In a much cooler weekend (temperature wise that is) we see some very exciting hot games with the Doggies V Beach Boys as the game of the round 4 v 1 and gives the Doggies have an opportunity to gain some ground. They are 7.5 points behind North Beach and need to win this week to stay in touch with the top sides. The Saints, Dolphins and Swan on paper have much easier games and if the Doggies can win, they all will gain ground on North Beach. Final game this round is Magpies and the View which surprisingly is 6 v 8 which I would have never picked at the start of the season. With a lot riding on the line for the winner as the Magpies need to win to stay in touch and the View desperate for a win to get them away from relegation. It’s not just about the W this week its all about those 4 points that come with it and how many rinks you can win this week. It is opportunity for the Top sides to get them further away from the dreaded 7th spot and below.
Just on a little side note – Now I heard on the Grapevine this week that Sharp of the doggie’s new nickname is the “golden child” now I am sure that most of you think you know the meaning of Golden Child but just to clarify for the uninitiated here is the Urban Dictionary meaning Golden Child - A person amongst a populace who everyone seems to love no matter what. The admiration for this person spans multiple factions amongst this populace, including those who normally do not agree on anything otherwise. This person is always thought of as a staple of the populace and even thought this person’s presence was never constant, they are remembered as if they were always present. This person is always remembered for the good contributions they made even above others who have strived to contribute even more.
Doggies must be rating Mr. Sharp and his merry band of superheros on his rink very, very, very highly, but more on this in the review.
Now I always love a bit of gossip so please keep sending them into Simon at the bowls 360 website on if you have anything exciting or interesting that I might see the lighter side of…….if you know what I mean……


M Garrett, G Cash, B Naughton, C Barnes
M Wright, C Francis, B Patterson, S Colegate
G Ekholm, L Fasolo, K Stoner, C Miller
A Britton, C Brown, G Foti-Cuzzola, A Keegan
INS: M Garrett, G Cash
OUTS: J Parker, P Mac

G Smith, W Davidson, B Boyd, J Minchin
M Pasalich, K Price, F Mottolini, R Herbert
F Di Giuseppe, I Bryden, R Littlecott, M Woodward
L Farrell, M Carmichael, G Fullwood, L Bell
INS: No change

7 v 2 The Lions with a couple of changes and Garrett comes back in the side to skip. No changes for the saints and Basso play very well at home. The Saints are starting to put together a few good games and there 16 across the board are going to be too strong. I think it will be quite a good game and I hear the greens are running well after the little heat we have had recently. The Saints have all 4 skips in the top 16 and the Lions have only one skip. Across the four rinks the Saints are just solid. Basso will push hard but the Saints will have it in the end. Di Guiseppe and Pasalich with 4 wins each and Basso just won’t have the answers.
Osborne Park 7-1


T Natalotto, D Wood, B Rowe, G Rowlinson
P Kelly, J Morss, R Johnson, M Eckett
D Park, P Natalotto, W Harris, D Foster
R Revell, P Hilsz, R Furci, R Dunstan
INS: P Natalotto, W Harris
OUTS: P Park, D Rowlinson

W Mitchell, L Spinks, K Rouse, C Hamilton
V Orchard, P Fettes, B Driscoll, G Pinto
L Sanders, K Nazareth, T Dawson, W Hinchcliffe
R Urquhart, G Grieve, S Aungier, K Engelen
INS: B Driscoll, K Rouse
OUTS: V Princi, M Radalj

5 v 9 Swannies are playing well and half a point behind 4th with opportunity to move up the ladder. The Mavericks embarrassed last week at home and generally most teams that get touched up come out the next week swinging. Swan be wary. Across the board both sides with 2 changes but more importantly Radalj is out this week for the Mavs and will be sadly missed. I think that Swan will be too strong for the Mavs and will win the competition across the board.
Swan 7-1


S Shaw, B McGrechan, T Needs, G Robertson
M Sharp, M Lemos, B Morrison, J Matthews
W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Turner
T McGillvray, P Hunter, K Humfrey, F Faigenbaum
INS: No change

L Mitten, R Munday, D Anderson, S Stevenson
P Augustson, G Barr, R Hunter, B Muntz
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Booker, J Carlsen
A Howe, T Jones, B Abrahamson, G Gregson
INS: D Anderson
OUTS: M McConnell

4 v 1 In game of the round. No changes for the Doggies and they are on a roll with 3 in a row. The beach boys with one change. Both sides coming off good wins from last week.
Now back to our side bar conversation. I just couldn’t bring myself to say Golden Child. So, I did a little digging and from now he shall be named Sharpy the Golden Boy, after the DC comic superhero. ( a much stronger name I think) Sandy the Golden boy was Sandman’s sidekick. So, then I though "Gee who’s the no 1 skip this week". Shaw from the Doggies and he has been slinking and hiding in the shadows and slowly making his way up to the top. So, Shaw is now aka The Sandman with his trusty sidekick in the Golden Boy. Back to the review.
I really believe this is going to be a cracking game. The Beach boys with 2 skips in the top 8. Bartorillo and Auguston. I would like to see a Bartorillo v The Sandman and Auguston v Coffey aka Beans. They are the top 2 skips respectively for both sides. If McGillivray or the Golden boy can get a hold of Mitten as he is the worst placed skip for North beach, doggies will be in with a real shot. Tomorrow’s game is going to go down to the final 4 ends and I look forward to seeing the result on Saturday PM. On paper they are 2 very evenly matched sides. The Beach boys are the consistent side this year and only lost one game so far and doing what they need to do to win, the Doggies are on a roll for the last 3 weeks. I feel that my words have be used to inspire the doggies of late, so I am going to go North Beach in a spine tingling, hair raising, thriller at the Doghouse
North Beach 6-2


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Wes Neilson, Wayne Neilson, S Draper, Trevor Vlahos
S Rixom, C Leggett, J Hunter, M Cheesman
B Leggett, P Daley, P Kain, T Dangerfield
J Buchanan, M Korycin, K Willett, S Niven
INS: S Draper
OUTS: Tom Vlahos

10 v 3 Dolphins with one change and Stirling no side up. The Wolves were beaten comprehensively last week and will be wanting to bounce back and always play well at home but the young guns at Joondalup will be too strong for the wolves. Marovic and Martinovich will compete strongly and let’s see how Marinovich goes this week. I think this will be closer than what it should be, but the Dolphins will come over the top.
Joondalup 7-1


L Hill, M Golding, A Worthington, D Herbert
G Hinge, G Smith, A Henneker, J Ferguson
B Ledingham, A Hornby, S Wright, B McNamara
J Borkowski, R Loran, C Boyle, I Sparrowhawk
INS: S Wright
OUTS: C Shier

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6 v 8 and we have seen away teams playing well at the home of the Magpies. The View with a little confidence from last weeks game one change for the Magpies and The View had no team up. Game changer and Borkowski both bowling well and the change between Golding to Hill has been a winner for the Magpies Hill now sits 2-0. Ledingham is one of the worst skips and if the View can get a hold of him, they will be in with a shot. I think overall the Magpies will be too strong and will beat the View extending the top 6 sides gap to posi 7
Warwick 7-1