Manning 80 (6) v Safety Bay 75 (2)
Blake Butler 25 v Chris Carruthers 10
David Downey 18 v Zac Boddy 21
Daniel Trewhella 26 v Graeme Smith 17
Lewis Grigg 11 v Ron Hall 27

Phew, this game could have got ugly for Manning as Safety Bay travelled and nearly caused a boilover. And it was Safety Bays best rink to date of Chris Carruthers which had the double figure loss which could not capitalise on the 16 shot win by Ron Hall over Lewis Grigg. 5 shots off the pace, Manning will take this and move on, ending the round in 4th place while Safety Bay have hit double figures in points but still searching for their first win. It would seem they are getting more comfortable in the division and a win seems not too far away.
Kardinya 79 (5.5) v South Perth 71 (2.5)
Steven Novak 18 v Ross Bresland 20
Daryl Radford 20 v Glenn Pauling 22
Tony Krajancic 18 v Daniel Brown 18
David Rankin 23 v Justin Opie 11

Kardinya have caused an upset of sorts but I think we need to re-think our position about South Perth. After this result they sit 6th, and only 5.5 points clear of the 9th placed Kardinya. They'd want to start winning soon or else they need to look over their should to see wqho is winning behind them. String some games together and they can still make finals. But it would want to happen soon.
Ok in this game, it all came down to the 1 rink, Dave Rankin vs Justin Opie. Ranks burst out, 7-0 after 3 ends and it was virtually game over, Opie never getting closer than 3 and really after the 9th end, Opie only winning 4 ends to go from 10-6 to a game close 23-11. It was the only rink to win for Kardinya but with 3 other games, it was enough. The drawn rink came from Tony Krajancic and Daniel Brown. Krajancic getting out to an 8-1 lead early before Brown pegged it back. From there they traded shots, Brown never getting in front the whole game but picked up a 1 and a 2 to finish to draw the game.
South Perth did win on 2 rinks, both by 2 shots. Glenn Pauling playing Darrly Radford and was a tight game with Pauling holding the upper hand most of the way, up 15-9 on the 14th end before Radford won 3 of the next 4 ends to hit the front. Pauling stabilised the troops, picked up 2 end sof 3 shots to win the rink. The Ross Bresland vs Steve novak was very similar, Bresland getting out early and holding an 8 shot lead on the 10th end before Novak charged, 8 of the next 9 ends to hit the front with 2 to go but they couldn't hold on, Bresland finishing with a 2 and then a 3 on the last end to win by 2.
Osborne Park 78 (6) v Sorrento 66 (2)
Shane Loftus 15 v Christopher Lander 18
Cody Packer 19 v Rhett Butler 13
Neville Stevens 27 v Bruce Eagles 16
Ryan Brown 17 v Dan Nicholls 19

Not much out of this game, I do know that Eagles and Hulbert did swap skippering duties for this game so I will have to update the scores. My records show it was Hulberts first game as a skipper in the Premier League, and it was one he may want to forget, losing by 11 to Neville Stevens. Coupled with Rhett Butlers 6 shot loss to Cody Packer, it was a deficit Could not over come. Osborne Park seem to be clawing their way back into the contest this year after a very slow start. Still 8th on the ladder but the points differential with 4th is only 9 points. Really nothing with 9 games left. Finals action is still up for grabs for 9 of the teams at the moment.
North Beach 111 (8) v Mosman Park 64 (0)
Joe McGinlay 31 v Dale Marsland 16
Chris Margin 22 v Alan Southern 16
Mark Douthie 31 v Mitchell Cranswick 17
Michael Sweeney 27 v Cameron Hoffman 15

