Mosman Park 68 (1) v South Perth 96 (7)
Trevor Southern 9 v Justin Opie 34
Mitchell Cranswick 21 v Daniel Brown 15
Dale Marsland 19 v Glenn Pauling 26
Alan Southern 19 v Ross Bresland 21

The Friday night encounter turned out to be a bit of a fizzer when Justin Opie got hold of new skipper Trevor Southern early and almost put the result beyond doubt within 10 ends. Finishing with a 25 shot win, the opie rink far too good. Welcome to Premier League skippering Trev!
The remaining games were tight and Mossies did push to get within single digits in the final quarter of the game but South Perth are beginning click as an outfit and they rallied and put away Mossies. 2 shot win to ross Bresland over Al Southern and Glenn Pauling with his 7 shot win over Dale Marsland, the 2 leading skippers for Mosman Park made the win complete.
The 6 shot win by Mitchell Cranswick over Daniel Brown gets them a vital point, they sit 9th but the crystal ball shows points and the away game against Safety Bay look critical for Mossies to hang on. South Perth solidify their spot in the 4 and they are starting to look like the team we thought they were on paper at the start of the season.
Sorrento 88 (2) v Cambridge 95 (6)
Christopher Lander 25 v Cameron Harris 20
Dan Nicholls 16 v Eric Johannes 27
Rhett Butler 30 v Blake Nairn 23
Bruce Eagles 17 v Clive Adams 25

A high scoring affair at Sorrento, in fact the highest aggregate score for the year in Premier League so far and in fact the highest since the slogfest that was Bassendean v Morley in in 2018/19 season which reached 202 shots in the aggregate. It was Cambridge that came through with the win this time by 7, all 4 Cambridge rinks reaching 20 shots but only 2 of them winning, Eric Johannes and Clive Adams by 9 and 8 respectively. Only 2 rinks for Sorrento reached 20 and they both won Rhett Butler by 7 and Chris Lander by 5.
Vital points away from home for Cambridge and they maintain that 6 point gap to 3rd spot and below, considering 3rd was Sorrento it actually extended their lead over them but with Sth Perth and Manning winning, it maintains that gap with them. Sorrento disappointed to lose a home game but they have points up their sleeve courtesy of the banked points at the start of the season but their 3rd spot is tenuous, only 8 points clear of 7th placed Osborne Park. They need a win to get their season back on track.
Osborne Park 91 (7.5) v Safety Bay 66 (0.5)
Cody Packer 24 v Christopher Owen 14
Jack East 21 v Chris Carruthers 21
Ryan Brown 26 v Graeme Smith 14
Shane Loftus 20 v Ron Hall 17

Osborne Park continuing on with their good form, winning as expected over Safety Bay at home by 25 shots. Cody Packer now undefeated since Rd 3, the form skipper in the comp with 9 wins in a row. Jack East kicked off his what's sure to be a long career as PL skipper with a draw over Safety Bays better performed skipper this year in Chris Carruthers. Ryan Brown with a good 12 shot win and Shane Loftus with his 3 meant Osborne Park not defeated on a rink and grab 7.5 points. Safety Bay have been very competitive in recent games so this is a good points grab for the Saints. It sees them still remaing 7th but only 8 points off 3rd so they are poised to pounce should a side above them falter.
Manning 75 (5.5) v Kardinya 69 (2.5)
Shane Knott 18 v Tony Krajancic 19
Daniel Trewhella 26 v Steven Novak 15
Blake Butler 15 v Bradley Henley 19
Thomas Mitchell 16 v David Rankin 16

Kardinya came to play for this encounter but sadly for them the loss on 1 rink was enough to cost them the aggregate. Daniel Trewhella the hero for Manning with his 9 shot win to continue his very good season. The 2.5 points for Kardy very useful, my crystal ball shows 2 wins for them coming up and a crucial home game against Doubleview. because they scored 1.5 more than Mosman Park it has extended the gap to the 9th place ever so slightly. Rink wins will be critical in the run home for them as much as aggregate wins. Manning with a good run of weeks and another side sitting outside of the 4 but within touching distance should 2 of them falter.
North Beach 0 (4) v Doubleview 0 (4)
- 0 v Kyle McIlroy 0
- 0 v John Slavich 0
- 0 v Charles Slavich 0
- 0 v Ben Willesee 0

South Perth13751271000870114.9459
North Beach136522285786898.7354
Osborne Pk1366123.590992098.851.5
Mosman Park1348120.586895690.7940.5
Safety Bay13111115793105375.3123
Glenn Pauling102094South Perth
Chris Lander102041Sorrento
Charlie Slavich92069Doubleview
Blake Nairn93068Cambridge
Daniel Trewhella93064Manning
Cody Packer93044Osborne Pk
Clive Adams93033Cambridge
Rhett Butler74145Sorrento
Alan Southern74124Mosman Park
Kyle McIlroy74055Doubleview
Eric Johannes7501Cambridge
Joe McGinlay65029North Beach
Neville Stevens650-15Osborne Pk
Dan Nicholls6603Sorrento
Dale Marsland660-22Mosman Park
Chris Margin50040North Beach
Shane Knott54217Manning
Tony Krajancic5523Kardinya
Mitchell Cranswick552-6Mosman Park
David Rankin552-16Kardinya
Chris Carruthers552-28Safety Bay
Daniel Brown55122South Perth
Ryan Moyle551-12Doubleview
Michael Sweeney560-2North Beach
Justin Opie5703South Perth
Ross Bresland41021South Perth
Lewis Grigg440-28Manning
John Slavich45126Doubleview
Shane Loftus450-14Osborne Pk
Mark Douthie470-32North Beach
Ryan Brown480-10Osborne Pk
Bruce Eagles480-25Sorrento
Steven Novak480-26Kardinya
Daryl Radford3109Kardinya
Cameron Harris32022Cambridge
Zac Boddy2103Safety Bay
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Ron Hall2505Safety Bay
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Thomas Mitchell271-26Manning
AJ Heal1103Manning
Graeme Smith131-18Safety Bay
Blake Butler130-6Manning
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Chris Owen171-101Safety Bay
Cameron Hoffman1100-59Mosman Park
Scott Walker0010South Perth
David Downey010-3Manning
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay