Welcome, Welcome everyone to Round 1 review.
I am Shadow Richards and I will be taking over this year of the Blue North patch and I am really looking forward to the season ahead.
I firstly would like to thank Simon on working tirelessly on this website so Bowls tragics like me can keep up with the top divisions and generally what’s happening around town in the bowl’s community.
Also, another quick shout out to my writing colleague for the quick preview and season ends ladder prediction. I have a slightly different view and maybe we get Simon to post mine and we can put side by side and see where we end up at the end of round 18 all in having a good laugh and a beer.
I wish all Blue North Teams a fun and competitive season ahead
So, with no further a due let’s have a look at Round 1.
All the home teams had a good win this week, the Warwick/ Doggies game being the closest at 11 shots difference and the Ossie Pk boys making a clear statement they want to head back to one White as soon as possible. The View smoking Stirling. North Beach at home no surprise and a welcome Basso’s solid win over Swan.

Warwick 86 (6) v Yokine 75 (2)
Brian Ledingham 12 v Trevor McGillivray 23
Jon Borkowski 25 v Wayne Coffey 20
Geoffrey Hinge 32 v Melville Lemos 8
Michael Golding 17 v Shane Shaw 24

Warwick with a 6 – 2 win but I don’t think the score of Warwick winning by 11 shots really represents the day. When you have the Hinge rink touching up the Lemnos rink by 24 shots it gives the other 12 guys on that side confidence to press on. So, hats off to the doggies to pick up 2 points away won by Shaw and McGillvray rinks 7 and 11 shots respectively. I think they will be the shining lights for the Doggies this season. But take nothing away from Warwick, good opening day by a solid 16 that will trouble a bucket load of sides all year home and away. The ever-reliable Borkowski rink getting home by 5 against the Coffey rink.
I think both sides will be vying for the Top 5 and possible finals actions. Warwick should make top 4 this year. But I heard on the grapevine that the Doggies had a change in the selection committee this year. But if they bleed one rink like this every week they could be in problems. Let’s see if they can get the mix right. I think Yokine will just miss finals action this year
Bassendean 84 (7) v Swan 64 (1)
Alan Britton 27 v Daniel Wood 17
Michael Garrett 20 v Paul Kelly 17
Murray Wright 23 v David Park 14
Robert Maynard 14 v Rodney Revell 16

The last game of Round 1 is Basso and Swan. Great kick off by the Lions at home against an undermanned Swan with 7-1 and 20 points up win. Britton and Wright solid wins over Wood and the normally reliable Park rink. Garrett winning a tough game over Kelly and I’m sure Morss would have put some good bowls down to make their day even tougher knowing the green so well. The one point coming from Revell over Maynard by 2 shots. Basso nearly getting a full 8 count and a little high 5 for themselves. Great way to start the season for the Lions.
This is where I disagree greatly with the preview prediction even though this is basso third side their home ground advantage and the fact that there is 8 out of 10 on grass greens in the comp, I think Basso will not be automatically relegated. For me no surprise here if they finish in 7th. For me I think Swan will be automatic relegation zone in 9th. If they have a slow start to the season like the other year and coupled with the fact that the outs are greater than the ins. I think they will struggle this year but, on their day, don’t be surprised if they beat a couple of the top sides and shape the final ladder this season.
Osborne Park 98 (7) v Morley 68 (1)
Mark Pasalich 28 v Victor Orchard 17
Fernando Di Giuseppe 19 v Keith Nazareth 14
George Smith 30 v Michael Radalj 13
Charles (lee) Farrell 21 v Robert Urquhart 24

Ossie Park making a clear and early warning shot across the front bow of the rest of the division. I heard it was a really, solid display of disciplined bowls by the squad. 7 – 1 win, Smith and Pasalich leading the way for solid wins over Radilj and Orchard 17 and 11 shots sealed Morley’s fate. The shining light for Morley was the Urquhart rink with a hard-fought battle against the Farrell rink by 3 shots and Giuseppe getting the chocolates against a spirited Nazareth rink by 5 shots.
The Saints showing, they are going to be really tough to beat at home and Morley are going to have to fight nail and tooth for every point this year as the difference between automatic relegation and demotion play-off is going to be percentage and rink wins in your losses. They are going to have to work hard like last year. I still see Morley around 8th and Ossie Park vying for the Top 2 spot.
North Beach 83 (6) v Joondalup 68 (2)
Peter Augustson 19 v Jimmy Buchanan 13
Alan Howe 26 v Wayne Neilson 12
Lee Mitten 14 v Shane Ernest Rixom 17
John Bartorillo 24 v Ben Leggett 26

The Beach Boys get their season off to a flyer against Joondalup, with a 6 – 2 win. Joondalup a definite Top 3 side and with the addition of Rixom and Neilson this season skippering they will be looking for promotion, to one White. Good rink wins by Leggett and Rixom getting home in 2 tough battles against Bartorillo and Mitten showing the class of these 2 rinks. Any away win for a rink at North Beach and their tricky surface is a great effort. The difference was the Howe rink beating the Neilson rink by 14 shots. I heard it was just a great team performance by the Beach boys and throw in the hard to beat Augustson rink by 6 over a tough Buchanan rink and North Beach by 15 shots.
I agree with the season preview Beach boys are going to trouble ALL sides at home and how well they do away is the key. But the Joondalup boys will want to be vying for that Top 2 finish and the new additions to their team this year they certainly have the manpower on paper to do it. 2 away points at North beach is still a positive outcome for any away side.
Doubleview 101 (8) v Stirling 52 (0)
Bradley Pearce 30 v Stuart Lofthouse 10
Ben Willesee 21 v Josip Martinovich 17
Gary Nelson 30 v Michael Vitale 12
Christopher McKenna 20 v Mane (mick) Marovic 13

The View opening their season and heading straight to the Top of the ladder - winning performance of the round. The Adriatic boys got rolled up, smoked, and sent home to the other side of the Mitchell Freeway. The View with a comprehensive 8- Zip (0) win and a 49-shot win to boost a percentage for the latter end of the season. Now I know a few of the Stirling boys and I have no doubt they will go home and roll up their sleeves and bounce back next week at home against Basso, but they had no answer to the View and the Pearce and Nelson rinks winning by 20 and 18 shots against Lofthouse and Vitale it was just a matter of how many points were they going to get. Marovic always competitive losing to Mckenna by 7 shots and Willesee in a hard-fought 4 shot win against the only resistance for Stirling by the Martinovich rink.
I agree with the preview Stirling are going to end up in relegation problems this season, but they will still trouble teams at home on their surface. Losing teams could define the difference of dropping points against Stirling and making the Top 4 and just missing out on finals action. For me Doubleview is the smoky this year. Their PL side has recruited well and even though this side has lost a few players to the Mounters last couple of seasons the fringe players that have lost their posi out of the top side are really going to strengthen the View. Top 4 if they fulfill their potential and it looks like they have got the mix right this year.
Osborne Park110039868144.127
North Beach110028368122.066
Geoffrey Hinge10024Warwick
Bradley Pearce10020Doubleview
Gary Nelson10018Doubleview
George Smith10017Osborne Park
Alan Howe10014North Beach
Trevor McGillivray10011Yokine
Mark Pasalich10011Osborne Park
Alan Britton10010Bassendean
Murray Wright1009Bassendean
Chris McKenna1007Doubleview
Shane Shaw1007Yokine
Peter Auguston1006North Beach
Jon Borkowski1005Warwick
Fred DiGiuseppe1005Osborne Park
Ben Willesee1004Doubleview
Michael Garrett1003Bassendean
Shane Rixom1003Joondalup
Robert Urquhart1003Morley
Ben Leggett1002Joondalup
Rodney Revell1002Swan
Robert Maynard010-2Bassendean
John Bartorillo010-2North Beach
Paul Kelly010-3Swan
Lee Mitten010-3North Beach
Lee Farrell010-3Osborne Park
Josip Martinovich010-4Stirling
Keith Nazareth010-5Morley
Wayne Coffey010-5Yokine
Jimmy Buchanan010-6Joondalup
Mick Marovic010-7Stirling
Michael Golding010-7Warwick
David Park010-9Swan
Daniel Wood010-10Swan
Brian Ledingham010-11Warwick
Victor Orchard010-11Morley
Wayne Neilson010-14Joondalup
Michael Radalj010-17Morley
Michael Vitale010-18Stirling
Stuart Lofthouse010-20Stirling
Mel Lemos010-24Yokine