Well, what an exciting Round 4. Game of the round didn’t disappoint. Dolphins V Magpies in a close one. The Doggies finally get a win and put some points on the board. Mavericks win the battle of the bottom. The View embarrassed with the worst hiding of the season so far. And Swan take it to the Saints in a cliff-hanger. Amazingly no skips with 4 wins. Blue North is the only Div 1 that doesn’t have skips winning 4 games really showing how competitive and tight our division is. Guiseppe with a draw on the weekend stops his winning streak and Tony Natalotto with 3 straight moves into the no.2 spot as he didn’t skip in Rd1 and Leggett losing to stop his streak
North Beach 109 (8) v Doubleview 48 (0)
John Bartorillo 29 v Gary Nelson 12
Peter Augustson 31 v Ben Willesee 9
Alan Howe 23 v Christopher McKenna 11
Lee Mitten 26 v Edward Johnson 16

Well, what can I say there is 2 sides to the coin. On one side absolute superlatives to the Beach Boys in an amazing trouncing of the View by a whooping 61 shots 8 – zip win and in the strongest performance so far. Absolutely dominant over 4 rinks. Bartorillo by 17, Augustson by 22, Howe by 12, and Mitten by 10 shots respectively. Top of the ladder the only team to be 4 – 0 and they have really cleared out against the rest of the pack by 9 points and beyond from third spot down. Dolphins at the moment, the only ones hanging in by 4.5points in second spot. Well, done to the Beach Boys thus far, keeping working hard.
Well, the flip side of the coin. French Connection United Kingdom - FCUK for short. As a writer you are really, really, unsure on how to cross the threshold of an absolute trouncing like this, other than “What the French Connection UK happened?” In an absolute embarrassment for the side and the 16 boys, losing by your full teams score and then 13 more shots on top of that. I would have been cringing in my bowls shoes and beer when they put those scores back up at the club to see who won the pots. Take nothing away from the Beach Boys but this is a Doubleview 16 that Capitulated or allowed the synthetic pace to get in their heads. Either way a seasoned side like this should not be losing by this much. They need to desperately right the ship for Round 5 or just punch your bus ticket now boys for second division. Go down the hill and hang out at “The Beach” That will take some pressure off the other clubs in the bottom half knowing one of the 2 spots are gone. What View side will we see next week? Only 7 days will tell!!!
Stirling 62 (2) v Yokine 77 (6)
Stuart Lofthouse 12 v Shane Shaw 27
Mane (mick) Marovic 19 v William Morrison 13
Josip Martinovich 14 v Wayne Coffey 21
Michael Vitale 17 v Trevor McGillivray 16

In the game of the 2 Dogs, we saw the Doggies bark the loudest and it was the Shaw rink touching up Lofthouse by 15 which was the final difference between the 2 teams on the day. 6-2 to Yokine and they finally get the doggie treats and walk proudly back to the doghouse holding their head high and a little strut in their step. Coffey getting a strong win over a tough Martinovich rink by 7. Not sure what happened but Doggies with a last-minute change and Billie Morrison lost to Marovic by 6 and Vitale and McGillivray battle out a rip snorter with Vitale up by 1. Great away win for the Doggies
Morley 80 (6) v Bassendean 73 (2)
Lindsay Sanders 19 v Graeme Cash 20
Michael Radalj 21 v Murray Wright 20
Victor Orchard 23 v Michael Garrett 9
Robert Urquhart 17 v Alan Britton 24

La Bataille du Bas Royale (The battle of the Bottom Royale) it was the wild bunch of 16 Mavericks that secured a 7-shot win and 6-2. In a much stronger performance by the Lions and if it wasn’t for the Garrett rink getting beaten by 14 by Orchard then they might have got the chocolates. In a dominant display holding Garrett to 9 shots and really taking the Win away from Basso. Radalj getting a one-shot win over Wright to get the extra point for the Mavericks. Great effort by Cash and Britton to win over Sanders and Urquhart by 1 and 7 shots respectively for the Lions. Basso can go home with their head held high and a bit of pride back in the green jersey of theirs. From all reports it was a great game and played in good spirit by both sides. Well, done to both clubs
Joondalup 78 (6) v Warwick 69 (2)
Wayne Neilson 15 v Michael Golding 18
Shane Ernest Rixom 22 v Brian Ledingham 7
Ben Leggett 19 v Geoffrey Hinge 24
Jimmy Buchanan 22 v Jon Borkowski 20

Well, what a cracking game as the Dolphins get home by 9 and get a 6-2 win. We got what we asked for and had a Hinge v Leggett and from all reports it didn’t disappoint with the game changer getting up by 5. But it was all about Rixom and he got up by 15 but more importantly kept Ledingham rink to 7 shots only, in a brilliant display of bowls all day. Buchanan adding the extra point for the dolphins. Golding grabbing the win by 3 over Neilson in a close game for the magpies. Dolphins stay in second and keep the gap reasonable to the Beach Boys
Osborne Park 83 (1.5) v Swan 87 (6.5)
Wayne Davidson 17 v Tony Natalotto 32
Mark Pasalich 33 v Rodney Revell 13
Fernando Di Giuseppe 19 v David Park 19
Charles (lee) Farrell 14 v Paul Kelly 23

In a dominant display of bowls by Swan 4 shot win and 6.5 away points over 3 rinks, it was nearly single handed undone by the Pasalich Rink, in a 20-shot win over Revell. Thank God or should I say Thank Natalotto for his 15 shot win over Davidson or Swan may have been rueing the one that got away. Park having an excellent performance to keep Guiseppe to a tie and Kelly dominant in chipping away for a 9 shot win over the strong Farrell rink and really helping save the day for Swannies and getting his third win. Swan now move above the Saints into 3rd and the halo slips again 2 weeks in a row at home for the Saints which normally is a fortress to penetrate.
North Beach440010351266131.9526
Osborne Park42208.5344315109.2116.5
Fred DiGiuseppe30110Osborne Park
Tony Natalotto30020Swan
Shane Rixom31042Joondalup
Peter Auguston31039North Beach
Geoffrey Hinge31031Warwick
Ben Leggett31025Joondalup
John Bartorillo31023North Beach
Mick Marovic31022Stirling
Victor Orchard31019Morley
Paul Kelly31018Swan
Michael Radalj310-5Morley
Bradley Pearce21116Doubleview
Shane Shaw2113Yokine
Alan Howe22020North Beach
Lee Farrell22013Osborne Park
Trevor McGillivray22013Yokine
Mark Pasalich22013Osborne Park
Josip Martinovich2206Stirling
Wayne Coffey2206Yokine
Lee Mitten2203North Beach
Robert Urquhart220-2Morley
Michael Golding220-2Warwick
Alan Britton220-2Bassendean
Jon Borkowski220-3Warwick
Jimmy Buchanan220-4Joondalup
Chris McKenna220-7Doubleview
Michael Vitale220-11Stirling
Michael Garrett220-12Bassendean
Ben Willesee220-30Doubleview
Graeme Cash1001Bassendean
Wayne Neilson121-14Joondalup
David Park121-16Swan
Rodney Revell121-21Swan
George Smith1208Osborne Park
Gary Nelson130-17Doubleview
Murray Wright130-17Bassendean
Brian Ledingham130-25Warwick
Lindsay Sanders010-1Morley
William Morrison010-6Yokine
Daniel Wood010-10Swan
Wayne Davidson010-15Osborne Park
Keith Nazareth030-13Morley
Mel Lemos030-32Yokine
Robert Maynard030-38Bassendean
Stuart Lofthouse040-48Stirling