Another hot one predicted this Saturday, with a fantastic clash due to be played up in the hills at Kalamunda, where they will host the visiting Kardinya 1 outfit. 2nd versus 3rd here in what should be a ripper of a game.
Only two skippers unbeaten at this stage, being Wooltorton from the Cougars and Radford from the visiting Kats, they just might draw each other.
All other games look fairly predictable to me.


S Back, A Regan, R Regan, P Smith
D Flintoff, K McNamara, C Smart, R Sweet
D Wood, S Vassallo, S Maule, S Garner
D Regan, P Larard, M Ayres, H Vriezen

P Dobie, B Eather, W Blake, R Bellis
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, S Dobie, T Higham
J Newton, G Burgess, A Andersson, P Hickey
INS: W Blake
OUTS: D Clayton

The Lions sixteen once again unchanged, superbly led by their talented Skips. But this group have good front end players as well and they can set up the wins as we all know.
The Kats2 side have been pretty hard hit by players being promoted as well, so they will be struggling for this reason alone.
Leeming 7-1


M Gill, J F Stewart, M Ngui, D Piromalli
P Wachmer, M Lindsay, B Jeppesen, J Trigwell
S McCormack, J Smith, B Wright, N Gaspar
P Clausen, K Bowden, J Chessell, B Sumich
INS: P Clausen
OUTS: M Starcevich

M Separovich, G Vaughan, J Thorn, D Jones
D Innes, P Riggio, S Ocello, D Cooper
P Pohe, C Penaluna, H Collins, A Williams
J Stean, R Carruthers, J Walker Jnr, J Mitchell
INS: D Innes
OUTS: N Holden

The Mariners need to get their season back on track after a couple of losses if they wish to emulate their great year in 2020/21 where they ultimately finished as the best 1st Blue South sixteen.
But they have lost some good players unfortunately, as have the visiting Ravens as well, so both sides a little weaker this year.
I note that one of the Freo skips in Starcevich (FIFO) is out, replaced by Claussen, who gets another chance. I wonder if Paul is related to Brian from Sorrento.
I guess this game will be played on grass, so that should favour the home side, which will make it a long journey home, over the Freeway for the Ravens. The Vaughan, Separovich combination seems to be working well for the Ravens, but they need help.
The Mariners might just scrape in.
Fremantle 6-2


David Byrne, M Hatch, V Jones, J Hall
Daniel Byrne, A Byrne, K Jefferis, P Hiatt
R Campbell, G Sterpini, R Middleton, D Lindsay
G Morey, J Hamilton, W Ford, J West
INS: P Hiatt
OUTS: R Appleton

J Carter, B Roelefs, G Reagan, J Percival
M Petrich, D Mortley, T Percival, O Dawson
J Wardrop, P Holmes, D Calvo, C Alberti
S Kelly, F Anderson, B Heldt, G Bovell
INS: D Mortley, D Calvo
OUTS: R Havercroft, M McRae

9th versus 1st here, in what should be a walk in the park for the visiting unbeaten Millers from the riverside suburb of South Perth.
The home side have simply been outclassed in four of their five games this year, this game will be no exception I feel.
They have leaked 430 shots in their games, whilst only scoring 336, not pretty reading. They have just beaten the Kardy2 side, scoring 8 points that day, winning only three rinks since then, out of a possible 32. At the top of the table, the Millers have done everything asked of them, winning all but one game, which they drew.
South Perth 7-1


B Brandsma, R Pringle, C Archer, R Chalmers
A Bartlett, G Trevaskis, I Quayle, V Hughes
I Cornthwaite, G McDonald, M Potente, M Clancy
D Wooltorton, R Hutchinson, B Farrant, M Thomas
INS: No changes

W Bezant, R Hunter, R McNamara, J Hampson
D Radford, R Knapp, B Regan, L Phillips
G Fewings, N Ball, A McCullagh, J Edgar
G White, J Rochford, R Jones, W Lee
INS: R Hunter, R McNamara, J Hampson, B Regan, L Phillips
OUTS: I Barrie, K Stower, M Monteiro, M Holt, G Knight

Game of the Round
Obviously the kind synthetic green at Kalamunda will hold no fears for the Kats1 boys, as they possess two of their own. The Cougars appear to be a very tight knit outfit, who support each other enormously, sign of a happy outfit, which can help win the close ones. Will that plus get them over the line on their home green? I think so.
They also have some good bowlers of course, including the recent Over 60’s State Triples winners in Greg Trevaskis, Bob Farrant and Vince Hughes. But I am sure that the Kat boys will have something to say about the result as usual. Hunter loses his rink to Bezant, White, Radford and Fewings are no slouches for the Kats.
Kalamunda Cougars in a canter, especially with all the changes for the visitors.
Kalamunda 7-1


W Heldt, S Adams, J Andrew, M Hughes
M Carey, G Hogg, K Jolly, N Rees
M Piggott, A Pryce, P Herbert, M Hoskin
G O'Brien, L Herbert, B Hogg, S Lambert
INS: No changes

R Butler, T Simpson, S Cargill, S Ivory
G Dodd, S Farrell, D Mitchell, R Fortini
C Standley, B Smith, G Saint, R Horsman
T Maxwell, Dave Newton, J Jobey, P Harber
INS: T Simpson, R Horsman
OUTS: Daniel Newton, P Stone

The Eagles will simply be far too strong for the visiting Hawks on their home turf. They have a pretty settled side with heaps of experience to say the least and some talented skips to boot.
Their front end does not have too many slouches either, all in all a far stronger side than the visiting sixteen. Daniel Newton a big out for the Hawks, with Simpson returning a bonus. I think this game could be a bit of a blowout unfortunately.
Manning 8-0