Mosman Park 97 (7) v Safety Bay 50 (1)
Mitchell Cranswick 31 v Christopher Owen 7
Dale Marsland 17 v Ron Hall 16
Alan Southern 32 v Luke Piper 8
Cameron Hoffman 17 v Chris Carruthers 19

An expected win to Mosman Park, the margin huge though, 47 shot winners to the home side and they would be happy to get back into the winners circle.
The big winner was again Alan Southern who has taken to skippering in the Premier League like a duck to water. 25 shot win over Luke Piper and it was all Southern all day. His front end smothering the jack all day and Piper rarely holding shot on the crossover. Mitch Cranswick sharing the pots with his 25 shot of his own over Chris Owen. in a similar story, Cranswick jumped out early and kept the momentum going. His front end superb and the back end only requiring most of the time to add to the count. To top off the day, Dale Marsland wins a tough contest over Ron Hall. Hall holding his own and was up going into the last end by 2. Holding 3 shots, Tristan Massang kills the last end and on the replayed end, Marsland able to grab the 3 required to win the rink.
The sole point for Safety Bay again has come from Chris Carruthers with his 2 shot win over Cam Hoffman. Carruthers really holding the whip hand for most of this game, up by about 10 shots at one point before Hoffman started his run to tie it up with 3 to plaay. Carruthers wasn't going to throw away his rinks great game, he steadied to win the majority of rinks to finish with the win. Carruthers and his rink the highlight of the year for his club.
Osborne Park 87 (7) v South Perth 60 (1)
Ryan Brown 27 v Lee Such 10
Shane Loftus 23 v Daniel Brown 13
Neville Stevens 14 v Glenn Pauling 24
Cody Packer 23 v Justin Opie 13

Not much to come out of this game unfortunately but it is a big win to Osborne Park and their season is back on track with this big 27 shot win over South Perth. It was a critical game for the Saints, a loss and finals was looking out of reach but now they can keep building for that vital finals spot. Hard to make what is happening at South Perth, they have the cattle but they aren't making them moo. Like Osborne Park, finals are not out of reach but form would suggest it is starting to get a lot harder for them.
Both of these teams sit about 8 points shy of currently 4th placed Manning so points wise certainly not out of reach, and about the same margin clear of 9th placed Kardinya. Either option is wtihin reach for both clubs, which way will they head?
North Beach 78 (5) v Cambridge 67 (3)
Michael Sweeney 17 v Eric Johannes 19
Mark Douthie 14 v Blake Nairn 17
Chris Margin 30 v Sean Mawdsley 12
Joe McGinlay 17 v Clive Adams 19

North Beach win again at home, not really in convincing fashion on only the 1 rink but the 4 points is mighty useful and they will take. Cambridge disappointed to lose but probably will take 3 points at a venue very few teams get more than 1 point at.
The 3 Cambridge rinks all close games. Eric Johannes playing Mike Sweeney, Cambridge started well but then Sweneey came back, hit the front and started to pull away to lead by 4 on end 13. Johannes then swayed his way, squaring the ledger and from there it was neck and neck. Last end saw Sweeney trail the kitty into the ditch for 5 but Johannes showing all his experience by drawing the shot. Sweeney had a drvie to miss by inches, Johannes wins the end and gets the rink.
Clive Adams was playing Joe McGinlay and in a very similar story, jumped out early to win the first 4 ends before Mcginlay got on the board but then he started reeling off ends as well and by end 12 he was 11-6. Adams grabbed a 4 and then a 5 three ends later to hit the front. McGinlay rallies, taking the lead back but Adams finishes the stronger to win the last 3 ends. McGinlay a chance on the last end when attempting to move the kitty but it only grazes it and Adams holds on to win by 2
The big winner for Cambridge was Blake Nairn by 3 over Mark Douthie. Like his other temmates, he started well to be 6-1 on 5 ends before Douthie started to find his range and grab some shots. but from here it was all Nairn, in the ifvrst 13 ends he has won 9 of them to hold am 8 shot lead. But then Douthie wins the next 5 ends and he is back in the hunt, down by 1 with 3 to play. Tight heads but it goes to Nairn and he wins by 3.
North Beach can thank new skipper Chris Margin for their aggregate win with his 17 shot win over hapless Sean Mawdsley. It was never a goods day for Mawdsley, Margin jumping out early 10-0 and this margin was offsetting all the good work done by the starts from the Cambridge rinks. Mawdsley gets on the board but Margin wins another 5 ends to be 18-3. A purple patch to Mawdsley winning 4 of the next 5 to narrow the gap to single digits but Margin has more left in the tank to win 6 of the last 7 ends to blast Mawdsley and Cambridge out of the water.
Doubleview 80 (6) v Kardinya 67 (2)
Samuel Scott 17 v David Rankin 20
Ryan Moyle 23 v Slavko Perica 18
Charles Slavich 24 v Steven Novak 11
Kyle McIlroy 16 v Tony Krajancic 18

