The Eagles playing at home, soared back to the top of the ladder with a hard fought win over the Millers. From first to fourth there is only five points separating the Eagles and the Kats1 combination. A fantastic finish to the season is now in store for us as both ends of the table are getting mighty close. The Mariners on the slippery slope to now drop to seventh, with some hard games in store.
But I guess the big surprise was the absolute thrashing that the Ravens inflicted upon a very indifferent Lion sixteen, 😮

Kardinya 2 79 (1) v Hilton Park 84 (7)
Peter Larard 23 v Daniel Newton 16
Robert Hunter 21 v Rodney Butler 22
Ron Jones 18 v Craig Standley 24
Silvio Vassallo 17 v David Newton 22

Only five shots the difference at the conclusion of this hard fought entertaining clash at the Kattery on Saturday. But the Hawks went up the road with a very good bag of seven points to take home to Hilton, two good wins in a row for the Hawks, not done yet they say.
David Newton, Standley and Butler all with good meritorious wins over Vassallo, Jones and ex Hawk Robbie Hunter.
Pete Larard was the only winner for the Kats2 side, beating the strong Daniel Newton and Travis Simpson side.
Fremantle 68 (2) v Kalamunda 84 (6)
Mark Gill 18 v Dwayne Wooltorton 19
Paul Clausen 9 v Arthur Bartlett 36
John Smith 18 v William Brandsma 13
Peter Wachmer 23 v Ian Cornthwaite 16

The Cougars came on there long trip down from the hills and were relatively pleased to go back home again with six valuable points in the bag. This keeps them in third spot on the ladder, with a genuine chance of gaining top spot by seasons end. The huge winner for the Cougars was the rink of Hughes, Quayle, Trevaskis and Skip Arthur Bartlett, who absolutely thrashed the combination of Sumich, McCarthy, Bowden and Claussen. Wachmer, as he does regularly for the Mariners eked out a win, as did Smith over Billy Brandsma. The other point winner for the Cougars was Wooltorton who beat the Gill rink by a solitary shot, a good effort by the Gill four, as Dwayne now sits as the top skip in the Division.
Hollywood Subiaco 65 (1) v Kardinya 1 93 (7)
David Byrne 12 v Ian Barrie 24
Daniel Byrne 24 v David Wood 15
Anthony Byrne 11 v Conn Vinci 25
Robert Campbell 18 v Graeme Fewings 29

Seven points to take home to the Kattery for the Kats, who would be very satisfied with there afternoons work at Hollywood. This win certainly keeps them in touch with top spot also, just five points behind the Eagles. Daniel Byrne was the only rink winner for the home side, he has bragging rights in the Byrne household, but only just.
The three wins for the Kats1 boys were those gained by Barrie, Vinci and Fewings. I believe the addition of Vinci to the Kats1 skips role has helped this sixteen tremendously.
Thornlie 100 (8) v Leeming 58 (0)
Robert Carruthers 27 v Karl Vandersluys 15
Eddie Gollan 24 v Phil Dobie 12
Jim Stean 26 v Gary Ford 17
Mark Separovich 23 v James Newton 14

Eight points to nil and a whopping, almost unbelievable margin of forty two shots, when the Ravens steamrolled the Lions at the home of the Ravens.
Is it alright for the selectors at Leeming to just pick the same guys each week? Some would agree, some wouldn’t, but the fact remains that the Lions have not lived up to there full potential for a few years now it seems. The margins across all four rinks were substantial, with not one of the Lions rinks putting up any kind of fight.
The win lifts the Ravens to sixth on the ladder, they have replaced the Mariners who drop to seventh, only eight points in front of the danger zone.
Manning 84 (7) v South Perth 73 (1)
Wayne Heldt 20 v Steve Kelly 15
Graham O'Brien 19 v Michael McRae 16
Alan Heal 24 v Ryan Havercroft 20
Michael Carey 21 v John Carter 22

The Eagles did pull a rabbit out of the hat, when they “ dropped “ Adj Heal form the top side, who then proceeded to skip his team to a good hard fought win over new skip in Ryan Havercroft by just four shots. The veteran Maxie Petrich playing third after skipping all year, hard yards Max I believe.
Wayne Heldt said, “ father knows best “ when he beat the side containing his son Blake by some five shots, bragging rights at home to Dad. Graham O’Brien grabbing the other point for the Eagles with a meritorious victory over the wily Mick McCrae by just three shots. Johnny Carter providing the only point for the visitors, with a brilliant one shot win over Mike Carey, Carter on fire with a complete array of shots.
South Perth1493232.51078951113.3574.5
Kardinya 1149413110911014107.5971
Hilton Park1449123.5964107090.0943.5
Kardinya 21448218952108687.6640
Hollywood Subiaco14112115.5886114977.1123.5
Dwayne Wooltorton102186Kalamunda
Michael McRae92043South Perth
John Carter93091South Perth
Wayne Heldt81079Manning
Gary Ford84148Leeming
Mark Separovich84145Thornlie
Ian Cornthwaite84120Kalamunda
Graeme Fewings84112Kardinya 1
Arthur Bartlett84073Kalamunda
Ian Barrie84035Kardinya 1
Steve Kelly85019South Perth
Peter Wachmer75165Fremantle
Graham O'Brien75026Manning
Craig Standley75015Hilton Park
Michael Carey76054Manning
Karl Vandersluys76025Leeming
Murray Piggott65057Manning
Robert Campbell670-41Hollywood Subiaco
Phil Dobie670-51Leeming
Daryl Radford50145Kardinya 1
Paul Clausen540-17Fremantle
Paul Pohe5503Thornlie
Bill Brandsma571-27Kalamunda
Robert Hunter57015Kardinya 2
James Newton580-20Leeming
Jim Stean580-27Thornlie
Tony Maxwell450-33Hilton Park
Mark Gill4718Fremantle
Max Petrich471-34South Perth
Dwain Reagan470-41Kardinya 2
Daniel Byrne490-73Hollywood Subiaco
Eddie Gollan32119Thornlie
Travis Simpson332-42Hilton Park
Rodney Butler3305Hilton Park
Geoff White330-20Kardinya 1
Shaun McCormack360-29Fremantle
Conn Vinci20034Kardinya 1
Darryll Flintoff21223Kardinya 2
Daniel Newton210-3Hilton Park
Matthew Allen22017Manning
David Newton220-5Hilton Park
John Smith220-15Fremantle
David Wood240-25Karinya 1 & 2
Silvio Vassallo270-49Kardinya 2
Glen Morey270-54Hollywood Subiaco
David Byrne283-56Hollywood Subiaco
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Peter Larard1007Kardinya 2
Darryl Flintoff1006Kardinya 1
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Blake Butler1001Manning
Robert Carruthers1104Thornlie
John Wardrop110-3South Perth
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
Ross Knapp1301Kardinya 1
John Rochford130-16Kardinya 1
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Ron Jones140-42Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd171-37Hilton Park
Greg Trevaskis0010Kalamunda
Wayne Bezant010-2Kardinya 1
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Eddie Gollan010-14Kardinya 1
Larry Herbert010-20Manning
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Stephen Back020-21Kardinya 2
Doddy Innes030-27Thornlie
Anthony Byrne040-39Hollywood Subiaco