A windy North Beach was Mosman Parks worst nightmare as they just could not come to grips with the wind and the speed as 3 rinks lost by double digits and a 47 shot loss overall. They wouldn't be the first club to be reamed by the conditions, and they won't be the last.
Looking at the scoresheets and this game was over 5 ends in. Overall was 28-11, with no Mosman Park rink in front and it got worse from there. Joe McGinlay played the big gun Dale Marsland but it was a gun that fired blanks, Marsland did win the first end but from there it was a sporadic ends, only once being able to string 2 winning ends together. McGinlay and Gillingham good for North Beach and Marsland with Massang trying hard. Chris Margin seems to have been the catalysat for a North Beach resurgance and he won again to make it 3 on the trot. A good solid rink performance, one of the most underrated leaders in the comp Jerome Clayton another good performance as Alan Southern tried hard all day with Terry Cranswick the pick of his bowlers. They lost but only by 6 which can be admirable effort.
The other 2 rinks were nice and comprehensive. Mitchell Cranswiuck started well against Mark Douthie to be up 5-0 after 3 before a big 6 saw Douthie in front and was not again headed. Cranswick was still only 1 down at the 11th end but Douthie won 7 of the last 10 ends, none of them singles to win by 14. Our last rink saw mike Sweeney start well to be up 8-0 on 4 before Cam Hoffman hit the scoreboard with a solo but really it was almost double figure margins all game, amazingly Hoffman winning 10 ends but 8 of them singles where Sweeney with his 11 ends only 4 of them were singles. Sweenet too good to win by 12.
Doubleview 62 (0) v Cambridge 85 (8)
John Slavich 13 v Clive Adams 16
Ryan Moyle 16 v Cameron Harris 25
Charles Slavich 17 v Blake Nairn 26
Kyle McIlroy 16 v Eric Johannes 18

Our top of the table clash may seem a fizzer from the results, when I saw them was amazed at the 8-0 score line, but at the 14 ends each mark, Doubleview were holding sway and they were looking at 8-0 of their own. Cambridge are a different side this year, last year they would have rolled over and maybe grabbed a point or two but this year is a different side and they rallied at the end to grab all 8 points and break the Doubleview fortress. Last time Doubleview lost 8-0 was against Bassendean at Bassendean in March 2018, my records don't go back far enough to see if they have ever lost by that ever at home before. Well done Cambridge, they are the real deal this year.
Reports are that a new strain of South African COVID his Doubleview on Saturday, the Johannes strain. Kyle McIlroy and his rink could do no more in the first half of the game constantly holding multiple shots before Eric Johannes would either cut down or get shot. Mcilroy was still well up but the 2nd hlaf belonged to Johannes, the wind dropped, mat length changed his rink came to town, Johannes able to win by 2. Clive Adams in a dour battle with fellow State level cohort winning by 3.
Cameron Harris winning by 9 over Ryan Moyle but the scoreline belies the closeness of the game. With the aggregate still within reach, Moyle tried to create some shots for his club dropping 2 fours near the end and handing the rink point to Harris. The game of Blake Nairn and Charlie Slavich took a while to get going, 1 completed end in about 45 minutes of play, about 5 or 6 killed ends. We know both of these guys do not give an inch and trying to establish ascendancy early meant some dead ends, but in the end it was Nairn able to win it at the end by 9.
North Beach95401770873496.4637
South Perth945018746669111.5134
Mosman Park94501867567999.4134
Osborne Pk94501667270795.0532
Safety Bay909010.557881670.8310.5
Blake Nairn81083Cambridge
Clive Adams81033Cambridge
Glenn Pauling72079South Perth
Charlie Slavich72049Doubleview
Daniel Trewhella72041Manning
Chris Lander72031Sorrento
Alan Southern63023Mosman Park
Cody Packer63020Osborne Pk
Eric Johannes6309Cambridge
Dale Marsland6304Mosman Park
Rhett Butler53134Sorrento
Kyle McIlroy54048Doubleview
Joe McGinlay54024North Beach
Dan Nicholls5406Sorrento
Neville Stevens540-12Osborne Pk
Shane Knott42217Manning
Tony Krajancic43218Kardinya
Mitchell Cranswick4323Mosman Park
Daniel Brown43129South Perth
David Rankin441-21Kardinya
Chris Carruthers441-27Safety Bay
Lewis Grigg440-28Manning
Michael Sweeney450-6North Beach
Bruce Eagles450-13Sorrento
Ryan Moyle450-14Doubleview
Chris Margin30033North Beach
John Slavich3418Doubleview
Steven Novak360-9Kardinya
Ryan Brown360-12Osborne Pk
Justin Opie360-22South Perth
Mark Douthie360-31North Beach
Cameron Harris20022Cambridge
Shane Loftus240-15Osborne Pk
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Blake Butler10015Manning
Zac Boddy1003Safety Bay
AJ Heal1103Manning
Daryl Radford1101Kardinya
Ross Bresland1101South Perth
Ron Hall1307Safety Bay
Chris Owen161-91Safety Bay
Thomas Mitchell160-23Manning
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Cameron Hoffman180-34Mosman Park
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Graeme Smith011-9Safety Bay
David Downey010-3Manning
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay