Doubleview 70 (6) v Mosman Park 68 (2)
John Slavich 14 v Dale Marsland 24
Ryan Moyle 18 v Cameron Hoffman 16
Charles Slavich 16 v Alan Southern 17
Kyle McIlroy 22 v Mitchell Cranswick 11

Mosman Park nearly do it again but this time away from home as they push Doubleview all the way to the line. Mosman Park had a few players practice Friday night and Saturday morning and the tactic nearly paid dividends. Doubleview did jump away to lead by about 15 at the halfway mark. Mossies lifted and ground away to get their nose in front with 4 ends (last end on all rinks) to go but it was Doubleview with the aggregate in a very tight, loud and absorbing contest.
The big win for Doubleview came from Kyle McIlroy putting Mitch Cranswick to the sword with an 11 shot victory. McIlroy and his boys a very solid team effort, McIlroy playing some telling bowls. Ryan Moyle securing the other point with his 2 shot win over Cam Hoffman. Moyle jumped out at one stage 16-3 before the comeback was on. They pegged it back to 17-16 before a single shot on the last end secured the 2 shot win. With the aggregate close, the 2 shots by thse 2 rinks are vital.
Alan Southern and the Swan boys have fitted in to Mosman Park as nice as an Armani suit and again Southern comes up trumps with a 1 shot win over Charlie Slavich. It was neck and neck all day, both skippers playing huge shots and with an end to play, 16-16, it was Southern who grabbed the solo. On the big board this made it all square with an end to play.
Last to finish, scores tied and despite the rink being shot, John Slavich's rink still had a role to play for his team. Both leaders nudging the kitty, it was Bomber Haring playing the bomb to put the kitty in the ditch. Prickles Thorn's toucher gets planted to sit alongside the kitty and it looks game over but Marsland has 2 runs to try and push their toucher into the ditch. Both marginally miss, and Doubleview pick up 2 to win the aggregate. Nail biting stuff at The View, they start the season with 2 wins and Mosman Park showing they have some grit and will push many sides this year.
South Perth 77 (1) v Cambridge 82 (7)
Lee Such 16 v Eric Johannes 18
Glenn Pauling 18 v Clive Adams 19
Daniel Brown 28 v Sean Mawdsley 18
Justin Opie 15 v Blake Nairn 27

I suppose this is an upset of sorts but Cambridge are a very good side this year so no surprise to see them win at South Perth, who will be disappointed to lose at home but 5 shots is no concern at this stage. The 12 shot win by Blake Nairn over Justin Opie offsetting the big South Perth win by Daniel Brown and these 2 rinks balancing each other out and with the other 2 games close, the aggregate was always close. Near the end South Perth could have easily grabbed 7 points itself but it was Cambridge in front after 84 ends.
Nairn and especially David Opie looked to be holding all the cards in this game and the result never looked in doubt most of the game. The same could be said for Daniel Brown who was 15-2 over Sean Mawdsley after only 6 ends, Mawdsley then grabbed a 6 and pegged it back to 17 all before Brown pulled away winning 7 ends in a row to win the rink by 10.
The close games were close the majority of the day. It was really only 1 end for Eric Johannes where he grabbed a 5 that was the difference against Lee Such. Such with some big bowls to keep his team in it but as often happens that 1 end where the skipper can't cut down or grab shot and the big number happens. Johannes by 2. The aggregate decider came from the Clive Adams and Glenn Pauling game. With 2 ends to play Pauling holding the advantage 18-13 before an Adams 2 gives them a sniff. One of the last 2 rinks off and the aggregate was all square. Not sure how it panned out but a 4 to Adams not onlty pinched the rink win but also gives some breathing space to the aggregate. it was Brown last off, trying to kill the end to reset drops the solo and Cambridge win by 5
Kardinya 76 (2) v Sorrento 84 (6)
David Rankin 25 v Rhett Butler 19
Steven Novak 20 v Bruce Eagles 17
Slavko Perica 14 v Dan Nicholls 25
Tony Krajancic 17 v Christopher Lander 23

This easily the upset of the round, Sorrento travelling to Kardinya and leaving with the lions share of the points, 2 rinks each and the aggregate to boot. Nice work Sorrento.
It started early with the Chris Lander rink grabbing a 7 on the 2nd end. That always gives your teammates on other rinks a huge boost. Lander able to hold that margin all game to win by 6 over Tony Krajancic. It was new recruit Dan Nicholls with the big win, I recall Nicholls had a big win at Kardinya last season so he obviously enjoys the surface. He had an 11 shot win over Sam Perica, 8 ends in a row will do that and a big 5 on the last going a long way to winning the aggregate.
The 2 points for Kardinya were with games all day. David Rankin the difference in his 6 shot win over Rhett Butler while the Steve Novak / Bruce Eagles game was locked at 17 all going in to the last end and never much in it all day. It was Novak with a the 3 at the end to win the rink.
Osborne Park 71 (1) v Manning 90 (7)
Cody Packer 25 v Lewis Grigg 26
Neville Stevens 11 v Daniel Trewhella 31
Ryan Brown 19 v Thomas Mitchell 15
Gary Caffell 16 v Shane Knott 18

