Well that went to plan for once with 5 from 5 on the tipping. Most sides settled down after some upsets from R1 but the home sides did what they needed to do & most ended up putting 7pts on the board so every point over 6pts for each home win is vital. Quick summary at the summit of the table sees Mt Lawley & Gosnells creating some space from Wanneroo & Sorrento. Cockburn still sit 5th after dropping 7pts & the Basso sides chase them with both sides only having the bare minimum 1pt separating them. Although this will surely change in R3 as the handbags get polished up for some swinging over the next few days in preparation for some Lion on Lion action this weekend.
The only winless sides are surprisingly Warnbro & Quinns Rocks but you would think Warnbro can pull themselves together over the coming weeks to bounce back & Quinns have some chances over the next 2 Rounds with their back to backs.
We only have 11 skippers still in the unbeaten mix after 2 Rounds. So out of 40 starters it's starting to filter out pretty quick. I would expect that after R3 we'll be down to 7 & probably down to 1 or 2 after Round 5 as it's hard to see any really dominant side given that the balance of rinks seems to be even enough across most teams.
Sorrento 80 (7) v Bassendean 2 70 (1)
Lance Martin 22 v Richard D'Souza 26
Ian Linford 21 v Mark Cook 18
Ronald Rogers 20 v Eugene O'Sullivan 16
Alan Anderson 17 v Peter Madigan 10

The Swans got themselves into the winning circle & grabbed a huge 7pts in the process but one might think they might of won by more than 10shots. Basso put up a cracking fight & might of easily got the big W themselves but for some close games not going their way. We predicted a close game with one blow out rink & it kind of went that way although the blowout rink was only 7 shots which gave the Lions a good look at this game right to the end.
Martin didn't get his own way with D'Souza as the Basso foursome were the only ones to grab a point by 4 shots & that might be valuable come March '22. Linford held Cook by 3 shots and Rogers also held O'Sullivan's side by 4 shots. Anderson took Madigan by 7 shots but overall the games were very tight considering Sorrento home ground advantage. I did expect to see more than 10 shots in the margin so credit to Basso for locking down some good defence & they might consider themselves unlucky not to grab another point on the road. Sorrento will certainly take 7pts anywhere they can get it so job done & gets them on the winning board.
Result: Sorrento 7 - 1
Prediction: Sorrento 7 - 1

Mt Lawley 83 (7) v Cockburn 71 (1)
Anthony Einfeld 27 v Michael Simunovic 17
Corey Bessant 17 v Josip (joe) Marevic 16
Andrew Jones 18 v Marc Abonnel 16
Mark Masel 21 v William Tepania 22

Battle for top was went down to the last few ends with the Mounters securely a good win & the Agg over the last few ends. Only 10 shots separated both sides in the end & it will be interesting to see the return leg as I would think the result could be a direct copy with the home side prevailing on both accounts. Both sides looked evenly matched & you would think both will be looking for a finals spot.
Einfeld had Simunovic by 10 shots to give the Mounters a big chance for the Agg. Bessant edged Joe by minimum with the last bowl & Jones again relied on the last bowl against Abonnel to edge him by 2 shots. Masel couldn't get past Big Willie's side who are travelling well so far, as they went down by the minimum margin.
Overall the Roosters will get more out of this game than the points they didn't get as 3 of the 4 sides either won or were bitterly close to winning so a cracking game overall. The Mounters continuing mounting over the first 2 games & are grinding out some good wins. With 2 of the next 3 Away they'll be offered their first proper test but every game will be hard fought this year so grabbing anything away is worth it weight in gold.
Result: Mt Lawley 7 - 1
Prediction: Mt Lawley 6 - 2

Bassendean 1 82 (7) v Rossmoyne 72 (1)
Linton Pike 12 v John Carter 18
Russell Ellis 23 v Allan Petchell 22
Jovan Krstic 26 v Craig Edson 22
Simon Alden 21 v Rawley Lang 10

The Lions roared back with a massive 7pts but it was close enough with a few ends to go & only 10 shots split the sides in the end. Basso needed this one & against an bona-fide ex.PL side will help build that confidence. The overall thinking with Basso is their form from last year was only 1-2 games off Finals for a good portion of last year & with the addition of the remaining PL players you would think it will get them too 2 but other sides are looking strong this year so let’s see what happens.
Pike dropped to a good Carter side by 6 shots & Petchell only lost to Ellis by the minimum so suddenly it looked like game on for the River Rats as they normally play well Away. Krstic stepped up with a good 4 shot win over Edson in a high scoring game with nearly 50 shots on the board. Alden chipped in as required with the margin winner to grab the Agg by cruising past Lang by 11 shots. With only 10 in the Agg it was certainly there for either side but the home side controlled it well late on. Rossmoyne might have felt they desired more than 1pt but most games so far are terribly tight so it seems to be whoever on the day with a little luck thrown in.
Result: Bassendean 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 6 - 2

