Firstly on an extremely sad note with the sudden passing of Larry Bandy, terrible news for South Perth, Denis Bandy here with us in 1 White, Bowls WA & all family & friends. As many of you in 1 White would have played with Larry over the many seasons he was incredibly welcoming, a true gent & champion for our game. He will be sadly missed.
I must say it felt like we were just going to see the season out with no major changes & nobody really wanting to see their club in a different position but this Round proved that to be hugely incorrect. The bottom sides seemed to get out of bed on the right side on Saturday morning, put on their big boy pants & looked to put some pride back into their bowls shirt. Well done to the bottom 3 sides for a tremendous set of results, I certainly needed to take a double look to check if the website got it wrong. Wow we have so much to talk about after some pretty standard boring Rounds of late.
These results have dropped massive bombs across the entire ladder. The top sides (excluding Gosnells) just seemed to be quite nonchalant & maybe did not take these games as seriously as others thinking they were going to get easy points. Wow, how wrong were they. There are holes & cracks starting to appear when we never imagined but overall the summary of R13 is 'Folks, we've got a hell of an exciting last 5 games to play". GAME ON.
Again we see some changes come with amazing fruition as the Wizards selectors finally bite the bullet & moved around some chess pieces. Change is always a delicate process & does not necessarily mean players are performing badly but just the combination is not working for whatever reason. Therefore, once the results start to really turn against players they really begin to forfeit all rights of rebuttable on change. We have seen the biggest results come from sides brave enough to roll that dice. Amazingly we have seen all 3 bottom sides win in the same Round. Unsure when that happened before but looking at the stats it certainly looks like it hasn't happened in the last 100+ games over many seasons. To that extent those sides most be gutted that such a massive result doesn't move them up the table or get points on the others in the 3. However, it does bring all 3 closer to 6th & 7th spot so now everyone from bottom to 6th are only 1 game apart. It's Game On from the very top to the very bottom of the ladder now, it's hugely exciting as the Rounds tick down but the pressure ticks up!!
PREDICTOR DRUM ROLL: Annual prediction time again. 1 Round late but we had the chance to startup the old 2 stroke predictor machine again & after putting in this Round of results the poor machine struggled & nearly kicked the bucket but after some more spluttering & plenty of blue smoke the machine recovered from shock & came good. Here we goes folks, below is the predicted Final finishing positions of every team after R18 guessed after R13 & then we inserted what we originally predicted after R6 to see how were tracking:
Round 13 Round 6
Mt Lawley 99.5 108
Bassendean 1 89.5 103.5
Gosnells 89 91
Cockburn 82.5 85
Wanneroo 71 76.5
Sorrento 65.5 68
Rossmoyne 65 57
Quinns Rocks 60.5 40
Warnbro 49 45
Bassendean 2 48.5 45

Now please remember that we have NOT changed any predictions since R6 so the table doesn't take into account recent form & certainly didn't expect the like of Quinns super hot running streak, so yes it could definitely change but traditionally we've never allowed ourselves 2 bites at the cherry & what's predicted in R6 is locked in for the season.
Quinns are the only team who have moved in predictions & that's not surprising given their recent hot streak. Interesting to see that Gosnells have pulled that gap right back to just the bare minimum HALF a point on Basso for 2nd spot but they know only too well what they have ahead of themselves over the next 3 hellish Rounds. Also that fight for safety is now neck & neck with again only HALF a point between safety for Rossmoyne to catch Sorrento & look at Quinns powering past the bottom sides & only 1 game behind safety. Could Quinns produce probably the greatest get out of jail run in the history of 1 White. For context for those coming in late on this story, they were on only 16pts at the start of R10 but are now on 40.5pts......try & wrap your head around that?!! They have only dropped 7.5pts out of the last 32pts & there was also a 4pt share for the suspended heat Round 12 so maybe they should be on more points if that got played. Credit to them, truly amazing recovery & some massive scalps along the way. Don't we love these stories & it makes our game so exciting.

Wanneroo 59 (0) v Quinns Rocks 74 (8)
Kingsley Toster 13 v Steve O'Neill 15
Neville Costello 17 v Hugh Ward 18
Christopher Parr 13 v John Berecz 24
Christopher Buchholz 16 v Shane Smith 17

The Roo's are still staring at each other sipping their beer as they sit in shock & ask each other what just happened. Their season is now in ruins not so much because they are in 5th & only 0.5pt behind 4th it's more so Cockburn have a far easier run home & Wanneroo have dropped way too many easy games against the bottom sides & are not winning enough rinks. Yes it was their 1st defeat at home all season but to lose by 15 shots & not pickup a single point against a bottom side is hard to swallow.
It started with Toster dropping to O'Neill by 2 shots where O'Neill was 1 from 8 up to that point but the Toster sides just couldn't get scores on the board. Costello got edged on the last bowl by Ward to lose by 1 shot & don't we see this so often where a past player pulls out the performance of the year against their old club. Nice win for Ward's side as they record only their 2 win of the season with Ward skippering but a huge win in the scheme of the season. The slope became significantly slipper for Parr as Berecz ran right over the top of them by 11 shots & Buchholz dropping to Smith by the minimum topped off a shocking day for the Roo's & probably makes Finals a very difficult task for them to achieve.
Credit to Quinns, they are now the hottest team in the comp by a margin, with 3 on the trot & 4 if you include the heat round that they haven't tasted a loss. For context no other team has even 2 wins in a row as the last few Rounds are producing some serious upsets. Quinns can build from here & that greatest escape to victory is still on the cards.
Result: Quinns Rocks 8 - 0
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Gosnells 93 (8) v Sorrento 55 (0)
Frank Carbone 24 v Alan Anderson 16
Brett Holland 23 v Peter Crow 18
Grant Nicol 19 v Ronald Rogers 14
Robert Foy 27 v Richard Bone 7

Wow look at the Kookaburra's go, they are back into the winners circle with a bang....another massive 8pts & now within touching distance of top spot, they can smell the ticket to the big dance now! That's their 4th 8pointer this season as they are just steam rolling sides at home. Where they might see improvement is those 4 games they lost as when they lose they normally only pickup 1pt, if they picked up 2pts in those losses they would be level on top of the ladder. For example, that R4 loss they had 1 rink lose by only 1shot, R8 1 rink lost by 3 shots, R11 1 rink lost by 2 shots. These are all very close margins but it goes to show that every single bowl is so hugely important in the larger scheme of things.
It's a bad loss for the Swans as even 1pt would have helped their cause. I think 6th slightly flatters them as they are not winning rinks but still finding a way to win, this may or may not be a sustainable option all the way to R18. They have only won 0.5rinks more than the 10th positioned side so they are putting serious reliance on those few critical rinks.
Carbone started with a solid 8 shot win over Anderson to give the Carbone rink a 4 game winning streak so they are travelling well. Anderson's side hasn't registered a win in 8 games so they'll need to step up & push the boundaries & chase a win. Holland had Crow for most of the day as they won by 5 shots & took Holland's side to 4 on the trot too. Nicol's side also won by 5 shots against Rogers to get them back into the winners circle after that off week in R11 where nothing went right. Foy saved the best to last & they hammered Bone's side by 20 shots & with that Foy's side became the highest scoring rink for Gosnells with a +31shots & they've had some big wins this season.
Swans still have 3 home games so they'll bounce back. The Kookaburra's have a run from hell over through Feb'22 & this will without question define their season. If they win the next 3 games they go straight into 1 Red, it's that simple.
Result: Gosnells 8 - 0
Prediction: Gosnells 7 - 1

Rossmoyne 68 (1) v Cockburn 81 (7)
Rawley Lang 18 v Marc Abonnel 21
Allan Petchell 16 v William Tepania 15
Walter Harvey 22 v Michael Simunovic 26
Craig Edson 12 v Josip (joe) Marevic 19

Well look who's shown up at midnight to the party when it's nearly over with only 5 games left?! Welcome back to the Roosters & what a huge win & even more impressive it was Away for only their 2nd away win all season & both of them coming in at exactly 81 shots.
The River Rats will be disappointed dropping another Home game & now drop into the trouble zone again & only winning 5 games so far is probably where they deserve to be. Although Sorrento above them have won 6 games, there is still only 0.5pt between the sides as Rossmoyne have won 3.5rinks more than the Swans.
Lang did well to control the deadliest rink in 1 White by keeping Abonnel to just 3 shots, which surely gave the River Rats a look at the Agg. Petchell went back skippering against Big Willie & surprisingly they edged the Roosters rink by a well worked last end, giving Petchell his first skippering win of the season. So now with both heavy hitters from Cockburn tied up in tight margins it went down to the other rinks to get Rossmoyne over the line. Unfortunately Harvey couldn't get past Simunovic & dropped by 4 shots, giving Harvey 5 from 13 & I believe this might be Simunovic's first away win of the season to give the Roosters a huge chance of taking an Agg. The Edson's sandwich just couldn't get control of Joe's side with Joe winning by 7 shots & that's 3 in a row for Joe's side & prevented Edson's side from going 3 in a row.
Rossmoyne are now 0.5pt into the dreaded playoff spot so they'll need to dig themselves out of there over the coming weeks. Equally Cockburn are now 0.5pt into the last Finals spot in 4th & with Wanneroo having a tough next 3 games & Roosters having an easier run this is the last golden chance for this season's smokey to nab that last Finals spot.
Result: Cockburn 7 - 1
Prediction: Rossmoyne 6 - 2

Warnbro 75 (7) v Bassendean 1 71 (1)
Kieran Cousens 17 v Jovan Krstic 14
Barry Kalinowsky 19 v Stein Davies 14
William Baker 19 v Simon Alden 30
Lindsay Strange 20 v Russell Ellis 13

What a win for the Wizards. We did say they'll get a big home win this season, however, with egg on face we said it definitely won't be this round....how wrong was that call?! What was the difference this week for the Wizards as they was no way they were expected to take the 2nd side by 7pts. Well the secret was a page 1 from Quinns playbook on how to survive in 1 White....i.e. if its broken, fix the bloody thing & do it quickly. The Wizards made a few changes with O'Neill in for Ryan, Hartnett in lead then Foster pushed to 2nd on Kalinowsky's rink, Ryan jumped over to Jackson rink as 3rd, Jackson's out & Baker takes over skippering, Then the big one was Strange back in where Pattullo, Shone, Wagstaff all moved down a position. Wow the selectors must have earned their crust last week, they rolled the dice, but boy oh boy credit to them with the genius moves because didn't it work a treat against a very good side?!
Just to put this win in context Basso hammered Warnbro in the corresponding fixture by well over 50shots....yes 50shots!! Bowls is truly a funny old game when any side can reverse 50 shots but we seen it only a few weeks ago with Quinns doing the exact same so teams always need to be 100% on their game.
Cousens got the show on the road with a huge win over Krstic as they shot out to a 14-1 lead & Krstic did bounce back taking most of the ends thereafter but just couldn't pull that back in. Kalinowsky needed a good win & played some great shots to hold off a rampant Davies' side who were travelling very well. That 5 shot difference made a massive difference & the Wizards started to ask themselves could they pull this massive win off. Baker stepped in for Jackson who was a late out for testing & even though Baker lost by 11 shots to Alden it worked very well as a replacement for Jackson who was 1 from 9 but more importantly they were running -82 shots which is the largest margin on any side so losing by 11 shots could of easily been more without Baker as supposedly Alden was on fire running to 5-0 start but Baker pulled ahead in the 2nd half but Alden's side was never trouble, adding when required & saving when under pressure. Strange knocked off the cowebs early & showed no signs of not playing in 1 White since R2 as they battled away against Ellis all day & eventually pushed out to 7 shots which swung the Agg & gave the Wizards a huge win, easily their best performance of the season.
Basso will be absolutely kicking themselves as they could have closed the gap to 2pts with a better performance & again the same week that the top side lost they also dropped the Agg & dropping 3-4pts in the abandoned heat Round is also an unlucky outcome for the Lions top side. It would be incredibly exciting if we were heading into R14 with 2 teams within 2-4pts of the top side but there are still plenty more games to go & none bigger than next weeks for Basso.
Result: Warnbro 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 7 - 1

Bassendean 2 85 (6.5) v Mt Lawley 67 (1.5)
Butch Dinnison 17 v Andrew Jones 17
Eugene O'Sullivan 20 v Anthony Einfeld 21
Neil Strachan 27 v Mark Masel 17
Mark Cook 21 v Corey Bessant 12

Again plenty to chat about in this one & we'll try get down to some brass taxes on how this happened, again! What an amazing win for the Basso side, huge result & we hear it was well deserved as they only lost 1 rink from 4 against the top side. It's unfortunate that the other bottom sides also won so the Lions probably need 2 from the next 5 to get to playoffs which is a tough ask but easier if they keep playing like this. If the Lions go down this season they can look back at this game & know they are good enough to come back up.
The Mounters are still staring at each other sipping their beer as they sit in shock & ask each other what just happened. This was a side they beat easily at home with plenty to spare & a side whose previous wins were mostly against bottom sides but yet Basso 2 found a massive performance to help their chances of survival & also to massively assist their teammates (although they stuffed up that golden opportunity). You would think that playing to a PL standard would allow them to beat what's essentially a 1 Blue side with all the Basso player loses this season but bowls is a funny old game. This one will hurt the Mounters as they are now 1 win from 4 with both losses against the bottom of the ladder sides. They are still sitting on top by nearly an Agg so no panic stations yet but their massive lead is down to 4.5pts
Dinnison & Jones were hard to split all day with Jones looking to edge away on a few occasions but Dinnison pulled them back to share the spoils for the day on 17-17. Butch's side still sits on 5 wins but travelling ok as they have only lost 2 games since R6. 'Banksy' Jones the drawing specialist continued to deliver with another drawn game, technically that's 4 in a row but lets exclude the heat round so it's still 3 drawn games in ROW, surely that's a record?! Record or not, they are not winning & now that's no win since 18 Dec last year or nearly 60 days. This side was on fire at the start running 6 from 6 at the to R6 but now only 1 win from 7 to R13 or 1 from 6 (ex. heat round) either way it's a significant change in fortunes but they have also only lost 2 from 7 combined with all those draws. O'Sullivan had the very tough task of trying to manage Einfeld & ex.teammate Rhodes who was very good. O'Sullivan's side had them close all day but couldn't get that 1 big end to push past late, they were holding game or at least a draw on Einfeld last bowl but the unbeaten Einfeld pushed up some front bowls on the last bowl to edge O'Sullivan by the minimum margin & give the Mounters the only win of the day & it continues the amazing unbeaten run for Einfeld. From there Basso 2 dominated as Strachan had Masel to the sword earlier & a big 5 late on sealed the deal as they cruised to a 10 shot win. Strachan's side are travelling great with only 2 losses in the last 7 games & getting some nice margins on those wins. Masel's side are struggling to buy a win at the moment with only 1 win in the last 7 games & with 3 of the 4 losses in doubles figures it might be something to try & reduce. Fairly similar outcome for Cook as they controlled the game for most of the day against Bessant, winning by 9 shots. Cook needed this win big time as they were running 0-4 & had only won 2 games all season, so this should give them a nice springboard to bounce from. Bessant's rink is similar to the other 2 Mt Lawley rinks in running a few weeks now without a win. Again 0 wins from the last 5 leaves them in a tough position.
Mt Lawley is still top of the ladder but they're burning that big buffer weekly & now the margin is getting tight. They are finding ways to win & getting some luck along the way but some of the other sides are looking at this unfold over the last few Rounds & it's interesting as they are now 1 win from the last 4, -19 shots over 3 games, other than Einfeld rink the other 3 are 0 wins from 5, 1 from 7 & 1 from 7, given a combined (ex.heat round) 4 rinks wins out of those 19 rink games, that's 15 rink losses over those 19 available rinks (there's a few draws in there too to soften that), from R6 they have only amassed 27.5pts (inc. heat rd) out of a total available of 56pts (context they collected 44pts R1-R6 & next 6 played Rounds (ex.heat round) they only collected 23.5pts), won 20 of 24 rinks R1 to R6 but next 6 Rounds (ex.heat round) they only collected 11.5 of 24 rinks. It looks like they haven't made any player changes or tweaked sides all season with only 2 temporary replacements used for cover so clearly the Mounters are backing themselves in on those 16 which is great to see. Overall no panic stations but it's trending down giving the chasing pack a target but it does make it more exciting. Maybe this might go down to the last few games of the season after all.
It certainly will go down the last game of the season for Basso 2 but they gave themselves a huge chance because if they didn't win, Warnbro & Quinns would have gone a full game ahead so overall they don't push clear of the bottom with this win but they also don't fall back into 10th, so they're still in with a chance.
Result: Bassendean 2 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Mt Lawley 8 - 0

Mt Lawley1393131.51022845120.9571.5
Bassendean 11375130.5984866113.6362.5
Quinns Rocks1348120.587399687.6540.5
Bassendean 21348119.585898687.0239.5
Anthony Einfeld110074Mt Lawley
Simon Alden102067Bassendean 1
Grant Nicol93029Gosnells
Marc Abonnel831101Cockburn
Joe Krstic83170Bassendean 1
John Carter83046Rossmoyne
Robert Foy84057Gosnells
John Berecz84054Quinns Rocks
Andrew Jones72347Mt Lawley
William Tepania74142Cockburn
Stein Davies74032Bassendean 1
Frank Carbone7501Gosnells
Chris Buchholz65013Wanneroo
Neville Costello65011Wanneroo
Brett Holland650-14Gosnells
Joe Marevic66025Cockburn
Craig Edson66022Rossmoyne
Corey Bessant66017Mt Lawley
Eugene O'Sullivan660-34Bassendean 2
Ian Linford5516Sorrento
Wally Harvey550-26Rossmoyne
Mark Masel56139Mt Lawley
Barry Kalinowsky570-14Warnbro
Ronald Rogers570-16Sorrento
Neil Strachan43021Bassendean 2
Dennis Pattullo440-18Warnbro
Russell Ellis462-45Bassendean 1
Peter Madigan460-10Bassendean 2
Kingsley Toster471-3Wanneroo
Michael Simunovic471-10Cockburn
Steve O'Neill480-66Quinns Rocks
Chris Parr31118Wanneroo
Lindsay Strange31010Warnbro
Mick Martin350-25Sorrento
Alan Anderson370-30Sorrento
Kieran Cousens380-54Warnbro
George Jackson380-82Warnbro
Mark Cook390-52Bassendean 2
Shane Smith2013Quinns Rocks
Leith Oldham20020Quinns Rocks
Richard Bone220-7Sorrento
David Triffitt270-38Wanneroo
Hugh Ward280-78Quinns Rocks
Butch Dinnison1017Bassendean 2
Trevor Close10012Gosnells
Reza Vind120-12Rossmoyne
Rohan Cantrill130-36Quinns Rocks
Martin Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
Allan Petchell140-25Rossmoyne
Richard D'Souza140-60Bassendean 2
David Rhodes0010Mt Lawley
Troy Dellar010-5Warnbro
Peter Crow010-5Sorrento
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
William Baker010-11Warnbro
John Brown020-7Sorrento
Rawley Lang052-35Rossmoyne