Another upset of sorts but more so the margin again the surprise with Manning travelling to Osborne Park to win on 3 rinks and by 19 shots overall. With a tough game next week for Osborne Park, they need to find some winning form very quickly.
Osborne Park started well enough before a mid stage push by Manning saw them jump out on 2 rinks all in front by double digits before Osborne Park mounted the comeback to get it back to a single digit lead right near the end. Cody Packer onew of those rinks to comeback from 10 behind to hit the front but Lewis Grigg with a good drive and a better result saw him go from 2 down to 4 up which helped Grigg secure the rink. Shane Knott and Gary Caffell having a tight tussle all day and was all sqaure with an end to play, Knott grabbing the 2 on the last end to win his rink by that margin.
For Osborne Park, it was Ryan Brown keeping them in it, holding a double digit lead at one point, before Tom Mitchell tightened things up. Brown up by 2 with end to play, Mitchell holding the rink before a Shane Loftus cracker saw the rink swing to Ossy Park. Not to be outdone, Mitchell sat it thru to get the rink before Brown did like wise, grabbing the shot and securing a point for his team.
But the star of the day was Daniel Trewhella who never looked like dropping shots to win by 20 over a hapless Neville Stevens. It was a real team effort, many multiple scores on ends and Stevens powerless to stop the surge. The 19 shot win overall coming on the back of this rink, the other 3 rinks close games.
North Beach 95 (7) v Safety Bay 63 (1)
Michael Sweeney 22 v Grant Taylor 15
Geoffrey Devenish 22 v Christopher Owen 8
Mark Douthie 17 v Luke Piper 24
Joe McGinlay 34 v Chris Carruthers 16

The glass at North Beach gets another victim as the home side win by 32 shots and a big 7 points. While Safety Bay were coming to grips with the green, North Beach had jumped away to a 31-6 lead and it was game over.
Big winners were Joe McGinlay with his 18 shot win over Chris Carruthers. Without Carruthers though it might have been even uglier but the rink of McGinlay too solid all day. The other big win was Geoff Devenish by 14 over Chris Owen, not a good day to be Chris. The 7 points points was rounded off by Moose Sweeney, who wouldn't have seen a speed like this in Tassie i'm sure but he is showing his quality with a 7 shot win over Grant Taylor. It really only got out at the end, Taylor playing some good conversion shots to keep his rink in it and it was a couple of ends in a row at the end for Sweeney which saw them win.
Safety Bay did come away with a point, Luke Piper the good win by 7 shots. It was 20-10 at one stage but 7 shots is still a very good win over Mark Douthie who plays his home green so very well.
Mosman Park21105151127118.99
North Beach21105166143116.089
South Perth21104.5187132141.678.5
Osborne Pk2020212817373.992
Safety Bay20201.511320555.121.5
Daniel Trewhella20023Manning
Joe McGinlay20022North Beach
Chris Lander20018Sorrento
Dale Marsland20017Mosman Park
Blake Nairn20017Cambridge
Lewis Grigg20016Manning
Michael Sweeney20012North Beach
Clive Adams20011Cambridge
Ryan Moyle2009Doubleview
Alan Southern2007Mosman Park
Daniel Brown10010South Perth
Lee Such11023South Perth
Glenn Pauling11016South Perth
Charlie Slavich11012Doubleview
Kyle McIlroy1109Doubleview
Justin Opie1106South Perth
Dan Nicholls1104Sorrento
Mitchell Cranswick1103Mosman Park
Tony Krajancic1102Kardinya
Eric Johannes1100Cambridge
Bruce Eagles110-1Sorrento
Geoffrey Devenish110-1North Beach
Steven Novak110-2Kardinya
Shane Knott110-3Manning
Ryan Brown110-3Osborne Pk
David Rankin110-4Kardinya
Sam Perica110-9Kardinya
Luke Piper110-11Safety Bay
Neville Stevens110-19Osborne Pk
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Chris Carruthers011-18Safety Bay
Cameron Hoffman020-3Mosman Park
Thomas Mitchell020-8Manning
Gary Caffell020-8Osborne Pk
Mark Douthie020-10North Beach
Cody Packer020-15Osborne Pk
Sean Mawdsley020-18Cambridge
Rhett Butler020-19Sorrento
John Slavich020-22Doubleview
Grant Taylor020-24Safety Bay
Chris Owen020-39Safety Bay