Well, what an amazing round of bowls. There is now a clear separation between the top 6 and the bottom 4 sides. 5 points between 6 and 7. Bottom 4 have only 2 points separating them and is a super tight tussle. The Saints and the Doggies with 8 – zip wins and percentage building shots difference. While the other 3 games were tight and a cliff hanger at the home of the Dolphins. We have a new Skipper at the Top of the Pops with Shaw just edging out Di Guiseppe in shots difference.

Osborne Park 97 (8) v Stirling 51 (0)
Fernando Di Giuseppe 30 v Peter Marinovich 13
Charles (lee) Farrell 25 v Josip Martinovich 9
Mark Pasalich 18 v Mane (mick) Marovic 14
George Smith 24 v Michael Vitale 15

The Saints rip and tear the Wolves apart in a solid 4 rink performance and win of the round by 46 shots. The wolves having now answer to the saints with solid wins across the board. The only resistance was Marovic losing to Pasalich by 4. The other 3 rinks Di Guiseppe by 17 over Marinovich, Farrell by 16 over Martinovich and Smith by 9 over Vitale. All four skips for the saints are now in the top 16 skips. They also have the most amount of rink wins so far this season which will help come finals time to make sure they are in and around where they need to be. Wolves drop to bottom of the ladder. But its tight down there anything can happen in the last 2 rounds before the break
North Beach 84 (6) v Warwick 74 (2)
Lee Mitten 19 v Lindsay Hill 23
Peter Augustson 25 v Brian Ledingham 17
John Bartorillo 17 v Jon Borkowski 20
Alan Howe 23 v Geoffrey Hinge 14

In a great tussle Beach boys get over the Magpies by 10 shots and send them back to the trees. Howe with a blinder over Hinge by 9 shots. Amazing what 7 days does. Augustson beating Ledingham by 8 shots. Those 2 wins offsetting the Magpies - Hill and Borkowski beating Mitten and Bartorillo by 4 and 3 shots respectively. Beach Boys cement their top spot while the Magpies drop to 6th and have quite a bit of work to do with only 2 rounds left before the break.
Doubleview 87 (6) v Bassendean 76 (2)
Gary Nelson 18 v Gavin Ekholm 30
Brandon Heta 25 v Brian Naughton 13
Christopher McKenna 28 v Murray Wright 8
Ben Willesee 16 v Alan Britton 25

In a see saw day it was Mckenna the difference. The Lions with 2 rinks up in Ekholm and Britton by 12 and 9 shots over Nelson and Willesee. Normally 21 shots up over 2 rinks would cover the spread but Mckenna and Heta doing the damage with 20 and 12 shots up over Wright and Naughton. The View finally with their second win and get themselves off the bottom into 8th spot. The View have to keep chipping away but have a tough game away this coming round at the home of the Magpies and the Lions are home against the 2nd place Saints
Morley 53 (0) v Yokine 90 (8)
Robert Urquhart 19 v Wayne Coffey 20
Victor Orchard 11 v Trevor McGillivray 25
Michael Radalj 8 v Martin Sharp 24
Lindsay Sanders 15 v Shane Shaw 21

Doggies now go 3 in a row and pull apart the Mavericks with a 8 zip and 37 shot win. In a brilliant team performance. Whatever is happening in the Doghouse at the moment, is working with the changes of rinks doing what was required. I personally think it’s my motivational tactics but hey I could be wrong. The Doggies faithful and Voldemort must be ecstatic with the result. Sharp and McGillivray taking care of business over Radalj and Orchard to the tune of 16 and 14 shots respectively. Shaw and Coffey picking up the other 2 doggie treats over Sanders and Urquhart by 6 and 2 shots. This coming round will be the Lipman’s test for the Doggies. If they want to play finals this year, then they must beat the No.1 side at home. Well done, to the boys from the Doghouse.
Joondalup 83 (6) v Swan 79 (2)
Shane Ernest Rixom 28 v Tony Natalotto 17
Wesley Neilson 18 v David Park 23
Jimmy Buchanan 20 v Paul Kelly 18
Ben Leggett 17 v Rodney Revell 21

What an awesome result for the young guns at Joondalup and the Dolphins get the points over Swan in a tight one. I did hear that Swan had opportunity to win the game, but the Rixom rink shut out Natalotto in a serious tussle all day. Rixom getting the chocolates and saving the day for the Dolphins by 11 shot win. Park by 5 over Neilson and Revell keeping ever reliable Leggett quite by beating him by 4 shots for Swannies. Buchanan just pipping Kelly by 2 but if it had been the other way the result would have been vastly different. Dolphins move into 3rd and swan drop back to 5th. Both teams with easier games this week, if there be such a thing as an easier game in this division
North Beach651013496443111.9633
Osborne Park642015.5526446117.9431.5
Shane Shaw41121Yokine
Fred DiGiuseppe41119Osborne Park
Tony Natalotto41018Swan
Alan Britton42042Bassendean
Shane Rixom42041Joondalup
Geoffrey Hinge42035Warwick
John Bartorillo42033North Beach
Peter Auguston42033North Beach
Mick Marovic42029Stirling
Ben Leggett42028Joondalup
Mark Pasalich42026Osborne Park
Wayne Coffey42024Yokine
Victor Orchard4206Morley
Rodney Revell321-6Swan
Lee Farrell32029Osborne Park
George Smith32019Osborne Park
Trevor McGillivray33020Yokine
Paul Kelly3305Swan
Chris McKenna3304Doubleview
Jon Borkowski330-1Warwick
Alan Howe330-6North Beach
Josip Martinovich330-7Stirling
Jimmy Buchanan330-19Joondalup
Michael Radalj330-34Morley
Martin Sharp20018Yokine
Lindsay Hill20012Warwick
Graeme Cash2007Bassendean
Bradley Pearce21116Doubleview
Michael Golding220-2Warwick
David Park231-14Swan
Michael Garrett230-25Bassendean
Lee Mitten240-7North Beach
Robert Urquhart240-11Morley
Gary Nelson240-21Doubleview
Murray Wright240-23Bassendean
Michael Vitale240-31Stirling
Ben Willesee240-41Doubleview
Gavin Ekholm10012Bassendean
Colin Fleay1002Osborne Park
Branden Heta11010Doubleview
Lindsay Sanders1204Morley
Wayne Neilson131-16Joondalup
Brian Ledingham150-44Warwick
Wesley Neilson010-5Joondalup
William Morrison010-6Yokine
Daniel Wood010-10Swan
Brian Naughton010-12Bassendean
Wayne Davidson010-15Osborne Park
Peter Marinovich010-17Stirling
Keith Nazareth030-13Morley
Mel Lemos030-32Yokine
Robert Maynard030-38Bassendean
Stuart Lofthouse050-57Stirling