South Perth 89 (6) v Mosman Park 75 (2)
Daniel Brown 26 v Cameron Hoffman 17
Justin Opie 13 v Dale Marsland 20
Lee Such 17 v Mitchell Cranswick 26
Glenn Pauling 33 v Alan Southern 12

Our first Friday nigt game of the year and I mosied on out to South Perth. I arrived at the half way point and Mossies were holding a slight advantage. Glenn Pauling was well in control over Alan Southern but offset with Dale Marsland holding a similar advantage over Justin Opie. Daniel Brown held a small lead over Cam Hoffman and Mitch Cranswick winning over Lee Such.
So I stayed for another 6 ends or so, Pauling continued to extend his lead but Mossies were pulling away, Hoffman hit the front over Brown, Cranswick and Marsland still up and an upset was on the cards.
When I left, you could feel the momentum change. Justin Opie started to reduce the gap and got it back to single digits and Daniel Brown also starting to get on top of the hoffman rink. Coupled with the Pauling rink continuing toi grab shots and we saw South Perth hit the lead.
It was cold and I left, but it appears that story continued to the end of the game. Southern who'd had such a wonderful start to the yea has now discovered that Premier League is not all beer and skittles. Pauling all quality and him and his rink turned it on Friday night. A 21 shot win and that really set up the win for the Millers. Brown in a tight tussle but eventually a solid 9 shot win. Mosman Park grabbed 2 points and in the cold light of day would be satisfied with that. Dale Marsland was more up but Opie fought back well, Marsland winning by 7. Cranswick also playing well get get a well deserved 9 shot win.
Cambridge 83 (2) v Sorrento 91 (6)
Clive Adams 15 v Rhett Butler 30
Blake Nairn 30 v Bruce Eagles 20
Eric Johannes 16 v Christopher Lander 22
Sean Mawdsley 22 v Dan Nicholls 19

Upset of the round, Sorrento travelling to Cambridge and going home with the lions share of points in a high scoring day of bowls.
Rhett Butler could do no wrong against Clive Adams, turning back the clock and was unstoppable with his game all afternoon. It was Adams biggest loss since December 2018, Round 6 against Neville Stevens, it was 17 shots that day. Butler's last 2 weeks is +35 and laying the foundation for his clubs success in those 2 outings. Sorrento also a win for Chris Lander over Eric Johannes. Johannes winning an amazing 8 ends in a row but losing the match. Lander jumped out to be 6-1, Johannes on that 8 end run got to 6-15 and Lander unleashed his own run of ends to win 22-15.
Cambridge did get 2 points, another 30 shot game, this one to Blake Nairn winning by 10 over the hard to beat Bruce Eagles. It was close early, but the dynamic duo of Nairn and David Opie producing too many shots to pull away. This rink was the last to finish and with aggregate close, Eagles was able to grab some shots at the end to win the agg for his club. Sean Mawdsley the other winner by 3 over Dan Nicholls. It was also a tight tussle all day, Nicholls had an opportunity to grab a big number but narrowly missing, Mawdsley getting the points.
Doubleview 116 (8) v North Beach 50 (0)
Ryan Moyle 34 v Joe McGinlay 13
Kyle McIlroy 24 v Michael Sweeney 13
Charles Slavich 28 v Mark Douthie 15
John Slavich 30 v Geoffrey Devenish 9

Wowsers what a whitewash. We thought North Beach would struggle but not to this extent, a 66 shot win to the home team Doubleview and all 8 points. It's not often you see a club with a 100% win to a PL club, but it happened in this game. All rinks suffering double digit losses and having no answer to the class and quality of the Doubleview skippers. no matter what the visitors tried to do, some even arriving early for a morning roll, but nothing they tried worked.
The last win North Beach had was November 2019, round 3 against South Perth. It's worrying for them, while their surface is a significant home advantage, it does seem to suffer when they play away from home.
A solid win for the View and what turned out to be a percentage booster and they now sit 3rd on the ladder. They did what they needed to do and can focus on their game next week against Osborne Park
Kardinya 68 (3) v Manning 68 (5)
Steven Novak 16 v Thomas Mitchell 19
Slavko Perica 16 v Daniel Trewhella 19
David Rankin 11 v Shane Knott 22
Tony Krajancic 25 v Lewis Grigg 8

Another cracking game played with a Manning team, this time against Kardinya but this time a drawn aggregate, Manning though winning the points with 3 rinks.
First off was the 'Marathon Man' Shane Knott with his 11 shot defeat of fellow charity raiser Mo-less bro Dave Rankin. All the 30 hours seemed to do was sharpen Knott's game and he was superb, ably assisted by leader Joe Angel. Danny Comrie tried hard for the Kats but it was Knott by 11.
Next to finish was the Tom Mitchell and Steve Novak rink. It was a tight tussle all day, only a handful of shots separating the two all to the advantage of the Novak rink but on the 17th end Mitchell got the big score to break the camels back and he went on to win by 3.
The aggregate was close. New recruit for Kardinya Tony Krajancic was doing a number on Lewis Grigg so overall it was tight all day. With an end each to play, Daniel Trewhella and Sam Perika was next to finish. Another tight contest all day, the last end to play and Trewhella holding for before a trail by Perica gave him the advantage by 2. Trewhella tried to draw to reduce the count, it was not to be, Trewhella though winning the rink to keep his unbeaten record intact by 3 shots.
While Trewhella was finishing off their rink, the final end of Krajancic and Grigg was being played. Krajancic holding one in the head but overall manning was 1 up. Grigg had 2 attempts but missed, Krajancic drawing the 2nd with his last to square the aggregate and share the 4 points.
Safety Bay 82 (2) v Osborne Park 93 (6)
Christopher Owen 24 v Shane Loftus 23
Grant Taylor 26 v Ryan Brown 29
Chris Carruthers 14 v Cody Packer 24
Luke Piper 18 v Neville Stevens 17

Safety Bay pushed the reigning premiers all the way in this match, Safety Bay grabbing 2 points from 1 shot wins and it was the champ himself Cody Packer who has turned his season around with an aggregate winning his rink by 10 shots over Chris Carruthers. Ryan Brown in a high scoring 55 shot game winning by 3 over Grant Taylor.
The 2 solo shot wins were from Chris Owen over new Ossy Park skipper Shane Loftus and Luke Piper over Neville Stevens. 2 points handy but with only 3.5 points from 4 games, the season is starting to slip away from them already. They have had a tough run of games, but Premier League this season is going to be littered with tough games.
Ok, so Osborne Park are on the board. They still sit 8th, but they now have a win. A tough game next week against Doubleview so they haven'y escaped from the woods yet, but a win is a win.
Mosman Park422010.5311273113.9218.5
North Beach4220830732295.3416
South Perth42207.5336294114.2915.5
Osborne Pk4130528434682.089
Safety Bay40403.525339164.713.5
Blake Nairn40042Cambridge
Daniel Trewhella40027Manning
Dale Marsland40027Mosman Park
Glenn Pauling31046South Perth
Charlie Slavich31027Doubleview
Ryan Moyle31024Doubleview
Chris Lander31015Sorrento
Joe McGinlay31012North Beach
Michael Sweeney3109North Beach
Clive Adams3106Cambridge
Alan Southern3100Mosman Park
Tony Krajancic21119Kardinya
Mitchell Cranswick21112Mosman Park
Shane Knott2118Manning
Lewis Grigg210-1Manning
Daniel Brown210-1South Perth
Kyle McIlroy22019Doubleview
Rhett Butler22016Sorrento
Dan Nicholls22010Sorrento
Eric Johannes2202Cambridge
Bruce Eagles220-4Sorrento
Ryan Brown220-13Osborne Pk
Sean Mawdsley220-13Cambridge
Neville Stevens220-16Osborne Pk
Luke Piper220-20Safety Bay
AJ Heal1006Manning
John Slavich121-1Doubleview
Lee Such1305South Perth
Cameron Hoffman130-1Mosman Park
Thomas Mitchell130-7Manning
Justin Opie130-8South Perth
Steven Novak130-8Kardinya
Mark Douthie130-10North Beach
Cody Packer130-16Osborne Pk
Sam Perica130-23Kardinya
Geoffrey Devenish130-26North Beach
David Rankin130-29Kardinya
Chris Owen130-53Safety Bay
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Shane Loftus010-1Osborne Pk
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Chris Carruthers031-36Safety Bay
Grant Taylor040-29Safety Bay