Another great round of bowls with some big results making a difference on the ladder. Apologies on the missed preview, work commitments prevailed on a very busy week. We had a few upsets this Round with the Roo's getting up over the Swans away but the bigger shock was Gosnells beating Basso 1 on their home turf to make the chase for No.1 now a 2 horse race.
With only 4 games it's all but over for many teams dreams of making Finals & now switches to survival. The top 5 are locked in that won't change, it's just the fight for 4th is the only debate & that should go to this season smokies if they can finish out their last 3 of 4 games. Although they both play each other in R17 so I think whoever wins gets the last Finals spot.
Quinns have built a hell of a story on who to get out of Alcatraz, I don't think we're seen a recovery of this nature EVER before. They are the hottest team in the comp by a proverbial mile. They are unbeaten in the last 5 games with 4 of them on the trot, 2 either side of the heat round. The nearest team has 2 on the trot. They have amassed 31.5pts of the available 40pts on the table, a staggering result from the bottom side at the time. For context they have collected double the points in the last 5 games than the entire season up to that point.....it's like it's a new team. Whatever was said before that Mt Lawley game has changed this team & they now can beat anyone & more importantly for them they are only 1 single point from true safety, not even playoffs & the predictor has them picking up more points from here than Sorrento.....you could shoot a movie on this stuff. If they survive it will be epic & hats off for their trojan efforts to date.
Because we missed the preview we'll default back to the predictor for the prediction on the below games where the 2 upsets seemed to make the difference & therefore will make a difference on the predicted finishing position which should be interesting.

Quinns Rocks 98 (7) v Rossmoyne 54 (1)
John Berecz 27 v Walter Harvey 15
Steve O'Neill 30 v John Carter 9
Leith Oldham 13 v Craig Edson 24
Shane Smith 28 v Rawley Lang 6

Just spoke plenty on Quinns above but what an amazing result & it wasn't even a close game. They won by nearly 50 shots in the end for a right auld trashing of the River Rats. That percentage boost now puts them ahead of Sorrento so if it comes down to all square after R18 they are sitting well.
Berecz was out of the traps quick & rolled Harvey by a dozen shots & never looked threatened all day. O'Neill was back to back into the winners circle for the first time this season after they tore Carter apart piece by piece & amassed a 21 shot difference in the end. Oldham rink was the only blemish on the card all day as they struggled & got stuck in the Edson sandwich, losing by 11 shots. Smith bounced back for Quinns by trashing Lang by 22 shots & only gave them 6 shots all day.
The River Rats head back over the Swans a little dejected as Quinns now jumped them into 7th by half a point, yet there's only 5 shots in their score percentage. So it goes to show every shot counts when you come down to 4 games to go & 2 teams sit beside each other split by only 0.5pt & 5 shots in the percentage. Quinns have 2 of the bottom sides at home over the next 4 so this miracle may just materialise yet.
Result: Quinns Rocks 7 - 1
Prediction: Quinns Rocks 6 - 2

Cockburn 109 (8) v Bassendean 2 55 (0)
Josip (joe) Marevic 27 v Mark Cook 18
Michael Simunovic 30 v Neil Strachan 10
William Tepania 21 v Eugene O'Sullivan 16
Marc Abonnel 31 v Butch Dinnison 11

The home track bullies knock over another side breaking the ton for the 3rd time at Home this season which is very impressive. Another 50 shot win for another team shows how some sides are really stepping it up at home & delivering on the big stage. Basso 2 would have never realistically considered a win here on such a tough track but missing out on at least 1pt may come back to bite them next month.
Joe started proceeding off by knocking over the hero of last week in Cook's side by 9 shots. Simunovic thrashed Strachan by 20 shots in a dominant display. Big Willie had a tight affair with O'Sullivan's rink by 5 shots & supposedly this was a good battle all day. The Lethal rink was at their old tricks again as Abonnel's side dished out another trashing to Dinnison side who just couldn't contain them all day. That's only 3 losses & 9wins for the season for Roosters top side as they are flying.
A Few tough games to finish out the season for the Roosters but they are now exactly where they need to be & only 2 points off 3rd spot not that this will make a massive difference. Basso 2 are now as good as gone with more than a full game off 8th & Rossmoyne probably have the easier run home but who knows what might happen yet.
Result: Cockburn 8 - 0
Prediction: Cockburn 7 - 1

Sorrento 67 (2) v Wanneroo 92 (6)
Alan Anderson 18 v Christopher Buchholz 17
Peter Crow 21 v Neville Costello 32
Ronald Rogers 18 v Christopher Parr 17
Richard Bone 10 v Kingsley Toster 26

The Swans were dumped at home to a rejuvenated Roos side eager to grab that last Finals spot. Swans will be disappointed to drop this one as that leaves them 2 from the last 8 & now firmly in the eyes of the hottest team in the comp at the moment. Unless the Swans find some form over the coming few weeks it'll be playoffs for 1 Blue.
Anderson did get the Swans off to a great start with the minimum win over Buchholz & didn't Anderson need that one to break a tough run of 0 from 8. Nice to be back into the winners circle & they'll need more wins like that one. Crow fell to Costello by 11 shots in a high scoring game which broke to 50shot make before the last end. Rogers bounced back for the Swans with another minimum margin win over Parr & gets Rogers back into the winners circle after 0-4. But the difference for the day & the game that broke the Agg wide open was Bone getting rolled by Toster by a big 16 shots. Both sides were evenly matched with wins this season but Toster's side had all the answers & gave the Roo's a huge look at Finals.
If the Roo's can grab a few points out of the next 2 tough games they'll have it easier for the final 2 but the Swans have the most horrid final 4 games you could imagine so they'll be very lucky to grab an Agg, although surely the next Round against Quinns will be a huge telling point of where they'll be playing next season.
Result: Wanneroo 6 - 2
Prediction: Sorrento 6 - 2

Mt Lawley 95 (7) v Warnbro 59 (1)
Andrew Jones 16 v Barry Kalinowsky 18
Anthony Einfeld 26 v Lindsay Strange 13
Mark Masel 29 v George (dr) Jackson 13
Corey Bessant 24 v Kieran Cousens 15

Business as usual at Mt Lawley after forgetting the last few weeks & a solid win over the bottom side grabbing 7 points & keeping that scoreboard ticking over. They are still 5.5pts ahead of Gosnells so even if this massive upcoming game goes against them they are still within the zone to fall over the line in R18. They should be fine as the Kookaburra's have a horrid fortnight ahead so winning all 4 from here to grab top spot would be extremely difficult for Gosnells. The Wizards keep this game close enough in parts but that 1 big blow out rink again is killing them.
Banksy Jones lost the title of the drawn specialist as they surprisingly dropped to Kalinowsky by 2 shots in a tight affair right down to the last end. That's 2 in a row for Kalinowsky as they go back to back. Jones' side hasn't tasted victory in 2022 yet & running 2 from 8 but obviously a few draws in there too. Einfeld continued the sparkling bull run as they now race out to an amazing 14 wins on the trot, could they go the season unbeaten, they are very close & nobody can seem to get near them as they knocked Strange for 13 shots. The Wizards switched back Jackson & Baker & as the season has shown so far that rink is getting simply annihilated most weeks. That's probably close to -100shots now with only 3 wins for the season. I think Freud probably has a phrase for such repetition. Masel's side was all over the advantage early as they made little work of the Wizards & pushed out to a very comfortable 16 shot win. They'll be happy enough to break that losing streak, bringing them up to 2 wins from 8 now. Bessant side had Cousens covered for most of the day & stretched out to a 9 shot win getting them back up to 4 from the last 11 & builds the confidence.
Good easy chance for the Mounters to get a few back into the winners circle & the 7 points will make it ever more difficult for the chasing pack. Massive game for them next Round & will be a season defining game for the winner. The Wizards are now all but 1 Blue South, however, they have 1 last chance against Rossmoyne in R16 to pull the miracle off & reach the playoffs.
Result: Mt Lawley 7 - 1
Prediction: Mt Lawley 7 - 1

Bassendean 1 82 (2) v Gosnells 85 (6)
Jovan Krstic 19 v Robert Foy 18
Stein Davies 17 v Frank Carbone 23
Simon Alden 27 v Grant Nicol 19
Russell Ellis 19 v Brett Holland 25

Probably the upset of the Round here as Basso 1 lose 2 in a row & winless in 3. It was a very tight & hard fought game all day but the Kookaburra's seemed to find a way late on to pull off a massive away win.
Krstic started the home side off well & edged Foy in a tight contest & get back into the winners circle. Foy's side were travelling well after that massive win last week so Krstic's side did well to hold them off by the minimum margin & with that gets them right back up the skippers ladder as they have only dropped 3 games all season. Davies' side had another tough day dropping to Carbone by 6 shots & that's now no win from 4 for Davies as their superb unbeaten run truly comes to an end. Carbone is probably running the opposite way as their dreamy unbeaten in 6 games keeps them a rink to watch out for over the coming weeks. Alden bounced back in great fashion as both sides' top rinks got drawn against each other in a perfect matchup. The arm wrestle went for the full 21 ends by Alden's side was too good in the end pushing away to win by 8 shots. That's massive 7 on the trot for Alden & only 1 loss in the last 13 Rounds. You would think if Einfeld's rink drops a game Alden's side will pounce as there's only 1 game in the difference & only 12 shots in the shot difference. With Basso sitting pretty it all went down to the final rink in Ellis v Holland & it was the Gosnells side that showed more class on the home stretch as they won by 6 shots & with it grabbed a massive Away win, 6pts & a sliver of hope of a look at nabbing top spot. Up to this Round, Gosnells had only won 1 Away game all season which seems incredible for a side now sitting 2nd & with 5pts of top spot. Cockburn & Basso 1 were the only sides to get near them at home & now Mt Lawley have to do what no other side has achieved this season & beat Gosnells at home or 1 White is game on & pressure will instantly mount. Basso 1 can now sit back & maybe pick their spot on where they would like to finish as it won't be top as they drift 14pts behind. They'll definitely need 2 wins from 4 but if it's only 2 from 4 & one of those loses comes against Wanneroo in the next Round then there's the chance they miss out on the last Finals spot & finished 5th as the Roo's are only 4.5pts behind after grabbing 30.5pts in the last 6 games against Basso's mere 23 pts in the last 6 games. Huge next Round for both these sides as the ladder could look very different 5pm Sat afternoon.
Result: Gosnells 6 - 2
Prediction: Bassendean 1 6 - 2

Mt Lawley14103134.51117904123.5678.5
Bassendean 11476132.51066951112.0964.5
Quinns Rocks1458123.5971105092.4847.5
Bassendean 21449119.5913109583.3839.5
Anthony Einfeld120087Mt Lawley
Simon Alden112075Bassendean 1
Marc Abonnel931121Cockburn
Joe Krstic93171Bassendean 1
John Berecz94066Quinns Rocks
Grant Nicol94021Gosnells
William Tepania84147Cockburn
John Carter84025Rossmoyne
Robert Foy85056Gosnells
Frank Carbone8507Gosnells
Andrew Jones73345Mt Lawley
Stein Davies75026Bassendean 1
Neville Costello75022Wanneroo
Brett Holland750-8Gosnells
Joe Marevic76034Cockburn
Craig Edson76033Rossmoyne
Corey Bessant76026Mt Lawley
Mark Masel66155Mt Lawley
Chris Buchholz66012Wanneroo
Barry Kalinowsky670-12Warnbro
Ronald Rogers670-15Sorrento
Eugene O'Sullivan670-39Bassendean 2
Ian Linford5516Sorrento
Wally Harvey560-38Rossmoyne
Kingsley Toster57113Wanneroo
Michael Simunovic57110Cockburn
Steve O'Neill580-45Quinns Rocks
Neil Strachan4401Bassendean 2
Dennis Pattullo440-18Warnbro
Peter Madigan460-10Bassendean 2
Russell Ellis472-51Bassendean 1
Alan Anderson470-29Sorrento
Shane Smith30125Quinns Rocks
Chris Parr32117Wanneroo
Lindsay Strange320-3Warnbro
Mick Martin350-25Sorrento
Kieran Cousens390-63Warnbro
George Jackson390-98Warnbro
Mark Cook3100-61Bassendean 2
Leith Oldham2109Quinns Rocks
Richard Bone230-23Sorrento
David Triffitt270-38Wanneroo
Hugh Ward280-78Quinns Rocks
Trevor Close10012Gosnells
Butch Dinnison111-13Bassendean 2
Reza Vind120-12Rossmoyne
Rohan Cantrill130-36Quinns Rocks
Martin Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
Allan Petchell140-25Rossmoyne
Richard D'Souza140-60Bassendean 2
David Rhodes0010Mt Lawley
Troy Dellar010-5Warnbro
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
William Baker010-11Warnbro
John Brown020-7Sorrento
Peter Crow020-16Sorrento
Rawley Lang062-57Rossmoyne