Just when we think the home form was unbeatable this season we have 2 away wins this Round & both regarded as upsets. Only 1 Round into the back 9 & we've upsets coming through hard & fast. With those upsets the ladder as tighten right up as the bottom sides edge back into contention & the top sides bunch right up. With some massive weeks ahead could we see a change at the top of the ladder. There is now 2 teams that might think so after seeing the results of R10. It's a little inconsistent at the top so there's opportunity to play catchup for the others. Over the last 4 rounds there isn't a single round where all top 4 teams have won any week & interestingly the bottom 4 have won exactly the same amount of games as the top 4, so expect more upsets as the pressure builds.

Sorrento 63 (0.5) v Rossmoyne 83 (7.5)
John Brown 17 v Craig Edson 22
Ian Linford 17 v Rawley Lang 17
Ronald Rogers 16 v Walter Harvey 24
Richard Bone 13 v John Carter 20

Huge performance by the River Rats to nearly grab the full 8pts AWAY. They were hanging for an away win & didn't they get it done in style by 20 shots too against a side who were unbeaten at home all season.
Rossmoyne don't rocket up the ladder but do change spots with the Swans & now sit in a safer 6th position & only 4pts off a Finals spot. That 3.5pts difference on the Swans will be very important at the end of the season as every point will be gold dust.
The fun began for Rossmoyne with Edson taking Brown by 5 shots. Then Linford & Lang played hard ball all day & gave each little room to break away & settled for a draw on a tight 17-17. Rogers struggled against Harvey who pulled away & got the Cans by 8 shots to give the River Rats a massive look at the Agg. Carter was there to stick the cherry on top of a huge away performance by rolling Bone by 7 shots.
Great result for Rossmoyne but the weeks only get harder from here as they face some tough sides. Better to have those points in the bag now than looking for them in Feb. Another great away win like that & they'll be right in the chat for Finals in March. Sorrento had a nice run of late so I doubt they'll be knocking themselves too much although they would of liked maybe 2pts so they we all square with Rossmoyne on the ladder but they have shown they are generally a hard nut to crack at home so I'd expect them to bounce back soon.
Result: Rossmoyne 7.5 - 0.5
Prediction: Sorrento 6 - 2

Mt Lawley 78 (1.5) v Quinns Rocks 83 (6.5)
Anthony Einfeld 25 v Steve O'Neill 13
Mark Masel 15 v John Berecz 29
Andrew Jones 23 v Shane Smith 23
Corey Bessant 15 v Leith Oldham 18

OMG, Boy oh boy...massive massive upset in the leafy suburbs of Mt Lawley.....who would've thought that bottom of the ladder can still beat top?! Plenty to talk about here. A bottom side in turmoil, a side full of changes this round, a side rooted to the bottom of the ladder & destined to play 1 Blue next year, a side that the Mounters hammered in R1 away by 50 shots......I'm lost for words but what a huge display by Quinns, mighty performance & congrats for the bravery of making some changes & moving forward as a team. What does this mean for the Mounties...are they ready for PL if they get done at home by the bottom side in 1 White who don't win many away games?! You might think there'll be some questions to be asked or maybe write it off as the mulligan & move on.
Yes the Mounters are scoring low at home so Quinns knew that getting scores on the board & going for numbers would give them a right crack at a rare away win.
Ver the day some might say that the difference was the Berecz rink (as usual) & it's unfortunate that Masel was again on the end of the Agg loss but losing to Berecz, who's 7 from 10 & one of the comp's top side is nothing unusual nor would it be deemed an upset. Yes Masels side are struggling, losing 3 from the last 4 but they were the hero's only recently in Basso. When they win it's generally big & unfortunately that's similar with the losses. So you'd have to ask how come the other rinks were so close, especially playing at home against a side they beat by 50pts in R1?! So we started to look at some trends & we've seen the Bessant rink running very tight margins but in many cases, probably from back end heroics, getting over the line. Running the 80/20 rule we'll take out their 2 big wins & over the other 8 games they had the following: 6 games decided by 3 shots or less, 1 win by 6 & 1 loss by 10 shots. Some very tight margins there as they struggle to increase their score difference & now running 6 from 10 after this Round. Again this game was decided by only 3 shots but it went to the new Oldham side & even though Ward was back to 3rd I'm sure he didn't mind getting into the winners circle rather than going 1 from 10. Jones' side drew against the new look Smith side in a close encounter all day. Smith did well to stay with one of the top rinks to grab a vital 0.5pt. The Jones rink has hit a speed wobble recently after a blistering start & now it's only 1 win from the last 4 games for them. Einfeld kept the momentum & true to their incredible form the again were the highest scorers with the perfect 9 from 9 with a +66shots. They just had too much fire power for a struggling O'Neill side & pushed away to win by a dozen. That's 3 from 10 for O'Neill but keeping the divisions top rink to just -12 might have been their best performance to date as Quinns went up the Mitchell happy out, with 6.5pts in their pocket & surely back to the club for plenty of cold ones. Maybe they ended up doing 'shoey's from their left over umbrella's after the Basso game (ha, just love that story)?!
Congrats to the mighty Quinns on a huge result & they'll be hoping to use this as a massive springboard to safety. They'll sleep easy knowing that if they can beat the top side, they can beat any side.
Result: Quinns Rocks 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Mt Lawley 7 - 1

Bassendean 1 70 (6.5) v Cockburn 69 (1.5)
Jovan Krstic 14 v Josip (joe) Marevic 19
Russell Ellis 20 v Michael Simunovic 20
Simon Alden 20 v William Tepania 16
Stein Davies 16 v Marc Abonnel 14

Surely, you have good to be joking?!! say the Roosters.....good lord, what will it take for them to get an away win. These away losses must be just heartbreaking for the side that have come bitterly close so many times but that is the margins that make the difference. They probably believe they should be 2nd or 3rd but now sitting 5th & out of Finals will not be sitting well for them. The Roosters can't top the ladder so that's now off the cards so they need to focus on finishing in the top 4.
Basso knew that losing 2 in a row at home wasn't an option & would surely derail their tilt at returning to the big dance. They would also be absolutely livid if they lost the Agg & saw what happened at Mt Lawley so it was a very valuable result in the end for the Lions. Yes they are still 9.5pts off top but they have an easy run over the coming weeks so expect that margin to reduce & potentially significantly if Roosters have a say in R11.
Cockburn got the upset chat moving early with Marevic surprising Krstic with a 5 shot win & didn't Joe's side needed that one as the went into the clubhouse early. Still 4 from 10 but heading the right way. Alden needed Big Willie or Abonnel to get control of the danger rinks & he got Tepania in the end but it looked easier early on when they were up about a dozen but Big Willie reeled them back in to just 1 shot on the last end. Alden’s side just edged a very close game by 4 shots after grabbing 3 on the last end to break the Roosters heart to give the Lions a massive chance at a draw or maybe more. Up steps Davies again running hot, took Abonnel by 2 shots in surely the best rink performance of the day against the most lethal rink in 1 White to get the Lions over the line by the bare minimum margin after again been up nearly a dozen early but the Roosters chipped away & were within reach on the last few ends. The excitement didn’t end there, Ellis & Sumunovic had some massive swings all day with Simo up by 8 then Ellis bouncing back late with 2 4’s as they called it a draw 20-20 but not without huge drama. Simo had the last bowl & drew shot to draw the game but as they went to have a quick visual measurement before Ellis had his last the bowl some how fell backwards & out of the count. Ellis stuck his last bowl in his pocket after serious debate on going for the win and/or take the Agg by 1 shot.
If the season goes well for Basso they'll surely look back on this game as a pivotal performance. Sounds like a real nail biter of a game so congrats to both sides on putting on a massive display of top quality bowls.
The Roosters will take stock with the week off knowing that they need, as a minimum, 1 win from R10 & R11 against the 2 top sides if they have a chance of Finals. For the first time this season we'll have the same side going back to back in Games of the Round. And don't they have a massive game in R11. Big tough win for Basso as they maintain touch of Gosnells & sit comfortably in 3rd with a margin to 4th. They now have 2 of the hardest games done with 9 of 14pts in the bag, so watch out for them hitting a purple patch soon.
Result: Bassendean 1 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Bassendean 1 6 - 2

Wanneroo 86 (7) v Bassendean 2 76 (1)
Christopher Buchholz 29 v Peter Madigan 23
Christopher Parr 21 v Eugene O'Sullivan 16
David Triffitt 17 v Neil Strachan 20
Kingsley Toster 19 v Mark Cook 17

The Roo's are piling the points on the scoreboard with a whopping 14.5pts over the last 2 Rounds. It doesn't match Gosnells perfect 16 but nearly 15pts over 7 days will make any team feel bouncy looking for next weeks game as soon as possible. Yes there weren't difficult games but Wanneroo are now back in the top 4 when they were 4th from the bottom 2 Rounds back....ohh how quick things can change. There is a little distance to 3rd but they'll be delighted to just be back in the Finals chat. Basso probably could have grabbed 2pts here but just missed out but 1pt is still very valuable as they are only 2pts off 9th so any buffer is welcome for them.
Buchholz took Madigan in a high scoring game where multiple scores were handed out like confetti. 52 shots in total but Buchholz cruised to a 6 shot win in the end. Parr had a solid game against one of Basso better rinks & had O'Sullivan chasing him all day winning by 5 shots. Triffitt went back to skippering after tasting success last Round but unfortunately just can't get the W's moving his way in that position this season as they fell 3 short against Strachan. Toster built on last Rounds win to break that winless run by pushing late past Cook by 2 shots. Cook is probably in a similar boat now with only 2 from 9 so far this season.
Yes the Roo's are only 1 from 5 on the road but what's keeping them in the hunt is they're a superb 5 from 5 at home. Now there's only them, Gosnells & Cockburn left with a 100% home record & neither side look like conceding that record anytime soon. Basso need to just keep tipping away, grabbing the crumbs here & there & hope Warnbro don't find their legs for the last 8 games. We still see both sides finishing on 45pts each so this dog fight for 9th might just go down to R18.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 7 - 1

Gosnells 92 (8) v Warnbro 67 (0)
Grant Nicol 20 v Troy Dellar 15
Brett Holland 21 v Barry Kalinowsky 19
Frank Carbone 28 v George (dr) Jackson 17
Robert Foy 23 v Dennis Pattullo 16

Back to back floggings delivered by a rampant Kookaburra's & they are easily the hottest team in the comp at the moment. A whopping 16pts from 2 games, faultless performance across the board & now only sitting 7pts behind Mt Lawley with all eyes heading towards that R15 game which could easily bring the level at the top of the ladder. Even if they get 1pt more than the Mounters, maybe every 2nd week they'll be within touching distance come R15 which will make for an absolute block buster of a game.
Nicol's side kept their fantastic form by taking Dellar by 5 shots to get the Kookaburra's on the scoreboard early. Dellar moving into the skippering role was a hard ask this Round against a top 4 rink & still leaves them 1 from 10. Nicol's has pushed to 8 from 10 & they are flying. Holland had a tight win against Kalinowsky by 2 shots to get him 4 from 9 as they start to work back into winning ways. Carbone had Jackson fairly handy all day & knocked out an easy 11 shot win. Carbone's side needed a good win to balance the ledger & unfortunately Jackson is still stuck on 3 from 10 with -77 shots.
I'm still trying to get my head around what's happening in Warnbro this season, it's in total free fall. The guts of this side beat Gosnells home & away last years. The Home win was massive, nearly 60pts if memory serves correct & then they went over to Gosnells & won by 10 shots. Yes I understand there were changes in Warnbro this season but to lose twice & get 2pts of 14pts to a team they beat easy enough last year is surprising. Not taking away anything from Gosnells are they are a better team this season but it's more the continued shock factor of the Wizards capituation.
The Wizards really needed even 1 or 2pts from this game, especially after seeing what heroics Quinns pulled off as now they are only 2.5pts off bottom. They are now 15pts to safety & their season seems destined for playoffs at a minimum or worse if they can't get some wins on the board. Gosnells are traveling great & sitting exactly where they need to be at this time of the season. They missed out on Finals by only 4pts last year but they are well on course to exceed their 74pts. You would think that even winning half their games from here gets them into a Finals spot but they absolutely have a chance at top spot if they put away 2 massive games in R14 & R15.
Result: Gosnells 8 - 0
Prediction: Gosnells 7 - 1

Mt Lawley1082028877686127.8460
Bassendean 11064026.5822727113.0750.5
Bassendean 2103701570783884.3727
Quinns Rocks1028014.571686982.3922.5
Anrthony Einfeld90066Mt Lawley
Simon Alden82053Bassendean 1
John Carter82049Rossmoyne
Grant Nicol82041Gosnells
Joe Krstic72149Bassendean 1
Andrew Jones72147Mt Lawley
Stein Davies72044Bassendean 1
Marc Abonnel73098Cockburn
John Berecz73044Quinns Rocks
William Tepania73043Cockburn
Robert Foy73039Gosnells
Chris Buchholz63017Wanneroo
Corey Bessant64029Mt Lawley
Wally Harvey5302Rossmoyne
Neville Costello5406Wanneroo
Mark Masel55049Mt Lawley
Craig Edson55022Rossmoyne
Ronald Rogers550-7Sorrento
Frank Carbone550-8Gosnells
Eugene O'Sullivan550-37Bassendean 2
Kingsley Toster4512Wanneroo
Ian Linford4511Sorrento
Brett Holland450-22Gosnells
Joe Marevic46015Cockburn
Barry Kalinowsky460-13Warnbro
Neil Strachan32027Bassendean 2
Dennis Pattullo340-21Warnbro
Russell Ellis352-45Bassendean 1
Mick Martin350-25Sorrento
Michael Simunovic361-7Cockburn
Peter Madigan360-12Bassendean 2
Alan Anderson360-22Sorrento
Steve O'Neill370-65Quinns Rocks
George Jackson370-77Warnbro
Chris Parr20124Wanneroo
Lindsay Strange2103Warnbro
David Triffitt270-38Wanneroo
Mark Cook280-56Bassendean 2
Trevor Close10012Gosnells
Butch Dinnison1007Bassendean 2
Leith Oldham1003Quinns Rocks
Richard Bone110-3Sorrento
Reza Vind120-12Rossmoyne
Rohan Cantrill130-36Quinns Rocks
Martin Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
Richard D'Souza140-60Bassendean 2
Kieran Cousens180-60Warnbro
Hugh Ward180-79Quinns Rocks
David Rhodes0010Mt Lawley
Shane Smith0010Quinns Rocks
John Brown010-5Sorrento
Troy Dellar010-5Warnbro
Linton Pike010-6Bassendean 1
Rawley Lang032-25Rossmoyne
Allan Petchell040-26Rossmoyne