Interesting R6 for many reasons but just looking at the matchups & correct me if I'm wrong but this is one of the few Rounds where nobody from the last few years in 1 White play each other. So we can't look back on any previous results or who's got wood over who, which makes this Round intriguing with no previous White v White side.
However, for many other reasons we do love R6, after this Round we traditionally do the wildly inaccurate thumb stuck (but deadly accurate) of who finishes where come Round 18. Bare in mind that these whole of season assessment could be later in the week & closer to R7 as it involves individually scoring the remaining 60 games to R18 & pulling apart hundreds of stats, scores, form, rinks & plenty of beer.
Back to this Round & I'm ditching form over home turf....I'm backing in all home sides this Round to make selections easy & let's see what happens.


R Cantrill, M Hinchcliffe, T Burrows, S Cavanagh
S O'Neill, L Oldham, A Barker, C Taboni
J Berecz, S Smith, P Geenacker, L Johnson
H Ward, B Crawford, C Bartle, P Dean
IN: L Oldham
OUT: W Fairjones

I Linford, P Crow, R Hutchinson, K Granger
L Martin, R Bone, C Grisbrook, D Greig
A Anderson, D Dunstan, B Lucas, W Morrell
R Rogers, B Collins, W Elliott, B Kiely
IN: R Hutchinson
OUT: D Croker

Quinns need this one big time & they have a great chance to get back into the winners circle after a pretty tough start to this season. They are normally pretty tight in games but this season they have being leaky both Home & Away which isn't helping.
Sorrento also need a few points on the board & going on the road back-to-over over the last 2 Rounds is always tough. They'll be back home next week so a win here would be a nice momentum builder. Do not get me wrong the Swans are sitting 6th & you could say 1 win off Finals but that score differential is driving my assessment not their ladder position.
Both sides are need some magic, some special moment as they are struggling for a big win to kick start their season. Both sides are putting together close games when they are competitive with Sorrento winning by only 10 & 7 shots & when Quinns won it was only by 2 shots, so I can't see either team putting up a massive score against each other. Close game here but happy to continue the tipping with the Home sides & believe Quinns will bring back that good home form.
Quinns Rocks 6 - 2


J Marevic, I Mateljak, B Vidovich, V Dropulic
W Tepania, D Bandy, D Ravlich, A Edwards
M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gurr, D Gibson
M Abonnel, J Ricci, B Blagaich, B Dropulic
OUT: No changes

B Kalinowsky, K Bancroft, D Wagstaff, D Kitson
K Cousens, T Dellar, S Ryan, D Sudden
Dr G Jackson, G Watts, I Gibson, A De Brouwer
D Pattullo, L Kellow, A Shone, B Galvin
IN: C Foster
OUT: D Wagstaff

The Roosters are going for 3 in a row & certainly have a chance against a Wizards side that looks a fraction of itself from last year. Yes there's being some significant departures but they are getting smashed not beaten every week considering how close to PL they were last year. If the Wizards drop this one it's 1 from 6 & they can kiss goodbye to Finals let alone PL.
If the Wizards get the wrong matchup on the Abonnel rink they are in for a long day, Marc & co are dominating & even though they're not unbeaten they have only dropped 1 game & when winning they are putting up some tasty scores. Big Willie & Joe are pulling their weight which definitely gives them a better edge this year & yes they're are no 90's Cockburn but I do fancy them on their day.
If the Wizards drop this they may as well head to Belmont's iFly for their Xmas party because they are in free fall with no parachute. This game means alot to them & I think they'll come out fighting from the start. It's a hard surface to be heading looking for a critical win but they beat better teams last year with a similar setup. Again only the 3rd home game for the Roosters & they did well on the road so beware Warnbro of their thirst for scoring a Ton at home, they do it for fun.
Cockburn 6 - 2


R Vind, T Churcher, P Brotherston, G Maesepp
J Carter, A Petchell, P Chappell, P Voon
W Harvey, R Halse, P Feszczak, H Slowiak
C Edson, M Barrett, G Eades, N Edson
IN: T Churcher
OUT: D Haddow

N Strachan, N Hall, R D'Souza, K Durward
E O'Sullivan, T Alden, R Cummings, S Bermingham
M Cook, P Hutchinson, R Maynard, J Holman
P Madigan, B Dinnison, D Blight, R Sheppard
IN: N Strachan, R Cummings
OUT: L Fasolo, G Ekholm

The weakness in depth on the back end is hurting Rossmoyne as they are struggling to shore up those loose rinks, if they can tighten them up & play more defence they can be in the game & snatch some late Aggs. They are playing alot tighter at home with only the 80 conceded against Mt Lawley & the rest under so once they're scoring at home they'll be right in every game.
Basso 2 are dropping more numbers than Carol Vorderman on the happy pills. All over 80+ shots over the last few weeks & now running 0-4 after a fairytale start to the season. The honeymoon is truly over & reality is a hard pill to swallow. Although it's not 90 or 100 shots so if they tighten up some rinks they can definitely scare a few sides at home this season. Basso have rung some changes but it is what it is for them & they are doing ok considering.
The River Rats broke a 3 game losing streak last week & yes having 2 home games back-to-back against the 2 weakest sides of the comp will help they still need to get the job done this week before things start to get alot harder coming into Xmas.
Rossmoyne 7 - 1


A Einfeld, D Rhodes, A Graham, M Bessant
C Bessant, G Herriot, J Bessant, K Cornell
M Masel, T Ingram, J Cottier, K Scott
A Jones, L Kelly, P Sinden, C Green
IN: A Graham
OUT: S Connell

G Nicol, S Harris, N Tulett, M Crabb
B Holland, G Lynch, C Watters, M Rickard
R Foy, T Close, P Gale, D Bradbury
F Carbone, C Hickinbotham, P Deas, A Hodge
IN: No changes

GAME OF THE ROUND: The scary thing for the comp is the Mounters are playing their 6th game & have only played 2 at home so far yet top the ladder by enough to have the rest worries....can they keep the momentum?! I think they can this Round but considering my barometer team for the 1st half of the season is Gosnells I would love to see this game played at Gosnells as to me that's the defining game of the season. The way Mt Lawley are going PL will be wrapped up by that return leg so lets focus on this game.
Kookaburra's are the opposite, they've had 3 at Home & only 2 Away so this will be tricky to add to their 50/50 away form. You could say that if they lost to Quinns away & Mt Lawley destroyed them by cricket score you'd think this game is easy enough to predict. And for me it's all aboard the Mounters Train. It's not so much jumping on the band wagon as we hope we put more effort in that thumb sucks but it's more based on Gosnells away form & 6th best score difference. They are superb at home but last years they only won 3 games Away all season, averaging 68 shots & that will not get you the biscuits against a team on the rise who are averaging a whooping 92.6 shots per game with 60% of those games were Away. I think if Jones & Bessant can get nab Nicol & Foy they'll be 30 shots in this one & a big warning shot for the rest of 1 White.
Mt Lawley 7 - 1


R Ellis, L McKay, G Stokes, M Watson
S Alden, R Kenyon, D Snelgar, B Tie
J Krstic, T Lynch, M Whitely, N Kirkup
S Davies, L Pike, D Killisch Von Horn, J Carrigan
IN: No changes

K Toster, L Bryson, D Anderson, B McMurdo
D Triffitt, M Nievelstein, S Denny, G Sarich
C Bucholz, C Parr, G Jack, R Burns
N Costello, D Griffin, B Nelson, B Bucowski
IN: C Buchholz
OUT: D Turra

Tough contest here, although if you go off R1 when the Roo's visited Basso then this is a walk in the park, in fact they the Lions could literally bring out their 2nd team. Obviously if won't be anything like that as the Roo's know they got jumped thinking they had it easy in R1 & have learned their lesson. They are 3 from 4 since then so travelling good.
Big game for both sides but this is a massive opportunity for Basso with Gosnells playing away so a win here for them & Gosnell losing puts them firmly 2nd on the ladder with a couple of points to spare. Basso will be hurting after last week in a game they probably should of won so another loss here would be damaging. They have 2 skippers in the top 6 & have shored up any loose rinks so they are settling well.
The Roos have beaten Rossmoyne away but the other 2 games were losses where they failed to put decent scores on the board. They actually score more away from home last year for the entire season than at home so they know how to score away but I think that back end fire power is missing a spark this year. Basso here with a little in hand on the home stretch.
Bassendean 1 7 - 1