Mosman Park 87 (7) v Sorrento 54 (1)
Mitchell Cranswick 20 v Paul Knight 10
Dale Marsland 28 v Dan Nicholls 12
Alan Southern 17 v Christopher Lander 22
Trevor Southern 22 v Rhett Butler 10

This win to Mosman Park gives them a fighting chance of remaining in the Premier League and the 33 shot win was comprehensive considering Sorrento have been so good this year. they seemed to have dropped off a cliff and the anti vaccination laws have not halped their cause at all with a couple of players unable to play as a consequence and they seemed to have lost all their mojo from the first 11 games. The heat out game hit, and they haven't won since getting only 3 points in those 3 games. A finals berth looking very unlikely for them.
On to this game and the win was set up early by Dale Marsland and his crew. Well, Marsland was on fire and has been in great touch all year. The 16 shot win over Dan Nicholls instrumental in his clubs win. He was able suppported by Mitch Cranswick who had a close battle with Paul Knight in his debut skippering performance in Premier League but eventually the experience of Cranswick at the end secured the 10 shot win. Trevor Southern was also able to salute the judge with his first win in the PL by 12 shots over Rhett Butler. Butler has been in good touch this year so he would be well pleased to make that his first win. Southern got away to a 10 shot lead early and was able to maintain that gap all game.
The point for Sorrento came from Chris Lander who has had an outstanding year, sitting in 4th spot on the skippers table. At one point it looked like he might carry the aggregate with a 15-3 lead but Alan Southern has also had a good year and his rink was able to fight back to get within 2 before Lander able to settle and secure the point. The points help but have Mosman Park breathing down their neck only 2.5 points behind.
Osborne Park 81 (6) v Kardinya 71 (2)
Jack East 23 v David Rankin 9
Connor Biddle 15 v Bradley Henley 24
Ryan Brown 26 v Tony Krajancic 18
Shane Loftus 17 v Steven Novak 20

A very solid win to the carry over champs without their star bowler and this lifts them into 4th spot and a 4 shot advantage over 5th and 6th. A couple of tough games coming up though which will make or break their season. If they can win 2 of their last 3 i think that should secure a finals berth and a good run heading into finals. For Kardinya it's an important loss. They realistically have 1 winnable game against Mosman Parks 2 so an interesting final 3 weeks for that 9th spot.
No reports out of this game but it looks like a dominating performance by the rink headed by Jack East over David Rankin really helped with this overall win. 14 shots is a good win in any language and coupled with the quality of opponent he beat it is an exceptional win. Ryan Brown also with his 8 shot win over the in form Tony Krajancic also helping buckets.
Brad Henley thinks skippering in the Premier League is easy as he sits at 100% after 3 games and his 9 shot over replacement skipper Connor Biddle a good win. Lastly Steven Novak got another point with his 3 shot win over Shane Loftus.
North Beach 80 (2) v South Perth 90 (6)
Chris Margin 21 v Ross Bresland 14
Mark Douthie 20 v Glenn Pauling 24
Joe McGinlay 25 v Daniel Brown 21
Michael Sweeney 14 v Justin Opie 31

This was a home loss North Beach didn't really need. There are 9.5 points to 9th spot at the moment, I have North Beach with 1 win, Kardy with 1 win and Mosman with 2 wins so I think if North Beach can win 1 more game they are safe. It is a home game against Sorrento who have lost all form but if they drop that then it could be a nail biting Round 18. For South Perth, a super win at a difficult venue although a venue they havent lost at. I think over the last 5 hitouts against North Beach they were 40-0 in terms of points so these are the first points they have conceded in a couple of years. The win almost guarantees finals, but what spot do they finish. Both Cambridge and South Perth play Osborne Park and doubleview to finish, so which of those 4 teams will emerge from the final 3 rounds on top? Top spot side would become warm favourites for the title.
For this game, Justin Opie continues his recent stellar form by winning by 17 shots over Mike Sweeney. Opie is 3 wins +54 from his past 3 games, offsetting his earlier mediocre form and will be the player to watch in the upcoming weeks. Score was 9 all before opie and Troy Kinnane turned it on and ran away with it. Glenn Pauling finished off the win with 4 shot match over Mark Douthie. Douthie was the one who started well here with a 9-1 start but only won 4 more ends as Pauling found his rhythm to run away with it.
Chris Margin has been the find for North Beach as he remains unbeaten this season, 7 from 7 now and his 7 shot win over Ross Bresland. It looked like one of those games where Margin just kept grinding shots to make the scoreline slowly increase in his favour all game. Finally Joe McGinlay earned another point with a 4 shot win over Daniel Brown. They jumped out with a 2 and 4 before Brown got on the board but they won the next 5 ends to be 10-8 before McGinlay offset that to win 6 ends of his own in a row to blast the game wide open and hold a 21-10 advantage. Brown not to be outdone peeled off 5 of the last 8 ends but it wasn;t enough and fell just short.
Doubleview 92 (8) v Safety Bay 63 (0)
Kyle McIlroy 22 v Christopher Owen 13
John Slavich 22 v Ron Hall 18
Charles Slavich 23 v Chris Carruthers 17
Anthony Williams 25 v Graeme Smith 15

