pairs - Ian Hastings, Steve Vinci
Over 60s Womens Pairs - Rhonda Prosser, Deborah Rhine
Juniors - Jack East, Marcus Simpson
13th June 19 - We are down to 1 person left in the Aussie Open, that of Kristina Krstic in the Womens Pairs. She plays her semi final today again Jessica Hogan and Carmen Anderson, let's hope she can overcome them and play in another final.
Yesterday saw our 2 junior boys battle it out, both Marcus Simpson and Jack East played the final section game against the other undefeated player and unfortunately both went down. With no lucky losers in the Juniors they are both out of the event.
Also bowing out yesterday was Krstic in her semi final of the fours and our Over 60s Womens Pairs. I fly home today so won't be at Broadbeach to support Kristina, let's hope she can get the job done and play in the final tomorrow.
12th June 19 - Another wonderful result in the Mens Pairs as Brad Ball and Ben Garratt get to the last 8, defeated by a couple of ok players, Ray Pearse and Aron Sherriff. Well done guys!
We also saw Kristina Krstic progress in the Womens Pairs to the Quarter Finals today. She has a busy day as she will also be in the Semi Finals of the Fours with Therese Hastings.
Yesterday we had the teams of Prosser/Rhine and Smith/Saul progress to the knockout stages of the Womens Over 60s Pairs as well, also being played today.
Finally the juniors commence their Under 18 title search with Jack East and Marcus Simpson in action. Overall another 8 WA players in action today.
11th June 19 - It's getting to the pointy end now for a few events, the Womens Fours is into semi final stage and our very own Kristina Krstic and Therese Hastings are still alive, they have teamed with Samantha Shannahan and Ellen Ryan, it's a strong combination that can hopefully win the title. This will be played Wednesday.
The Mens Pairs also whittled down to 16, and we have Brad Ball and Ben Garratt still fighting it out, they play today to get down to the semi finals as well. Our Over 60's Mens Pairs also had their sectional play yesterday, but only 2 of our men are into the knockout stage, they are Ian Hastings and Steve Vinci, they also play today.
Also playing today is the knockout stages of the Womens Pairs and also the start of the Over 60's Womens Pairs, a total of 13 WA players in action today.
10th June 19 - We are out of the singles despite some gallant bowls by Cody and Kristina. Kristina played on the broadcast rink and her opponent played some great draw shot bowls but Krstic still played some unbelievable conversions but it wasn't enough. Cody as well close but just couldn't get his nose in front, his opponent Carl Healey is still alive and playing in the semi finals so must be in some form.
Todays sees the continuation of the Mens Pairs and also the commencement of the Mens Over 60's Pairs. 35 bowlers in action today as the Aust Open gets to the pointy end.
9th June 19 - At the end of Day 8 and we have 2 WA players remain, Cody Packer in the Mens Singles and Kristina Krstic in the Womens. It wasn't a bad day for WA as we had 4 other players vying for that spot in the Round of 32 but unfortunately they couldn't get over the line in some tight games.
Today sees the Singles get down to the semi finalists in the singles for both men and women, good luck Cody and Kristina
8th June 19 - The Women played their fours sectional play yesterday with 2 teams winning their section including Kristina Krstic, Therese Hastings, Linda Warburton and Lisa Featherby and with only 4 teams getting a lucky loser, one of our sides were able to have a shots difference of 21 to advance. They were Nerrida Porteous, Lily Leach, Wendy Saul and Coral Smith. They play their knockout games Monday.
The men also commenced their knockout games in the fours and we had 5 teams going but it wasn't a good day, only 1 person able to advance to the 2nd game, but then he went down in that game. Well done Blake Nairn for being our best performed male in the Fours.
Today sees the Mens and Womens Singles being played, a total of 18 WA players hoping to go deep in the tournaments blue ribbon event.
7th June 19 - Day 1b of the Womens Singles were completed yesterday and another 3 ladies have progress including Linda Warburton, Nerrida Porteous and Rhonda Prosser finishing 2nd with +18 has been able to progress. So 5 in total go to the knockout stages on Saturday
The Mens Fours were also played yesterday with 13 WA players going ahead, the full list can be found in my google sheets, they all play today in the knockout stages.
6th June 19 - Day 1b of the Mens Pairs and Day 1b of the Womens Singles, Day 5 of the Open is over and another successful day for WA as 3 more teams qualify for the Mens Pairs including Russell and Ron Bates, Beau Manton, Justin Opie, Daryl Radford and Marc Abonnell. That completed the Mens Pairs and +13 was the cutoff which means Marcus Simpson also qualified. A total of 25 Mens Pairs entered and 12 have made it through to the knockout stages.
The Womens Singles also started and here we saw 2 go through, Kristina Krstic and Helen Morss. Hailey Adams-Packer with +10 will need some luck I think to be one of the 38 lucky losers.
Today sees the biggest contingent of WA bowlers competing with 64 bowlers taking the greens in the Mens Fours and Day 1b of the Womens Singles.
5th June 19 - Day 1 of the Mens Pairs and Day 4 of the Australian Open and a very successful day for WA with 13 bowlers through to the next round including Blake Nairn, Tim Hyatt, Stephen Gaffney, Ben Garratt, Brad Ball, Peter Flack, Stephen Fewster, Pat Keeffe, Ash Sharp, Jack East, Cody Packer, Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling and with 29 lucky loser spots up for grabs, Simon Alden and Chris Margin currently sit 2nd so they will also progress. Marcus Simpson with +16 will be right on the cusp I suspect, with 16 sections being played today we will know at 8pm tonight if he has snuck in.
Ladies Singles starts today with 10 WA players vying for their spot in the knockout stages.
4th June 19 - A big day at the Australian Open as Day 1c of the Mens Singles and Day 1 of the Womens Pairs were completed. In the Mens we saw Beau Manton, Justin Opie and Cody Packer advance. The lucky losers needed +20 shots to get through which meant Grant Nicol also advances. A total of 13 WA Men will see the knockout stage of the event on Saturday and with none of them drawing an Australian player, hopefully we can see a few advancing.
The Womens Pairs also was played in the first day of action for the lady bowlers and we saw 6 WA players advance including Helen Morss, Kristina Krstic, Hailey Packer-Adams, Asenaca Gray, Saffronne Alden and Sally Wilke. Alden and Wilke drew their game against Rebecca Van Asch and by winning their last 2 games assured their spot as lucky losers. They play their next round next Tuesday the 11th June.
Today sees Mens Pairs in action, will do scores after each round during the day.
3rd June 19 - Day 1b has finished and anorher 5 and more than likely 6 WA men will be advancing and with another strong contingent of bowlers playing today it could well be our best singles results for the men to date. Yesterdays winners include Matthew Ngui, Linton Pike, Chris Margin, Glenn Pauling and Warwick Neville. Grant Nicol finished 2nd but with +27 has a very good shots up which will likely see him advance.
2nd June 19 - Day 1a and 5 WA men have advanced to the knockout stages, those being Peter Flack, including a 21-20 win over Wayne Turley, Gordon King who came back from 4-13 to win his 3rd game and finish all square on shots but finishing on top due to percentage, Jack East a real rising star in our state, Ross Warburton with 3 comfortable games and Lee Such also with 3 good wins. With 28 lucky losers in the Mens Singles, our best at the moment is Glenn Lynch with +16 but i don't think that will be enough to advance. Day 1b starts today.
Australian Open 2018

Mens SinglesLadies SinglesMens PairsLadies PairsMens FoursLadies FoursMens O/60 PairsLadies O/60 PairsUnder 18 Boys Singles
22nd Jun 18 - The finals of all the events are over and well done to all the winners. A special well done to our very own Kristina Krstic, so gallant in defeat and had her hand on the trophy twice I think before Van Asch converted beautifully to eventually win the game. Some good pocket money before her trip to England next week to play in the Australian U25's game against that country.
Still from an overall perspective we had some good results from WA players, they have played at various times the best in the world such as Alex Marshall, Ryan Bester, Karen Murphy and plenty more, and sometimes beat them. Well done to all WA players, you represented us very well this year
20th Jun 18 - Day 13 and the australian Open is getting to the pointy end, and no more than the final of the Ladies singles, in which our own Kristina Krstic will be competing. Her game agiainst Rebecca Van Asch from Tasmania will be shown live on Foxtel at 9am and delayed on SBS at 11am. We'll all be watching with great interest.
After defeating Millerick in the semi final unfortunately Krstic lost the quarters if the Pairs to Rigby and Regan by a solitary shot. Our other competitor left is junior Jack East who won all his games in the section to progress to the quarter finals. Kaleb Walding is playing at the moment but did lose his first game by 5 shots. With Seamus Curtin in his section who was a semi finalist in the open Singles, it will be tough going for Kaleb
19th Jun 18 - Day 12 (did I miss a day? Apologies if I did) and we saw some more success from Kristina Krstic, this time in the pairs where she led wonderfully well for 3 wins today with her partner Samantha Shannahan. In the morning we had a few pairs win their first knockout game but fell in the 2nd game.
The Mens Pair of Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling after taking out Alex Marshall yesterday faced the Canadian Master Blaster Ryan Bester but they were not able to take another scalp and lost 28-11
The Over 60's Men had their knockouts today, our 3 qualifiers all winning their first games this morning and then all losing their 1nd games at lunchtime.
The Over 60's Women commenced their sectional play and 1 of them won their section to progress tomorrow, Nerrida Porteous and Coral Smith being our sole representatives left in that.
So who's left? Our juniors starts tomorrow which sees Kaleb Walding and Jack East play. Kristina Krstic of course our shining light playing the quarter finals of the pairs and semi finals of the singles. And our Over 60's ladies play their knockouts tomorrow. A reminder that the finals on Thursday and Friday will be shown live on SBS at 11am on these days, and live on Foxtel at 9am if you have that Pay TV provider.

