Only 4 from 5 again this week as Rossmoyne put a solid hold on that upset result. Thankfully we now break for Christmas & isn't it a well deserved break for all. Whether top, bottom or somewhere in between it's been a tough 8 Rounds so far with plenty of sides 'feeling' themselves out which should make for an interesting run down the back 9 (well back 10 this year). It was probably understandable that most teams did not know who they were planning as even the same sides as last year in 1 White now look significantly different & then we had 5 new teams which generally makes 1 White the melting pot of randomness year after year. Confidence seems to play a large role in this division as the teams that go top stay there & the bottom sides generally struggle once they enter the bottom 3, if not 4. So you would think that for those bottom sides drawing a line after R8 & cleaning the slate is the best option & come out in January firing rather than thinking about past performances.
The Home form is still massively 1 sided with now only 9 games of the 80 played already after R8 won by an Away side, surely this can't continue into the 2nd half of the season or the final results will be pretty easy to call right now. We also had some tremendous controversial entertainment at Quinns on Saturday, the likes that has not been heard of in a long time, read below for a good laugh. Stay safe all, have a wonderful Christmas/New Year & enjoy your family time this festive season as who knows what next Christmas will look like. Cherish this one.

Bassendean 2 76 (7) v Warnbro 61 (1)
Neil Strachan 24 v Kieran Cousens 13
Mark Cook 15 v Dennis Pattullo 19
Peter Madigan 20 v George (dr) Jackson 15
Eugene O'Sullivan 17 v Barry Kalinowsky 14

Battle of the bottom & it was a big game in the context of fighting to stay out of that dreaded 9th spot. Both sides have pulled away from Quinns but Basso are now a full game ahead of Warnbro but we do see the Wizards pulling that back over in R17 to make it all square after R18 on 45pts each. Obviously it's a massive prediction from 12 games out but if Basso can hold that greater score differential, currently at +76 shots over the Wizards, then if it finishes 45pts a piece, Basso gets the chance for playoff's.
Strachan had Cousens wrapped up from halfway as they kept a nice margin & finished 11shots up. Cook dropped to Pattullo by 4 shots which gave the Wizards an important point. Madigan had Jackson by 5 shots in a close game until the last few ends. And O'Sullivan got back to winning ways like they have for most of the season with a 3 shot win over Kalinowsky.
That's 2 in a row for the Lions as they have picked up some nice results. The predictor has them struggling over the next few games so any 1 and 2 pt results will be important in their survival. Warnbro have only played 3 on the road so far so they have a tough assignment working through those away games as they'll be kicking themselves from not getting more out of those home games, after they were gifted 5 of the first 8 games at Home.
Result: Bassendean 2 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 2 6 - 2

Quinns Rocks 62 (1) v Bassendean 1 74 (7)
Rohan Cantrill 10 v Stein Davies 22
Steve O'Neill 13 v Jovan Krstic 19
Hugh Ward 14 v Simon Alden 20
John Berecz 25 v Russell Ellis 13

Well wasn't this encounter quite the entertaining match-up & who said banter has disappeared from the game. We have numerous local reports on the carry-on that ensued upon Basso's arrival to the ground but first we need to go back in time & more importantly back to R13 last year to allow the reader fully appreciate the context of this carry-on.
R13 last year was a miserable Saturday afternoon with a few games called early but most had completed the mandatory 14 ends, except for 1 game somewhere up near Geraldton. With Quinns up in the Agg & looking for a critical 6 or 7pts to save their season, all looked rosie until the weather came tumbling in a pace. The rain was coming in sideways & it was heavy. Quinns tried to finish the last few ends off to constitute a game but fell desperately short, literally minutes short of winning the Agg. Both teams got 4pts a piece & Basso headed home, thanking the rain Gods. Now if they didn't get those points they would not have finished 7th & Warwick would have had the easier play-off for demotion, so maybe they won't be now playing 1 Blue?! History shows that Warwick went down & Basso stayed up so the rain Gods played a huge role in the outcome of demotion last year or maybe Quinns did by not playing quick enough to get to 14 ends....we'll never know. Anyway, Quinns feeling persecuted appealed to Bowls WA, who went with the umpire of the day & dismissed their appeal & it remained 4pts each.
Sooo now you have the picture, back to last weekend's game. As the Basso boys were walking from the car park into the club house, the Quinns boys felt like a song, well actually not just 1 song, since it's the season for singing they pumped out SINGING IN THE RAIN as the Basso boys began to setup. And it didn't stop there, during the roll up they continued their jolly tunes with RAINDROPS KEEP FALLIN ON MY HEAD, PURPLE RAIN......etc. Now after this you would think that was enough messing but ohhh no not for Quinns.....as rollup finished they then began to hand out UMBRELLA's to the Basso boys....well this was getting serious now with everyone on a knife's edge. You would think that 1 more piss take will have the handbags flying, maybe even a good olde blue was on the cards?! It looked like a few old ladies (including a Mary Poppins look alike) on the side had some extra lead in their umbrella's & were ready to pile in.....alas things calmed down & the game got underway to the relief of most. Highly entertaining carry-on!!
Cantrill was looking at Davies back from the first few ends as the in-form side tore out of the gates & were 15up within the blink of an eye. O'Neill had the better of Krstic & was up a couple with 4 to go but the Krstic rink are flying at the moment & once they sighted a dark cloud in the skyline they put the burners on late to roll over O'Neill to send them to another loss with 2 from 8 now. Ward had Alden in a neck & neck contest but the confidence of 1 from 8 probably counted late as they just couldn't find a way past the Alden rink. Berecz did their usual & flew the only flag for Quinns in a great 12 shot win over Ellis by playing some brilliant bowls all day. That's 5 from 8 for Berecz & another big point to keep the ladder ticking over. Huge 7pts for Basso but the score was a little too close for comfort & knowing the top side put the same game away by 50pts leaves them a few weeks to get ready for the blockbuster that is R9.
Unsure if it was good olde fashioned banter or bitterness but hats off to Quinns for making it entertaining.
Result: Bassendean 1 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 6 - 2

Cockburn 112 (8) v Wanneroo 47 (0)
Marc Abonnel 22 v Christopher Buchholz 15
Michael Simunovic 31 v David Triffitt 10
William Tepania 31 v Neville Costello 10
Josip (joe) Marevic 28 v Kingsley Toster 12

Well look who has announced themselves to the competition?! The Roosters are here & they're telling the other 9 sides they are the real deal. 65shots over the Roo's after the Roo's beat the top side the week before, well that is just outrageous. The Home curse or not but this result will have a massive effect on the Roo's. To add insult to injury the Roosters didn't leave a scrape on the table for the Roos, grabbing all 8pts. I did think the Roo's might have nabbed 1 or maybe 2 rinks but they weren't within touching distance all day across all 4 rinks.
Abonnel, the most lethal skipper in 1 White at the moment with +94shots, didn't take any chances with an inform Buchholz as they put together some good early conversions & eventually had a 7 shot win which was a big win against a skipper that had only dropped 2 games up to that point. Simunovic got back to winning ways in style with a monster win over Triffitt by 21 shots. Big Willie wasn't to be outdone for the cans so he also knocked home another massive 21 shot trashing of Costello. We did predict that Joe's side would be bouncing back & was due a good win & they duly obliged with a big 16 shots over Toster to give the Roosters a clean sweep across all rinks.
The concern for Wanneroo is the size of the trashing & only scoring 47 shots across 4 rinks is pretty woeful. I'll double check the stats but I believe that is the lowest score of the season from any side in 1 White. That's also 1 from 5 on the road which just won't work for them. The Roo's are now in the play-offs for demotion which doesn't seem right. Might be a game that they just need to completely write off & not even think about it or look to fix any issues. For Cockburn it's surely a breakthrough game. Even though they are my smokey for the year, I was not expecting that result against a potential top 4 side.
Result: Cockburn 8 - 0
Prediction: Cockburn 6 - 2

Rossmoyne 83 (7) v Gosnells 57 (1)
Reza Vind 15 v Grant Nicol 20
John Carter 20 v Brett Holland 17
Walter Harvey 23 v Frank Carbone 9
Craig Edson 25 v Robert Foy 11

We did fancy the River Rats at home & thought the Kookaburra's had enough momentum over the last few weeks to create an upset but Rossmoyne ran away comfortable winners in the end & grabbed a massive 7pts. Gosnells are only 1 from 4 on the road but they'll have easy away games in 2022 but they'll need to pick up another 3 away wins to ensure they get top 4. Rossmoyne have only dropped 1 Home game to the Mounters so far so they are tracking well & back themselves in at Home, if they can get a handle on that away form then they have a chance of Finals.
Vind got rolled by Nicol's side who are traveling very well with 6 from 8, so keeping them to just 5 was probably a win for Rossmoyne. Carter added 1pt over Holland with a narrow 3 shot win. Harvey stepped on the gas after halfway & blew Carbone's side away with a big 14 shot win & kept Carbone's side to single figures. Edson added the cherry with a massive 14 shot win over a good Foy's side which wrapped up the Agg & had the River Rats smiling heading into the Christmas break. Gosnells need that winning form they started the season with because since R3 they are W-L-W-L-W-L, breaking that pattern is vital to a Finals push for the 2nd half of the season. Rossmoyne have closed that big gap to 4th & now are only 5pts behind, although the predictor doesn't have them winning any games for the next few Rounds so they'll need to put in some big performances in January as they have only played 3 away games & have had 5 at home to R8.
Result: Rossmoyne 7 - 1
Prediction: Gosnells 6 - 2

Mt Lawley 83 (7) v Sorrento 68 (1)
Corey Bessant 16 v Alan Anderson 15
Andrew Jones 29 v Ian Linford 16
Mark Masel 18 v Ronald Rogers 20
Anthony Einfeld 20 v Lance Martin 17

Bread & butter game for the Mounters as they cruised to another easy home win & grabbed a valuable 7pts. The Swans did manage to grab 1pt which just managed to keep them out of the demotional zone by 0.5pt so it shows extra point matters. The game looked pretty close for much of the day so credit to the Swans for bringing their A game but the home side had too much class in the end. The Mounters are now 4 from 4 at home but even with the perfect record they have yet to score more than 86shots but then most of the opposition are not averaging more than 63 shots, so you would think most ends are very tight as the Mounters are scoring for fun away from home. It's an interesting thought so I decided to look into this Mt Lawley home form so more & of all the Home sides that have played 4 home games to R8, the Mounters home games are the lowest scoring games in all of 1 White. At 583 total shots across all games for home & away scores it's some 40 shots off the 2nd lowest. The average is about 687 shots over those 4 games so you could read that either way that defence is very good or they're not pushing for scores. For the rest of the sides they'll know that heading to Mt Lawley, literally every shot will count.
Bessant fell over the line on the very last end against Anderson with the bare minimum margin to get the ball rolling. Jones bounced back this week with a massive 13 shot win over Linford to pretty much give the Mounters the Agg in the end. Masel dropped another close game as Rogers edged past their rink by 2 shots late on. Einfeld's rink continued their unbeaten run with a hard fought 3 shot win over Martin, who was high on confidence after their efforts the previous week.
The Swans are 1 from 5 on the road which is making life very difficult for them to climb any meaningful positions up the ladder. They are 50/50 on results so far so they won't mind midtable. The Mounters have now 25 rinks from a possible 32 which is a tremendous return to date as they settle down after the early season changes. They have 53pts to date & that roughly puts them half way to their predicted result with 1 game in hand. Can't wait for the blockbuster in R9 & they have another few tricky games until they get a cruisey last 5 but they are tracking great & more importantly 25shots off 3rd & that's the only number they really need to be concerned about in the near term.
Result: Mt Lawley 7 - 1
Prediction: Mt Lawley 7 - 1

Mt Lawley871025708531133.3353
Bassendean 1853021.5680567119.9341.5
Bassendean 283501457865388.5126
Quinns Rocks81701055871378.2614
Anrthony Einfeld80054Mt Lawley
Joe Krstic71054Bassendean 1
Andrew Jones71051Mt Lawley
John Carter71043Rossmoyne
Marc Abonnel62094Cockburn
William Tepania62046Cockburn
Simon Alden62045Bassendean 1
Corey Bessant62035Mt Lawley
Grant Nicol62033Gosnells
Stein Davies52039Bassendean 1
John Berecz53021Quinns Rocks
Robert Foy5305Gosnells
Eugene O'Sullivan530-5Bassendean 2
Wally Harvey420-3Rossmoyne
Chris Buchholz43010Wanneroo
Mark Masel44037Mt Lawley
Craig Edson44024Rossmoyne
Ian Linford4402Sorrento
Neville Costello440-1Wanneroo
Ronald Rogers440-8Sorrento
Russell Ellis341-19Bassendean 1
Peter Madigan340-3Bassendean 2
Joe Marevic35019Cockburn
Michael Simunovic350-3Cockburn
Alan Anderson350-16Sorrento
Barry Kalinowsky350-17Warnbro
Mick Martin350-25Sorrento
Frank Carbone350-33Gosnells
George Jackson350-57Warnbro
Neil Strachan21026Bassendean 2
Lindsay Strange2103Warnbro
Dennis Pattullo230-21Warnbro
Kingsley Toster251-3Wanneroo
Brett Holland250-26Gosnells
David Triffitt260-35Wanneroo
Mark Cook260-40Bassendean 2
Steve O'Neill260-54Quinns Rocks
Chris Parr10019Wanneroo
Trevor Close10012Gosnells
Butch Dinnison1007Bassendean 2
Reza Vind120-12Rossmoyne
Rohan Cantrill120-29Quinns Rocks
Martin Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
Richard D'Souza140-60Bassendean 2
Kieran Cousens170-59Warnbro
Hugh Ward170-73Quinns Rocks
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
Rawley Lang030-25Rossmoyne
Allan Petchell040-26Rossmoyne