Well nearly all games went to script, the only upset result wise was Mosman Park defeating last years flag winners Osborne Park quite comfortably in the end. But for 3 other games all had single digit aggregate results, highlighting the closeness that some sides outside of my top 5 might present this year. North Beach, Sorrento and Kardinya almost pulling off upsets as well. It's going to be such an interesting season.
Manning 80 (6) v North Beach 71 (2)
Shane Knott 21 v Michael Sweeney 26
Lewis Grigg 23 v Geoffrey Devenish 8
Daniel Trewhella 22 v Mark Douthie 19
Thomas Mitchell 14 v Joe McGinlay 18

Manning scraped hom by 9 shots but it was only on the back of Lewis Grigg, and really only towards the end of the game did Manning secure the win. With North Beach up by about 10 with 20 odd ends to go, Manning dug deep to come home the stronger. But it was Grigg and his whole rink who starred with their 15 shot win to keep his club in the hunt all day. The other point for Manning came out of new Eagle Daniel Trewhella. With Mark Douthie 4 up with 2 to play, aggregate tight, Trewhella grabbed a 3 and pulled off the perfect last end to grab a 4, secure the rink and make the aggregate safe.
For North Beach it was their new recruit who got off to a winning start of the season as well. Michael Sweeney was outstanding in as perfect skippers display backed up by a great leaders showing, it sounds like Shane Knott and his rink did extremely well to keep the final margin to 5 shots. Highlighted by the second last end, Knott holding 5 and the game but Sweeney drawing 4th shot to secure the rink point. Joe McGinlay in a tight game with Tom Mitchell, Will Hyatt playing some outstanding bowls but McGinlay and Brad Gillingham able to offset the play of Hyatt to secure the 4 shot win.
Mosman Park 83 (7) v Osborne Park 57 (1)
Mitchell Cranswick 27 v Cody Packer 13
Cameron Hoffman 17 v Neville Stevens 18
Dale Marsland 21 v Ryan Brown 14
Alan Southern 18 v Gary Caffell 12

The clear upset result this round, even more surprising was the comprehensiveness of it, 7 points and 26 shots to the good for Mosman Park.
The huge win came for Mitch Cranswick with his 14 shot win over Cody Packer. Cranswick and his rink bounced out of the blocks and held a comfortable 7-10 shot margin all day, a big 7 on the 2nd last end helped the scoreline look a bit more than it otherwise might of, but a victory was never in doubt. Jack East tried hard all day. The star for Mossies Dale Marsland also chalked up a win, a solid 7 shot winner over Ryan Brown. The game was tight all day and all players contributing. Marsland playing the right shots when it mattered to get the win. Also getting a point was Alan Southern in the Premier League debut as skipper, a 6 shot win over Gary Caffell, not a bad one for your maiden win. It was also a tight game, about 10 all from 15 ends but leader Mario Van Bemmel starting nailing the jack and that was the difference.
It could have been 8 for the home side, but Neville Stevens played a bomb with a bowl to go for 3 shots to snatch the win and gain a valuable away point.
Safety Bay 50 (0.5) v South Perth 110 (7.5)
Christopher Owen 9 v Lee Such 34
Grant Taylor 12 v Glenn Pauling 29
Chris Carruthers 20 v Scott Walker 20
Luke Piper 9 v Justin Opie 27

And we thought South Perth would win but have a struggle, the result could not have proved me more incorrect. The Millers travelling south and flexing their considerable muscle this year putting Safety Bay to the sword and showing they will be the team to beat this year.
It was birthday boy Lee Such with the dominant win, all players with good games and consistently putting Chris Owen under pressure. Happy birthday for Monday Suchy. Two other big wins set up the dominant win, Glenn Pauling in sublime touch at the moment backed up by Paul Davies in his debut for the club with a 17 shot win over Grant Taylor and Justin Opie continuing his good state forms form with his 18 shot win over Luke Piper.
The game of the day was between Scott Walker and Chris Carruthers. Carruthers had Walkers measure being 20-11 up with 6 to play before a barnstorming finish saw Walker peg it back to 20-18 with an end to play. Stephen Hide killed an end, and the replay saw South Perth get the 2 shots and pick up the draw and 7.5 points, top of the ladder after Round 1
Cambridge 70 (6) v Kardinya 65 (2)
Clive Adams 23 v David Rankin 13
Blake Nairn 22 v Steven Novak 17
Eric Johannes 15 v Slavko Perica 17
Sean Mawdsley 10 v Tony Krajancic 18

Cambridge start the year with a tight 5 shot win, and they were under the pump before a withering finish of 26-9 got Cambridge over the line. The star game was Clive Adams vs Dave Rankin and it was Adams by 10. Adams jumped out of the blocks, Rankin pushed hard and lowered the gap but Adams lengthened it back out at the end with some good play. Blake Nairn being the other winner, in some serious good form at the moment topping off his weekend skippering a state fours win with a 5 shot win over Steve Novak. A similar story, jumped out early, gap closed and with 2 ends to go David Opie sitting a bowl for 5 which put the rink beyond doubt. Novak playing well for the visitors.
2 points for Kardinya are very useful indeed. Sam Perica in a solid drawing performance over Eric Johannes known for his drives with a 2 shot win. It could have been a bigger margin for Kardy but Johannes drawing shot late after being 4 down was a real aggregate saver. Krajancic as well in good touch, up 9-0 early before the Sean Mawdsley rink woke up and that margin remained around that mark. They played the last 3 ends for the aggregate which saw Cambridge hold on.
Sorrento 73 (2) v Doubleview 79 (6)
Christopher Lander 26 v John Slavich 14
Dan Nicholls 17 v Ryan Moyle 24
Rhett Butler 10 v Charles Slavich 23
Bruce Eagles 20 v Kyle McIlroy 18

With huge numbers leaving it is widely though Sorrento will finish near the bottom end of the table but they jumped Doubleview right from the word go, at one stage establishing a 23 shot advantage before The View closed the gap almost in 1 end across the board - a 6, a 5 and a 4 across 3 rinks and it was game on. Doubleview drawing on their experience to close out games to win by 6 shots and secure 6 points.
Charlie Slavich was the big winner for Doubleview playing his usual unpredictable but effective bowls, Russell Bates providing able support to triumph by 13 over Rhett Butler. Ryan Moyle the other winner to enhance his reputation as 1 of the leading skippers in Premier League with a 7 shot win over Sorrento new recruit Dan Nicholls. Moyle seemed to be the difference, solid debut from Brandon Heta
Sorrento though a valuable 2 points which could have been so much more. Chris Lander a huge win over John Slavich by 12. Ross Cunningham was the man doing the damage, Slavich having to pull out all stops just to keep the margin from blowing out especially towards the end. Bruce Eagles continues on his winning ways, with his hard fought 2 shot win over ex-teammate Kyle McIlroy. It sounds like Eagles was the star for this game with his multiple conversions.
South Perth11003.5110502207.5
Mosman Park110038357145.617
North Beach10102718088.752
Osborne Pk10101578368.671
Safety Bay10100.55011045.450.5
Lee Such10025South Perth
Justin Opie10018South Perth
Glenn Pauling10017South Perth
Lewis Grigg10015Manning
Mitchell Cranswick10014Mosman Park
Charlie Slavich10013Doubleview
Chris Lander10012Sorrento
Clive Adams10010Cambridge
Tony Krajancic1008Kardinya
Dale Marsland1007Mosman Park
Ryan Moyle1007Doubleview
Alan Southern1006Mosman Park
Blake Nairn1005Cambridge
Michael Sweeney1005North Beach
Joe McGinlay1004North Beach
Daniel Trewhella1003Manning
Bruce Eagles1002Sorrento
Sam Perica1002Kardinya
Neville Stevens1001Osborne Pk
Scott Walker0010South Perth
Chris Carruthers0010Safety Bay
Cameron Hoffman010-1Mosman Park
Kyle McIlroy010-2Doubleview
Eric Johannes010-2Cambridge
Mark Douthie010-3North Beach
Thomas Mitchell010-4Manning
Steven Novak010-5Kardinya
Shane Knott010-5Manning
Gary Caffell010-6Osborne Pk
Ryan Brown010-7Osborne Pk
Dan Nicholls010-7Sorrento
Sean Mawdsley010-8Cambridge
David Rankin010-10Kardinya
John Slavich010-12Doubleview
Rhett Butler010-13Sorrento
Cody Packer010-14Osborne Pk
Geoffrey Devenish010-15North Beach
Grant Taylor010-17Safety Bay
Luke Piper010-18Safety Bay
Chris Owen010-25Safety Bay