Round 6 and some beautiful weather forecast this weekend. We have some very interesting matchups this weekend and it will definitely change the positions of the ladder. 4 out of 5 of the top sides are playing each other 1v5 and 3v4. As top sides are playing each other and bottom sides playing each other we are going to see some separation in the ladder as 2-5th are now separated by 1.5 points and 6-9th are separated by 1 point it’s a chance for your side to really go up the ladder and close the gap between the top 5 sides. 6v7, 8v10. We also have 2v9. This round is one of those defining rounds where you will A) change your position but B) more importantly gain ground for finals or separation from that dreaded 9th and 10th spot and going back to Div 2. Looking forward to seeing the results on Saturday night.
Just on a side note Simon received a negative email this week. It’s the first negative one I have received, and all the other mail has been very positive about my writing. He is a Doggies faithful and has criticised me directly and personally saying I have no idea of people and players. All because I didn’t select the doggies the last couple of rounds. Now in a time-honoured tradition like when a person in the crowd heckles the comedian at a live show, I am going to call you “Voldemort” – The man who can’t be named. So, Voldemort I didn’t select the Doggies the last couple of weeks as your side got right royally touched up by Swan at home when I did select you even though my gut said Swan. But more on Voldemort when we dissect the selections.


G Smith, W Davidson, B Boyd, J Minchin
M Pasalich, K Price, F Mottolini, R Herbert
F Di Giuseppe, I Bryden, R Littlecott, M Woodward
L Farrell, C Fleay, M Carmichael, L Bell
INS: R Littlecott, L Farrell
OUTS: G Fullwood, A Pasalich

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The Wolf pack travels across Main St to the home of the Saints. A bit of friendly neighbour fight. The saints will be too strong for the Adriatic boys it will be just a matter of how much? The Saints are a vastly better side than the Wolf pack across the 4 rinks but If Martinovich or Marovic can contain the Di Guiseppe and the Pasalich rink then they might have the slimmest of chances but if Pasalich gets a hold of one of them then the Wolf pack can kiss the day Goodbye. Pasalich has been in super form the last couple of rounds and been the difference for the Saints. He will be missing his trusty third, but he is bowling extremely well if he matches up against Lofthouse, then it will be a massive effort on the other 3 rinks for Stirling to get close to the score difference.
Osborne Park 7-1


L Mitten, R Munday, M McConnell, S Stevenson
P Augustson, G Barr, R Hunter, B Muntz
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Booker, J Carlsen
A Howe, T Jones, B Abrahamson, G Gregson
INS: M McConnell
OUTS: R Aitken

L Hill, M Golding, A Worthington, R Newstead
G Hinge, G Smith, A Henneker, J Ferguson
B Ledingham, A Hornby, C Boyle, B McNamara
J Borkowski, R Loran, C Shier, I Sparrowhawk
INS: No changes

Well, what a cracking game this should be 1 v 5 at the home of the Beach Boys. Again, it will Hinge (No pun intended haha) on who lines up against the game changer. If he lines up against Howe then the Magpies could be in with a shot, one of the Beach Boy skips will have to cover the shots difference. But across the board North Beach are playing much more consistent bowls than the Magpies and they are solid across the four lines. The Maggies has been a little patchy and I think they will struggle on the quick synthetic green. Beach boys embarrassing score line last week will boot them into a solid 16 effort this week and that tough sea breeze swinging over the hill is very tough. I think the Beach boys will take care of business and tame the swooping Magpies and send them home over the freeway back to the trees.
North Beach 7-1

B Heta, D Cosgrove, S Whitfield, M Leed
B Willesee, E Johnson, E Taylor, G Papadopoulos
G Nelson, B Watts, B Leed, F Williamson
C McKenna, C Bell, N Feletti, M Fredericks
INS: No changes

B Naughton, J Parker, Paul Mac, C Barnes
M Wright, C Francis, B Patterson, S Colegate
G Ekholm, A Simons, K Stoner, C Miller
A Britton, C Brown, G Foti-Cuzzola, A Keegan
INS: P Mac, G Ekholm, G Foti-Cuzzolo
OUTS: R Cummings, G Cash, M Garrett

The Lions travel to the home of the View. Doubleview have been in poor form in recent weeks with a much-improved performance last week and after the narrow lose to the Saints, they will be keen to put it behind them and get a win on the board. No changes to the View and the Lions with 3 changes. 2 of them being skippers which for me in this Division is a massive call. I guess that is what happens when you have 2 white sides, and this is your third side. Unsure where they are this week, but I think even though the Lions had a huge win last week I think the changes of this week will unsettle the squad and the Lions will have no answer to the View 16. I am going Doubleview. Basso will lose honourably but the changes will be too great.
Doubleview 6-2


M Radalj, W Mitchell, K Nazareth, C Hamilton
V Orchard, P Fettes, V Princi, G Pinto
L Sanders, L Spinks, T Dawson, W Hinchcliffe
R Urquhart, G Grieve, S Aungier, K Engelen
INS: No changes

S Shaw, B McGrechan, T Needs, G Robertson
M Sharp, M Lemos, B Morrison, J Matthews
W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Turner
T McGillvray, P Hunter, K Humfrey, F Faigenbaum
INS: No changes

Traditionally this is always a bit of a grudge match. 6v7. The Mavericks and Doggies have had a rich history playing each other loads of preseason games together and both sides know each other very well. Doggies always travel well to the high-flying Mavericks. Mavericks who have been bowling well this season and had a couple of close misses. Orchard is in the top 6 skips and bowling very well with a supporting cast of Radalj. Coffey and Shaw are also bowling well for the Doggies. Sharp is an untested quantity at this level as a skip so we will see how he goes this week after beating Joondalup’s worst skip in Neilson last week. Either way it will very much depend on what rinks line up against each other. I wouldn’t mind seeing an Orchard v Shaw game as they are both top skips respectively for each side.
So, who will be my selection this week? I just can’t help myself and as I am clearly “Voldemort’s” muse and motivation last couple of weeks. Since I have stop selecting the Doggies they have decided to start playing. So, for the Doggies Faithfull you can use my selection as team motivation for you I am going for the Mavericks in a close.
I was going to be nasty and go Mavericks 8-0 just for you “.. the man who cant be named “ and then I decided that was too much pressure on the Mav’s.
Morley 6-2


Wes Neilson, Wayne Neilson, Tom Vlahos, Trevor Vlahos
S Rixom, C Leggett, J Hunter, M Cheesman
B Leggett, P Daley, P Kain, T Dangerfield
J Buchanan, M Korycin, K Willett, S Niven
INS: Tom Vlahos, Trevor Vlahos
OUTS: J Groves, T Vellios

T Natalotto, D Wood, W Harris, G Rowlinson
P Kelly, J Morss, R Johnson, M Eckett
D Park, P Park, D Rowlinson, D Foster
R Revell, P Hilsz, R Furci, R Dunstan
INS: D Rowlinson
OUTS: P Natalotto

Game of the round 4 v 3. Both teams playing well, Leggett in good form will set the platform for the dolphins. But I think that Swan are playing with confidence. This for me is definitely, game of the round and I think it will be a very exciting game to watch. My instinct as soon as I read the matchups for this week said pick Swan in an upset 6-2. Hopefully the Park rink can get their mojo again they are putting in a good performance every week for not much to show. Natalotto in good form it really will be what rink matches up on the day. The dolphins have had a couple of tight games at home so away teams are playing well on the grass. Last time I didn’t listen to my gut and chose the doggies at home, so I am going to listen to it this week and go for Swan in an upset to beat the dolphins in a tight one
Swan 6-2