This R9 played into the Mounters hands nicely as 2nd & 3rd lost their games to allow them to slightly extend their margin at the top. Cockburn drop a spot after another heartbreaking close loss on the road & Gosnells leapfrog all Finals contenders by jumping from 4th to clear 2nd in the ladder. No real change for the bottom dwellers as they take points off each other but Wanneroo swaps spots with previous 5th spot holders of Rossmoyne as the River Rats now drop into the dreaded 7th spot.
After 9 Rounds now we have a good handle on form with some nice data coming through on stats so we might look to bring in more form data, trends, who's hot & who's not to make things a little more entertaining. We'll probably look to do another predictions update maybe after R11 or maybe R12 to keep you all informed but let's briefly recap on what was predicted after R6 to where we are now:
Our Predictions after R6 are on Left on what the table will look like after R18 & the current ladder positions on the Right after R9:
Mt LawleyMt Lawley
Bassendean 1 Gosnells
Gosnells Bassendean 1
Cockburn Cockburn
Wanneroo Wanneroo
Sorrento Sorrento
Rossmoyne Rossmoyne
Warnbro Bassendean 2
Bassendean 2 Warnbro
Quinns Rocks Quinns Rocks
So the predictions aren't tracking too bad at all so far. We're out on 2nd & 3rd and 8th & 9th but both those swaps are only 1pt difference from being correct after R9. A long way to go but we are definitely getting a good handle of who's who in the zoo & how teams are balanced. Would I change any predictions heading into R10, maybe not but I'd like to see a few more results from my smokey side before I bump them 1 position up the ladder.

Warnbro 78 (6) v Quinns Rocks 75 (2)
Kieran Cousens 18 v Steve O'Neill 19
Dennis Pattullo 22 v Rohan Cantrill 15
George (dr) Jackson 14 v John Berecz 23
Barry Kalinowsky 24 v Hugh Ward 18

This one could've gone either way with both sides screaming for points to get them out of trouble or at least get them into less trouble of the playoffs. Both sides have similar points & shots against so this one was always going to be a close encounter.
Cousens dropped to O'Neill by 1 shot in a great win for O'Neills rink as they didn't want to go 5 losses in a row so this one breaks a drought nicely. Unfortunately for Cousens it only compounds their form giving them 6 losses in a row & a paltry 1 from 9 wins for the season with -60 shots to burden. Pattullo cruised past Cantrill by 7 shots to give the Wizards a nice look at the Agg & grab a vital 1pt. Jackson sides dropped their bundle again to a very good side in Berecz by 9 shots & it was game on for the Agg for Quinns & 6 from 9 for Berecz. Could they win their 1st Away game in a long time? With a very tight finish up steps Kalinowsky to knock Wards side for 6 (literally) & condemn Ward's side to 1 from 9 on -79shots. The win did swing a massive Agg back for the Wizards in what could be a huge 4pt difference come the end of the season between these 2 sides.
Warnbro do now edge themselves within 1pt of playoff's & out of automatic demotion but Quinns are now 10pts off playoffs & 20pts off safety of 6th. We don't have either side doing much over the next few months so if they can nab even 1 surprise win it will make a big difference.
Result: Warnbro 6 - 2
Prediction: Warnbro 6 - 2

Bassendean 1 72 (2.5) v Mt Lawley 91 (5.5)
Jovan Krstic 20 v David Rhodes 20
Russell Ellis 9 v Mark Masel 35
Simon Alden 18 v Andrew Jones 14
Stein Davies 25 v Corey Bessant 22

Massive game for both sides in R9 & again to be repeated in R18. With the Mounters arriving early for a roll-up they showed their intent on where their head was at & knew how important this one to get a ticket to the big dance. We thought this cracker would be decided on 1 blow out rink & boy oh boy didn't that happen. Both sides lowest performing rinks got matched against each other which left the top performing rinks to slug out all close fought encounters in what was a pretty even balanced affair & leaving somewhat of a stablemate position.
Krstic & Rhodes just couldn't be separated all day & finished sharing the spoils at 20-20. Rhodes is probably happy with that as the rink now remains the only rink in 1 White unbeaten to date, which is a massive achievement, so congrats to that rink for the Mounters. Alden rolled Jones in another tight affair by 4 shots to give the Lions a valuable point to add to the draw. Davies continued their great form by clocking up 6 on the trot with a close 3 shot finish against Bessant's rink, which strangely looks like a full ex.Doubleview rink with Cornell, Bessant, Herriot, Bessant. At this stage the Lions looked in control but nobody gave Masel the memo as they tore through a hapless Ellis's side like butter with the home side not getting to double figures with the Mounters side winning by an eye watering 26 shots to put the Agg away in 1 foul swoop. That's 5 games in a row without a win for Ellis's rink & a -64 shot differential over that period. For Basso's season so far, that's 4 of the top 5 largest defeats to Ellis's side, so they might have to have a quick look at that. Irrespective of getting the weaker side Masel's rink needed to produce the goods & as the other rinks held their own, Masel's side stepped it up a few gears & produced in spades.
Hard to say it's a massive result because the Lions only lost 3pts on the Mounters but the reality is the Mounters don't need to points really as they'll be chipping away with their Home wins, so unless the top sides actually take full points off them they will find it very difficult to catch them.
Result: Mt Lawley 5.5 - 2.5
Prediction: Bassendean 6 - 2

Wanneroo 82 (7.5) v Rossmoyne 71 (0.5)
Christopher Buchholz 20 v John Carter 19
Christopher Parr 18 v Rawley Lang 18
Neville Costello 23 v Craig Edson 16
Kingsley Toster 21 v Walter Harvey 18

Wanneroo needed a bounce back & they got it in R9 after a shocking R8 trip on the road down the Kwinana. It might of been a little close for comfort but Rossmoyne were always going to push them close but to get 7.5pts by only winning by 9 shots is a fair accomplishment. The largest winning margin was 7 shots with the other winning rinks falling over the line by 1 shot & 2 shots, in a very tight affair.
Buchholz edged Carter by the minimum that went down to the very last bowl. Parr & Lang were neck & neck all day & couldn't be separated right down to the last bowl as they split the winning on 18-18 to give Rossmoyne their only points of the day. Costello had Edson by 7shots in the biggest win of the day which really was the difference for the Agg. Toster had a very late push to nab Harvey late by 3 shots to grab another point for the Roos to give them one of their tightest victories all season & their biggest win of 7.5pts all wrapped up into 1 big performance.
After this result both sides swap exact spots on the ladder with the Roo's now going 5th & Rossmoyne now into 7th, so it shows how tight the margins are in that mid-section. The River Rats will feel hard done by & you would think they are considering how they even lost the Agg considering they were looking good for most of the game but the Away wins are very very hard to come by for the River Rats. This one could have saved the Roo's season.
Result: Wanneroo 7.5 - 0.5
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Gosnells 99 (8) v Bassendean 2 53 (0)
Grant Nicol 25 v Peter Madigan 22
Brett Holland 18 v Neil Strachan 16
Frank Carbone 23 v Mark Cook 9
Robert Foy 33 v Eugene O'Sullivan 6

The Kookaburra's needed a big win here & they delivered in comprehensive fashion & grabbed a huge 8pts as the bonus. That catapults them over Basso 1 into 2nd spot with a 4pt spread to 4th spot. Gosnells don't have the toughest run coming up but they absolutely will need to grab more than 1 away win all season to play Finals. Basso 2 couldn't do they team mates a favour by grabbing some points off Gosnells to help the top team as they were soundly beaten across all rinks.
Nicol's side started the procession with a 3 shot win over Madigan. Holland chipped in with a handy 2 shot win over Strachan's side. Those games were the chances Basso had to grab any points as after that it started to get ugly. Foy had a day out against O'Sullivan, who's the Lions best rink so far this season. Foy's side were just piling on the shots & won by a massive 27 shots in the end. Carbone wasn't to be outdone as his side was literally cooking all day as they cruised past Cook by 14 shots to put the Agg well & truly away for Gosnells.
Basso were never looking likely in this fixture but 1 or 2 pts would have been great. Unfortunately Gosnells didn't leave a crumb on the table & have set themselves up nicely for a good look at Finals in the 2nd half of the season & maybe more if they can beat the top team at home in R15.
Result: Gosnells 8 - 0
Prediction: Gosnells 7 - 1

Sorrento 77 (6) v Cockburn 71 (2)
Alan Anderson 16 v Marc Abonnel 22
Ian Linford 17 v William Tepania 18
Ronald Rogers 25 v Josip (joe) Marevic 16
Richard Bone 19 v Michael Simunovic 15

Great Home win for the Swans against a solid outfit in the Roosters. The Swans will be delighted with the win & that's a cool 4 from 4 at home with the back 9 containing 5 Home fixtures, skies the limit for the Swans. However, the Roosters will be scratching the heads & wondering what they need to do to get an Away win on the board. That's 4 away losses for the season & nearly every one was by less than 10 shots. Their ladder position would look so much different even if they only found a way to win 2 of those 4 games. They would be a clear 2nd with a real chance of automatic promotion to 1 Red. They only have 4 away games left & they need 3 wins from 4 if they fancy playing in the big dance next season & other than Basso 1 the rest they might be able to win, so there's a chance.
Anderson dropped by 6 shots to Abonnel & that was probably as good a loss as the Swans could put together as that took away the chances of a blowout rink by Cockburn best side this season. Linford also dropped to Big Willie but only by the minimum margin so that gave the last 2 rinks a real good look at the Agg. Rogers jumped on the chance & knocked Joe for 9 shots which was the difference at the end of the day. Joe's side is struggling this year with only 3 wins from 9 games & will need to get some form together to give the side a bullet proof 4 rinks. Very similar can be said for Simunovic as they struggled to find the shots but only dropped to Bone by 4 shots. However, like Joe's rink they are only 3 from 9 & in need of some consistent form.
We still have the Swans finishing on 68pts which would be fantastic for them as it should be nearly 10pts clear of playoffs. We have them running 5 from the next 7 for a real purple patch so watch them edge up the ladder in Feb'22. Back to the drawing board for the Roosters. They can be home track bullies but they'll need to get some away form.
Result: Sorrento 6 - 2
Prediction: Cockburn 6 - 2

Mt Lawley981026.5799603132.558.5
Bassendean 1954024752658114.2944
Bassendean 293601463175283.9126
Quinns Rocks91801263379180.0316
Anrthony Einfeld80054Mt Lawley
Joe Krstic71154Bassendean 1
Marc Abonnel720100Cockburn
Simon Alden72049Bassendean 1
Andrew Jones72047Mt Lawley
William Tepania72047Cockburn
John Carter72042Rossmoyne
Grant Nicol72036Gosnells
Stein Davies62042Bassendean 1
Corey Bessant63032Mt Lawley
Robert Foy63032Gosnells
John Berecz63030Quinns Rocks
Chris Buchholz53011Wanneroo
Mark Masel54063Mt Lawley
Neville Costello5406Wanneroo
Ronald Rogers5401Sorrento
Eugene O'Sullivan540-32Bassendean 2
Wally Harvey430-6Rossmoyne
Craig Edson45017Rossmoyne
Ian Linford4501Sorrento
Barry Kalinowsky450-11Warnbro
Frank Carbone450-19Gosnells
Dennis Pattullo330-14Warnbro
Kingsley Toster3510Wanneroo
Russell Ellis351-45Bassendean 1
Peter Madigan350-6Bassendean 2
Brett Holland350-24Gosnells
Mick Martin350-25Sorrento
Joe Marevic36010Cockburn
Michael Simunovic360-7Cockburn
Alan Anderson360-22Sorrento
Steve O'Neill360-53Quinns Rocks
George Jackson360-66Warnbro
Lindsay Strange2103Warnbro
Neil Strachan22024Bassendean 2
David Triffitt260-35Wanneroo
Mark Cook270-54Bassendean 2
Chris Parr10119Wanneroo
Trevor Close10012Gosnells
Butch Dinnison1007Bassendean 2
Richard Bone1004Sorrento
Reza Vind120-12Rossmoyne
Rohan Cantrill130-36Quinns Rocks
Martin Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
Richard D'Souza140-60Bassendean 2
Kieran Cousens180-60Warnbro
Hugh Ward180-79Quinns Rocks
David Rhodes0010Mt Lawley
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
Rawley Lang031-25Rossmoyne
Allan Petchell040-26Rossmoyne