What an incredible round that we witnessed last Saturday, when every single result was determined in the last few ends of some really exciting clashes. The maximum winning aggregate margin was eight shots when the Ravens surprised the Mariners down at Freo to fly home with the spoils.
The Eagles very nearly upset by the low flying Hawks, winning by just three shots. With Hollywood Subiaco showing some fight to just fall to the hungry Millers. Whilst up in the hills the Cougars won a thriller over the Kats1 sixteen.

Kardinya 2 75 (6.5) v Leeming 69 (1.5)
Stephen Back 14 v Karl Vandersluys 20
Darryl Flintoff 15 v Gary Ford 15
David Wood 21 v Phil Dobie 14
Dwain Regan 25 v James Newton 20

In another close one down at the Kattery, the home side won another thriller over the visiting Lions 🦁 outfit, only six shots the difference also. Kardinya showing they will trouble even the top sides at home given half a chance, which will make for some eventful games to come for them.
“ Woody “ replacing Vassallo as Skip proved to be a master stroke as he and his team beat Phil Dobie by a handy seven shots, the Dobie rink proving to be a slight problem for the Lions.
Karl Vandersluys and his steady team beat Steve Back by some six shots to keep his beloved Lions in the hunt, but it wasn’t to be for the visitors unfortunately.
Regan with a rare win to gain another valuable point for the Kats2 outfit. Flintoff and Ford fighting hard for a win also, but eventually settling for a draw in an highly entertaining hard fought tussle, with only thirty shots scored over the twenty one ends.
Fremantle 78 (1) v Thornlie 86 (7)
Mark Gill 21 v Mark Separovich 22
Peter Wachmer 19 v Paul Pohe 24
Shaun McCormack 18 v Jim Stean 22
Paul Clausen 20 v Doddy Innes 18

In somewhat of an upset the Ravens flew into Freo on Saturday, took the spoils and happily went back home again with seven points in the bag.
Paul Pohe and his team had a good five shot win over Wachmer to be the hero for the Ravens.
My information tells me that it was a close contest all day, with the Mariners holding sway until the latter part of the thrilling clash.
All other rinks were very close with young McCormack and his rink leaking a number of shots over the crucial last few ends to eventually lose by four shots to Jim Stean.
New skip in Paul Claussen had a lot of help from his team to eventually be the sole rink winner for the Mariners, Bowden and Chessell to the fore.
Meanwhile the two left handers in Vaughan and Stewart were having a right royal tussle on the Gill versus Separovich rink. The Ravens grabbing another well earned point here by one solitary shot to rub salt into the wounds of the deflated Mariners, who ultimately let a great opportunity slip on all accounts
The Mariners digging themselves a hole it seems.
Hollywood Subiaco 79 (2) v South Perth 83 (6)
Glen Morey 23 v John Wardrop 26
Robert Campbell 14 v Steve Kelly 27
David Byrne 20 v John Carter 12
Daniel Byrne 22 v Max Petrich 18

In a game that the Millers would have expected to win big time, the Hollywood boys put up a magnificent fight to just get beaten in the last few ends where the local boys only just went down fighting hard in a big way, sign of good things to come hopefully.
Geoff Bovell, Blake Heldt, Farley Anderson and Skip Steve Kelly took Campbell to the cleaners to be the match winners for the Millers. New skip John Wardrop beat Daniel Byrne to get another point for the Miller’s, while the other Byrne boys in Daniel and David salvaged a couple of points for Hollywood.
Kalamunda 82 (6.5) v Kardinya 1 79 (1.5)
William Brandsma 21 v Daryl Radford 21
Dwayne Wooltorton 15 v Graeme Fewings 25
Ian Cornthwaite 24 v Geoffrey White 13
Arthur Bartlett 22 v Wayne Bezant 20

Game of the Round The Cougars prevailed in an absolutely belter of a game against the visiting Kats1 side to win by the narrow margin of three shots, mainly due to the solid eleven shot win of Cornthwaite over Geoff White. The winning skip was ably assisted by Mark Clancy, young Mark Potente, who is proving a good recruit, with newly promoted third Col Smeeton showing he should stay in First Division also.
Meanwhile Kat Fewings was showing his wares in a very good win over the previously unbeaten rink skipped by Wooltorton. Fewings and his foursome nearly snatching victory for the Kats1 side, who will keep pushing for a return to First White I am sure.
But the best game of all, played out on an adjoining rink was the clash between the brilliant Billy Brandsma and the man of steel in Daryl Radford. Both skips playing some great bowls to eventually play out a stunning draw, with some deft draw shots and some accurate drives. But in the end the Cougars got the majority of the spoils over the Kats as they should.
Manning 79 (6) v Hilton Park 76 (2)
Graham O'Brien 17 v Craig Standley 19
Wayne Heldt 17 v Tony Maxwell 25
Michael Carey 23 v Rodney Butler 20
Murray Piggott 22 v Gary Dodd 12

The Eagles should always have the talons to beat the Hawks in a fight and that was what happened at Manning on Saturday on a reasonable green. However the Hawks showed their best form of the year to nearly pip the home side, losing by just three miserable shots they muttered. Hoskin, Phil Herbert, Alan Pryce and Murray Piggott had a meritorious victory over Gary Dodd by ten shots to make sure the Eagles got the bigger share of the spoils. Carey winning also, with Maxwell and Standley pinching two well earned points for the Hawks. My information tells me that the Ha was were right in the contest all day, but it wasn’t to be at the finish
South Perth650116503423118.9138
Kardinya 1633014500478104.626
Kardinya 26231742047788.0517
Hilton Park61501045050888.5814
Hollywood Subiaco6150941551380.913
Daryl Radford50145Kardinya 1
Arthur Bartlett51048Kalamunda
Dwayne Wooltorton51041Kalamunda
Michael McRae40021South Perth
Gary Ford41140Leeming
Ian Cornthwaite41130Kalamunda
Mark Separovich41127Thornlie
Karl Vandersluys42023Leeming
Steve Kelly42014South Perth
Craig Standley420-3Hilton Park
Graeme Fewings321-16Kardinya 1
John Carter32034South Perth
Ian Barrie32017Kardinya 1
Paul Pohe32017Thornlie
Tony Maxwell320-3Hilton Park
Murray Piggott33034Manning
Graham O'Brien33015Manning
Michael Carey33010Manning
Max Petrich330-1South Perth
James Newton330-9Leeming
Robert Campbell330-24Hollywood Subiaco
Paul Clausen2008Fremantle
David Byrne22212Hollywood Subiaco
Mark Gill22121Fremantle
Matthew Allen22017Manning
Peter Wachmer23118Fremantle
Bill Brandsma231-29Kalamunda
Dwain Reagan230-9Kardinya 2
Jim Stean240-23Thornlie
Shaun McCormack240-30Fremantle
Daniel Byrne240-39Hollywood Subiaco
Phil Dobie240-44Leeming
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Wayne Heldt1107Manning
David Wood1106Kardinya 2
Rodney Butler1105Hilton Park
John Wardrop110-3South Perth
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
Geoff White120-11Kardinya 1
John Rochford120-11Kardinya 1
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Gary Dodd141-18Hilton Park
Robert Hunter140-18Kardinya 2
Silvio Vassallo140-22Kardinya 2
Glen Morey150-47Hollywood Subiaco
Darryll Flintoff012-3Kardinya 2
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
Wayne Bezant010-2Kardinya 1
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Stephen Back010-6Kardinya 2
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Travis Simpson021-32Hilton Park
Doddy Innes020-8Thornlie