What an exciting end to the year and the end to the first part of the bowls season. We are going to call it the unofficial halfway point. Before you write in yes, I know its only round 8 be the Xmas holidays are upon so thus the unofficial halfway point. Well, I couldn’t have scripted this round before the break even if I tried. What the French Connection UK (FCUK) Bloody amazing. 1 v 2 at the home of the Saints in game of the round. 3 v 4 in game of the round 2.0 at the home of the Blues, 9 v 10 in the cellar dwellers scrap at Morley, winner to get themselves moving away from the bottom. 6 v 8 at Basso and both sides desperate for a W to stay in touch and the Doggies travel over the freeway to the View in 5 v 7, which traditionally hasn’t been the best hunting ground for them.
It’s going to be an absolute rip snorter of a round. Just a little call out to all the sides as it’s the last round for this year, if one of your squad members can maybe bang together 4 or 5 lines that I can use or get a better recap of the game don’t need to make it funny that’s my job just a little more info would be awesome and send to website by Sunday PM so I can read and help do the final review for this year. That would be greatly appreciated.

M Garrett, G Cash, C Francis, C Barnes
M Wright, I Robertson, B Patterson, S Colegate
G Ekholm, L Fasolo, K Stoner, C Miller
A Britton, B Naughton, G Foti-Cuzzola, A Keegan
INS: I Robertson
OUTS: J Parker

L Hill, M Golding, A Worthington, D Herbert
G Hinge, G Smith, A Henneker, J Ferguson
B Ledingham, A Hornby, S Wright, B McNamara
J Borkowski, R Loran, C Boyle, I Sparrowhawk
INS: No changes

This should be a cracking game basso have surprised teams on their home turf this season so far and The Magpies should not take them lightly. Warwick have 3 rinks playing well and need to tweak the last line-up. The View showed this last week. No changes to Warwick and one change to the Lions, Warwick have the cattle to win but it very much will hinge on the Game changer and who lines up against each other. Ekholm for the Lions are 2-0 and playing well getting the scalp of Di Guiseppe last week. Throw in Britton who is bowling well and the Lions will compete on all levels against the Magpies. I think overall the Magpies will put a W next to their name this week and get the chocolates. I don’t think they will move up the ladder, but they will stay in touch with the top sides. Both sides have a lot to play this week.
Warwick 6-2


G Smith, W Davidson, B Boyd, J Minchin
M Pasalich, K Price, F Mottolini, R Herbert
F Di Giuseppe, I Bryden, R Littlecott, M Woodward
L Farrell, C Fleay, M Carmichael, L Bell
INS: L Bell
OUTS: G Fullwood

Wes Neilson, J Hunter, Trevor Vlahos, J Groves
S Rixom, C Leggett, S Draper, M Cheesman
B Leggett, P Daley, P Kain, T Dangerfield
J Buchanan, M Korycin, Wayne Neilson, S Niven
INS: T Vlahos, Wayne Neilson, J Groves
OUTS: T Vellios, J Vlahos, K Willett

In game of the round even Voldemort himself couldn’t have moved MAGIC to script this. In the final game of Round 8 we see the No.1 Saints play the No.2 Dolphins, Winner to stay on top until after Xmas and into the new year. Both sides are 3.5 and 2 points respectively clear of 3 spot so one of these sides will be the No.1 unless it’s a draw and then who the hell knows what will happen but let’s not get distracted. Will it be the Young guns from Joondalup or the Old bulls from Osborne Park? Again, this is a game I am genuinely torn between. I am like Mr.Creosote. The fat guy on the Monty python meaning of life just waiting for that last sliver of meat. That’s how hungry I am to see this game and so close to the edge of exploding. I am going to have to send down some spies for this game or get a full report from someone. The Saints with one change and Dolphins with 3 but they get back a Neilson and Vlahos 2 good ins to the side. Wouldn’t it be great to see a Pasalich/ Di Guiseppe v Rixom / Leggett? Both top 2 skippers of their respective side and more importantly all 4 are in the top 10 skips, my mouth just salivates at games like that. I really hope this game goes to the wire and we see how good both sides can be. I am edging towards the old Saints in a close one. All 16 players will have to perform at their personal best tomorrow, and I am just edging towards the Saints and it’s only the 4th rink. Most sides have a weaker link where the Saints 4th rink is Smith and he is 3-2-1 and when that rink loses its not by much. I think the Saints will get over the line in a Cracker.
Osborne Park 6-2


L Mitten, R Munday, D Anderson, S Stevenson
P Augustson, G Barr, R Hunter, B Muntz
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Booker, J Carlsen
A Howe, T Jones, B Abrahamson, G Gregson
INS: No change

D Wood, D Rowlinson, T Natalotto, G Rowlinson
D Park, P Park, W Harris, D Foster
P Kelly, J Morss, P Natalotto, M Eckett
R Revell, P Hilsz, R Furci, R Dunstan
INS: P Park, D Rowlinson
OUTS: B Rowe, R Johnson

What a corker this game should be, game of the round 2.0. Both sides playing well Swannies off a great win last week Beach boys had opportunity to wrap up last week but faded away in the last couple of ends. They won’t do that at home this week. Really looking forward to seeing the match ups this week. Natalotto at top of the pops. Would love to see him play Augustson or Bartorillo. Revell has clawed his way towards the top after a slow start for Swan and has got his team chasing after that hare on a belt and frothing at the mouth. Kelly and Howe both bowling well for their respective side and Park and Mitten the bottom skips for either side. On paper this is a mouth-watering game and will purely be how well the visiting sides goes on the Uber fast synthetic. If I was Swan, I would be grabbing a couple of cars Friday night and go have a little roll and meal over at the Beach Club or at least get there early and have a little roll before cut off time. I don’t see much separating either side here other than home ground advantage. Of the top 4 sides the Blues has the worst rink wins, where swan has the second best. My heart says Swan in an upset, but my brain says Beach Boys in a close one. Home ground advantage.
North Beach 6-2


B Heta, W Langdon, E Johnson, G Papadopoulos
B Pearce, C Bell, M Marinko, M Leed
G Nelson, S Deering, B Leed, F Williamson
C McKenna, B Watts, N Feletti, M Fredericks
INS: B Heta, C Bell, B Pearce
OUTS: B Willesee, S Whitfield, D Cosgrove,

W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Turner
T McGillvray, P Hunter, K Humfrey, F Faigenbaum
M Sharp, M Lemos, B Morrison, J Matthews
S Shaw, B McGrechan, T Needs, G Robertson
INS: No change

The View v Doggies in what should be an exciting game. Traditionally the home ground of the View has not been a great hunting ground for the Doggies. I remember a few/couple of seasons ago Yokine got absolutely touched up by the View. (Before you send in a nasty email Voldemort there is no access to last year’s games on Bowls WA. So, I am going off my old senile Brain and for some reason that game sticks in my mind!!!!!) The View sees the Doggies as one of those sides that they just play well against. Doggies are on a bit of a roll at the moment, and I just don’t know if it’s just piss, and wind or real fortitude and they are pushing for finals. No changes for the Doggies and The View with 3 but they are some seriously good players. Both Heta and Pearce back from the top side and assume skip rolls and both players always play well and are hard to beat. Golden Boy and Sandman playing well for the Doggies but can they both keep up the sustained pressure. Beans doing his thing in the background all unassuming for the Doggies, but I just see good match ups from the View Heta, Pearce and Mckenna. A very, very, very tiny little piece of me says go for the Doggies. It so small it’s like the shadow of Voldemort and then reality kicks in….. Piss and Wind. I think it will be a close game, but the View will get over the line. Home side theory this week and the View always play well in front of their home crowd, all the Premier league boys will be watching as they played on Wednesday night. The crowd will get very vocal on Saturday and the Doggies will just not stand tall enough.
Doubleview 6-2


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Well, what can I say, both sides have been playing much better than what they have the last couple of weeks? It’s going to be the Thriller in Manila, battle royale of the cellar dwellers, winner take all and move themselves a game clear of the bottom. Whether that gets them out of 9 and 10 that will be another question. Mavericks have lost their mojo and the wolves just don’t have the Adriatic spice like they did at the start of the season. If Marovic gets a hold of one of the Mavs then they can kiss their day goodbye but the old adage goes when in doubt go with the home side. My heart says Wolves in an upset. My brain says the Mavs can’t play that badly 3 weeks in a row. Bloody hell. Mavericks in a tight one. Home side theory.
Morley 6-2