Wanneroo 90 (7) v Warnbro 70 (1)
Neville Costello 23 v Kieran Cousens 21
Kingsley Toster 32 v George (dr) Jackson 11
David Triffitt 14 v Barry Kalinowsky 21
Christopher Buchholz 21 v Lindsay Strange 17

The Roos needed this one big time & they grabbed a massive 7pts in what would be considered a genuine tough contest. The Wizards had a long trip home with plenty of time to reflect on what their season means 0-2 & then the pressure it brings thinking 0-3 next Round probably leaves them in a very tight bind & PL ambitions seem further away.
Costello had Cousens by 2 shots in another close encounter with these sides. Toster bounced back very well by running aq huge 21 shots over Jackson which was pretty much the Agg in itself in 1 result, so well done to them. Triffitt fell to Kalinowsky by 7 shots to give the Wizards a look at the Agg but Buchholz had Strange held by 4 shots in another very tight contest.
The Roo's are off & running & chasing the pack into Finals. They have a super tricky next few Rounds & they 2nd half to the season looks for favourable but they'll need a few on the road over the next 2 rounds away or 1 from 4 wouldn't work for a Finals spot. The Wizards are back to square one, forget about PL ambitions it's shoulder to the wheel now before this gets out of control. They probably have 3 of the top 4 teams over the next few Rounds so it won't get any easier for them.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Gosnells 94 (7) v Quinns Rocks 76 (1)
Robert Foy 22 v Steve O'Neill 14
Frank Carbone 18 v John Berecz 26
Brett Holland 24 v Martin Hinchcliffe 23
Grant Nicol 30 v Hugh Ward 13

Probably as expected as Gosnells got through most rinks in comfortable enough fashion. We predicted ~15 shots spread in the Preview & it ended up at 18 shots so we weren’t far away but it shows the calibre of the Kookaburra’s at home & most teams will find it hard to beat them on their surface this year.
Foy continued the tough start for the O'Neill side by cruising past by 8 shots. Carbone fell to Berecz by a decent 8 shots but Holland edged Hinchcliffe to grab another point back for the Kookaburra's. Nicol piled on the pressure on Ward and their side also continued their tough start by conceding a 17 shot margin in the end. Quinns will be happy to get home next week where they have a solid chance of grabbing points to get their season up & running. They are also home the week after so 2 home wins would be perfect & would move them up the table. If they don't get alot from those 2 games it will be hard to bounce back.
Gosnells are similar in that their back to back continues next Round with Wanneroo at home but grabbing 7pts here & another 6pts next week would see them in a very strong position going forward & they are playing well as a 16 so far.
Result: Gosnells 7 - 1
Prediction: Gosnells 7 - 1

Mt Lawley22007190128148.4415
Bassendean 12110414515692.958
Bassendean 22110315015696.157
Quinns Rocks2020113320166.171
Corey Bessant20027Mt Lawley
Grant Nicol20023Gosnells
Ronald Rogers20015Sorrento
Robert Foy20015Gosnells
John Carter20014Rossmoyne
Neville Costello20013Wanneroo
Andrew Jones20013Mt Lawley
Anrthony Einfeld20012Mt Lawley
Joe Krstic20011Bassendean 1
Chris Buchholz2007Wanneroo
William Tepania2005Cockburn
Joe Marevic11018Cockburn
Mark Masel11010Mt Lawley
Kingsley Toster11010Wanneroo
John Berecz1106Quinns Rocks
Simon Alden1106Bassendean 1
Craig Edson1105Rossmoyne
Peter Madigan1104Bassendean 2
Eugene O'Sullivan1103Bassendean 2
Marc Abonnel1103Cockburn
Lindsay Strange1101Warnbro
Richard D'Souza1101Bassendean 2
Barry Kalinowsky1100Warnbro
Mick Martin110-1Sorrento
Brett Holland110-1Gosnells
Alan Anderson110-2Sorrento
Russell Ellis110-3Bassendean 1
Ian Linford110-5Sorrento
George Jackson110-19Warnbro
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
Stein Davies010-19Bassendean 1
Kieran Cousens020-8Warnbro
Allan Petchell020-12Rossmoyne
Martin Hinchcliffe020-12Quinns Rocks
Frank Carbone020-13Gosnells
Rawley Lang020-14Rossmoyne
David Triffitt020-14Wanneroo
Mark Cook020-14Bassendean 2
Michael Simunovic020-17Cockburn
Hugh Ward020-28Quinns Rocks
Steve O'Neill020-34Quinns Rocks