Doubleview just holding too many aces in this game in what was a tough battle but the experience and hardness of Doubleview told out in the end as they pulled away to secure an 8 shot win. Word is Safety Bay was very good, and they have turned their season around from the first half but unfortunately for them all too late. They will have learned heaps from ths year and will be difficult to beat next year in White as they continue to grow.
Doubleview would be stoked with the 8 points, they have abled to narrow the gap to top and pulled away from 3rd spot so a great day for them. It looks to be a win next week and then 2 tough games to finish
Manning 64 (2) v Cambridge 96 (6)
Daniel Trewhella 13 v Clive Adams 31
David Downey 20 v Eric Johannes 19
Thomas Mitchell 10 v Blake Nairn 30
Shane Knott 21 v Cameron Harris 16

Manning looking for the points here to jump into 4th and Cambridge seeking to hold on to top spot meant this game was the match of the day but Cambridge put paid to that with a comprehensive32 aggregate shot win and 6 points.
The big win was Blake Nairn back to his winning ways with a bity 20 shot win over Tom Mitchell. No matter what Mitchell tried Nairn had all the answers and the Manning crew weren't allowed to find their feet at all. In a similar story Clive Admas with his 18 shot win over Daniel Trewhella sealed the deal for the visitors. It was a tight game early but then a 6 followed by a 3 blew the game open and Adams was able to continue on to win comfortably.
Manning did get 2 handy points. Shane Knott by 5 over Cam Harris in a tight game that Knott always seemed in control of. The margin a lot more but Harris able to pull it back late to narrow the gap but never got his nose in front. Knott and his whole rink in a very solid performance but weren't quite able to get the big numbers to blow it apart. David Downey and his 1 shot win echoed the Knott rink. Probably more consistent over the whole day and always in front but a late 5 to Eric Johannes gave them a sniff but they weren't quite able to get their nose in front after 21 ends.
South Perth159513211791018115.8272
Osborne Pk1586128.510911054103.5164.5
North Beach15672261016104297.558
Mosman Park1559124.51026109893.4448.5
Safety Bay15212119952121378.4831
Charlie Slavich112077Doubleview
Glenn Pauling113095South Perth
Clive Adams113063Cambridge
Chris Lander113042Sorrento
Cody Packer103070Osborne Pk
Blake Nairn104074Cambridge
Daniel Trewhella95032Manning
Kyle McIlroy85063Doubleview
Eric Johannes86016Cambridge
Dale Marsland8608Mosman Park
Chris Margin70048North Beach
Rhett Butler76120Sorrento
Alan Southern7613Mosman Park
Joe McGinlay76028North Beach
Justin Opie77034South Perth
Shane Knott65216Manning
Neville Stevens650-15Osborne Pk
Mitchell Cranswick662-8Mosman Park
Chris Carruthers662-21Safety Bay
Daniel Brown66124South Perth
Michael Sweeney670-18North Beach
Dan Nicholls680-16Sorrento
Steven Novak680-21Kardinya
Ross Bresland52018South Perth
John Slavich5614Doubleview
Ryan Moyle561-25Doubleview
Shane Loftus560-4Osborne Pk
Tony Krajancic572-6Kardinya
David Rankin572-31Kardinya
Ryan Brown590-4Osborne Pk
Cameron Harris43020Cambridge
Lewis Grigg440-28Manning
Bruce Eagles490-33Sorrento
Mark Douthie490-38North Beach
Brad Henley30018Kardinya
Daryl Radford3109Kardinya
Ron Hall3604Safety Bay
Thomas Mitchell381-43Manning
Jack East20115Osborne Pk
Zac Boddy2103Safety Bay
Graeme Smith241-24Safety Bay
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Chris Owen281-102Safety Bay
Anthony Williams10010Doubleview
AJ Heal1103Manning
David Downey110-2Manning
Trevor Southern120-16Mosman Park
Blake Butler140-10Manning
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Cameron Hoffman1100-59Mosman Park
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Paul Knight010-10Sorrento
Connor Biddle030-19Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay