Sorrento 87 (7) v South Perth 60 (1)
Rhett Butler 30 v Daniel Brown 10
Bruce Eagles 20 v Justin Opie 13
Dan Nicholls 21 v Lee Such 12
Christopher Lander 16 v Glenn Pauling 25

Massive upset here, Sorrento scoring a momentous 27 shot victory and setting the cat amongst the pigeons for the comp this year. No team is safe, and South Perth would want to find their mojo soon or the season will slip away from them.
It was Rhett Butlers rink that really set the scene, up 11-0 early and just get kept pulling away as the game went on. It was a similar story on the Dan Nicholls rink, they were never really headed all day and beat Lee Such to the tune of 9 shots. Sorrento completed the rout on the Bruce Eagles rink. Eagles shot out to a good lead and when Justin Opie won the mat he shortened the length which saw them get back into the game, only to see control wrested back to Eagles and he pulled away at the end to win by 7
The one shining light for South Perth was the rink win to Glenn Pauling over Chris Lander by 9 shots. In what seemed to be a similar story, Pauling got away early and was never headed, Lander fought back but Pauling settled and pulled away at the end.
Manning 74 (6.5) v Doubleview 69 (1.5)
Alan Heal 21 v Ryan Moyle 15
Daniel Trewhella 22 v Kyle McIlroy 21
Thomas Mitchell 14 v Charles Slavich 16
Shane Knott 17 v John Slavich 17

Another quality game of bowls fought between these 2 clubs, only 5 shots splitting them at the end and really not much more than that at any point of the game. I've been told it was one of the highest quality games he has played in.
The first rink to finish was the Shane Knott and John Slavich humdinger. Slavich held the game by a sole shot on the last end with Knott taking out that shot to claim the draw. It was a cracking game, only 2 or 3 separating the 2 teams all day, a draw a fitting result. Manning up in the agg by 10 at this stage
Second rink off was the Daniel Trewhella and Kyle McIlroy match. Not many fitter than these guys, and when the suns out, the guns also come out. A high scoring but affair but of the highest quality, McIlroy holding numbers but Trewhella cuts it down to 2. McIlroy tries to take it out to go out 5 but misses, 2 to McIlroy but the rink to Trewhella by 1. 8 shots in the agg to Manning with 2 rinks to finish.
Third to finish and it's replacement skipper AJ Heal playing Ryan Moyle. Heal with fill-in Steve Withers who stepped in like he hadn't even left really had the measure of the Moyle rink all day. Last end and Doubleview try to kill to close the aggregate gap but misses. Picks up 2 valuable shots anyway but it's Heals win by 6. Manning in the agg by 6 with 1 to play.
Well we all know how it ends. In a low scoring match, Charlie Slavich and Tom Mitchell both trying to win it for their team. Slavich holding 3, Mitchell finds a gap. Slavich adds 1 more. Mitchell goes again and hits this time, moving the kitty and it's 1 to Doubleview. Slavich attempts the kill but it's no good, they get the shot, win the rink but the aggregate goes to Manning by 5.
Mosman Park 85 (7.5) v Kardinya 57 (0.5)
Dale Marsland 17 v Steven Novak 14
Cameron Hoffman 24 v Slavko Perica 13
Alan Southern 27 v David Rankin 13
Mitchell Cranswick 17 v Tony Krajancic 17

Another huge result, Kardinya teetering on the edge with the 3rd loss for the year and Mosman Park with 3 impressive games sitting 3rd on the ladder. The big win was that Alan Southern who is taking to Premier League skippers duties like a duck to water. And what a scalp, David Rankin, to the tune of 14 shots. A huge win for Southern and his club and set the day for the aggregate. Cameron Hoffman also with a good win, he started the day slowly but once they found their range they were far too good for Sam Perica and his crew to win by 9.
The close games came from Dale Marsland and Steve Novak. A tight tussle all day and only the last couple ends that Marsland strung some wins together did he break away to win the rink by 3. The closest game of all was the Mitchell Cranswick and Tony Krajancic. Krajancic up by 1 going into the last end and holding shot. Cranswick able to draw shot with his to draw the rink.
Safety Bay 58 (0) v Cambridge 93 (8)
Christopher Owen 9 v Blake Nairn 24
Grant Taylor 18 v Sean Mawdsley 20
Chris Carruthers 18 v Eric Johannes 26
Luke Piper 13 v Clive Adams 23

The expected victory saw Cambridge travel south to Safety Bay and claim all 8 points with some comfort. The big winner was Blake Nairn who jumped out and kept piling on the shots all day against the hapless Chris Owen. Clive Adams also a double digit winner, his cause helped by the unlucky Piper who with a errant drive on the 3rd end dropped a 6 and it was no looking back for Adams.
Eric Johannes chalked up another rink win with 8 shot victory over Chris Carruthers. It was a tight game all day and only a 5 late gave Johannes and his team some breathing space. The real tight one was Sean Mawdsley and Grant Taylor. All square going in to the last end with Taylor looking for some points for his team but it was Mawdsley and his rink just too solid, Nugget Bolton with shot and held it until Taylor was able to pluck it out. Mawdsley returned fire remove the Taylor bowl and it was 2 to Cambridge and secure all 8 points.
North Beach 91 (7) v Osborne Park 63 (1)
Michael Sweeney 24 v Connor Biddle 16
Geoffrey Devenish 20 v Neville Stevens 24
Mark Douthie 27 v Ryan Brown 14
Joe McGinlay 20 v Cody Packer 9

A seemingly expected result but it's not good for Osborne Park. 1 point but a loss by 28 shots albeit at a difficult venue to score but it's not an ideal start by Osborne Park. They have history of doing this a couple of years ago they lost the first 3 but then peeled off the next 15 to make finals. But it seems different this year, it's a hard road back for the Saints.
Let's not take away from the glory of North Beach, a resounding win which sees them in the top 4 at the moment. Joe McGinlay was the giant killer, 11 shots over Cody Packer who has had a horror start to the season. It started out close with McGinley 8-7 after 12 before McGinlay winning 6 of the next 8 ends to win by 11. Mike Sweeney also a good win over Connor Biddle by 8. Sweeney always in control and at 20-7 it was looking ugly but Biddle made a game of it with a 4 and a 3 on the last end to cut it back to single digits. Mark Douthie a big winner by 13, he also bounded out of the gates but he wasn't dropping shots near the end over Ryan Brown and held their comfortable double digit win.
Osborne Park with the 1 point from Neville Stevens, winning over Geoff Devenish by 4. Devenish like his other teammates flew out at the start to be 16-9, but it was from there that Neville Stevens found his range, a 5 and a 3 on ends 14 and 15 saw him hit the lead and a couple more 3's to finish and it's a point to Osborne Park.
Mosman Park32108.5236184128.2616.5
North Beach32108257206124.7616
South Perth31205.5247219112.799.5
Osborne Pk3030319126472.353
Safety Bay30301.517129857.381.5
Joe McGinlay30033North Beach
Blake Nairn30032Cambridge
Daniel Trewhella30024Manning
Clive Adams30021Cambridge
Alan Southern30021Mosman Park
Dale Marsland30020Mosman Park
Michael Sweeney30020North Beach
Lewis Grigg20016Manning
Glenn Pauling21025South Perth
Charlie Slavich21014Doubleview
Dan Nicholls21013Sorrento
Chris Lander2109Sorrento
Eric Johannes2108Cambridge
Bruce Eagles2106Sorrento
Ryan Moyle2103Doubleview
Neville Stevens210-15Osborne Pk
AJ Heal1006Manning
Mitchell Cranswick1113Mosman Park
Tony Krajancic1112Kardinya
Shane Knott111-3Manning
Daniel Brown110-10South Perth
Lee Such12014South Perth
Kyle McIlroy1208Doubleview
Cameron Hoffman1208Mosman Park
Mark Douthie1203North Beach
Rhett Butler1201Sorrento
Justin Opie120-1South Perth
Geoffrey Devenish120-5North Beach
Steven Novak120-5Kardinya
Ryan Brown120-16Osborne Pk
Sean Mawdsley120-16Cambridge
David Rankin120-18Kardinya
Sam Perica120-20Kardinya
Luke Piper120-21Safety Bay
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
John Slavich021-22Doubleview
Chris Carruthers021-26Safety Bay
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Thomas Mitchell030-10Manning
Cody Packer030-26Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor030-26Safety Bay
Chris Owen030-54Safety Bay