The favourites for the top four are staring to form in my mind a little though it is only after just two games of what will be a very interesting season.
Manning Eagles for certain, with two good wins so far, also the Millers from South Perth getting the job done. These are the only two teams to have won both games even at this early stage of the year.
Kardinya2 had a fantastic win on their home turf and showed that at home at least they will probably win more than they lose. The bottom of the table is occupied by both Leeming and Hilton who have lost both games.

Hilton Park 81 (1.5) v Fremantle 91 (6.5)
Travis Simpson 17 v Peter Wachmer 17
Craig Standley 26 v Dinko Bacich 25
Tony Maxwell 23 v Paul Clausen 29
Gary Dodd 15 v Shaun McCormack 20

My mate from the home of the Hawks castigated me for decrying their green, so I apologise as he tells me it was running about 15.5 seconds on Saturday.
Anyway it didn’t help them as they got over run by the visiting Mariners on Saturday last.
In an interesting turn of events the two new skips in Maxwell and Claussen drew each other whilst the two top skips did the same. Travis Simpson clashing with Peter Wachmer.
Claussen prevailed on his rink after being down early, getting a lot of help from young Piromalli, six shots the difference at the finish.
Meanwhile on the rink next door there was a battle royal taking place, between Simpson and Wachmer, which ended up with a 17 all draw. Wachmer and the veteran Stewart keeping them in the game, with Dave Newton prevailing for the Hawks.
Dinko Bacich meanwhile had a mammoth task on his hands being about 20 shots down an one stage, but ultimately saving the aggregate for his team to lose by only one at the finish.
Thornlie 88 (6) v Kardinya 1 85 (2)
Paul Pohe 27 v John Rochford 18
Doddy Innes 18 v Daryl Radford 24
Mark Separovich 33 v Graeme Fewings 11
Jim Stean 10 v Ian Barrie 32

In a real humdinger of a battle out at the home of the Ravens, the home side prevailed by just 3 shots at the end of a great afternoons bowls, especially for the winners.
Pohe, playing his first game, prevailed by 9 shots over John Rochford, with Pas Riggio slotting in as Pohe’s third admirably.
The big winners for the home side though, was the rink skipped by Mark Separovich, with the brilliant skills of the master left hander Glynn Vaughan to the fore. This rink won by 22 shots, Kat Fewings not a happy 😊 chappy, not getting enough support I believe.
Ian Barrie nearly getting the Kats across the line, with a big 21 shot win over Jim Stean. Ex Premier League veteran in Darryl Radford grabbing the other valuable point for the visiting Kats. A good effort by the Ravens at their new complex.
Manning 85 (7) v Hollywood Subiaco 59 (1)
Murray Piggott 15 v Robert Campbell 25
Matthew Allen 22 v Glen Morey 13
Graham O'Brien 31 v Daniel Byrne 8
Michael Carey 17 v David Byrne 13

The Eagles handsome winners over a fighting Hollywood side on Saturday, winning comfortably at the end by some 36 shots.
Robert Campbell getting a valuable point for the visitors with a solid 10 shot win over last week’s big winner in Murray Piggott. Do I remember Campbell playing Premier League somewhere?
The big winner for the home side was usual suspect in Goby O’Brien getting hold of the Byrne rink by some 23 shots.
Allen and Carey completing the task for the Eagles, but from all reports the visiting sixteen were competitive mainly.
Kardinya 2 75 (6) v Kalamunda 70 (2)
Robert Hunter 14 v Arthur Bartlett 15
Silvio Vassallo 29 v William Brandsma 11
Dwain Regan 12 v Dwayne Wooltorton 27
Norm Ball 20 v Ian Cornthwaite 17

Only 5 shots the difference at the home of the Kats where they prevailed in a cliffhanger of a battle.
The Cougars with a long trip home to their den in the hills, two points some consolation I guess.
A big surprise here, especially with Billy Brandsma getting thrashed by Vassallo to the tune of 18 shots. Brandsma was able to produce the big ones when it counted last year, but not so far this pennant season, sure it will change very soon. Vassallo well supported by Smith, Hampson and Tony Regan. The Ball rink also prevailed for the Kats, beating Cornthwaite by just 3 shots.
Wooltorton and his three mates had a very good 15 shot win over Dwain Regan to do his best to get the Cougars over the line, but it wasn’t to be.
Kardy a huge threat at home for sure.
Leeming 73 (2) v South Perth 84 (6)
Karl Vandersluys 14 v Michael McRae 24
James Newton 17 v Max Petrich 25
Gary Ford 20 v Steve Kelly 15
Phil Dobie 22 v John Carter 20

The Millers came and conquered the Lions on a very windy Leeming green, to leave the home side winless at this early stage of the season. The match winners for the visitors was the team of McCrae, Roelofs, Percival and young Callum Alberti. They were victorious over the brilliant Vandersluys foursome. The wily Maxie Petrich too good on the day for the Jimmy Newton rink, hard to keep Max out of the game it seems still.
Ford and Dobie grabbing two valuable points for the wounded Lions outfit.
My information tells me that it was a very close tussle all day though, but that the visitors handled the tricky conditions a bit better when it counted.
Will the Lions turn to Ashworth and Anderson again, could be a bit early.
South Perth22005176147119.7313
Hollywood Subiaco21105150139107.919
Kardinya 121104165155106.458
Kardinya 22110212916180.126
Hilton Park20202.515518384.72.5
Graham O'Brien20024Manning
Dwayne Wooltorton20023Kalamunda
Arthur Bartlett20022Kalamunda
Daryl Radford20017Kardinya 1
Michael McRae20016South Perth
Robert Campbell20015Hollywood Subiaco
Gary Ford20013Leeming
Craig Standley20012Hilton Park
Max Petrich2009South Perth
Mark Separovich10122Thornlie
Peter Wachmer1014Fremantle
Paul Pohe1009Thornlie
Paul Clausen1006Fremantle
Clive Penaluna1005Thornlie
Mark Gill1004Fremantle
John Carter11020South Perth
Ian Barrie11020Kardinya 1
Murray Piggott11017Manning
David Byrne1105Hollywood Subiaco
Matthew Allen1105Manning
Shaun McCormack1104Fremantle
Silvio Vassallo1101Kardinya 2
Michael Carey1100Manning
Glen Morey110-3Hollywood Subiaco
Norm Ball110-3Kardinya 2
Daniel Byrne110-6Hollywood Subiaco
Karl Vandersluys110-8Leeming
Phil Dobie110-9Leeming
Graeme Fewings110-10Kardinya 1
Ian Cornthwaite011-3Kalamunda
Travis Simpson011-22Hilton Park
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
Tony Maxwell010-6Hilton Park
Doddy Innes010-6Thornlie
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Robert Hunter020-10Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd020-11Hilton Park
Steve Kelly020-16South Perth
John Rochford020-17Kardinya 1
Dwain Reagan020-20Kardinya 2
James Newton020-20Leeming
Bill Brandsma020-23Kalamunda
Dinko Bacich020-28Fremantle
Jim Stean020-30Thornlie