The second round will be played under clear skies, with some lovely mild temperatures predicted, ideal for good bowls guys. A number of very intriguing games to be played, none more so that the clash between the Eagles and the new boys in Hollywood Subiaco. Another very interesting game at the home of the hungry Lions who play host to the Kardy Kats top side.


G Dodd, S Farrell, D Mitchell, R Fortini
T Simpson, Dave Newton, S Cargill, D Van De Ven
C Standley, R Butler, B Smith, G Saint
T Maxwell, P Harber, J Jobey, R Horsman
INS: P Harber, D Van De Ven
OUTS: Daniel Newton, S Ivory

D Bacich, K Bowden, P Kelly, J Chessell
P Wachmer, B Jeppesen, J F Stewart, M Ngui
S McCormack, B McCarthy, B Wright, N Gaspar
P Clausen, M Lindsay, B Sumich, D Piromalli
INS: M Lindsay, P Clausen, P Kelly
OUTS: J Trigwell, J Townsend, M Gill

The Mariners, after a resounding loss last week, now have to travel up the road to Hilton to face the Hawks. Not sure what the greens are like at Hilton, but lets hope they are better than last year.
The Mariners, already players short from last year are now missing one of their skips in Mark Gill, and two thirds in Starcevich and Trigwell I see, not good I think. I can only assume they haven’t been dropped at this early stage of the season. They regain the experienced Mark Lindsay though. Haven’t heard of their new skip in Claussen, could be a surprise package. Dave Newton loses his skippers rink to Maxwell, with Daniel Newton and Steve Ivory missing for the Hawks. I will go for the home side here.
Hilton Park. 6-2


P Pohe, P Riggio, H Collins, A Williams
D Innes, N Holden, D Earl, S Ocello
M Separovich, G Vaughan, J Thorn, D Jones
J Stean, J Walker Jnr, C Edgley, J Mitchell
INS: C Edgley, P Pohe, D Earl
OUTS: D Mayers, C Penaluna, J Coolen

I Barrie, W Bezant, K Stower, M Monteiro
G Fewings, R McNamara, A McCullagh, C Booth
J Rochford, R Jones, W Lee, J Edgar
D Radford, R Knapp, D Golem, M Holt
INS: C Booth, D Golem
OUTS: R Lipple, G Knight

As we all know, the Ravens play much better at home, but the surface should hold no fears for the visiting Kats, fresh off a good win last week. The home side are normally good scrappers though, so they just might put up a good fight here. If you look through the Kats side you can see a sprinkling of ex Premier League players, so a pretty strong outfit.
Last week’s top skip for the Ravens, Penaluna is not playing, a big out. Holden loses his rink after just one game, while Jim Stean steps up
Paul Pohe back for the Ravens, with Pas Riggio as his third, can’t remember Pas playing as a third before, but he is a Thornlie stalwart. Good bowls Pas.
Thornlie. 6-2


M Allan, W Heldt, J Andrews, B Connell
M Carey, G Hogg, K Jolly, N Rees
M Piggott, S Adams, P Herbert, A Lill
G O'Brien, L Herbert, B Hogg, S Lambert
INS: J Andrews
OUTS: B Butler

David Byrne, M Hatch, J Horsefall, J Hall
Daniel Byrne, Anthony Byrne, K Jefferis, R Appleton
R Campbell, G Strepini, R Middleton, D Lindsay
G Morey, J Hamilton, D Malkin, P Hiatt
INS: J Horsefall, P Hiatt
OUTS: V Jones, J West

Well this clash will certainly sort out the “ men from the boys “, both sides with good wins last week.
The Eagles just look mighty strong though, with the majority of their players having played Premier League in the not too distant past.
The Hollywood boys will find out what it’s like in Blue South playing against a very strong sixteen and on the good grass at Manning. I see that this week they have another Byrne playing. Are they all brothers? Perhaps someone could enlighten us.
The Eagles still without Alan Pryce, one of their top skips and Boof McWhilhenny their best third. Brilliant State Singles winner Blake Butler missing for the Eagles, a big out. The visitors are an unknown quantity to me, so I will go for the favourites.
Manning. 7-1


N Ball, L Phillips, K McNamara, R Sweet
R Hunter, S Back, B Regan, S Maule
S Vassallo, A Regan, J Hampson, P Smith
D Regan, P Larard, M Ayres, S Garner
INS: No change

B Brandsma, R Cooper, T Price, M Potente
A Bartlett, G Trevaskis, I Quayle, V Hughes
I Cornthwaite, R Hutchinson, C Archer, M Clancy
D Wooltorton, R Pringle, B Farrant, M Thomas
INS: No change

This game could be more interesting than you might think with a sprinkling of very experienced players donning the Kat shirt. Hunter, Vasallo, Regan, Phillips to name a few. They will all be very keen to atone for last week’s shellacking I am sure. The green may be a bit of a problem for the visitors, so they could struggle, despite their firepower. Brandsma doesn’t lose many for the Cougars, so he just might help his club to a narrow victory here though.
Kalamunda 6-2


P Dobie, G Freeman, B Eather, R Bellis
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, S Dobie, T Higham
J Newton, G Burgess, A Andersson, P Hickey
INS: No change

J Carter, J Wardrop, S Hughes, L Moretti
S Kelly, F Anderson, B Heldt, O Dawson
M Petrich, D Mortley, T Percival, B Owen
M McRae, B Roelefs, J Percival, C Alberti
INS: B Owen
OUTS: D Calvo

I expect the Lions just may kickstart their campaign off on Saturday up at their windy fortress in Leeming. As usual they have a pretty settled side, chock full of experience and some bowling ability. I note that Billy Owen is playing for the Millers after his absence last week. Both sides have some very good skips. The Lions 🦁 have the brilliant Vandersluys, Newton and Ford. The Millers, with some good ones too, Mick McCrae, Steve Kelly, with John Carter backing up these two. Max Petrich elevated to skip this year, a wily veteran to put it mildly.
The Lions just might sneak in I reckon.
Leeming 6-2