Well, what an exciting Round 14 this week, hot weather making it tough this week. I pity any side that couldn’t get a little shade on Saturday. Very exciting round as to play apart from the View. I don’t think they got that Memo. I was sitting there Sunday morning having my coffee and I thought oh I will just jump on and have a little cheeky look and see what happened on Saturday and low and behold I start reading down the list, Swan tick, Dolphins tick, Magpies tick, Blues tick. Then Saints by, no no View by 18 shots. Top 3 sides are starting to rise and bubble to the top and the saints will be kicking themselves this week. You can tell that the next 3 weeks are going to be vital to position your club on the ladder for the final round after that. It’s going to be a HELL of a race this season to the bitter end.
Little special mention that there is a little extra something something in the Dolphins/ Doggies game well worth a read.

Osborne Park 74 (2) v Doubleview 92 (6)
Mark Pasalich 26 v Brandon Heta 18
George Smith 13 v Christopher McKenna 32
Wayne Davidson 23 v Ben Willesee 15
Fernando Di Giuseppe 12 v Gary Nelson 27

The View getting a good away win at the home of the Saints. Davidson and Pasalich getting home by 8 shots each for the Saints, and Neilson winning by 15 shots over a tough Di Guiseppe rink for the View making that 2-0 for Neilson, but it was the McKenna rink again the difference for the View firing on all cylinders and burning rubber and ripping up the Saints Smith by a whopping 19 shot win which was the difference for the day. View home by 18. View doing what was required of them but more importantly they have gained ground on 6th. Doubleview have now got rid of their losing streak and are now 9 points off the Magpies and safety. If they play like this for the rest of the games, they will shake up the ladder. Let’s see how they go. Great win to the View and the saints miss an opportunity to stay with the top 3 sides.
North Beach 94 (7) v Bassendean 64 (1)
Peter Augustson 18 v Murray Wright 19
Lee Mitten 22 v Gavin Ekholm 18
John Bartorillo 36 v Graeme Cash 11
Alan Howe 18 v Alan Britton 16

What can I say? There is nothing but superlatives for the Beach boys this week and a 30-shot win.. Solid performance from both sides it was just the one rink that did the damage against the Lions. Rink win of the game, Bartorillo by beating Cash by 25 shots for the Beach. This set the platform for the Blues. Wright with solid wins over Augustson 1 shot that 2-zip for wright. Howe and Mitten the other 2 winners for the Blues by 2 shots each over Britton and Ekholm respectively showing how good of an effort the Lions put in. Hats off for the Beach Boys sustained pressure ALL DAY. The Lions showing that they can well and truly play at this level, but you must play like this every rink, as it really showed they pushed North Beach at home on 3 rinks and the Lions need to press on next week to stay away from relegation
Stirling 65 (1) v Swan 95 (7)
Mane (mick) Marovic 12 v Tony Natalotto 25
Michael Vitale 18 v Paul Kelly 26
Ivo Katich 12 v David Park 24
Josip Martinovich 23 v Rodney Revell 20

What a cracking game by Swan. 30 shot win at the Wolf Den. Natalotto, Kelly and Park tighten the leash around the neck of the Wolves to choke out good win, with ease. Martinovich clipping the wings of Revell gaining a point for the home side, Martinovich have been shining lights for the Wolves and busts his hump week in and week out to get wins. But the damage was done on the other 3 rinks. The Adriatic boys need to keep chipping away as they don’t want to be in that dreaded 9th spot and will have to get a couple more wins before seasons end. Swan sitting in 2nd spot on the ladder no questions asked. Swannies great win and they keep pushing ahead and sit 2 point ahead of 3rd. Awesome effort by Swan.
Morley 57 (1) v Warwick 98 (7)
Lindsay Sanders 17 v Lindsay Hill 13
Victor Orchard 15 v Wayne Wyatt 32
Wayne Mitchell 10 v Jon Borkowski 30
Keith Nazareth 15 v Geoffrey Hinge 23

What a lopsided game at the home of the Mavericks as the Magpies get home by 41 against a spirited Mavericks side. Hinge, Borkowski and Wyatt all with comfortable wins, 8, 20, 17 shots respectively. Sanders the only beacon of hope with a 4 shot win over Hill in a close one. Magpies still in 6th one point behind the Doggies but are 9 points clear of the View. Mavericks left wondering and must start salvaging points or Div 2 is looking ominous.
Joondalup 109 (7) v Yokine 57 (1)
Wayne Neilson 20 v Wayne Coffey 23
Shane Ernest Rixom 23 v Trevor McGillivray 15
Ben Leggett 37 v Shane Shaw 11
Jimmy Buchanan 29 v Martin Sharp 8

In an exceptional performance by the Dolphins chewing up the Doggies in menacing form. The Dolphins get 7 points and a whopping 52-shot win and take themselves clear and above any other side. Dolphins really showed their class this week and I just don’t see any other team upsetting the apple cart. Leggett getting a smashing win over Sandman by 26 for the Dolphins. Buchanan beat Golden boy by 21 and held them to 8 shots only for the day. Throw in Rixom holding out Magic by 8 shots and it was the Coffee show 3 shots over Neilson, to at least walk away with one point. I read some feedback from the day from one of the Doggies faithfuls it was quote;
“ … Ben was nothing short of incredible, amazing and absolute perfection. He just did not miss, and I have to say that out of the years of playing bowls I have never seen anyone play so well in a game of bowls.”
Now the reason I have included that this week is to demonstrate the comradery and exceptional sportsman like behaviour from the opposition. In a day and age when the Doggies faithful could have made excuses etc but instead applauded and commended Ben Leggett for his performance. That to me is what sport and Lawn Bowls is about. So, Mr. Doggies Faithful I take my hat off to you, your Action and words are the true spirit of the game--- Play of the Day
North Beach1484226.5970907106.9566.5
Osborne Park1476128.51101999110.2160.5
Ben Leggett1030111Joondalup
Shane Rixom92196Joondalup
Tony Natalotto92046Swan
Jimmy Buchanan94025Joondalup
Mark Pasalich84088Osborne Park
Paul Kelly84034Swan
Alan Howe84019North Beach
Geoffrey Hinge85053Warwick
Wayne Coffey85017Yokine
Josip Martinovich8505Stirling
David Park74236Swan
Fred DiGiuseppe74124Osborne Park
John Bartorillo74063North Beach
Jon Borkowski75125Warwick
Rodney Revell751-3Swan
Trevor McGillivray76040Yokine
Alan Britton76020Bassendean
Martin Sharp63017Yokine
Peter Auguston6511North Beach
Mick Marovic6702Stirling
Lindsay Hill5400Warwick
Shane Shaw553-19Yokine
Wayne Neilson55144Joondalup
Lee Farrell55125Osborne Park
George Smith5614Osborne Park
Victor Orchard571-48Morley
Chris McKenna570-3Doubleview
Lee Mitten570-7North Beach
Gary Nelson570-11Doubleview
Branden Heta43011Doubleview
Lindsay Sanders460-31Morley
Ben Willesee470-54Doubleview
Murray Wright481-31Bassendean
Bradley Pearce31124Doubleview
Graeme Cash330-21Bassendean
Michael Radalj330-34Morley
Gavin Ekholm34111Bassendean
Michael Garrett350-41Bassendean
Robert Urquhart380-68Morley
Michael Vitale3100-75Stirling
Wayne Wyatt20021Warwick
Michael Golding220-2Warwick
Wayne Mitchell250-46Morley
Brian Ledingham290-76Warwick
Chris Leggett1005Joondalup
Colin Fleay1002Osborne Park
Wesley Neilson11017Joondalup
Jerry Ilijich1100Stirling
Wayne Davidson110-7Osborne Park
Aaron Kriletich0010Stirling
John Morss010-3Swan
William Morrison010-6Yokine
Simon Deering010-6Doubleview
Robbie Clark010-8Osborne Park
Nick Yaksich010-10Stirling
Brian Naughton010-12Bassendean
Jeff Post010-13North Beach
Ian Bryden010-26Osborne Park
Daniel Wood020-21Swan
Ivo Katich020-22Stirling
Peter Marinovich020-23Stirling
Mel Lemos030-32Yokine
Robert Maynard030-38Bassendean
Keith Nazareth050-32Morley
Stuart Lofthouse050-57Stirling