Osborne Park 71 (1) v Doubleview 83 (7)
Shane Loftus 15 v John Slavich 26
Ryan Brown 13 v Kyle McIlroy 20
Cody Packer 25 v Ryan Moyle 16
Neville Stevens 18 v Charles Slavich 21

Osborne Park appear to be in some trouble early on this season. It can change very quickly, but Doubleview inflicted another loss to the reigning premiers by 12 shots and 3 rinks to 1. The View were the ones that started well and they weren't to be be headed. It was about 20 shots half way through, Ossy Park mounted a challenge but weren't really to bridge that gap.
Both John Slavich and Kyle McIlroy rinks were never behind at any stage, recording 11 and 7 shot wins respectively. Congratulations to McIlroy who celebrated his 400th game for Doubleview with a good win. Charlie Slavich and Neville Stevens fought out a tight battle, all square with an end to play. It was the Slavich rink who smothered the kitty on the last end and Stevens not able to make a dint, 3 shots to Slavich and an important rink win
One point to Osborne Park from the champ Cody Packer. Ryan Moyle boasts an impressive Premier League record and in my stats since 2003, these 2 sit 2 (Packer) and 1 (Moyle) for strike rate wins, so we know a good game was to ensue. In the end it was a good win to Packer by 11 shots.
North Beach 78 (2) v Kardinya 85 (6)
Joe McGinlay 24 v David Rankin 16
Michael Sweeney 19 v Steven Novak 26
Mark Douthie 15 v Tony Krajancic 26
Geoffrey Devenish 20 v Slavko Perica 17

Kardinya have pulled off a very rare treat in beating North Beach at North Beach by 7 shots and getting a very valuable 6 points. Maybe the installation of the same surface has helped but it was a loss North Beach could not afford to have. It means they really need to win all their remaining home games and trying to sneak 1 or 2 away. For Kardinya it came at the right time and perhaps this will be the kick start up the ladder to their season. Game wise, North Beach were in front by 4 with a handful of ends to play but it was Kardinya who finished stronger. Novak picks up a sole shot, Krajancic grabs 2 and Perica a big 4 and Kardy have hit the front by 3 with 1 end to play. Luckily for Kardinya it was the form side Krajancic still going and it was them who won the last end, a 4, to secure the aggregate by 7.
It was the old veteran Tony Krajancic who led the way for his team. He found his weight straight away, winning the first 2 ends. Mark Douthie tried hard, briefly hitting the lead on the 7th end but was no match for the visiting skipper as they peeled off 4 of the next 5 ends and Krajancic was never headed again. The other winning Kardy rink was Steve Novak with his 7 shot win over Mike Sweeney. Novak up early 10-2 and then Sweeney started to breach the gap but couldn't really get in front before Novak pulled away again to be up 25-10 with 4 to play. To Sweeney's credit they fought out the end and made the aggregate tight picking up 9 shots to 1 but Novak was the winner.
The winners for North Beach came from Geoff Devenish over Sam Perica by 3 and Joe McGinlay by 8 over Dave Rankin. Devenish established a huge lead early 18-4 but the 2nd half belonged to Perica as he himself went 13-2 from the last 8 ends but it wasn't enough to overhaul Devenish. McGinlay was having a nice battle with Rankin to be 9-7 from 9 ends but here McGinlay pulled away to win 7 of the next 8 ends to be up 23-9. Rankin picked up a 5 on the 18th end and in the scheme of things a critical number, a couple of singles and the final margin was 8.
Sorrento 81 (6.5) v Safety Bay 65 (1.5)
Rhett Butler 16 v Christopher Owen 16
Bruce Eagles 22 v Luke Piper 16
Christopher Lander 27 v Grant Taylor 10
Dan Nicholls 16 v Chris Carruthers 23

Another solid win to Sorrento albeit an expected one this season against Safety Bay, 16 shots and 6.5 points. The win was set up early mainly from the Chris Lander rink, up 13-2 after 7 ends and the margin only really got bigger to win by 17 over Grant Taylor, winning the last 5 ends. The remaining rinks were single digit margins. Bruce Eagles with a 6 shot win over Luke Piper. Piper was up early after a big 7 shot end but Eagles slowly creeped back into the game winning the next 6 ends. to hit the front. It was head to head before Eagles drawing away to win by 6.
Safety Bay walked away with 1.5 points. The drawn rink between Rhett Butler and Chris Owen a doozy. Owen up early 10-4 after 7 ends with Butler only winning on 1 end, but then he hit his straps, Owen was able to maintain his lead though, 16-11 with 4 to play. Those 4 ends belonged to Butler, and he was able to pinch a draw. The win came from Chris Carruthers who was superb in his 7 shot win over Dan Nicholls. Nicholls was up 14-12 but Carruthers was able to finish strongly winning 5 of the last 7 to win his rink.
Manning 84 (7) v South Perth 74 (1)
Thomas Mitchell 20 v Justin Opie 23
Daniel Trewhella 19 v Glenn Pauling 15
Shane Knott 25 v Daniel Brown 21
Lewis Grigg 20 v Lee Such 15

It was a close 10 shot win to Manning but all accounts suggest it was a comfortable 10 shot win to Manning. Manning always well up but South Perth dived late for the link, behind by only 5 with 2 ends to play. Lee Such tried to kill ends to reset and his and Lewis Grigg's was the last to finish. Such tried to kill the 20th end, was successful twice but ended up missing for 1 down. Tried again on the 21st end to drop a 4 and the aggregate was Mannings
All rinks ended up with tight margins but 3 in favour of Manning. Shane Knott jumped Daniel Brown 7-0 and at one stage was 12 up but a critical 7 on the last end really tightened up the big board but Knott still winning by 4. Grigg and Such as we know was the last to finish but prior to that this was a cracking game. 15 all with those 2 ends to play. Such playing for the big board sacrificing the chance to win his rink to win the aggregate, this rink may have been different had it been the first off. Daniel Trewhella was back to his driving best in this game over Glenn Pauling. 11 drives, 9 perfect hits with another close enough to get a good result. It was the difference in ths match as Trewhella got out to a lead early but Pauling pulled it back but it was too late.
For South Perth Justin Opie got a good start to be out 8-0 over Tom Mitchell, before Mitchell got on the board and started to peg the gap. Opie again pulled away mid stages to be up by 5 with 3 to play before 2 ends to Mitchell and we were down to a nail biting finish. But it was the South Perth boys who held their nerve, picking up a 2 and winning by 3. Will Hyatt another solid game for Manning but it was the back end of Opie and Troy Kinnane who were damaging for the visitors.
Mosman Park 65 (1) v Cambridge 95 (7)
Cameron Hoffman 14 v Eric Johannes 17
Dale Marsland 14 v Clive Adams 20
Mitchell Cranswick 13 v Blake Nairn 36
Alan Southern 24 v Sean Mawdsley 22

Cambridge flexed their considerable muscle in their 30 shot win over Mosman Park and 7 points. Mossies holding control early and only the Blake Nairn rink keeping Cambridge in it before they hit the front and went away with comfortably after the halfway mark.
The big win was the 23 shot win by Blake Nairn over Mitchell Cranwick. Nairn could do no wrong all day and controlled the match from the outset. The remaining matches were close affairs. Clive Adams vs State Fours winning teammate Dale Marsland in a see sawing affair, Adams able to have his nose in fropnt at the end by 6 and keep the Fours trophy (the 4 players have made a deal that when they play each other the team to win will keep the trophy). Eric Johannes was behind early in his game over Cam Hoffman but for the Knights Cam Harris stepped with some short lengths and he was the difference in the end.
Mosman Park have been in such good form of late and they would be disapointed with their output this game. Their 1 point came from Alan Southern, a revelation with his arrival from Swan. He was in control for most of the game over Sean Mawdsley, Southern superb in his shotplay, Mawdsley himself doing well to stay in touch to go down by 2.
Mosman Park523011.5376368102.1719.5
North Beach52301038540794.5918
South Perth52308.5410378108.4716.5
Osborne Pk5140635542982.7510
Safety Bay5050531847267.375
Blake Nairn50065Cambridge
Daniel Trewhella50031Manning
Chris Lander41032Sorrento
Charlie Slavich41030Doubleview
Dale Marsland41021Mosman Park
Joe McGinlay41020North Beach
Clive Adams41012Cambridge
Alan Southern4102Mosman Park
Tony Krajancic31130Kardinya
Shane Knott31112Manning
Lewis Grigg3104Manning
Glenn Pauling32042South Perth
Kyle McIlroy32026Doubleview
Ryan Moyle32015Doubleview
Eric Johannes3205Cambridge
Michael Sweeney3202North Beach
Bruce Eagles3202Sorrento
Rhett Butler22116Sorrento
John Slavich22110Doubleview
Mitchell Cranswick221-11Mosman Park
Daniel Brown220-5South Perth
Dan Nicholls2303Sorrento
Steven Novak230-1Kardinya
Justin Opie230-5South Perth
Cody Packer230-7Osborne Pk
Sean Mawdsley230-15Cambridge
Neville Stevens230-19Osborne Pk
Ryan Brown230-20Osborne Pk
Geoffrey Devenish230-23North Beach
Luke Piper230-26Safety Bay
AJ Heal1006Manning
Chris Carruthers131-29Safety Bay
Chris Owen131-53Safety Bay
Lee Such1400South Perth
Cameron Hoffman140-4Mosman Park
Thomas Mitchell140-10Manning
Mark Douthie140-21North Beach
Sam Perica140-26Kardinya
David Rankin140-37Kardinya
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Shane Loftus020-12Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay