Well what an amazing round of bowls this weekend. 3 teams break the ton, I don’t believe that has happened before in the one round. Joondalup absolutely smack the Boys from the Beach in the top of the table clash. Swan and the Saints dominant in their performances. Marvellous Martinovich saves the Wolves day and the Doggies taking care of business against the Magpies. The Dolphins now take a commanding 10 point lead to second in Swan and the chasing pack is a minimum of now 2 games behind with 8 games to go.
Leggett a game clear in the Skipper ladder with Natalotto moving into second followed by Pasalich in third

Stirling 71 (5) v Doubleview 66 (3)
Jerry Ilijich 14 v Christopher McKenna 16
Josip Martinovich 28 v Ben Willesee 10
Mane (mick) Marovic 12 v Gary Nelson 19
Michael Vitale 17 v Brandon Heta 21

Amazing result for the Adriatic Boys at the Wolve den. 3 rinks were very tight all day and the View getting the better of 3 rinks. Great performance by Illjich containing McKenna and only going down by 2. Heta the Views strongest skip this year beat Vitale by 4 and Nelson taking care of menacing Mane by 7 and the upset was on the cards well from who I had selected and in walks Marvellous Martinovich beating Willesee by 18 shots and saving the day for the Wolves and they walk away with a free 4 points which has helped tremendously to get them out of automatic relegation for the first time in months and move 2.5 points clear of the Mavericks. The View will be kicking themselves this week on what could have been, and they could have been 4 points closer to the Magpies. But this is a game of 16 players not 12 and take nothing away from the Wolves win. Sometimes it only takes one rink, but it was aptly supported by the other 3 rinks only just going down well done to the Adriatic Boys
Morley 49 (1) v Osborne Park 114 (7)
Robert Urquhart 22 v Charles (lee) Farrell 19
Victor Orchard 4 v Mark Pasalich 33
Wayne Mitchell 12 v George Smith 30
Lindsay Sanders 11 v Fernando Di Giuseppe 32

Well, what a touch up the Mavericks got this week. The Saints in a striking mood and put up 114 shots. The day was done early for the Mavericks as they capitulated on 3 rinks. Pasalich and his merry band of thieves bent the Orchard rink over and smacked them squarely on the arse with a 33-4 hiding. Smith and Di Guiseppe both whacking Mitchell and Sanders by 18 and 21 shots respectively or should I say for the Mavericks boys embarrassingly. Urquhart the only Maverick with some brass ----- you know what I mean!!! toughing it out by beating Farrell by 3 salvaging at least a point and not a total whitewash for the Mavericks. They now move into 9th and automatic relegation zone and the Saints move into 3rd one point behind Swan. Both teams with tough games next week.
Joondalup 103 (8) v North Beach 46 (0)
Wayne Neilson 37 v Peter Augustson 5
Chris Leggett 21 v Lee Mitten 16
Ben Leggett 24 v Jeffery Post 11
Jimmy Buchanan 21 v Alan Howe 14

Well, what an embarrassment for the North Beach boys this week. I am not sure what has been put in those young lads’ cereal up at Joondalup but whatever it is can you please send me some!! keep it up lads.
If you weren’t familiar with our division perhaps you might have said that this is the top side playing the bottom side and NB has resigned themselves in the last game of the season to relegation and have nothing to play for but shit this is round 10 and 1 v 2. Clearly the Blues had no answer to the Dolphins this week as they pile on a 57 shot 8-point demolition dropping the beach boys from 2nd to 5th in one sweet uppercut. I always thought Dolphins to be lovely caring type animal after this week I am just not sure we can call them that, its more like a thrashing, tearing bull sharks.
Quite catchy isn’t it, ------ Joondalup Bull Sharks ------
Back to the real story the day was over early for the Blues with Neilson ravaging Auguston by 32 shots, B.Leggett beating Post by 13 shots, Buchanan beating Howe by 7 and fill in skip in C. Leggett getting the job done against Mitten by 5 pretty handy fill in skip for Rixom. The Bull sharks are starting to gather momentum and have been taking care of business and break the ton 2 weeks in a row. Next week they have a tough game at the home of the View. The Beach Boys will have to reassess what they are doing going down 2 weeks in a row in games they should have performed better in.
Swan 101 (8) v Bassendean 59 (0)
Paul Kelly 20 v Murray Wright 15
Tony Natalotto 25 v Graeme Cash 14
David Park 29 v Alan Britton 9
Rodney Revell 27 v Gavin Ekholm 21

In another lopsided affair Swan beat the Lions comprehensively with a 42 shot and 8-0 zip win. Swan had comfortable wins on all 4 rinks. Park the best with a 20-shot win over a tough Britton. Natalotto beating Cash by 11 shots, Revell getting the better of Ekholm by 6 and Kelly beating Wright by 5 shots. Of the hidings this week this was a better team performance by the losing side and the Lions battled hard all day. But the class of Swan is really coming to the fore, and they have been quietly chipping away in the background and now move into 2nd on the ladder and have now won only 2 rinks behind the Bull sharks which is going to come in handy at the end of the season. Swannies have been getting better as a side and are becoming hard to beat and will push all sides in the return games. Lions must drastically do something over the next few weeks to get out of relegation. They have opportunity next week when they play the Wolves at home. Swan go to the home of the Magpies
Yokine 79 (7.5) v Warwick 71 (0.5)
Wayne Coffey 21 v Lindsay Hill 17
Trevor McGillivray 19 v Geoffrey Hinge 18
Shane Shaw 15 v Jon Borkowski 15
Martin Sharp 24 v Brian Ledingham 21

The Doggies with an awesome win at the Dog kennel. Doggies win by 8 shots but more importantly a whopping 7.5 points against the Magpies, Doggies move into 4th and the Magpies move down to 6th and now a game behind the chasing pack. In a battle royale, all 4 rinks perform for the doggies in a tough tussle. In without question game of the round it was Magic McGillivray keeping the game changer from putting a W next to his name and winning by the slimmest of margins in 1 shot. The Sandman battling out another tie, this time with Borkowski 15 all. Both Rinks doing what was required to keep the top magpies’ skippers quiet. Beans and Golden Boy take care of Hill and Ledingham by 4 and 3 shots respectively. In an awesome team effort, the Doggies show they have what it takes to make the Finals this year, but they will need to show that next week as the play the Saints in game of the round and the Magpies play a must win game against Swan at home. Well done to the Yokine Boys.
Osborne Park1064023874750116.5347
North Beach1064019.5775772100.3943.5
Ben Leggett82082Joondalup
Tony Natalotto71036Swan
Mark Pasalich73081Osborne Park
Geoffrey Hinge73065Warwick
Shane Rixom62160Joondalup
Fred DiGiuseppe62143Osborne Park
Jon Borkowski63110Warwick
Paul Kelly63028Swan
Trevor McGillivray64037Yokine
Alan Britton64026Bassendean
Wayne Coffey64014Yokine
Alan Howe6408North Beach
Jimmy Buchanan640-9Joondalup
Martin Sharp51033Yokine
David Park54116Swan
Peter Auguston5411North Beach
Rodney Revell541-9Swan
Victor Orchard541-20Morley
John Bartorillo54026North Beach
Mick Marovic55022Stirling
Josip Martinovich550-9Stirling
Branden Heta41032Doubleview
Lindsay Hill420-1Warwick
Shane Shaw4335Yokine
George Smith44122Osborne Park
Lee Farrell45017Osborne Park
Chris McKenna460-11Doubleview
Gary Nelson460-16Doubleview
Bradley Pearce31124Doubleview
Michael Radalj330-34Morley
Wayne Neilson34122Joondalup
Lindsay Sanders340-7Morley
Michael Garrett350-41Bassendean
Ben Willesee360-49Doubleview
Lee Mitten370-19North Beach
Michael Vitale370-40Stirling
Robert Urquhart370-56Morley
Graeme Cash210-4Bassendean
Michael Golding220-2Warwick
Gavin Ekholm230-5Bassendean
Murray Wright271-40Bassendean
Brian Ledingham280-59Warwick
Chris Leggett1005Joondalup
Colin Fleay1002Osborne Park
Wesley Neilson11017Joondalup
Jerry Ilijich1100Stirling
Wayne Mitchell130-28Morley
John Morss010-3Swan
William Morrison010-6Yokine
Simon Deering010-6Doubleview
Nick Yaksich010-10Stirling
Brian Naughton010-12Bassendean
Jeff Post010-13North Beach
Wayne Davidson010-15Osborne Park
Ian Bryden010-26Osborne Park
Daniel Wood020-21Swan
Peter Marinovich020-23Stirling
Keith Nazareth030-13Morley
Mel Lemos030-32Yokine
Robert Maynard030-38Bassendean
Stuart Lofthouse050-57Stirling