"> With 1 more game left in the season, I believe our top 4 is set. The order in the top 4 though is anything but set and with the top 2 playing each other this week with 3rd placed South Perth you would think will get good points, top spot is up for grabs. If Doubleview win 6-2, South Perth can win 7-1 and grab top spot. If Cambridge win, they get top spot, if Doubleview can win 8-0, they get top spot and South Perth need at least 7 to give themselves a chance. An exciting weekend.
But it doesn't stop at the top, both Kardinya and Mosman Park are battling to avoid relegation. Mossies have the easier task, playing North Beach at home but they are 3 points adrift of Kardinya who have the more difficult task of getting points against South Perth. If they both win then you'd think Kardy will hang on, but i think Mossies will win and Kardy lose, so phones calls will be made straight after the game to get results.
Doubleview 68 (2) v South Perth 69 (6)
Kyle McIlroy 18 v Justin Opie 17
John Slavich 17 v Daniel Brown 19
Anthony Williams 22 v Ross Bresland 16
Charles Slavich 11 v Glenn Pauling 17

In one of the best games of the season, South Perth have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. 10 shots down with 3 ends to play, 2 from the Pauling v Slavich game and 1 from Bresland v Williams. Kyle McIlroy had finished and banked his 1 shot win but countered with the 2 shot win by Daniel Brown over John Slavich. Glenn Pauling and Charlie Slavich were locked at 11 all with 2 ends to play and Anthony Williams was carrying the aggregate with his 22-11 lead with 1 end to play.
Pauling gets a 3, and then backs it up with another 3 to win the rink by 6. So it's Bresland and Williams to decide the game. Williams holding a couple but an absolute whopper from Bresland sees him drag the kitty for 4. All square on the aggregate, Williams is unable to cut down so Bresland can be the hero with a draw for 5, which he does!! An amazing comeback and one which could be defining for South Perth. After a slow start to the year they are looking very powerful and this win will give them a lot of belief that they can win the flag this year. Doubleview though were in front all game until the last bowl so they will rue a lost opportunity but also know that they are also right up there. We are in for an exciting finals series.
Manning 103 (8) v Mosman Park 47 (0)
William Hyatt 30 v Alan Southern 12
Thomas Mitchell 25 v Trevor Southern 9
Shane Knott 22 v Mitchell Cranswick 16
Daniel Trewhella 26 v Dale Marsland 10

This was a bit of a one-sided affair with Manning jumping away early and then the margin kept getting bigger and bigger. Will hyatt the big winner by 18 over Alan Southern. Southern started well but really dropped away. Tom Mitchell and Daniel Trewhella both 16 shot wins over Trevor Southern and Dale Marsland respectively and Shane Knott with the 6 shot win over Mitchell Cranswick had the close one. That game was all square but 4 ends in a row they picked up 2 shots each end to secure the rink win and 8 points.
The 8 points were vital for Manning, it means this weeks game is virtuallya freebie for them as they only need 2 rinks to secure a finals berth. For Mossies though it was disastrous, even a couple of rinks would have given them the box seat to retain Premier League but they now sit 3 points adrfit of 8th placed Kardinya and even a 6-2 win this week may not see them hold on.
Kardinya 101 (7) v Safety Bay 64 (1)
David Rankin 31 v Christopher Owen 6
Bradley Henley 19 v Ron Hall 23
Tony Krajancic 25 v Graeme Smith 17
Steven Novak 26 v Chris Carruthers 18

Kardinya did the job required against Safety Bay and secured 7 points against Safety Bay who looks like they are feeling the effects of a long and tough season in the Premier League. Re-grouping after Xmas they have been ultra competitive since but that has fallen away in recent weeks. Coupled with the loss to Mosman Park Kardinya have now given themselves a real chance to hold on to the PL this year. They face a tough opponent in South Perth awway from home and win will see them thru, but that is unlikely. Any rink wins will help and with Mosman Park playing North Beach at home, they will probably win but then it comes down on rink wins. Should be an interesting weekend of games.
Osborne Park 76 (2) v Cambridge 78 (6)
Shane Loftus 12 v Cameron Harris 27
Ryan Brown 27 v Eric Johannes 10
Jack East 20 v Clive Adams 16
Cody Packer 17 v Blake Nairn 25

Another cracking game of bowls and Osborne Park threw everything at Cambridge to keep their finals hopes alive but sadly fell 2 shots short. The Knights can thanks Cameron Harris with his 15 shot win over Shane Loftus, nearly off setting the 17 shot loss by Ryan Brown over Eric Johannes. So they wipe each other out. It wqas up to the stars of Cambridge Clive Adams and Blake Nairn. Adams a narrow loser by 4 shots to Jack East who has stepped into skippering PL like a foot into a sock but the 8 shot win by Nairn over Cody Packer secured the win. Packer fresh from his announcement as an Australian squad player and that was his first loss since November and it could not have come at a worse time for his club.
The loss for the Saints now means they need a miracle to defend their title. They sit 6.5 points out of 4th, but with Manning playing Safety Bay and needing 2 rinks only to secure 4th spot mean thier game this week against sorrento is virtually a dead rubber. Still, you never know do you and bowls can be a funny game. Cambridge sit on top, but in no way is thta secure. Cambridge play 2nd placed Doubleview this week. They win, they finish on top, they lose, they might even drop to third.
North Beach 73 (1) v Sorrento 85 (7)
Chris Margin 18 v Rhett Butler 26
Joe McGinlay 20 v Dan Nicholls 14
Mark Douthie 17 v Bruce Eagles 21
Michael Sweeney 18 v Christopher Lander 24

Sorrento have turned their season back to a winning one but sadly it was all too late and they cannot finish in the 4 now, despite this meritorious win at North Beach. Rhett Butler by 8 over Chris Margin and Chirs Lander by 6 over Mike Sweeney got the job done. Bruce Eagles back to some winning form with his 4 shot win over Mark Douthie. Joe McGinlay was keeping his side in it for a while when he was 16-2 up over Dan Nicholls but Nicholls fought back well to reduce the margin to 6, the comeback critical for his side winning.
The state anti vaccination rules have hit Sorrento the hardest of clubs I feel losing about 6 or 7 players from the top 2 sides. Sorrento have dropped from 1st at the start of Feb when those rules kicked in and this was the first game they have won since. North Beach did enough to retain Premiker League again, and it appears teams are becoming more used to their home, the advantage they have may be dissipating and they will need to recruit some stars you would think next season.
South Perth17115135.513381157115.6483.5
Osborne Pk178813312381222101.3169
North Beach17782291172120097.6765
Mosman Park176101281148126490.8256
Safety Bay17214120.51079138977.6832.5
Glenn Pauling1231101South Perth
Charlie Slavich123072Doubleview
Blake Nairn124088Cambridge
Clive Adams124067Cambridge
Chris Lander124034Sorrento
Cody Packer114065Osborne Pk
Daniel Trewhella115053Manning
Kyle McIlroy105065Doubleview
Dale Marsland970-5Mosman Park
Shane Knott85236Manning
Rhett Butler87123Sorrento
Alan Southern871-11Mosman Park
Joe McGinlay87028North Beach
Eric Johannes880-6Cambridge
Chris Margin72032North Beach
Mitchell Cranswick772-9Mosman Park
Daniel Brown77124South Perth
Michael Sweeney780-5North Beach
Justin Opie79030South Perth
Steven Novak790-14Kardinya
Dan Nicholls790-20Sorrento
Ross Bresland63036South Perth
Neville Stevens650-15Osborne Pk
Chris Carruthers673-29Safety Bay
Tony Krajancic682-7Kardinya
David Rankin682-7Kardinya
Ryan Brown69113Osborne Pk
Cameron Harris54016Cambridge
Ryan Moyle561-25Doubleview
John Slavich581-7Doubleview
Shane Loftus580-43Osborne Pk
Mark Douthie5100-37North Beach
Bruce Eagles5100-44Sorrento
Jack East40121Osborne Pk
Brad Henley41023Kardinya
Lewis Grigg440-28Manning
Ron Hall4704Safety Bay
Thomas Mitchell491-29Manning
Anthony Williams30025Doubleview
Daryl Radford3109Kardinya
William Hyatt20033Manning
Zac Boddy2103Safety Bay
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Graeme Smith261-35Safety Bay
Chris Owen2101-132Safety Bay
AJ Heal1103Manning
David Downey110-2Manning
Trevor Southern131-32Mosman Park
Blake Butler140-10Manning
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Cameron Hoffman1100-59Mosman Park
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Paul Knight010-10Sorrento
Connor Biddle030-19Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay