So close to nailing another perfect 5 predictions, only for Mt Lawley preventing us getting the 3rd perfect 5's predictions from the first 5 Rounds. We nearly got all Aggs scoring correct too only for the Mounters to ruin that one too. It might be a sign we should be on-boarding this Mounters hype train & after that Round against the Wizards I'm starting to think Mt Lawley is the team to beat this season. The bottom sides mostly lost creating a gap between the top section of the ladder & the bottom. I feel they're will be a significant gap over the coming weeks & survival for the bottom sides will be probably more based on the results against each other than how they do against the top sides.

Wanneroo 95 (7) v Sorrento 65 (1)
David Triffitt 25 v Ian Linford 22
Christopher Parr 27 v Ronald Rogers 8
Neville Costello 24 v Lance Martin 15
Kingsley Toster 19 v Alan Anderson 20

The result is probably not surprising but 30 shots in the difference is definitely a surprise & disappointing for the Swans after such a big result in R4. It goes to show it is hard to carry form game to game especially playing away. The Roo's are now back into the Top 4 but only by 1pt against a chasing Cockburn. That's 3 from 4 for the Roo's but still only 3 from 5 so they'll need to get on a nice run from here to Xmas to keep the momentum going. The Swans are 1pt outside of trouble so they'll be keen on getting back home next Round to get their winning ways as their results are checked. literally....loss/win/loss/win/loss.
Triffitt is back on his bike with a 3 shot win over Linford. Parr destroyed Rogers by 19 shots which was the rink that did the real damage for the Roo's & put the Agg away early. Costello cruised past Martin by 9 shots but Anderson did manage to grab a valuable point with a minimum margin win over a good Toster side. The Roo's have a few tough games ahead but not a bad run to Xmas to find some good form if they want to play PL next year.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Gosnells 83 (6) v Bassendean 1 80 (2)
Frank Carbone 21 v Simon Alden 33
Robert Foy 16 v Stein Davies 24
Grant Nicol 23 v Jovan Krstic 15
Brett Holland 23 v Russell Ellis 8

What a nail biter of a game & definitely the game of R5. Only 3 shots in the result & this went down to the last few bowls on the 84 end, supposedly a great game to watch.
Gosnells didn’t want to drop 2 in a row & using them as my baseline team is working out very well, they could really be a bell weather team this year. I think how you matchup to them will define where you finish. Kookaburras are into 2nd spot now & it’ll be hard to not see them staying around there into 2022. Back to the drawing board for Basso as they would certainly feel like they easily could of grabbed the Agg, which is hard to swallow but Gosnells are a solid outfit.
Carbone dropped to high flying Alden's side by a dozen in an old school shoot out where the 2nd's hardly put a 1 down as a score on any end. There was numbers flying every end & the high scoring game ended with 54 shots for a good turkey shot of a game. Foy dropped to Davies by 8 shots as Davies side starts to find some nice form. The upset was truly on for the Lions now but up steps Holland with a massive 15 shots boil over on Ellis's side which nearly wiped out the Basso advantage in 1 rink. It all went down to Nicol v Krstic, 2 top rinks & probably will be for the whole season. Nicol's side found an edge late on the push past Krstic by 8 shots & the Kookaburra's carry the Agg by 3 shots in a fantastic game of bowls. This could of swung either way & Basso won't mind getting them at home next year and grabbing 2pts away isn't so bad.
Result: Gosnells 6 - 2
Prediction: Gosnells 6 - 2

Rossmoyne 79 (7) v Quinns Rocks 67 (1)
Craig Edson 23 v Hugh Ward 16
Walter Harvey 20 v Steve O'Neill 13
John Carter 23 v Martin Hinchcliffe 14
Allan Petchell 13 v John Berecz 24

Rossmoyne needed this win big time but it was a lot closer than they probably expected with only a dozen difference in the end. It gives the River Rats a lift off the bottom section & puts an Agg difference between them & Quinns. Quinns away record strikes again as they get close enough to pounce in the closing stages but find it hard to finish the game out. The good news is many of the bottoms sides also lost so at 1pt is better than nothing & keeps the ladder ticking over.
Edson continued the horror show for Ward's side with a 7 shot win & relegates the Ward rink to the bottom of all rinks in the division with an eye watering -67 shots over 5 games & not a win in sight. It is hard for skippers to take all the blame but generally you don't drop those numbers unless you're getting very little in the head to build on but their side is good enough to bounce back over the coming weeks with more support. Harvey got O'Neill by 7 shots to get the River Rats looking to right way with another 1pt on the board. Carter followed this with 9 shots over Hinchcliffe & that put the game beyond doubt for Quinns. Valiantly Berecz continued to fight hard over Petchell & cruised past their side by 11 shots but given this was the 2nd bottom rink in the division that was probably expected.
The River Rats are still in the red zone but sitting 7th & only 1pt behind safety is a great spot considering they just broke a 3 game losing streak. Quinns need to get home & focus on where they want to be next year because at the stage it's 1 Blue North unless they can get some form together.
Result: Rossmoyne 7 - 1
Prediction: Rossmoyne 7 - 1

Warnbro 66 (0) v Mt Lawley 107 (8)
Barry Kalinowsky 19 v Anthony Einfeld 26
Kieran Cousens 20 v Corey Bessant 21
George (dr) Jackson 8 v Mark Masel 33
Dennis Pattullo 19 v Andrew Jones 27

Unsure if the Wizards needed a therapist or exorcist after getting royally mounted in R5 & dropping a ton at home to make the cut deeper. 41 shot difference & getting rightly burgled with no points, not even a crumb left on the table. I must say this result needed a double check to see if Bowls WA got the entities reversed.
Kalinowsky dropped to Einfeld by 7 shots in a close contest all day. Cousens got nailed by Bessants with the last bowl to lose by the minimum in another tight contest. Unfortunately for the Wizards that's where the tight contests finished as Pattullo had Jones on him all day & lost by 8 shots. Then Jackson's side was car crash TV for most of the day as Masel's rink butterflied then like a Sunday roast by 25 shots. Jackson’s side probably need to tighten up & build better heads. Even tough they’re 2 from 5 they have the 3rd worse differential at -53 shots, so it’s hard to stay competitive with blow out rinks. Warnbro are struggling & not just 1 rink, they have 4 skippers in the lower bottom section of the skippers ladder. On the flip side, Mt Lawley have all 4 skippers in the top 10, are pretty much 2 Aggs ahead of most sides, have 5 rinks wins more than 2nd spot & their score difference is the 2nd, 4th & 5th side COMBINED!!
The Wizards are now officially in trouble & only score difference of 8 shots off 9th spot & automatic demotion. The Mounters are collecting scalps like kids in a candy store. Reminds me of Sorrento in the 19/20 season where they cruised into the PL.
Result: Mt Lawley 8 - 0
Prediction: Warnbro 6 - 2

Bassendean 2 71 (2) v Cockburn 81 (6)
Richard D'Souza 10 v Marc Abonnel 29
Eugene O'Sullivan 12 v William Tepania 21
Mark Cook 20 v Josip (joe) Marevic 12
Peter Madigan 29 v Michael Simunovic 19

Another game that probably went closer than expected with the Lions right in this until the last 2 ends. Basso probably thought that if they were level points with Warnbro after 5 Rounds they’ll be sitting pretty but these things do happen & they happen a lot. The Roosters got through a nice workmanlike performance with few scars & 6 massive points Away.
They 2 dropped rinks were probably a little concerning as they weren’t overly close but Abonnel side continues to torment sides & has nearly 50% more score differential than most of the other top rinks. D’Souza got the brunt of it this week by 19 shots which was probably the difference in the end. O'Sullivan couldn't get a look past big Willie all day as they dropped to a good Rooster's rink by 9 shots. Cook was the shining light with a great win over Joe's side by 8 shots & that's a valuable 1pt. Not to be out done Madigan also grabbed another 1pt against Simunovic with a cruisey 10 shot win. This game wasn't far off being a lot closer & that's something the 2nd Basso side can certainly work on over the coming weeks. With Quinns, they are sitting at the bottom end of the ladder but they too are only 1 or 2 wins off safety as that bottom 2/3 of the table will be very competitive & will take a lot of points off each other all season.
Result: Cockburn 6 - 2
Prediction: Cockburn 6 - 2

Mt Lawley550017463315146.9837
Bassendean 1532013437350124.8625
Bassendean 25140733343177.2611
Quinns Rocks5140634246174.1910
Anrthony Einfeld50043Mt Lawley
Andrew Jones50031Mt Lawley
Marc Abonnel41065Cockburn
Simon Alden41042Bassendean 1
Corey Bessant41038Mt Lawley
Joe Krstic41034Bassendean 1
Grant Nicol41032Gosnells
Neville Costello41031Wanneroo
John Carter41025Rossmoyne
Chris Buchholz31017Wanneroo
Mark Masel32036Mt Lawley
Robert Foy3205Gosnells
Russell Ellis3204Bassendean 1
John Berecz3203Quinns Rocks
Eugene O'Sullivan320-4Bassendean 2
William Tepania320-5Cockburn
Alan Anderson320-7Sorrento
Lindsay Strange2103Warnbro
Wally Harvey210-6Rossmoyne
Stein Davies22013Bassendean 1
Brett Holland2206Gosnells
Kingsley Toster23015Wanneroo
Joe Marevic2309Cockburn
Craig Edson2305Rossmoyne
Ian Linford230-2Sorrento
Peter Madigan230-7Bassendean 2
Ronald Rogers230-10Sorrento
Barry Kalinowsky230-10Warnbro
Frank Carbone230-19Gosnells
Mick Martin230-21Sorrento
Steve O'Neill230-35Quinns Rocks
George Jackson230-53Warnbro
Chris Parr10019Wanneroo
Trevor Close10012Gosnells
Kieran Cousens140-17Warnbro
David Triffitt140-17Wanneroo
Martin Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
Mark Cook140-27Bassendean 2
Michael Simunovic140-31Cockburn
Richard D'Souza140-60Bassendean 2
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
Dennis Pattullo020-13Warnbro
Rawley Lang030-25Rossmoyne
Allan Petchell040-26Rossmoyne
Hugh Ward050-67Quinns Rocks