Another solid win to Doubleivew as they do the job without John Slavich who was absent with family committments, up steps Sam Scott and takes on the toughest Kat of all Dave Rankin, only losing by 3 shots. Rankin started well in this game to get out to a 9-2 lead but Scott pegged it back to 1 sahot and from here there was never more than a handful of shots, mainly Rankin holding the upper hand to win. By Scott keeping it tight, it gave his team the best chance of taking the aggregate.
Doubleview secured it with the big win to Charlie Slavich over Steve Novak. Novak only able to win 7 ends for the dya which was the tale of the tape, and while Slavich never getting any more than 3 shots on any end, the consistent winning of ends including a run of 6 and finishing with the last 5 ends meant he was always going to win, the 13 shot margin pivotal to his clubs win. Ryan Moyle also winning over his opponent Sam Perica. He banged out of the blocks with a 5 on the first end but Perica did settle and hit the lead on end 14 before Moyle won 5 straight ends and 10 shots to hold a healthy advantage. Another 3 on the 20th end and it was game over, Perica grabbing a 4 on the last end to try and give his club a shot at the aggregate but the margin was too great by this stage. Another point was grabbed by Kardinya by Tony Krajancic over Kyle McIlroy. Word is Krajancic superb with his conversion shots. This game was tight all day, the biggest margin only 5 to McIlroy on the 18th end but it was a big 5 on the last end to Krajancic that saw him grab this rink and a vital point for his club.
Manning 74 (1) v Sorrento 81 (7)
Lewis Grigg 18 v Rhett Butler 28
Thomas Mitchell 16 v Christopher Lander 20
Daniel Trewhella 23 v Bruce Eagles 14
Shane Knott 17 v Dan Nicholls 19

Our final game with a lot of hype prior to match and it was Sorrento which has come out on top to sit equal top of the ladder and send Manning back to 4th spot. not the end of the world for them but Sorrento have been the sotyr of the year. With all their well publicized departures and recruitment of lesser known players, they have bonded very quickly and proving that if you play as a team of 16 and swimn in the right direction, then anything is possible.
Sorrento set the day up with 3 rinks all blasting out to be up by handfuls of shots. Rhett Butler again the highlight for his club winning by 10 over Lewis Grigg. Up 14-2 after 7 ends, Grigg then closed the margiun to 2 before Butler then started winning ends again in a game of 3 parts. Chris Lander also started well over tom Mitchell and at one point was up by 9 but Mitchell finished the game hard, winning the last 3 ends to go down by 4. The last Sorrento rink to win was Dan Nicholls with his 2 shot win over Shane Knott. Like his comrades above, Nicholls set the win up with his start, up 15-2 on only 8 ends but then Knott reeled off wins of his own to peg the differenc back to a winnable margin. Down by 3 on the last end , Knott trails the kitty to hold but Nicholls plays a superb clutch draw shot for 2nd shot and he wins by 2.
The Manning winning rink was Daniel Trewhella in a great game of bowls by 9 over Bruce Eagles. It was an even start, 9-8 to Trewhella after 9 ends but then he exerted his dominance to get out to double figure margins. It could have been worse if not for the saving shots by Eagles. Eagles picking up some shots at the end to make the margin respectable. David Downey for Manning playing a great game to support his gun skipper.
Mosman Park734015.5543503107.9527.5
South Perth734013.5592520113.8525.5
Osborne Pk73401252556093.7524
North Beach73401151859686.9123
Safety Bay70707429660657
Blake Nairn70077Cambridge
Charlie Slavich61048Doubleview
Chris Lander61037Sorrento
Daniel Trewhella61036Manning
Clive Adams61024Cambridge
Glenn Pauling52074South Perth
Alan Southern52025Mosman Park
Dale Marsland52016Mosman Park
Eric Johannes52011Cambridge
Rhett Butler42138Sorrento
Tony Krajancic42129Kardinya
Shane Knott42117Manning
Mitchell Cranswick42117Mosman Park
Kyle McIlroy43049Doubleview
Ryan Moyle43016Doubleview
Joe McGinlay43011North Beach
Cody Packer43010Osborne Pk
Bruce Eagles430-1Sorrento
John Slavich32114Doubleview
Chris Carruthers331-23Safety Bay
Daniel Brown3308South Perth
Lewis Grigg330-16Manning
Dan Nicholls3401Sorrento
Justin Opie3400South Perth
Ryan Brown340-4Osborne Pk
Michael Sweeney340-15North Beach
Neville Stevens340-26Osborne Pk
David Rankin340-33Kardinya
Shane Loftus2201Osborne Pk
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Steven Novak250-17Kardinya
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Chris Margin10018North Beach
AJ Heal1006Manning
Chris Owen151-81Safety Bay
Cameron Hoffman160-18Mosman Park
Thomas Mitchell160-23Manning
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Mark Douthie160-46North Beach
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Ron Hall020-6Safety Bay
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay