Round 3 and some beautiful weather forecast this weekend. We have some very interesting matchups this weekend and it will definitely change the positions of the ladder. We will still have an unbeaten side at the end of this round. As top sides are playing each other and bottom sides playing each other we will get sides that haven’t had a win yet opening their account. I think she will be a tough round with some easy wins and some thrilling finishes and look forward to seeing the results on Saturday night.


B Pearce, D Cosgrove, J Gilchrist, M Leed
B Willesee, E Johnson, E Taylor, G Papadopoulos
G Nelson, B Watts, B Leed, F Williamson
C McKenna, C Bell, N Feletti, M Fredericks
INS: No changes

M Radalj, W Mitchell, T Dawson, C Hamilton
V Orchard, P Fettes, V Princi, G Pinto
K Nazareth, L Spinks, W Hinchcliffe, K Engelen
R Urquhart, L Sanders, G Grieve, P Leyland
INS: No change

Mavericks travel to the home of the View. Doubleview in good form and after last week’s narrow lose, they will be keen to put it behind them. No changes to either side and the Mavericks will have no answer to the View 16, and they will win solidly. I am going Doubleview for the full 8 count. Mavericks lying flat on the Canvas knocked out.
Doubleview 8-0


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The Wolf pack travels up Wanneroo Rd to the home of the Magpies. Warwick will be too strong for the Adriatic boys it will be just a matter of how much? If Martinovich or Marovic can contain the Hinge rink then they might have the slimmest of chances but if “The Game Changer” gets a hold of one of them then the Wolf pack can kiss the day Goodbye and, it will be the Puppy pack heading back down Wanneroo Rd. Hopefully Ledingham or Golding can get a run on the board for their first rink win also to help the side.
Warwick 7-1


A Britton, R Cummings, G Foti-Cuzzola, A Keegan
M Garrett, G Cash, K Stoner, C Miller
M Wright, B Patterson, S Colegate, Paul Mac
R Maynard, J Parker, C Barnes, K Durward
INS: G Cash, K Stoner, G Foti-Cuzzolo
OUTS: E Brannen, L Fasolo, C Brown

Wayne Neilson, Wes Neilson, D Urquhart, M Cheesman
S Rixom, C Leggett, J Hunter, T Vellios
B Leggett, P Daley, J Groves, T Dangerfield
J Buchanan, M Korycin, K Willett, S Niven
INS: J Groves, K Willett
OUTS: P Kain, S Binnie

Lions v Dolphins. I think the dolphins will travel well on that lovely grass greens of Bassendean. The lions with a few changes. Leggett in good form will set the platform for the dolphins to take the win. I don’t think the end score will be a representative of the Lions performance. It will be just the solid 16 dolphin performance in the back half that will come over the top, of the Lions
Joondalup 7-1


G Smith, W Davidson, A Pasalich, J Minchin
M Pasalich, P Allen, K Price, R Herbert
F Di Giuseppe, I Bryden, R Littlecott, M Woodward
L Farrell, C Fleay, M Carmichael, L Bell
INS: A Pasalich, M Woodward
OUTS: A Soderstrom, M Swift

P Augustson, R Hutchinson, R Hunter, B Muntz
A Howe, G Barr, B Abrahamson, W Farrant
L Mitten, T Jones, R Munday, S Stevenson
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, J Carlsen, G Gregson
INS: G Barr, T Jones
OUTS: D Anderson, R Aitken

Game of the round 1 v 2. Both teams playing well away last week but the Saints are a vastly better side than the Mavericks. 2 changes each both good ins for both sides. I think Aitkin will be missed by the beach boys and on paper these 2 sides are very evenly matched. I think it will be a good test for both teams and will, definitely be what rink lines up against each other, but I think that the Saints will still have their Halo flying high at the end on Saturday and the Beach Boys will have their first lose
Osborne Park 6-2


T McGillvray, M Sharp, J Matthews, K Humfrey
W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Robertson
M Lemos, P Hunter, B Morrison, J Lorencs
S Shaw, B McGrechan, F Faigenbaum, R Burgess
INS: R Burgess
OUTS: J Kaplan

T Natalotto, D Wood, W Harris, P Natalotto
P Kelly, J Morss, R Johnson, M Eckett
D Park, P Park, D Stark, P Hilsz
R Revell, R Furci, J Hillian, R Dunstan
INS: D Wood, W Harris, P Natalotto, J Morss
OUTS: B Thomas, G Crain, G Malaspina, S Kelly

Traditionally this is always a bit of a grudge match. Swannies v doggies. Swan always travel well to the Doghouse in recent years but it’s a new look Swan side this year. Great performance by them in Rd 2 against Warwick. With 4 changes to Swan and a lot of strength coming back into the side. My instinct as soon as I read the matchups for this week said pick them in an upset 6-2. Hopefully the Park rink can get there mojo back but with McGillivray in great form and Shaw’s rink embarrassment last week against Farrell. I think they will open their account and get the Doggie treats for their first Win at the Doghouse but mark my words I could rue my selection here as it will hinge on who draws who in the rink match up. I think it will be a great game to watch.
Yokine 6-2