17th Jun 18 - Day 10, loads of WA players in action today.
The Mens Over 60's kicked off their pairs campaign and we 7 sections repesented, 3 of them topped their table and see action again tomorrow. These include Hutchinson/Manton, Rochford/Starbuck and Nicol/O'Neill.
The Mens Pairs played their knockout rounds today and we still have a team playing in the Round of 16, no surprises on the names as they are the current Doubleview Masters Pairs winners and very strong pairs combination, Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling, defeating Alex Marshall on their way to the Round of 16. Young Kaleb Walding also doing well and he stands a good chance of going places in the Under 18 singles comp starting Wednesday.
We also saw the Ladies Fours playing their knockouts and again we saw some good success but unfortunately Lisa Featherby & Linda Warburton get to the quarter finals before bowing out to Bolivia Millerick. Well done to the 2 L's.
Tomorrow sees Mens Pairs again, Womens Pairs start their knockout, O60 Mens and Womens Pairs. Another action packed day, check back again tomorrow afternoon for more scores.

16th Jun 18 - Day 8 saw the singles players in action getting down to the Round of 32, and we have only 1 player left, Kristina Krstic arguably our best player in WA at the moment is still alive and looking good for a Rd of 16 match against Julie Keegan. Sharon Lyster was a first round winner but lost in the 2nd, and for the guys Frank Carbone and Murray Hulrbert also were 1st round winners but losing the 2nd.
Today sees the singles get down to the semi final stage, Kristina our only player up today, good luck to her! If you have Facebook and been watching the live coverage hosted by our own Clive Adams, this morning sees the match between Ryan Bester and Aron Sherriff. That should be a cracker!

15th Jun 18 - Day 7 saw the Fours action, the ladies starting their rounds and the men starting their knockout stage.
The Ladies has seen some success, 4 teams getting top of the class and with 9 lucky losers, our 2 teams finishing second may be a chance as well. Our winners include Kristina Krstic and her team of stars, Sally Wilke with last minute call up Beryl Gobbart got thru their section unscathed. Nerrida Porteous and her team also winning all 3 games and Wendy Stower and her WA teammates went also undefeated.
We can say today that Lisa Featherby and Linda Warburton progressed, and unlucky K Lane missed out by 5%, she had 116% in her section and the cutoff was 121%
The mens fours saw 4 teams in action but unfortunately all 4 went down in close games in their first match.
Tomorrow sees the mens and womens singles in action, good luck again to our WA players!

14th Jun 18 - Day 6 is complete, mens fours is over, we had a few players spread around playing with non-WA people, and also Section 13 which saw 3 teams in it, none of them qualified either! Although the 4th team was skipped by ex-Australian player Anthony Kiepe.
Nevertheless, we see 4 teams progress , 3 winning their section and Brad Ball and his team getting 1 of the 7 lucky loser spots. They play their knockout games tomorrow.
Good luck to the ladies 4's tomorrow as well, only 23 sections so 9 lucky losers.
The draws have also been released for the Mens and Ladies Pairs, and also the Mens Fours for tomorrow. Amazingly helen Hutton and Annette Campbell from I think Port Bouvard play the same team they beat in the section, the Noronha sisters. Let's hope they can beat them again! Some juicy matchups though in the pairs, check out the sheets for all the details.

13th Jun 18 - Day 5 is over and we saw the end of the Mens and Womens pairs events with mixed results.
For the women, we have 2 automatic qualifiers, Kristina Krstic paired with Samantha Shannahan won all 3 games of their section while best buddies Lisa Featherby and Linda Warburton got through although they did drop their middle game by a shot, but it didn't matter in the end. With the lucky losers being announced, Helen Hutton and Annette Campbell also get through after finishing secind, defeating the much touted Noronha sisters on the way.
The finish of the mens pairs Saw Peter Retallack and Brad Gillingham dominate their first 2 games but then a slight loss against Erron Martin didn't matter as the Noirth Beach boys through. A few second spots including Martin, also fellow Bassendean chum Blake Nairn with a +13 he may get through. If he does then Fremantle teammates Peter Wachmer and Matthew Ngui will also get through with +13. We have also seen lucky losers Edmonds and Masel from Mt Lawley, Walker and Pauling from South Perth, Walding from Dampier, Reagan and Griffin - South Perth also get through, which makes 10 WA mens pairs thgrough to the knockout stages.
The Ladies singles draw has been released as well and has been updated on the sheet 12th Jun 18 - Day 4 saw the end of the sectional play for the Womens singles and the start of the Mens pairs, play concluding tomorrow for them. For the Women, Nerrida Porteous was our sole representative today and unfortunately finished 3rd in her section. We should hear who the lucky losers are soon.
The Mens pairs saw 13 pairs take to the green and a fairly successful day saw 3 teams finish in automatic 1st spot, Sorrento's Brad Ball and Warnbro Steve Novak, Sorrento's Peter Morgan and Wanneroo's Murray Hulbert and North Beach's Glenn Martin and Sam Scott. Quite a few teams finished 2nd and with 36 lucky losers, we may see a couple more get through.
The finish of the Mens Pairs tomorrow and the commencement of the Womens Pairs.
11th Jun 18 - Day 3 and it was the end of the Mens singles and the start of the Ladies singles. Not much to report from the Mens today, although the lucky losers were announced where we saw Frank Carbone and Peter Retallack join our 4 sectional winners. The ladies saw Kristina Krstic win all 3 of her games and also Jillian Russell who I'm not aware of but hails from North Beach, she ad 2 wins but finished on top of her section. With 56 of the 72 sections lucky losers then I think we will see our 2nd placegetters get through.
Tomorrow sees the last of the Ladies singles playing and the start of the mens pairs.
10th Jun 18 - Day 2 and we saw our biggest contingent in the singles playing, unfortunately another lean day for the West Aussies, 2 players automatically qualifying with Scott Walker winning all 3 games, I think he made the round of 16 last year, and Murray Hulbert also winning all 3 games. A few 2nds with handy shots up may see an extra player or 2 qualify as the lucky loser.
9th Jun 18 - Anyway birthday celebrations are over, we have had the 1st day of the Australian Open complete today with 2 WA players finishing top of their section, Colin Hickinbotham from Gosnells and Blake Nairn from Bassendean. Nairn especially meritorious as he defeated young gun from NSW Corey Wedlock 21-20. We also have 4 further WA players sitting in 2nd spot and hopeful of the 2nd chance, with 44 spots available in the mens singles one of them may sneak in.

