As we approach Round 8 we can now see a fairly clear divide between the top four teams being South Perth, Kalamunda, Manning and Kardinya1 in that exact order and the lower end of the table. The bottom six sides trying desperately to avoid the last four positions, especially the bottom two and automatic demotion.
This week’s games look fairly predictable except the exciting clash between Kardinya1 and South Perth, all of the other games should be cut and dried.


B Brandsma, R Pringle, C Archer, P Townsend
A Bartlett, G Trevaskis, I Quayle, V Hughes
I Cornthwaite, C Smeeton, G McDonald, B Solly
D Wooltorton, M Potente, B Farrant, M Thomas
INS: P Townshend
OUTS: R Chalmers

C Standley, Daniel Newton, B Smith, G Saint
T Maxwell, Dave Newton, J Jobey, P Harber
T Simpson, R Butler, S Cargill, S Ivory
G Dodd, S Farrell, P Broadbridge, R Fortini
INS: P Broadbridge
OUTS: D Mitchell

Apparently there was a lot of soul searching up in the hills last Saturday evening over a refreshment or two, a fair bit of animated truthfulness to the fore. They have reacted to their defeat by swinging the changes big time. Young Mark Potente, formerly leading, now playing third to Wooltorton, big Johnny Townsend leading for Brandsma, I like that one.
Solly leading for “ Corny “, formerly playing third. Wow, how about all that.
Kalamunda 7-1


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M Separovich, G Vaughan, J Thorn, D Jones
P Pohe, D Innes, S Ocello, A Williams
J Stean, D Earl, J Walker Jnr, J Mitchell
C Penaluna, P Riggio, D Cooper, P De Meuse
INS: S Ocello, D Earl, P deMeuse
OUTS: H Collins, R Carruthers, I Bennett

The Eagles 🦅 to soar over the Ravens in a lop sided game to be held at Manning. The Eagles just have too much class across most rinks, with four very good skips. The Ravens just not up to the star 🌟 studded opposition, maybe to pinch one rink courtesy of the Separovich/ Vaughan combination.
The Eagles have amazing depth in their big club which certainly helps.
Manning 7-1


I Barrie, W Bezant, R McNamara, M Monteiro
G Fewings, N Ball, A McCullagh, J Edgar
E Gollan, J Rochford, R Jones, J Terrell
R Knapp, K Stower, G Knight, W Lee
INS: J Terrell, K Stower, W Lee
OUTS: G White, M Holt, R Lipple

J Carter, J Wardrop, T Percival, J Percival
M Petrich, R Havercroft, T Kinnane, L Moretti
M McRae, P Holmes, G Reagan, C Alberti
S Kelly, F Anderson, B Heldt, G Bovell
INS: T Kinnane
OUTS: D Mortley

Game of the Round
The top of the table Millers travel down to the Kattery to take on the fourth placed Kats1 sixteen, in what should be a thriller.
The surface should not hold any fears for the visitors, as I have had a roll up their myself last year, and found it pretty true indeed.
Both teams had wins last week, with the Millers inflicting a lot of pain onto the Cougars as we know, whilst the Kats weren’t overly convincing against the Mariners.
The home ground advantage for me in a close one.
Kardinya 6-2


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D Flintoff, L Phillips, K McNamara, R Sweet
R Hunter, S Back, B Regan, T Regan
D Wood, S Vassallo, S Maule, J Hampson
D Regan, P Larard, M Ayres, H Vriezen
INS: No changes

The Mariners back on their home turf, may just pinch this one, they are certainly well overdue. But the plucky Kats2 side had a great away win last week, so they just might surprise again.
Starcevich, who happens to be a Vet we have been advised, thanks, and who works every other weekend, misses this one, replaced by a newcomer in Brannan.
Freo have had a very disappointing year to put it mildly so they need this one, with a hard game to finish the round.
The Freo Mariners to get over the line, just.
Fremantle 7-1


David Byrne, M Hatch, V Jones, J Hall
Daniel Byrne, A Byrne, K Jefferis, D Lindsay
R Campbell, G Strepini, R Middleton, R Appleton
G Morey, J Hamilton, M Hughes, J West
INS: D Lindsay
OUTS: P Hiatt

P Dobie, B Eather, W Blake, R Bellis
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, S Dobie, T Higham
J Newton, G Burgess, A Andersson, P Hickey
INS: No changes

The Lions are still licking their wounds and their pride is still hungry after last week’s loss, excuse the pun.
But these guys generally regroup very well, so I expect that will happen again come Saturday at Hollywood, when they will hunt as a pack and get the spoils.
Not very often we see the Vandersluys rink getting a real belting, but that is what happened last week, so expect to see him bounce back.
Hollywood are last with only one win, so I can’t see them winning here, but my tipping has been terrible, so you never know.
Leeming 6-2