"> Only 2 games to go and we have interest at both the top and the bottom of the ladder. The upset result to North Beach now moves them from being a slim chance of demotion to a slim chance of finals. It's been that sort of year where one result can change the fortunes of your year. Doubleview in a strong performance at a club that hasn't been a happy hunting ground for them puts them on top, the upset loss for Cambridge gets rid of the advantage they had and it's a 3-way run now for top spot.
4th position is still up for grabs and Manning with their easier run home is there for the taking, but Osborne Park and now North Beach will press hard. I think Sorrento's days are numbered for finals, COVID restrictions have hit the club hard and severely impacted their season.
10th spot is secured, Safety Bay will be playing White next year. After a nervy forst 8 weeks they have acquitted themselves in the 2nd half of the year and will be a strong side in White next season. Look for them to bounce straight back in. 9th spot however is wide open. Kardinya with the critical loss and Mosman Park with the crunch win have seen them swap positions, both teams have a winnable game and a loseable one, so it's going to go down to the wire. I envisage Kardy to win this week and Mossies next week, so rinks will be vital. Going to be a crackerjack finish.
Kardinya 70 (1) v Doubleview 72 (7)
David Rankin 14 v Kyle McIlroy 15
Bradley Henley 20 v John Slavich 11
Tony Krajancic 17 v Anthony Williams 26
Steven Novak 19 v Charles Slavich 20

Safety Bay 63 (0.5) v Mosman Park 75 (7.5)
Christopher Owen 15 v Mitchell Cranswick 20
Ron Hall 15 v Alan Southern 19
Chris Carruthers 17 v Trevor Southern 17
Graeme Smith 16 v Dale Marsland 19

Cambridge 73 (2) v North Beach 83 (6)
Clive Adams 25 v Chris Margin 17
Blake Nairn 21 v Joe McGinlay 15
Eric Johannes 17 v Mark Douthie 22
Cameron Harris 10 v Michael Sweeney 29

Sorrento 63 (1) v Manning 95 (7)
Bruce Eagles 12 v William Hyatt 27
Dan Nicholls 21 v Thomas Mitchell 19
Christopher Lander 13 v Shane Knott 27
Rhett Butler 17 v Daniel Trewhella 22

South Perth 90 (5.5) v Osborne Park 71 (2.5)
Ross Bresland 34 v Shane Loftus 10
Glenn Pauling 20 v Ryan Brown 20
Daniel Brown 16 v Jack East 18
Justin Opie 20 v Cody Packer 23

South Perth16105133.512691089116.5377.5
Osborne Pk168713111621144101.5767
North Beach16772281099111598.5764
Mosman Park16691281101116194.8356
Safety Bay16213119.51015128878.831.5
Charlie Slavich122078Doubleview
Clive Adams123071Cambridge
Glenn Pauling113195South Perth
Cody Packer113073Osborne Pk
Blake Nairn114080Cambridge
Chris Lander114028Sorrento
Daniel Trewhella105037Manning
Kyle McIlroy95064Doubleview
Dale Marsland96011Mosman Park
Alan Southern8617Mosman Park
Eric Johannes87011Cambridge
Chris Margin71040North Beach
Shane Knott75230Manning
Mitchell Cranswick762-3Mosman Park
Rhett Butler77115Sorrento
Joe McGinlay77022North Beach
Michael Sweeney7701North Beach
Justin Opie78031South Perth
Dan Nicholls780-14Sorrento
Ross Bresland62042South Perth
Neville Stevens650-15Osborne Pk
Chris Carruthers663-21Safety Bay
Daniel Brown67122South Perth
Steven Novak690-22Kardinya
Ryan Moyle561-25Doubleview
John Slavich571-5Doubleview
Shane Loftus570-28Osborne Pk
Tony Krajancic582-15Kardinya
David Rankin582-32Kardinya
Ryan Brown591-4Osborne Pk
Mark Douthie590-33North Beach
Brad Henley40027Kardinya
Cameron Harris4401Cambridge
Lewis Grigg440-28Manning
Bruce Eagles4100-48Sorrento
Jack East30117Osborne Pk
Daryl Radford3109Kardinya
Ron Hall3700Safety Bay
Thomas Mitchell391-45Manning
Anthony Williams20019Doubleview
Zac Boddy2103Safety Bay
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Graeme Smith251-27Safety Bay
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Chris Owen291-107Safety Bay
William Hyatt10015Manning
AJ Heal1103Manning
David Downey110-2Manning
Trevor Southern121-16Mosman Park
Blake Butler140-10Manning
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Cameron Hoffman1100-59Mosman Park
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Paul Knight010-10Sorrento
Connor Biddle030-19Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay