Are the games becoming predictable? They must be, as I got five out of five again, wow.
All matches went as planned, however the Hollywood guys certainly gave the Manning Eagles a big, big fright, only losing the aggregate by twelve shots, well done.
The South Perth Millers and the Kalamunda Cougars having solid wins also.
With these results, it now means that the Eagles and the Millers now have an aggregate break on the third placed Cougars, followed by Kats1 and the Lions.
A three way battle for the two automatic relegation spots, with the Kats2 side getting perilously close to one of them, just nudging the Hawks out of seventh spot for now. However, there are still seven games to go, so lots of time for things to change.
Wooltorton and Cornthwaite from the Cougars still sitting at the top of the Skip table, having lost one game all year, followed closely by Carter from the Millers.

Fremantle 94 (8) v Hilton Park 58 (0)
Paul Clausen 22 v Craig Standley 19
Mark Gill 27 v Travis Simpson 12
John Smith 21 v Rodney Butler 17
Peter Wachmer 24 v Tony Maxwell 10

The Mariners putting up a real show at home to thrash the Hawks by some thirty six shots, picking up a valuable eight points to assist them to avoid the relegation playoffs. Gill, Brannan, Chessell and Mathew Ngui were far too strong for the Simpson rink, winning by fifteen shots. Wachmer also having a good win over the relatively inexperienced skip in Tony Maxwell. The veteran John Smith won by four over Butler, with Clausen getting over the line against Craig Standley. A meritorious win to the home side on their lovely, on what I am sure would have been well prepared turf.
Kalamunda 104 (8) v Kardinya 2 62 (0)
Arthur Bartlett 20 v Robert Hunter 17
Ian Cornthwaite 27 v Ron Jones 13
Dwayne Wooltorton 32 v Stephen Back 17
William Brandsma 25 v Dwain Regan 15

The Cougars sending the Kats2 side back down the hill with not one solitary point to take with them. Brandsma back on the winning list with a solid win over young Dwain Regan, Billy getting a bit more help from his team I believe.
The only rink to put up any resistance for the Kats2 side was the now ever reliable Robbie Hunter, beaten by only four shots by Bartlett.
Cornthwaite and Wooltorton kept on their winning ways with big wins over Jones and Stephen Back.
They now sit top of the skips table, 1st and 2nd, a great season so far.
South Perth 83 (7) v Leeming 74 (1)
Michael McRae 28 v James Newton 18
Max Petrich 12 v Gary Ford 16
Steve Kelly 19 v Karl Vandersluys 18
John Carter 24 v Phil Dobie 22

The visiting Lions 🦁 sixteen put up a very good fight at South Perth on Saturday, where they only lost by nine shots to the second placed Millers. Mick McCrae, assisted by Peter Holmes, Greg Reagan and young Callum Alberti won the day for the Millers, beating the strong Newton rink by ten shots. Alberti led brilliantly I believe to set up his team well. He has been involved in eleven games, winning ten of them, well done to a young fella who has enormous potential. Carter, winning as always, but only narrowly over Dobie. Kelly beating Vandersluys by just one, with Gary Ford being the only winner for the Lions, who put up a brave fight.
Kardinya 1 80 (7) v Thornlie 73 (1)
Ian Barrie 23 v Jim Stean 21
Graeme Fewings 23 v Paul Pohe 19
Ross Knapp 16 v Eddie Gollan 21
Darryl Flintoff 18 v Mark Separovich 12

I have heard that this match was a thriller, with the Ravens nearly snatching victory, but ultimately failing by just seven shots. The Ravens showing that they could be finals contenders if things go their way a little. The match winning rink for the home side, was that skipped by the experienced Daryl Flintoff, with Woody as his steady third, backed up by Smith and Edgar. They beat the very good combination of Separovich and Vaughan by six valuable shots.
Fewings and Barrie grabbing the other two points in close contests.
Hollywood Subiaco 68 (1) v Manning 80 (7)
Robert Campbell 23 v Graham O'Brien 9
David Byrne 17 v Michael Carey 19
Daniel Byrne 12 v Murray Piggott 27
Anthony Byrne 16 v Wayne Heldt 25

It was seven points to one for the Eagles on Saturday, but apparently they were given a huge fright by the home side on their new synthetic green. From the very outset they took it up to one of the form sides of the competition, only to fail at the death knock by just twelve shots.
Rob Campbell and his rink of George Sterpini, Ronnie Middleton and their excellent lead in Peter Hiatt gave the home side a solid platform to build on, but the Byrne boys couldn’t quite get the job done.
Heldt, Carey and Piggott all having wins for the Eagles.
It would appear that the Hollywood boys aren’t done just yet. The Eagles with something to ponder about.
South Perth1182129.5920784117.3563.5
Kardinya 11174025905875103.4353
Kardinya 2114611579091786.1533
Hilton Park1129016.579492086.324.5
Hollywood Subiaco1111001375595479.1417
Michael McRae81030South Perth
Dwayne Wooltorton82170Kalamunda
Ian Cornthwaite82130Kalamunda
John Carter82095South Perth
Gary Ford73149Leeming
Mark Separovich73137Thornlie
Ian Barrie73038Kardinya 1
Michael Carey74060Manning
Arthur Bartlett74046Kalamunda
Steve Kelly74010South Perth
Wayne Heldt61059Manning
Peter Wachmer64161Fremantle
Graeme Fewings641-8Kardinya 1
Graham O'Brien64032Manning
Murray Piggott65057Manning
Karl Vandersluys65014Leeming
Robert Campbell650-6Hollywood Subiaco
Daryl Radford50145Kardinya 1
Paul Clausen52018Fremantle
Paul Pohe5503Thornlie
Craig Standley5501Hilton Park
Phil Dobie560-42Leeming
Mark Gill45112Fremantle
Tony Maxwell450-33Hilton Park
Max Petrich461-11South Perth
Bill Brandsma461-46Kalamunda
Robert Hunter460-7Kardinya 2
Dwain Reagan460-25Kardinya 2
James Newton470-14Leeming
Jim Stean470-31Thornlie
Travis Simpson332-42Hilton Park
Geoff White330-20Kardinya 1
Shaun McCormack360-29Fremantle
Darryll Flintoff21223Kardinya 2
Eddie Gollan2118Thornlie
Matthew Allen22017Manning
David Byrne272-44Hollywood Subiaco
Glen Morey270-54Hollywood Subiaco
Daniel Byrne290-85Hollywood Subiaco
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Darryl Flintoff1006Kardinya 1
Daniel Newton1003Hilton Park
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Blake Butler1001Manning
John Smith1103Fremantle
John Wardrop110-3South Perth
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
Ron Jones120-22Kardinya 2
Ross Knapp1301Kardinya 1
Rodney Butler130-1Hilton Park
John Rochford130-16Kardinya 1
David Wood130-21Kardinya 2
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Silvio Vassallo160-49Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd171-37Hilton Park
Wayne Bezant010-2Kardinya 1
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Eddie Gollan010-14Kardinya 1
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Anthony Byrne020-10Hollywood Subiaco
David Newton020-11Hilton Park
Stephen Back020-21Kardinya 2
Doddy Innes030-27Thornlie