Australian Open 2017

Mens SinglesLadies SinglesMens PairsLadies PairsMens FoursLadies FoursMens O/60 PairsLadies O/60 Pairs

21st June - 3pm - Aaaaand the Australian Open dream is over for our WA players, today saw the knockout stages of the Ladies O/60 Pairs where we had 2 representatives. Therese Hastings was unable to replicate her win of last year bowing out in the 1st game and Irene Arndt and Helen Hutton having a massive 33-2 win but were narrow losers in the Rd of 16.

So that's it, The Australian Open 2017 is wrapping up and there looks to be some clinkers coming up on Facebook for the Fours and Foxtel for the Singles and Pairs. Hope you've enjoyed my daily wrap, things will quieten down now but there will be regular upcoming carnivals, rumours coming thick and fast, and of course the big AGM coming up in July and the motion to revert the season back to 18 games to be voted upon. When I get news about that I will post.

20th June - 10pm - It's been a long day, and a long tournament, and we are down to the pointy end of the carnival. Today saw the Ladies Pairs knockout, Ladies O/60 pairs commence and the Mens O/60 pairs knockout be played.

I still haven't yet worked out why Ashley Cooper and Keith Manton didn't qualify today after finishing 2nd with +27 and yet Gordon King and Gary Caffell did with +13. I'm sure we'll find out one day, but someone who did slip under my radar was Sam Perica who teamed with a local, and he became our leading O/60 player, winning 2 games today but unfortunately bowing out in the Rd of 16.

The Ladies pairs started brightly with all 3 teams winning in the morning, but the lunch break was horrendous with all 3 teams losing after lunch! I think there is a lesson there, not sure what....

Finally our O/60 Ladies pairs sectional started with no sectional winners, but 2 progressing to the next stage. Therese Hastings playing with a SA player gets another chance, and Helen Hutton and Irene Arndt combining to also get a 2nd chance in tomorrows knockout games. Hopefully we have good news tomorrow or my coverage of the Australian Open for WA players will cease.

19th June - 4pm - Day 10 winds down and we are left with no Men in the draw as the Pairs knockout commenced and ended for our guys. First game this morning we had some wins with Matt Ellul and Paul Fair winning 20-8, and Peter Flack and Stephen Fewster winning 19-12, but both teams were not able to continue their winning ways, bowing out in the Round of 64.

The Ladies Fours were also played today, both teams featuring our players won the first game in the morning but Kristina Krstic unfortunately bowing out, losing to a team from NZ 13-15. The highlight though came from Lisa Featherby and her team comprising good friend Linda Warburton and a couple of others from interstate, they won their morning game and then scored the upset of the day, defeating some handy players in the Rd of 16. Unfortunately the dream died next game but a great effort to get the quarter final stage.

Our final set of games came courtesy of the Over 60 Mens Pairs, we had 10 pairs competing but none have automatically qualified, the best being Keith Manton and Ashley Cooper finishing 2nd with a +27, they should get to the next stage, but Gordon King and Gary Caffell will have a nervous wait for the lucky loser for them

6.30pm Unfortunately Scott wasn't able to overcome Wayne Ruediger going down 15-21. Great coverage by Perth Pennants via Adrian Durrant and Dale Marsland/Monica Huynh we saw Scott bowl extremely well with Ruediger playing some crunch weighted shots that went his way, they could easily have gone against him and we would have seen a different winner. Nevertheless, those that saw Walker play in the PBA and in Pennants during the year would not be surprised at the form he is showing, this sort of result would have to put him on notice to again break into the State team. Well done Scott!

Tomorrow we see the Mens Pairs knockout, the Ladies Fours knockouts, and the Mens O60 Pairs commence. Another action packed day for WA players tomorrow. Special mention to Scott Aungier who qualified with Steve Diable but has had to come home due to his Mums health. Our best thoughts with Pat and the Aungier family.

18th June - 12noon - And then there was one, Scott Walker our sole representative left in the Singles tournament, Kristina Krstic bowing out to Samantha Shannahan 14-21 after beating Carmen Anderson this morning. Scott plays Wayne Ruediger in the Rd of 16 but Scott seems to be on fire at the moment and will really take it up to Ruediger on the synthetic surface at Paradise Point. Beautiful day in Queensland today, Mens Singles indoors. Go figure...

17th June - 11am - The first round of the Mens Singles knockout has been completed, we had 14 men trying to get through to the next round, 5 of them winning their games. Geoff Page winning a nail biter 21-20, Scott Walker defeating NZ player Blake Signal 21-12, Jarrad O'Donohoe having a fine tournament winning 21-19, Paul Fair with a solid 21-16 win and Ross Thomson a comfotable 21-7 win. The next round is underway, results in a couple of hours. Ladies Singles also starting around now so we should have those results soon as well.

3pm At the conclusion of Day 8 of the Australian Open and we have 1 person left in each of the Singles disciplines. Scott Walker winning virtually untroubled to face Corey Wedlock in the next round, and Kristina Krstic also with 2 comfortable wins and now faces Carmen Anderson. Despite this i think we've had a fairly successful day with some good wins early in the day to our Mens and Ladies. Play continues tomorrow in the Singles and we will keep a keen eye early in the day for our 2 WA players left.

16th June - 4pm - The dream is over for our Mens Fours as they have all bowed out. Our WA against WA produced a winner from Wanneroo, O'Donohoe, Loftus, Hulbert and Morgan saluting the judge there, but they hit a roadblock next round, falling to the team that defeated the Bester four. Well done to them and all the Mens Fours who progressed.

Our Ladies Fours also started their campaign today and we have got 2 guaranteed starters in the knock out stages, the team of Featherby, Warburton, Miles and Sanders having what looked to be an easy day winning all 3 games, and Kristina Krstic also skippering a strong rink winning all 3 of her games. Both skippers, Featherby and Krstic progressing in all 3 disciplines, well done to them. The hard work starts now for all our Ladies in the knockout stages of the tournament.

15th June - 6pm - The draws have been completed, and we are guaranteed a WA Mens Fours team in the Rd of 16 as we have the Wanneroo team of Morgan, Hulbert,Loftus and O'Donohoe advance thru their section to play the Wachmer team. Most of the Wanneroo guys have missed my search criteria for WA players, so their results in the Pairs and Singles and now on the respective sheets as well. The South Perth guys face the toughest task playing Barrie Lester and his cohorts from Victoria. These games plus the Ladies Fours are all being played tomorrow, I will try and update on a regular basis.

15th June - 4pm - Day 6 finishes with all games finishing on time and games from yesterday caught up and some more sectional winners, this time in the Mens Fours. The Wanneroo Four of Douthie, Davies, Flack and Fewster progress with 3 wins, Peter Flack having a great tournament progressing in all 3 disciplines, I think the only male to have achieved that. also progressing is Warburton, Stevens, Marsland and Newton also winning 3 games. Wachmer, Galipo, Bowden and Ngui getting through despite dropping the final game and Walker, Pauling, Havercroft and Durrant winning all of their games. Knockout draws probably being done later today, will update then and also the Ladies Pairs which completed today

14th June - 3pm - Day 5 still going with the catch up games about to start for some of the Ladies singles and some Mens and Ladies pairs results still not complete yet, but the links now have some finished sections. In the Mens Pairs, Matt Ellul and Paul Fair have shaken off a defeat to win their section with a few sections finishing nd with a newvous wait for the 28 lucky losers. The Ladies pairs also kicked off today and so far it's Kristina Krstic blasting that section to bits and progressing thru. It's a busy day for Krstic who now heads to Broadbeach to complete her Singles. Scores for that should be posted at around 7pm.

9pmAction packed last few hours as Kristina Krstic survived a nailbiting 21-20 win to win her section, Scott Aungier and Steve Diable losing their final game but winning the section anyway to advance to the knockout stages. I had overlooked Therese Hastings in S26 as she cruised through her section to also advance to the knockout stages. These draws have also been completed tonight for the Ladies Singles and the Mens Pairs. some more Ladies Pairs to finish off tomorrow and also the Mens Fours kick off tomorrow. Fine weather predicted now for a while, that usually means it will rain again....

13th June - 2.30pm - Day 4 concludes on a very wet Australian Open but not without some WA success in a very few sections to finish. In the Ladies Singles, Kathy Gobbert from Sorrento and Margaret Johnson have won all of their matches to progress to the knockout stages. Kristina Krstic also won her 1st game convincingly before rain washed out the remainder of the day. In the Mens Pairs, only 4 pairs from WA able to play with Peter Flack and Stephen Fewster both from Wanneroo progressing.

13th June - 10am - Day 4 commences in extremely wet conditions with some venues cancelling the Mens Pairs, but other venues playing so we do have some early scores. All the Ladies Singles have started today as well. Scores below.

12th June - 7pm - Day 3 finishes, a busy work day for me (sorry for the late posting) but another 2 men advance automatically to the knockout stage, those being Mark Douthie from Wanneroo and Paul Fair from Mosman Park. Ross Warburton looks ideally placed with +27 shots to also make it through. Not so good on the Ladies front, no automatic qualifying at the moment but with 53 lucky losers also making it through, anyone finishing 2nd and a positive will probably be playing again. Lisa Featherby the best placed of the Ladies competing on day with a 15 shot positive which will be enough to see her play on. Results in the links below.

11th June - 3pm - Day 2 concludes with another 5 WA players progressing to the knockout stage of the tournament. Joe Galipo currently at Kardinya, Scott Walker from South Perth, Ross Thomson from Harvey, Geoff Page at Middleton Beach and Neville Stephens from Osborne Park all sectional winners. Glenn Pauling losing narrowly to Ben Twist however has good shots up and may progress. Stein Davies awfully close to progressing the group of death but has good shots up and may get through as well

The Ladies start their campaign tomorrow with better weather predicted and also the final round of the Mens Singles as well. Tune in around 3pm again tomorrow for the final scores

11th June - 9am - This morning again in overcast conditions sees some more WA men playing in the Australian Open. Matt Ellul and Stein Davies playing in the "group of death" Section 185, Ellul beating Scottish International Ryan Burnett 21-20 and Davies losing 20-21 to Malaysian International Syamil Ramli. Looks like it's belting down rain and Ellul in shorts!

10th June - 3pm - The first day of the Australian Open has concluded with some mixed results for WA Bowlers. 4 sectional winners, Peter Flack from Wanneroo, Warwick Neville from Roleystone, Lindsay Strange from Warnbro and Dale Marsland from Mosman Park all advancing to the knock out stages to be played next Saturday. All is not lost however, and there are by my calculations 28 lucky losers who finish 2nd to progress, so exceptional shots up here will be a must. Full results in the link below.

10th June - 11am - The first round has commenced with some good results for our WA bowlers in what looks to be very windy and overcast conditions. Live bowls are being shown on the Facebook page for Bowls Australia to be played over the next 2 weeks.