After Round 6 went mostly as predicted, Round 7 again throws up some enticing matches and depending on results could begin to dictate how the ladder will shape up just before the Christmas break.
This round sees 3 v 4 as the highlight of the fixture, however there is still a lot on the line in some of the other games.


M Cranswick, J Barry, A Daley, T Southern
C Hoffman, M Robertson, A Gryta, R Kershaw
D Marsland, T Massang, J Adams, W Tan
A Southern, T Cranswick, S Anning, M Van Bemmel
INS: J Adams
OUTS: S Swanson

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Mossies of an away loss last week will be thrilled to be back on their home deck and keen to stop the slide down the ladder. They have shown a bit through the first few weeks of the season and do not look out of place, just need to find a way to get over the line in the close ones.
For Safety Bay, a huge learning curve for them coming up to PL this year, and whilst they haven’t got the points on the board as yet, they showed a bit last week being competitive on 3 rinks against a heavily favoured opposition.
However, whilst I think Safety Bay will get over the line at some point this year, I can’t see it happening this week up the hill at Mosman Park.
Mosman Park 7 – 1


S Loftus, C Biddle, A Pasalich, I Lilburne
C Packer, J East, R Lawrence, M Rollings
N Stevens, T Weir, M Dewson, S Pasalich
R Brown, K Pickering, E Martin, G King
INS: No changes

D Brown, R Bresland, T Antonio, J Galipo
J Opie, T Kinnane, N Griffin, K Pride
L Such, S Walker, M Biglin, L Moretti
G Pauling, T Alberti, P Davies, D Angell
INS: M Biglin
OUTS: R Havercroft

A lot riding on this game for both teams. Osborne Park will be looking to add the their win column after gaining some confidence with last week’s win. Having won 2 of their last 3 games, and starting to find some form, they will not want to drop any further back from the top 4. A win keeps them in the mix, however a loss will dent their finals aspirations even at this early stage of the season.
For South Perth a huge win at home last week sees them only 8 points out of the 4 after a somewhat sluggish start to the year. They too seem to be finding some form and with 3rd playing 4th this weekend, a win here will guarantee they will be sitting a lot closer to the four, whilst a loss will see them remain at that 8 point margin outside.
For me, I think if this weekend sees an upset this will be it so I will select Osborne Park to get the win in a close one and give them some hope moving forward.
Osborne Park 6 -2


M Sweeney, M Sear, G Crosthwaite, G Yabuka
M Douthie, P Walker, M McConnell, L Mola
C Margin, G Devenish, R Aitken, J Clayton
J McGinlay, B Gillingham, S Richards, J Post
INS: M McConnell
OUTS: D Anderson

C Adams, R Bolton, A Foster, P Potts
B Nairn, D Opie, C Wooldridge, D Leeson
E Johannes, C Harris, L Bolton, A Garlick
S Mawdsley, S Rushforth, N Lewis, N Bolton
INS: No change

What has happened to North Beach? 2 huge away losses bookending a loss at home, they may be asking themselves the same question. After starting the season looking like a finals contender, they have now fallen to 7th and within reach of the bottom sides trying to avoid relegation.
Cambridge on the other hand are flying. Being led superbly by Blake Nairn and Clive Adams rinks with the other skippers and their rinks also doing their bit, winning at both home and away, they are the team in form at the moment.
Normally you would tip North Beach at home, however with their recent form and the form of Cambridge it is hard to see North Beach winning this one. Cambridge for me too good.
Cambridge 7 – 1


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T Krajancic, D Golem, T Cocodis, J Terrell
S Novak, B Henley, T Leahy, C Booth
S Perica, C Stokes, S Vinci, C Vinci
D Rankin, D Radford, D Comrie, S West
INS: D Radford, C Booth
OUTS: E Gollan, M Holt

Doubleview another team just ticking along. Only the one loss this year and coming off an away win at Safety Bay last week will be playing with a lot of confidence. Missing Chevy this week, Sam Scott steps in to fill the big shoes this week, with the Chalie Slavich and Kyle McIlroy rinks leading the way will no doubt go into this match as favourites.
Kardinya will be disappointed with their season so far, with only 1 win and a draw, will be fighting to get themselves out of the bottom 2 and to gain some confidence moving forward. With not 1 rink dominating they do have an even spread aross the oard and they are keeping themselves in every contest, but eventually you would think they will have to win these close ones to give themselves some hope.
However, their record at Doubleview in recent years has not been great, and with Doubleview in good form I think they will be too strong.
Doubleview 7 – 1


S Knott, N Jones, A Lill, J Angel
L Grigg, A Heal, S O'Brien, M Ellis
D Trewhella, D Downey, P Ker, M Walker
T Mitchell, W Hyatt, S Withers, G Quann
INS: S Withers
OUTS: B Butler

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4th v 3rd in this one at the home of the Manning Eagles and what a game it should be. Manning coming off a loss away to Cambridge last week, will still be pretty happy about where they are at and their start to this season. The rinks of Knott and Trewella leading the way and playing at home will go in with a lot of confidence.
Sorrento winning as expected last week and comfortably sitting in the top 4, after all had written them off at the start of the season are playing well as a unit and will hold no fears about the task ahead of them.
For the winner this week, they keep the comfortable gap to the bottom half of the ladder, whilst for the loser of this contest it means they are closer to the chasing pack.
In a game that could go either way, will go for the home side in a close one.
Manning 6 -2