Doubleview 85 (7) v Sorrento 79 (1)
John Slavich 21 v Christopher Lander 22
Ryan Moyle 22 v Dan Nicholls 20
Charles Slavich 22 v Rhett Butler 20
Kyle McIlroy 20 v Bruce Eagles 17

This could have looked very dicey for Doubleview as another home defeat was looking on the cards as Sorrento like they have done all year came to play but some deep resolve and pride from the home side lifted them up to get the lions share of points. Halfway thru the game Sorrento were up on all 4 rinks. Doubleview pressed and approaching the end of the game were only a handful of shots in arrears.
Ryan Moyle was having a cracker against Dan Nicholls. 2 down with 2 to play, Moyle grabs and 3 and finishes with a single shot to get his nose in front and win by 2. Kyle McIlroy was playing Bruce Eagles and 1 up heading in to the last end it would take all the guile that McIlroy possesses to get the point. Eagles was holding 4 with a bowl to play, McIlroy plays a weighted shot to put the kitty in the ditch to grab 2 shots and win the rink by 3.
Charlie Slavich against Rhett Butler and 4 down going in to the last end. On trhe corssover, Slavich is holding 5. Butler plays a runner and misses, Slavich adds to the count to make it 6. Butler again plays a runner but again finds holes and Slavich grabs an amazing score on the last end to win by 2 and that makes it 9 shots on the 21st end for 3 rinks as Doubleivew hit the front.
So it was down to John Slavich and Chris Lander. Lander held control all day, up by 10 before the Slavich rink knuckled down to bridge the gap. On the last end Slavich trails the jack and sits on it for shot, Lander tries to kill with nothing to lose but it's a hard shot, 1 to Slavich, the rink to Sorrento but the aggregate to Doubleview.
South Perth 75 (7) v Safety Bay 70 (1)
Ross Bresland 17 v Chris Carruthers 14
Glenn Pauling 21 v Zac Boddy 18
Daniel Brown 18 v Ron Hall 20
Justin Opie 19 v Graeme Smith 18

Not much to report from this game so we can only go by the scores, but it appears Safety Bay have pushed another side all day, this time South Perth thankful to walk away with 7 points, but only a 5 shot difference overall. It's amazing really that any rink score margin was only 3 shots. Ross Bresland defeating Chris Carruthers and Glenn Pauling over Zac Boddy by this margin. Justin Opie winning over Graeme Smith by the barest of margins. It was Opie's first win for 4 games, South Perth if they are any chance of making finals need this rink to start stringing some wins together.
The point to Safety Bay came from the Ron Hall rink who bowled exceptionally well to win by 2 over Daniel Brown. Safety Bay pressing but not yet with an aggregate win. 7 points a welcome for South Perth but far from convincing over a winless opposition. On form alone you can't see them making finals at the moment but points wise they are only 5.5 off the 4th spot and still well within range.
Kardinya 79 (7) v Cambridge 69 (1)
Steven Novak 23 v Eric Johannes 19
Daryl Radford 19 v Clive Adams 12
Tony Krajancic 15 v Cameron Harris 25
David Rankin 22 v Blake Nairn 13

Kardinys have pulled off a huge upset, 9th placed beating 1st but importantly for them the climb 1 spot on the ladder to 8th spot and for the short term at least, out of the relegation zone. The big win caem from the David Rankin rink who defeated the leading skipper for the comp and form player Blake Nairn by 9 shots. Rankin jumped out early, Nairn caught up but then Rankin again pulled away to win well and set up his clubs overall win. Another good winner was Daryl Radford with his 7 shot victory over Clive Adams. Tight game early, 12 ends played and the score was 6 all before a 4 to Kardinya and they were away. Out to 10 shots before Adams got some shots back to 5 before dropping the last end.
The Steve Novak vs Eric Johannes was a bit one sided with Novak in control most of the day. A couple of big end scores kept Johannes in the fight but really Novak was always going to win this game.
It was nearly all offset with the big 10 shot win by Cameron Harris over Tony Krajancic. Harris up 8-1 early but Krajancic wasn't done as he briefly hit the lead but Harris wasn't to be outdone, he powered away to give his team some chance near the end.
Osborne Park 83 (7) v Mosman Park 68 (1)
Shane Loftus 23 v Mitchell Cranswick 12
Cody Packer 21 v Cameron Hoffman 15
Neville Stevens 20 v Dale Marsland 19
Ryan Brown 19 v Alan Southern 22

Mosman Park after such a bright start have found the going pretty tough on the road as they lose 2 in a row and drop to 9th spot on the table. They have lost all 5 away games this year and will need to address that if they are to remain no the Premier League. Osborne Park has started the gradual climb up the ladder with another good win. 4 of the last 5 games now going to the reigning premiers and they stop looking behind them and start looking at a finals berth. Only 6 points out of finals now and they are looming as a threat to the flag.
Shane Loftus was the big winner as he seems to have found his feet at his new club. A big 11 shot win over Mitchell Cranswick was the deciding rink for the day. Loftus the difference in an otherwise even performance across the 2 sides. Cody Packer also stringing some wins together, 7 on the trot now for Packer after his first 3 games were losses. His 6 shot win over Cameron Hoffman. Packer started well before Hoffman closed the gap but he could get as close as 4, Packer grabbing a 2 on the last end to win by 6. The final rink to win for the Saints was Neville Stevens with his important 1 shot win over Dale Marsland. It was a seesawing game, even to the last end with Marsland holding game with the kitty in the ditch before Stevens was able to draw 4th shot and win the rink by 1.
Alan Southern has been the find of the Premier League this year and he has won again, 7 wins now for his first gig at skippering the PL is a good strike rate. It was a tight game, Southern superb all day. 1 shot up on the last end and Terry Cranswick with 3 killed ends before an adequate head for Mosman Park to win with. Holding, Ryan Brown tried to move the kitty but missed and Mosman Park get a valuable point.
North Beach 78 (8) v Manning 55 (0)
Joe McGinlay 19 v Blake Butler 10
Chris Margin 23 v Tom Mitchell 17
Mark Douthie 17 v Shane Knott 16
Michael Sweeney 19 v Daniel Trewhella 12

North Beach are putting together a good string of games at the moment winning their past 4 games, albeit 3 at home and they find themselves in 4th spot at the moment. Their victim this week was Manning as they drop to 6th with 0 points but like others, losing at North Beach is something most sides will do so they can mark that off their calendar and look to next game to get back on track.
It wasn't all one way traffic, 3/4 of the way through the game and it was only 7 shots but then North Beach grabbed some vital ends, put another 12 shots to the gap in quick time and they were able to hold that gap to win by 23.
No rink were double digit margins but cumulatively it was enough. Joe McGinlay though took the pots over Blake Butler by 9 shots. Only 8 ends to Butler but it was the string of 6 ends in a row between ends 5-10 to McGinlay which set up the win. They went from 1-3 to 10-3 and then they gradually extended the margin to win well.
Michael Sweeney was never behind in his game over Daniel Trewhella, a big 5 on the first end and they were away. The closest Trewhella got was 3 shots, but Sweeney and his crew did well to hold on in a slid rink performance. Chris Margin winning again, the run of 4 wins to North Beach coinciding with his rise to skipper and this time it was a 6 shot win over Tom Mitchell. In a similar story, they grabbed a 4o n the first end but unlike Trewhella, Mitchell was able to grab 8 of the next 10 ends to be up 14-8 before Margin unleashed a run of his own, 7 of the last 10 ends played belonged to Margin and we was able to hit the front courtesy of a 5 on the 15th end and they went on to win by 6.
The final rink was nailbiter and so close to a valuable point for Manning. Alas it was not to be as Mark Douthie was able to close out the full sweep to win over Shane Knott by 1. It was Knott who was winning ends early, 6-0 after 4 before Douthie got on the board. Knott was in control all afternoon except for the 20th end when they dropped a 4 and it was all square going in to the last. It was Douthie who would come out on top, holding 2 with a drive by knott only able to remove 1 in a good comeback performance.
North Beach106402178678999.6245
South Perth1055021821739111.141
Osborne Pk105501975577597.4239
Mosman Park104601974376297.5135
Safety Bay10010011.564889172.7311.5
Glenn Pauling82082South Perth
Blake Nairn82074Cambridge
Charlie Slavich82051Doubleview
Chris Lander82032Sorrento
Clive Adams82026Cambridge
Daniel Trewhella73040Manning
Alan Southern73026Mosman Park
Cody Packer73026Osborne Pk
Kyle McIlroy64051Doubleview
Joe McGinlay64033North Beach
Eric Johannes6405Cambridge
Dale Marsland6403Mosman Park
Neville Stevens640-11Osborne Pk
Rhett Butler54132Sorrento
David Rankin541-12Kardinya
Dan Nicholls5504Sorrento
Michael Sweeney5501North Beach
Ryan Moyle550-12Doubleview
Chris Margin40039North Beach
Shane Knott43211Manning
Tony Krajancic4428Kardinya
Mitchell Cranswick442-8Mosman Park
Daniel Brown44127South Perth
Lewis Grigg440-28Manning
Chris Carruthers451-30Safety Bay
Steven Novak460-5Kardinya
Bruce Eagles460-16Sorrento
Justin Opie460-21South Perth
Mark Douthie460-30North Beach
Cameron Harris30032Cambridge
Shane Loftus340-4Osborne Pk
John Slavich3517Doubleview
Ryan Brown370-15Osborne Pk
Daryl Radford2108Kardinya
Ross Bresland2104South Perth
Ron Hall2309Safety Bay
Geoffrey Devenish240-46North Beach
Lee Such250-10South Perth
Sean Mawdsley250-40Cambridge
Luke Piper250-75Safety Bay
Blake Butler1106Manning
AJ Heal1103Manning
Zac Boddy1100Safety Bay
Chris Owen161-91Safety Bay
Sam Perica160-38Kardinya
Thomas Mitchell170-30Manning
Cameron Hoffman190-40Mosman Park
Scott Walker0010South Perth
David Downey010-3Manning
Samuel Scott010-3Doubleview
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Graeme Smith021-10Safety Bay
Connor Biddle020-10Osborne Pk
Grant Taylor050-46Safety Bay