After last week’s fifth round of games we now see the South Perth Millers safely on top followed closely by the tight knit Cougars from Kalamunda. All teams have won at least one game, with Hilton, Hollywood and Kardinya 2 down at the wrong end of the ladder.
The Game of the Round played between the Millers and the Eagles was just that. A thriller I have been told, with some excellent bowls, some “ friendly “ jousting etc.
The Hilton Hawks breaking their duck with a sound win at home against Kardy 2.

Kardinya 1 103 (7.5) v Hollywood Subiaco 63 (0.5)
Ian Barrie 29 v Glen Morey 18
Daryl Radford 29 v Robert Campbell 9
Graeme Fewings 20 v David Byrne 20
Geoffrey White 25 v Daniel Byrne 16

The Kats had a very comfortable win against a fairly ordinary opposition to now sit near the top of the ladder.
Forty shots and 7.5 points was a good afternoons work for this very experienced side. Daryl Radford, Ross Knapp, Garry Knight and Mark Holt having a great win by twenty shots over the faltering Campbell rink.
The draw was played between Kat Fewings and David Byrne.
Hollywood with a fair bit of work to do at this early stage of the season if they want to avoid relegation.
Leeming 89 (7) v Thornlie 65 (1)
James Newton 20 v Jim Stean 19
Karl Vandersluys 20 v Mark Separovich 21
Phil Dobie 17 v Paul Pohe 15
Gary Ford 32 v Clive Penaluna 10

A very predictable win to the Lions over the Ravens down at Leeming, to pick up 7 points and to win by a comfortable 24 shots.
It was a hot steamy day on the synthetic green with the result never in doubt for the home team.
Two in a row now to the Lions, who sit fourth on the table, with a hard task at Kardinya next game though.
The Ravens will be away as well when they play the Freo Mariners.
The big winner for the home side was the rink skipped by Gary Ford, able assisted by Jim Bowden, Steve Dobie and the excellent lead in Trevor Highham, 22 shots at the finish.
The combination of Separovich and Vaughan gaining a valuable away point for the Ravens.
Hilton Park 81 (7.5) v Kardinya 2 70 (0.5)
Rodney Butler 22 v Robert Hunter 14
Gary Dodd 18 v Darryl Flintoff 18
Craig Standley 22 v Silvio Vassallo 20
Tony Maxwell 19 v David Wood 18

The Hawks winning by only 11 shots, but they managed to pick up a valuable 7.5 points into the bargain.
I have been told that this game was a beauty from start to finish and that the second Kardy side gave their all, but it was not to be at the finish, after a brave Kat fight from them.
Rod Butler, with the luxury of Dan Newton as his third, gave the returning Robbie Hunter a bit of a lesson, to win by eight shots.
Stanley and Maxwell just pipping their opponents for the Hawks, with Daryl Flintoff salvaging a draw for the visiting Kats.
Is this the start of things to come for the Hawks?
Kalamunda 81 (7) v Fremantle 65 (1)
William Brandsma 18 v Mark Gill 16
Dwayne Wooltorton 21 v Peter Wachmer 20
Ian Cornthwaite 25 v Shaun McCormack 10
Arthur Bartlett 17 v Markus Starcevich 19

Seven points for the consistent and well managed Cougars who sent the Mariners back down the hill to the sea, with just one point in the Managers bag.
Cornthwaite skipped his rink to a big win over young McCormack, to the tune of some fifteen shots, to be the match winner for the home side.
Marcus Starcevich, who I have heard good reports about, gaining the Mariners only point. But it could have easily been three points as Brandsma and Wooltorton winning by only two shots and one shot respectively. The latter now has a five zip record.
South Perth 73 (7) v Manning 70 (1)
John Carter 21 v Graham O'Brien 11
Max Petrich 13 v Wayne Heldt 28
Michael McRae 19 v Michael Carey 17
Steve Kelly 20 v Murray Piggott 14

Game of the Round
What a great tussle we had down at the home of the Millers, who literally hung on to win by just three shots over the visiting Eagles outfit from Manning.
Johnny Carter and his rink prevailing once again by eleven shots, which proved to be the match winner for the top of the table Millers. He was ably supported by John Wardrop, Ryan Havercroft and John Percival. John is proving to be a good pickup for the Millers and can consider himself unlucky not to be still in the top side. Mick McCrae and Steve Kelly were the other rink winners for the jubilant winning sixteen. Wayne Heldt the stand in skipper did his best to get the Eagles 🦅 across the line, beating Max Petrich by a handsome 15 shots.
South Perth540114420344122.0932
Kardinya 1532012.5421396106.3124.5
Hilton Park5140837442987.1812
Hollywood Subiaco5140733643078.1411
Kardinya 251314.534540884.5610.5
Dwayne Wooltorton50051Kalamunda
Daryl Radford50045Kardinya 1
Michael McRae40021South Perth
Arthur Bartlett41046Kalamunda
Gary Ford41040Leeming
Mark Separovich31126Thornlie
Ian Cornthwaite31119Kalamunda
John Carter31042South Perth
Graham O'Brien32017Manning
Karl Vandersluys32017Leeming
Ian Barrie32017Kardinya 1
Max Petrich3203South Perth
Steve Kelly3201South Perth
James Newton320-4Leeming
Craig Standley320-5Hilton Park
Robert Campbell320-11Hollywood Subiaco
Mark Gill21122Fremantle
Peter Wachmer22123Fremantle
Graeme Fewings221-26Kardinya 1
Matthew Allen22017Manning
Paul Pohe22012Thornlie
Tony Maxwell220-11Hilton Park
Murray Piggott23024Manning
Michael Carey2307Manning
Shaun McCormack230-26Fremantle
Bill Brandsma230-29Kalamunda
Phil Dobie230-37Leeming
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Wayne Heldt10015Manning
Rodney Butler1008Hilton Park
Paul Clausen1006Fremantle
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Geoff White1100Kardinya 1
David Byrne1224Hollywood Subiaco
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
John Rochford120-11Kardinya 1
Gary Dodd131-8Hilton Park
Dwain Reagan130-14Kardinya 2
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Robert Hunter140-18Kardinya 2
Silvio Vassallo140-22Kardinya 2
Jim Stean140-27Thornlie
Daniel Byrne140-43Hollywood Subiaco
Glen Morey140-44Hollywood Subiaco
Darryll Flintoff011-3Kardinya 2
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
David Wood010-1Kardinya 2
Doddy Innes010-6Thornlie
John Wardrop010-6South Perth
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Travis Simpson021-32Hilton Park