How about that, my first five out of five picks this year, miracles do happen.
In the Game of the Round the previously unbeaten South Perth Millers were toppled by the Kardy1 side at the Kattery.
The top four now starting to develop at this stage of the season and I can only see positional changes happening here.
My review shortly, but in the meantime I wish you all a Merry Xmas and happy New Year from everyone at Bowls 360 and especially the Southern 🌟.
Many thanks to my band of informants also.

Kalamunda 83 (7) v Hilton Park 66 (1)
Arthur Bartlett 16 v Travis Simpson 18
Dwayne Wooltorton 21 v Craig Standley 14
Ian Cornthwaite 19 v Gary Dodd 15
William Brandsma 27 v Tony Maxwell 19

The Cougars now sitting in 2nd spot on the ladder after a serviceable victory over the boys from Hilton, who put up an admirable fight, but with little reward, a long journey home for them.
The home side would be content with the aggregate though, and the 7 points to add to their total for the year.
Brandsma, Cornthwaite and Wooltorton all winners for the Cougars, with Trav Simpson beating the strong Bartlett rink by 2 shots, to be the only winner for the Hawks, who have a lot of work to do to avoid the bottom four.
Manning 100 (8) v Thornlie 50 (0)
Michael Carey 26 v Mark Separovich 15
Wayne Heldt 30 v Jim Stean 13
Murray Piggott 20 v Eddie Gollan 13
Graham O'Brien 24 v Paul Pohe 9

The Eagles 🦅 proving their superiority over the visiting Ravens to win by a mammoth 50 points, grabbing the 8 points into the bargain.
The Ravens surprisingly making newcomer to the club in Gollan a skip, but to no avail, Penaluna losing his rink to Eddie.
Wayne Heldt, Shane Adams, John Andrews and Merv Hughes, all ex Melville, had a big win over the Jim Stean four by some 17 shots.
Carey, Piggott and O’brien all with solid victories also.
Like a lot of clubs, the Eagles 🦅 play well at home on their own dung heap, which I believe is fairly sluggish.
Kardinya 1 90 (6) v South Perth 84 (2)
Ross Knapp 29 v Steve Kelly 15
Graeme Fewings 15 v John Carter 25
John Rochford 20 v Michael McRae 25
Ian Barrie 26 v Max Petrich 19

In an absolute thriller down at the Kattery the home side prevailed in a real cliffhanger I have been told. 6 points to 2 and only 6 shots separating these two fine sides at the finish of a marathon afternoon.
The drama starting before a bowl had been delivered with Eddie Gollan departing during the week to Thornlie, a big loss to the Kats, maybe.
But the man who took his place as skip, Roscoe Knapp, proved to be a more than admirable replacement, leading his rink by example to thrash the Kelly rink by 14 shots. Roscoe had plenty of help from his front two in Wayne Lee and Garry Knight, with Kenny Stower chipping in from his thirds position.
Ian ( Bushy ) Barrie defeating the Miller’s stalwart in Max Petrich by 7, a good win als0.
The strong Carter rink won for the Millers, as did Mick McCrae.
Fremantle 104 (7) v Kardinya 2 60 (1)
Mark Gill 14 v Robert Hunter 25
Paul Clausen 32 v Dwain Regan 11
Peter Wachmer 26 v Silvio Vassallo 14
Shaun McCormack 32 v David Wood 10

The Mariners back in the winners circle after a very lean trot, giving the weakened visitors a big hiding by some 44 shots, gaining 7 points in their quest to avoid the bottom four spots.
Two very big winners for the Freo boys, with McCormack in a huge overdue win over Wood by a massive 22 big ones, Claussen taking Dwain Regan to the cleaners by 21 shots.
The only winner for the depleted Kats2 outfit was the strong Hunter four, who beat Gill by some twelve shots.
Both sides trying to keep in touch with the top four, but a tough task ahead I believe to do that.
Hollywood Subiaco 73 (2) v Leeming 82 (6)
David Byrne 14 v Gary Ford 24
Daniel Byrne 12 v Phil Dobie 21
Glen Morey 23 v Karl Vandersluys 19
Robert Campbell 24 v James Newton 18

The Hollywood sixteen putting up a brave fight at home, but ultimately going down to the visiting Lions by just 9 shots, picking up two rare rink wins though. The Lions would be relieved to get the aggregate win and the six points, which keeps them in touch with the top group, but only just. Gary Ford and Phil Dobie skipping their rinks to impressive wins, with Campbell and Morey picking up the wins for the home side.
Is there light at the end of the tunnel for the home side? You never know in the great game of bowls, but I don’t think so.
South Perth861121677569118.9847
Kardinya 1853019674639105.4839
Kardinya 283411057165587.1824
Hilton Park82601460466191.3822
Hollywood Subiaco81701255868381.716
Arthur Bartlett62056Kalamunda
Dwayne Wooltorton62045Kalamunda
Daryl Radford50145Kardinya 1
Michael McRae51016South Perth
Gary Ford52141Leeming
Mark Separovich52121Thornlie
Ian Cornthwaite5214Kalamunda
John Carter52074South Perth
Ian Barrie52031Kardinya 1
Michael Carey53045Manning
Craig Standley5309Hilton Park
Steve Kelly5303South Perth
Robert Campbell530-6Hollywood Subiaco
Peter Wachmer43144Fremantle
Graeme Fewings431-20Kardinya 1
Graham O'Brien43030Manning
Tony Maxwell430-1Hilton Park
Murray Piggott44038Manning
Max Petrich4403South Perth
Karl Vandersluys440-5Leeming
Phil Dobie440-32Leeming
Wayne Heldt31033Manning
Paul Clausen31023Fremantle
Bill Brandsma341-32Kalamunda
Paul Pohe340-11Thornlie
Dwain Reagan340-17Kardinya 2
Shaun McCormack350-15Fremantle
James Newton350-16Leeming
Jim Stean350-30Thornlie
Travis Simpson221-29Hilton Park
Matthew Allen22017Manning
Geoff White220-3Kardinya 1
David Byrne242-17Hollywood Subiaco
Mark Gill2412Fremantle
Robert Hunter250-17Kardinya 2
Glen Morey260-44Hollywood Subiaco
Daniel Byrne260-58Hollywood Subiaco
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Ross Knapp10014Kardinya 1
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Blake Butler1001Manning
Darryll Flintoff11216Kardinya 2
Rodney Butler1105Hilton Park
John Wardrop110-3South Perth
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
John Rochford130-16Kardinya 1
David Wood130-21Kardinya 2
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Silvio Vassallo150-34Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd161-34Hilton Park
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
Wayne Bezant010-2Kardinya 1
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Stephen Back010-6Kardinya 2
Eddie Gollan010-7Thornlie
Eddie Gollan010-14Kardinya 1
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Doddy Innes030-27Thornlie