What a great win by the Freo Mariners to upset the ladder leaders, the South Perth Millers at the home of the Millers. A great surprise win to breathe some life back into the competition, the first loss for the home side this year. As I suggested in my preview the Leeming Lions also had a win at home over the Kalamunda Cougars, all other games fairly predictable

Thornlie 106 (8) v Hollywood Subiaco 62 (0)
Mark Separovich 30 v David Byrne 9
Jim Stean 22 v Daniel Byrne 17
Eddie Gollan 29 v Glen Morey 19
Paul Pohe 25 v Robert Campbell 17

The Ravens well and truly thrashing the visiting Hollywood boys to the tune of 44 shots, grabbing a valuable points into the bargain to dramatically improve their shot difference as well.
The Separovich, Vaughan combination proving invincible on the day to thrash David Byrne and team by a whopping 21 shots, aggregate over.
Solid wins to Gollen, Stean and Penaluna to complete the rout.
South Perth 73 (2) v Fremantle 79 (6)
Steve Kelly 14 v Paul Clausen 26
John Carter 25 v Shaun McCormack 11
Michael McRae 23 v Peter Wachmer 21
Max Petrich 11 v Mark Gill 21

Six points only the difference at this fiercely fought contest at the home of the Millers on Saturday last. It wasn’t until the completion of the fourth rink off that there was a winner, as the Millers could have snatched victory, but it was not to be. Great wins to the Claussen and Gill rinks over Kelly and Petrich proved to be the difference in a spirited performance by the Mariners. The Carter, Wardrop combination taking young McCormack to the cleaners by some fourteen shots with McCrae holding sway over Wachmer by two.
The Mariners would have been well and truly pleased with this meritorious victory, well done. I picked the Millers to win by the length of the straight, how wrong was i.
Kardinya 2 72 (1) v Manning 91 (7)
Robert Hunter 29 v Michael Carey 22
Dwain Regan 18 v Wayne Heldt 20
Silvio Vassallo 11 v Graham O'Brien 26
Ron Jones 14 v Murray Piggott 23

The Eagles now soar to the top of the table after a solid away win down at the Kattery, over the Kats2 side. Seven points to take home after winning by a solid nineteen shots over a spirited opposition.
Rob Hunter proving a real winner the the Kats, bating the strong Mike Carey rink by seven shots, Robbie knocking on the door for higher honours you would think.
However Heldt, Piggott and O’Brien got the job done for the 🦅, with Gobsy taking Vassallo to the cleaners by fifteen big ones.
The Kats2 boys now sit only one point above the dreaded automatic relegation zone.
Leeming 80 (6) v Kalamunda 72 (2)
Gary Ford 22 v Arthur Bartlett 10
Phil Dobie 16 v Dwayne Wooltorton 26
Karl Vandersluys 26 v William Brandsma 12
James Newton 16 v Ian Cornthwaite 24

At an extremely wind swept green at Leeming the home side bounced back after their last loss to beat the visiting Cougars from the hills.
Only 8 shots the difference at the finish of a highly entertaining clash between these two competitive sixteens, two wins to either side won by comfortable margins as it turned out. The fierce winds made for some loose bowls, however this did not detract from the contest, which was extremely close all afternoon. The Vandersluys rink drawing the Brandsma four, a dream match up, which ultimately resulted in a 14 shot win to Karl and his boys from the hungry Lions.
Gary Ford also having a good win over the well credentialed Bartlett rink to help the cause for the home side. The rinks of Wooltorton and Cornthwaite tried hard to take home the major share of the spoils for the day, but to no avail, alas for the vanquished Cougars.
Hilton Park 70 (2) v Kardinya 1 78 (6)
Travis Simpson 18 v Ross Knapp 16
Daniel Newton 23 v Ian Barrie 20
Gary Dodd 13 v Geoffrey White 16
David Newton 16 v Graeme Fewings 26

The Hawks put up a great fight at home last Saturday to only lose by 8 shots, but lose they did, but they did grab 2 valuable points.
The match winning rink of Graeme Fewings, Normie Ball, Alan McCullagh and Norm Lipple toppling the David Newton rink by 10 shots, which proved to be the difference on the day. Fewings and Ball on 🔥 to show they still have it. The strong White rink of Woody, Johnny Terrell, Edgar and of course Geoffrey himself, pipping the Dodd foursome to give Dodd another loss, nothing up front for Gary unfortunately, makes it hard. Travis Simpson and Daniel Newton having wins for the Hawks to maybe help the long term cause of avoiding relegation.
South Perth962123750648115.7449
Kardinya 1963021752709106.0645
Kardinya 293511164374686.1925
Hilton Park92701667473991.224
Hollywood Subiaco91801262078978.5816
Dwayne Wooltorton72055Kalamunda
Michael McRae61018South Perth
Gary Ford62153Leeming
Mark Separovich62142Thornlie
Ian Cornthwaite62112Kalamunda
John Carter62088South Perth
Arthur Bartlett63044Kalamunda
Daryl Radford50145Kardinya 1
Graeme Fewings531-10Kardinya 1
Graham O'Brien53045Manning
Ian Barrie53028Kardinya 1
Craig Standley5309Hilton Park
Murray Piggott54047Manning
Michael Carey54038Manning
Karl Vandersluys5409Leeming
Steve Kelly540-9South Perth
Robert Campbell540-14Hollywood Subiaco
Wayne Heldt41035Manning
Paul Clausen41035Fremantle
Tony Maxwell430-1Hilton Park
Peter Wachmer44142Fremantle
Paul Pohe440-3Thornlie
Max Petrich450-7South Perth
Jim Stean450-25Thornlie
Phil Dobie450-42Leeming
Travis Simpson321-27Hilton Park
Geoff White3200Kardinya 1
Mark Gill34112Fremantle
Bill Brandsma351-46Kalamunda
Robert Hunter350-10Kardinya 2
Dwain Reagan350-19Kardinya 2
James Newton360-24Leeming
Shaun McCormack360-29Fremantle
Matthew Allen22017Manning
David Byrne252-38Hollywood Subiaco
Glen Morey270-54Hollywood Subiaco
Daniel Byrne270-63Hollywood Subiaco
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Daniel Newton1003Hilton Park
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Blake Butler1001Manning
Darryll Flintoff11216Kardinya 2
Ross Knapp11012Kardinya 1
Rodney Butler1105Hilton Park
Eddie Gollan1103Thornlie
John Wardrop110-3South Perth
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
John Rochford130-16Kardinya 1
David Wood130-21Kardinya 2
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Silvio Vassallo160-49Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd171-37Hilton Park
Wayne Bezant010-2Kardinya 1
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Stephen Back010-6Kardinya 2
Ron Jones010-9Kardinya 2
Eddie Gollan010-14Kardinya 1
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
David Newton020-11Hilton Park
Doddy Innes030-27Thornlie