How about that, five out of five again last Saturday, can’t believe it. In the Game of the Round, the Lions won very comfortably at home by twenty shots, picking up seven points into the bargain.
From chocolates to boiled lollies go the Freo Mariners, who got absolutely walloped by their nemesis, the Manning Eagles. Freo now losing touch with the top teams.
All other games were predictable as well, with the only close one being the game at Thornlie, where they prevailed by seven shots against the fancied visiting Cougars.

Hilton Park 62 (0.5) v South Perth 87 (7.5)
Rodney Butler 14 v Michael McRae 16
Travis Simpson 22 v Max Petrich 22
Tony Maxwell 7 v Steve Kelly 25
Craig Standley 19 v John Carter 24

A very good comeback win to the Millers away from home on grass against the hapless Hilton Hawks. Twenty Five shots the difference and seven and a half points, a very good effort after their loss at home against the Mariners in the last game. The affable Steve Kelly, ably assisted by Farley Anderson, with help from Blake Heldt and the Doc Bovell as his dependable lead, thrashed the Maxwell rink by eighteen shots. Carter winning as usual, as did Mick McCrae, Maxie Petrich grinding out a draw with Simpson. The Hilton Hawks now precariously placed at ninth in a ten πŸ‡ race. The Millers would be relieved no doubt to be able to salute the judge πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ
Thornlie 86 (6.5) v Kalamunda 79 (1.5)
Mark Separovich 22 v Arthur Bartlett 21
Jim Stean 21 v Ian Cornthwaite 25
Eddie Gollan 17 v Dwayne Wooltorton 17
Paul Pohe 26 v William Brandsma 16

The Ravens winning an absolute thriller at their new premises at Thornlie, taking the Cougars by just seven shots at the finish of a pulsating clash to say the very least.
The biggest winners for the home side being the unheralded rink skipped by the Kiwi in Paul Pohe, who beat the Brandsma four by ten shots. Sorry Billy, but I am not sure what is happening to your rinks this year, but I have faith in you to turn it around very soon.
The Separovich, Vaughan combination proving to be impenetrable lately.
Manning 95 (7) v Fremantle 64 (1)
Michael Carey 29 v Paul Clausen 9
Wayne Heldt 26 v Mark Gill 11
Graham O'Brien 18 v John Smith 17
Murray Piggott 22 v Peter Wachmer 27

The Eagles showing the visiting Freo Mariners how to get the job done, thrashing the up and down visitors by a whopping thirty one shots and grabbing a valuable seven points into the bargain. The combination of Nigel Rees, Ken Jolly, Greg Hogg and Michael Carey having far too much class and experience for the Claussen foursome.
They won by a massive twenty shots to be the aggregate winners for the high flying Eagles, who still sit atop the ladder, but they have a number of close challengers.
Wayne Heldt was the other big winner for the home side, giving the Gill side a good old touch up by some fifteen shots. Freo with some work to do to avoid the relegation zone. Wachmer the only winner for the Mariners.
Kardinya 2 85 (8) v Hollywood Subiaco 67 (0)
Robert Hunter 24 v Robert Campbell 18
Dwain Regan 19 v David Byrne 15
Darryl Flintoff 23 v Daniel Byrne 16
Ron Jones 19 v Anthony Byrne 18

The Hollywood boys putting up a bit of a fight down at the Kattery, but alas, no points to take home to their leafy Western Suburbs. The experienced skips in Robbie Hunter and Daryl Flintoff showing the way with solid wins over Campbell and Daniel Byrne respectively.
Eight points to nil, a good afternoons work for the Kats2 boys.
The visitors with only one aggregate win for the year and certainly destined to be one of the two automatic demoted teams, they now have just sixteen points with a massive minus one eighty four shot difference.
Kardy2 sitting in eighth spot only one agg win from sixth.
Leeming 93 (7) v Kardinya 1 73 (1)
Gary Ford 17 v Ian Barrie 25
Phil Dobie 24 v Graeme Fewings 22
Karl Vandersluys 22 v Ross Knapp 16
James Newton 30 v Geoffrey White 10

The Leeming Lions with a very comfortable win agains the visiting Kardinya1 Kats sixteen, twenty shots and seven points in the bag.
Three wins in a row now for the 🦁, who find themselves just outside the top four at this stage of the season, only one half point behind fourth. Phil Dobie and Karl Vandersluys were solid winners, with Ford getting towelled up by Ian Barrie. Just when I laud the Ford rink, they then capitulate. The match winning four for the 🦁 being Steve Dobie, Phil Hickey, Geoff Burgess and Skip gentleman Jimmy Newton, they gave the experienced rink of Barrie, Terrell, Wood and White a trouncing by a whopping twenty shots. The test for the Lions will come in Round 11 when they play the Millers at S. Perth.
South Perth1072126.5837710117.8956.5
Kardinya 11064022825802102.8746
Kardinya 2104511572881389.5433
Hilton Park1028016.573682689.124.5
Hollywood Subiaco101901268787478.616
Michael McRae71020South Perth
Dwayne Wooltorton72155Kalamunda
Mark Separovich72143Thornlie
Ian Cornthwaite72116Kalamunda
John Carter72093South Perth
Gary Ford63145Leeming
Graham O'Brien63046Manning
Ian Barrie63036Kardinya 1
Michael Carey64058Manning
Arthur Bartlett64043Kalamunda
Karl Vandersluys64015Leeming
Steve Kelly6409South Perth
Daryl Radford50145Kardinya 1
Wayne Heldt51050Manning
Peter Wachmer54147Fremantle
Graeme Fewings541-12Kardinya 1
Paul Pohe5407Thornlie
Craig Standley5404Hilton Park
Murray Piggott55042Manning
Robert Campbell550-20Hollywood Subiaco
Phil Dobie550-40Leeming
Paul Clausen42015Fremantle
Tony Maxwell440-19Hilton Park
Max Petrich451-7South Perth
Robert Hunter450-4Kardinya 2
Dwain Reagan450-15Kardinya 2
James Newton460-4Leeming
Jim Stean460-29Thornlie
Travis Simpson322-27Hilton Park
Geoff White330-20Kardinya 1
Mark Gill351-3Fremantle
Bill Brandsma361-56Kalamunda
Shaun McCormack360-29Fremantle
Darryll Flintoff21223Kardinya 2
Matthew Allen22017Manning
David Byrne262-42Hollywood Subiaco
Glen Morey270-54Hollywood Subiaco
Daniel Byrne280-70Hollywood Subiaco
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Daniel Newton1003Hilton Park
Markus Starcevich1002Fremantle
Blake Butler1001Manning
Eddie Gollan1113Thornlie
John Wardrop110-3South Perth
Ron Jones110-8Kardinya 2
Ross Knapp1206Kardinya 1
Rodney Butler1203Hilton Park
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
John Rochford130-16Kardinya 1
David Wood130-21Kardinya 2
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Clive Penaluna130-49Thornlie
Silvio Vassallo160-49Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd171-37Hilton Park
John Smith010-1Fremantle
Anthony Byrne010-1Hollywood Subiaco
Wayne Bezant010-2Kardinya 1
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Stephen Back010-6Kardinya 2
Eddie Gollan010-14Kardinya 1
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
David Newton020-11Hilton Park
Doddy Innes030-27Thornlie